Hassan of the Hundred-Faces



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Hassan-i Sabbah
  • Gender: Depends on the individual
  • Source: Islam, Old Man of the Mountain
  • Origin: Middle East
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Height: – cm
  • Weight: – kg


  • Scenario writer: Nasu Kinoko · Urobuchi Gen
  • Original character designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character designer: Taskohna
  • CV: Abe Akina
  • Major appearances: Fate/Zero


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [A+]

Severs presence as a Servant. Suitable for covert actions.

It is nearly impossible to be discovered if presence is completely cut off.

However, the rank of Presence Concealment falls greatly when adopting preparations to attack.

Personal Skills

Librarian of Stored Knowledge: [C]

Distributed processing of memory through multiple personalities.

By passing a Luck check, knowledge perceived in the past can definitely be reproduced in the memory even if it wasn’t acknowledged.

Expert of Many Specializations: [A+]

Proper usage of professional skills by arbitrarily switching between the multiple personalities.

Tactics, scholarship, espionage, assassination, swindling, rhetoric, and other 32 types of specialties in total can be demonstrated with proficiency of B rank or above.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Zabaniya - Delusional Illusion

  • Rank: B+
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: ?
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 person


A Noble Phantasm ability originated from the multiple personalities had during life. A division of the spiritual potential is performed along with the division of the multiple personalities, and makes possible to act as different individuals (up to 80 bodies + there’s the possibility of the appearance of an unconscious ego).

Since the bodies exist responding to each personality, the appearances vary from elders to youngsters, men and women, giant builds and small statures, but it seems the race is fixed.

Confirmed names are Zayd the Base, Makul the Quick, Gozul the Remarkable.

Since they split themselves, the total power remains the same no matter how much the number of individuals increases.

Therefore, the more they divide the lower the ability of the individuals, but only the characteristic skill of the class of the assassin 『Presence Concealment』 doesn’t decline, and by making maximum use of this, they become an extremely excellent intelligence organization.

Each of the divided individuals is respectively established as a different entity.

If one of the divided individuals dies, that individual doesn’t return to the entirety of Assassin, but it becomes eliminated. There isn’t a superior that can be called 『real form』, so it’s not like they’re birthing inferior 『offshoots』, all Assassins are existences with the same rank.

Also, it’s not like they’re connected by something like telepathy, so if they don’t communicate by any means like conversation, they can’t share the information they have.



  • First person pronoun: 我ら (warera) / (varies according to personality?)
  • Second person pronoun: 〇〇 (without honorifics)
  • Third person pronoun: 〇〇 (without honorifics)


Through many diverse technical skills and abundant knowledge, as well as a wondrous spirituality whose attitude can’t be predicted by anyone, they have been feared as 『Hundred Faces』, but the truth is that they’re a person who suffered from the mental disorder that nowadays is known as multiple personalities.

By the process of being summoned as a spiritual body and existing in the current world as a Servant, they’ve fulfilled a separate materialization for all the disrupted souls.

However, since by nature their spiritual potential is in the end one person worth and the abilities of the separated individual Assassins are extremely low, they only have power of the lowest level to operate as Servants.

Since they have a great number of personalities that can’t be unconditionally put in order, diverse flaws, strengths and weaknesses can be found depending on the personality.

For that reason, inside there are personalities like idiots that, eager for merits, ignore the Master’s orders in reconnaissance missions, clumsy girls that easily fail at assassination, or pains in the neck.

By understanding all their personalities, they are a Servant that can become a tremendous threat in the case of operating systematically thinking of the right person in the right place, but if the Master doesn’t seriously intend to aim for victory so far, a waste of talent is inevitable.

Attitude Towards Master

Their dearest wish towards the Holy Grail is 『an integrated, perfect personality』.

Basically all members (all personalities) will obey the Master’s orders, but in the case that the Master’s orders or actions decide to keep the Holy Grail away, they’ll prioritize their own wish even if they have to overwhelm their Master.

Dialogue Examples

『――― Although it’s not a great impact, a loss is still a loss.
It’s something like lacking a finger, so to speak. I don’t want to think of it as a vain sacrifice.』

『We are a group and one ――― one and a group ―――』

『Pine, plum blossom, cherry blossom, wisteria, iris, cat-tail; phoenix among paulownia; bozu to moon; Miyoshino Akayoroshi pig, deer, and butterfly ―――』(these are all hanafuda terms. From what I’ve found, phoenix among paulownia is a combination of cards; and pig, deer, and butterfly is a combination with a very high score)

『I’m the fastest Hassan at memorizing hanafuda from among the Hassan of the Hundred Faces, Asako』

Historical Character and Figure

Same as Hassan of the Cursed Arm, one of the generations of Hassan-i Sabbah that succeeded the name of 『Old Man the Mountain』.

An unprecedented Hassan that didn’t undergo physical remodeling, by making a favorable use of the multiple personality disorder they suffered, they were active as an assassin of unknown identity.

Character in FGO

Appears in Chapter 6.

Although an assassin, they assumed the position of commanding one of the villages of mountain people in order to recapture the Holy Land.

Despite the encounter with the protagonist being of the worst kind, they reconcile after several battles.

Since then, they fight together until the end despite their complaints about how dissatisfied they are with the protagonist.

Scenario in past works

Appears in 『Fate/Zero』. Since at the beginning, their Master Kotomine Kirei devoted himself to a supportive role for Tōsaka Tokiomi, after a deceptive maneuver in which (one of the personalities) was quickly defeated by Gilgamesh, they were used as scouts to explore the camp.

But, Hassan themselves seemed to be dissatisfied about their Master not intending to obtain the Holy Grail.

Hassan of the Cursed Arm

A very average Hassan. So I’m not irritated. A good guy.

Hassan of Serenity

I don’t like her personality, but her skill is so suited for assassination it makes me jealous. A good person as it is.

Hassan of ■■

You damned genius! (obviously this is Strange Fake’s Hassan candidate)


You shouldn’t serve this kind of human……

“Old Man of the Mountain”

A person that I don’t want to encounter if possible. When a great achievement is accomplished and there aren’t any regrets to leave, he always appears and always wants to put an end……

Comment from the Illustrator

The fascinatingly charming and strongly active Hassako and her friends (they’re one person actually). When I asked 『Doesn’t she have no face?』, I received 『That’s, well, romance』as an answer, so I aimed for a Middle Eastern beauty with sharp eyes and full lips.

Abs, abs! I like how her standing pose gives a somewhat unusual feeling. The biggest trouble was accepting to draw a lot of Hassans in the background, but there isn’t much to see〜 (Taskohna)

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