Hassan of the Cursed Arm



  • True Name: Hassan-i-Sabbah
  • Class: Assassin
  • Source: Middle East, Old Man of the Mountain
  • Region: Middle East
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Height: 215cm
  • Weight: 62kg


  • Character Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi
  • Character Illustrator: Task Ohna
  • Character Voice: Tetsu Inada
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/stay Night


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [A+]

To conceal his presence as a Servant.

Suitable for stealth.

If he completely conceals his presence, he is almost impossible to detect.

However, Presence Concealment’s rank greatly drops when the user prepares to attack.

Personal Skills

Throwing (Dirks): [B]

The ability to shoot dirks like bullets. He uses throwing daggers, not close combat daggers.

Self-Modification: [C]

The aptitude to attach/fuse foreign bodies into his own body.

The higher this rank is, the further the user strays away from being a pure/proper Heroic Spirit.

As the final result of his Self-Modification, this Hassan gained his own Zabaniya.

Protection Against Wind: [A]

The hurricane-breaking curse described in the legends of the people of the mountains. A requisite for going to the wastelands.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Zabaniya - Delusion Heartbeat

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 3~9
  • Max. Targets: 1 person

A cursed arm. It is the arm of the evil elemental Shaytan, and it excels in cursing humans to death.

Using ether clumps, he produces a physical reflection of his murder targets, making them into a dual existence where the real one affects the one in the mirror and vice versa. By crushing this replica resonating with the real murder target, he can curse his target to death without laying a finger on them.

An assassination technique that ignores powerful defenses and crushes the heart. No matter how hard of an armor the target is wearing, it would not matter to Zabaniya.

What is important to resist Zabaniya is not a high Endurance stat, but an ability that can prevent the dual existence from being established or a high Magic stat.



  • First person pronoun: watashi
  • Second person pronoun: anata/ kisama/ name with no honorifics
  • Third person pronoun: anatagata/ kisamara/ name with no honorifics


The Assassin of the White Skull covered in a black robe.

The face under his skull mask has been scrapped off and we were not supposed to be even calling it a face.

He is one of the successors to the name “Hassan-i-Sabbah”, and to get there, he threw away everything that was personal to him.

He sees killing as nothing more than his role/job, so he is by no means a monster that derives pleasure from it.

For that reason, Hassan can distance himself from his task of killing and work on his own free will. Which means he can make allies and cooperate with others, as long as they can compensate for each other’s disadvantages.

If you are, for example, inside a labyrinth made by a mage, he will prove himself to be a reliable ally with his strong physical abilities, expertise at handling traps, and ability to merge into the shadows to sneak behind your prey.

Additionally, his cylindrical right hand is a cursing hand (a Middle Eastern magecraft specialized in cursing people) he obtained as the final result of his self-modification.

He went through the hard and laborious work of spiritually assimilating the non-human Shaytan arm and incarnating it. It’s hard to even imagine how much suffering and tenacity he needed for that.

Attitude Towards Master

He can’t be called a good person on a more human level, but he is loyal to his lord’s orders.

Like the model professional he is, he obeys the orders of whoever he acknowledged as his lord without question or betrayal, no matter how counterproductive or unreasonable said orders are.

He regrets losing his name and face and being reduced to one of the many people known as “Hassan-i-Sabbah”, so his wish for the Grail is to retrieve his face and record his name in history as one individual human.

For this reason, he has a high probability of being summoned by mages who long for some form of eternity, like immortality.

Dialogue Examples

“----- -------!”

What he said when he jumped into Invisible Air during his battle against Saber.

The plan was to write the chant to the Hassans’ god, but due to adult circumstances, we had to censor it. The PS2 version has it in sound only.

“Well, I don’t see it as any admirable, but considering this is a Holy Grail War, you wouldn’t mind a cowardly tactic, would you?”

“Oh dear, terrifying. We shall us do our best so that our trickery does not comes back to bite us. I know it’s excruciating, but such is fate. I’ll remove your head quick and painlessly.”

“Oh! The lord’s grandson is being taken down!? …I see! Lord’s grandson, I do believe you did bad enough to deserve having your life in danger, but regardless, I shall provide my assistance!”

Historical Character and Figure

The leader of an assassination cult that originated in the Middle East.

One of the so called “Old Man of the Mountain”, leaders of a legendary Nizari assassination cult who became the etymological root to the word “assassin” for distributing a drug named hashish and training assassins.

The title of “Old Man of the Mountain” was succeeded through 19 generations, and they all inherited the name of their founder: Hassan-i-Sabbah.

The first Hassan-i-Sabbah lived in the 11th~12th Century and founded his own sect, with the fortress of Alamut in Center-West Iran as its base.

The origin of the Order of the Assassins in FGO is the same as in historical fact, but their activities afterwards were different.

Character in FGO

As far as the 5th chapter, he has yet to have any noteworthy participation in the main story.

In the Interlude, serving under a Master who is goodness incarnate, he joyfully hunts Roman bandits who were trying to kidnap children to use as their gofers. He says “For those who can’t tell the talented apart from the untalented, there’s no idea more foolish than trying to raise assassins”, insulting them without acting unprofessional as an assassin.

By the way, it’s said that due to his continued vigilante work afterwards, the crime rates in Rome have dropped at tremendous rates. Hearing this, Dr. Roman comments: “Maybe he was a good person deep inside…?”.

Role in previous works:

In Fuyuki City’s Holy Grail War, the 19 Hassan-i-Sabbahs are normally the only ones who can be summoned for the Assassin class.

In Fate/stay Night, Caster twisted the Holy Grail War’s system to summon someone completely different as Assassin, but in one of the routes, the Hassan of the Cursed Arm (the Servant that was supposed to have been summoned in the first place) appears as the True Assassin.

In the novel Fate/Labyrinth, he is summoned by the Sub-Grail someone set up in the depths of Caubac Alcatraz’s Seventh Labyrinth. Believing he must find a solution to this situation, he proposes an alliance with the other Servants as they establish a temporary party of one mage and 4 Servants.

Hassan of the Hundred Personas

“The most skillful and ill-fated Hassan, I reckon. I hear that an unbelievable genius was a Hassan candidate concurrently with them, but what in the world must have happened to her?”

Hassan of the Serenity

“The most pure and disturbed Hassan, I reckon. I hear she remained pure her entire life, for she was a flower untouchable by many… For such a beautiful girl not to know human warmth is… tragic…”


“H-He is far too grand for me to make any comments…!”


“This is the type of person I must not serve under.”

Comment from the Illustrator

Unlike in the Hanafuda cards I did, here I thought I couldn’t deform the image too much, so I have some vague memories of not knowing how to make the mask expressive. The Justice Hassan inside him is the main component of his Final Ascession picture. He is only a 2* in the game, but I’m glad he got to be a usable character. He is the powerhouse of my Chaldea, I can’t begin to count how many times he saved me. (Task Ohna)

Material Images