• Class: Lancer
  • Real Name: Gray
  • Sex: Female
  • Origin: Lord El-Melloi II Case Files
  • Region: England
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 154cm
  • Weight: 42kg


  • Design: Sanda Makoto
  • Character Design: Sakamoto Mineji
  • Voice: Ueda Reina & Ono Daisuke
  • Appearance in Main Works: Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Independent Action: [A+]

The ability to act without a Master.

Magic Resistance: [C]

Nullifies any magecraft with less than two incantations.

She is unable to defend against greater magecraft and rituals.

Reflection of the King: [A]

A skill that symbolizes her as being the vessel of the once and future king.

Because of this, she's able to exhibit stats that would be impossible to have for a modern human.

Personal Skills

Sealing Mystic Code Release: [C]

The sealing mystic code Add that Gray possesses can do more than just seal the holy spear. In certain situations the seal can be released in certain ways that allow Add to take many forms.

Anti-Spirit Combat: [B]

Gray was raised to be a gravekeeper for one of the most peculiar cemeteries in the British Empire, the Blackmore Cemetery. Due to this, she possesses the skills to fight off all kinds of ferocious spirits, Servants being no exception.

Blessings from the End of the World: [B]

A skill automatically given to the wielder of the holy spear.

However, since the spear is something that has only been given to her temporarily, its rank has been decreased.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Rhongomyniad - The Spear That Shines To The Ends Of The World

  • Rank: A+ (It would usually be A++, but since Gray can't use it properly, its rank has been reduced)
  • Type: Anti-Fortress
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum Targets: 100


The holy spear.

The holy spear is the anchor that secures the front and reverse sides of the world, but the spear wielded by Gray is but a mere shadow of it.

However, since even a shadow of the holy spear would normally be too much for a human like Gray to handle, it is usually sealed inside Add, and only released when necessary. The fact Add can transform into many different weapons is also because of the power contained within the spear.

Even when the holy spear's power has been sealed behind the two barriers of Add and the 13 restrictions, it still has not lost it's radiance.



She's usually very shy and introverted.

She was raised in the country and isn't used to cities, so she tends to just look at things from afar. But since her real nature is also gentle, persistent, and surprisingly caring of others, she tends to just get accustomed to any place if she spends enough time there....Well, as long as you don't mention her face.

She makes a good pair with the outspoken and sarcastic Add.

Attitude Towards Master

Since she had been brought to an unfamiliar place from the country, she feels a sort of affinity with her Master due to their similar positions.

She has been summoned as a Servant due to the special circumstances that shake the world, but her own self-consciousness is still that of a human. Unlike many other Servants, the thing that sustains her are her natural sense of values. Thanks to this, she can be of help for her Master with a different point of view and way of thinking from other Servants.

Dialogue Examples

'I am Gray the gravekeeper. I'm a bit different from other Servants, and I may end up causing you trouble, but I hope we can work together...'



'Grave...For you...'

'Yes, I may not be as good as my teacher, but I'll do my best!'

Character in FGO

The vessel for King Arthur that one family once tried to create.

They tried to faithfully recreate the body of the ancient king and it exhibits abilities impossible for regular humans. But from Gray's point of view, these were all changes that suddenly started happening to her, and even know she still can't accept her new face as her own. Due to this she seems to want to distance herself from her own face, and has now created a relationship of deep trust with Lord El-Melloi II, who took her away from her hometown.

Gray frequently carries a birdcage with a talking box, Add.

At Gray's command, Add is able to transform into all sorts of weapons, like a scythe or even a hammer to aid her. Combined with her training as a gravekeeper, Gray's combat abilities have reached a level far beyond that of normal humans.

This is kind of a big secret, but the holy spear given to King Arthur, Rhongomyniad, is currently sealed within Add. This is to prevent the mystery of this Noble Phantasm from decaying from reacting to the current texture of human order, and also to allow them to unleash Rhongomyniad when necessary.

Seeing as the current circumstances put human order at stake, Gray would not hesitate to use the spear.

Standard Weapons

Scythe: This is Add's usual form. It is the best one at absorbing mana, while it is second best in attack power.

Great Shield: It is capable of absorbing mana and releasing it along with a reversal curse.

Hammer: Its mana absorption is D rank, but it has the highest attack. Gray does rely on it when she really needs to.

Boomerang: A giant boomerang swung using both hands. If it's for a short distance, they can even be used as gliding wings. She used it this way in volume 7.

Halberd: This form shares part of its design with Rhongomyniad. This one has the highest speed and sharpness. Using this one reminds Gray the most of her trance-like state when using Rhongomyniad, so she doesn't like it very much.

Bow: This has not been used in the story. It's a bow that shoots arrows of mana.

Greatsword: This has not been used in the story. A form rarely taken by Add. An imitation of Excalibur. To begin with there's no real reason to have Rhongomyniad imitate Excalibur, but this form was something set up by the Arthur cultists from Gray's hometown.

Zhuge Liang:

Oh, umm...I feel greatly honored to get to meet my teacher in his younger days.

Sima Yi:

If you'd like, it would make me happy if we could have tea together again...?


Miss Olgamarie is here? Huh? She's Chaldea's director?

Students of El-Melloi:

Please, if you could all just listen to our teacher a little more.

Arturia Pendragon:

I...I think she's a truly great hero.

Comment from the Illustrator

I didn't have to draw different ascensions for her, so I went all out with her expressions and Add's weapon forms. (Sakamoto Mineji)

Material Images

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