Hassan of the Serenity



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Hassan-i Sabbāh
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: The Middle East, The Old Man of the Mountain
  • Region: The Middle East
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 42kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Nakahara
  • Character Voice: Senbongi Sayaka
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [A+]

A Skill to erase one’s presence.
When activated, it is almost impossible for the user to be perceived, even if they are a Servant. However, during the moment of them preparing an attack, the effect will be drastically diminished.

Independent Action: [A]

It is primarily a distinct Skill of the Archer Class. A Skill granted to Hassan because of her conducts during her lifetime where she went into enemy territories unaided and moved to infiltrate for a long period of time according to the situation presented. Even without a Magical Energy supply from her Master, it becomes possible for her to remain materialized for about a week at most.

Personal Skills

Shapeshifting (Infiltration Specialization): [C]

The ability to literally “shapeshift”. It becomes possible for Hassan to change her appearance at will and get close to the target she ought to assassinate. However, she is only able to shapeshift into a figure with a physique that is close to her owns. As long as this condition has been satisfied, it is also possible for her to shapeshift into a figure exactly like that of a particular individual’s. Even if there are some differences in the body shape she wants to shapeshift into, because that has no effect on the condition being satisfied, it is further possible for her to shapeshift into the opposite sex.

Poisoned Blade: [C++]

Although the effect is generally the same as the Projectile (Dagger) Skill, it possesses a secondary effect of bestowing onto the target a Poison status effect.

Dance of Silence: [B]

The Hassan of the Serenity’s dance scatters poison, weakening the target and enhancing the success rate of her Noble Phantasm’s application. It is primarily a Skill that functions as a charm-type Skill.

Door to Paradise: [B+]

(It is fundamentally not used in “Fate/Grand Order”)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Zabaniyah: Delusional Poison Body

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

The Hassan of the Serenity’s state of being where she continued to kill everyone who touched her by poison has been transformed into a Noble Phantasm. It results in death to living beings that touched her skin and bodily fluids. If they are armaments that are not Noble Phantasms, then it is also possible to corrode them instantly when they come into contact with her poison. Because she is not able to “adjust” the poison inflicted towards living beings, opponents who touched her will be killed without fail. However, she is able to voluntarily determine whether the armaments she touches would be corroded or not.

Towards Servants, Hassan is not able to “kill them by simply touching them”, but it is more than possible to do things such as causing them pain that slightly weakens their movements. It is also possible to cause damage and bad status effects to them if they happen to come into contact with her mucous membrane, such as through oral means. It is generally death for any being that comes into contact with her mucous membrane for a total of “three times” (In Fate/Grand Order, she attempts to touch her target three consecutive times with a single kiss).

Hassan also possesses a last resort that can be used only once————She bursts and scatters her body in all directions at point-blank range, throwing towards her enemy a massive quantity of her poisonous blood.



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata [kanji characters] / anata [hiragana characters]
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / aruji (lord), shujin (master) (in regard to her Master)


As Hassan’s title shows————a calm female assassin. Obedient, and lacking self-assertion. While she was alive, she was merely a girl who kept on conducting assassinations very mechanically. Even now where she became a Heroic Spirit, that characteristic is not that much different. However, towards people who do not die even if they touched her, she is quietly fanatical and shows devotion to them.

Attitude Towards Master

Would one live if they touch her, or would they die? This is the point Hassan views as the most important. If it is the former result, it seems she would dedicate her unconditional loyalty. If it is for the sake of her master, she will do literally anything. For example, even if a genocide comes about, her facial expression does not even change, and she displays obedience without even talking back. Concerning her, who accepted that “everyone will die if they touch me” as a matter of course, the existence of “a master who does not die even if they touch me” becomes her best delight.

Dialogue Examples

“Everything, everything… as the Lord’s will dictates.”

“Will you live?”

“I guess you will die too.”

“I am sorry. I will kill you.”

“I will serve you, Master.”

Character in FGO

An assassin who wears a skull mask. One of the successive Hassan-i Sabbāh who served as the “Old Man of the Mountain” – the founder of the Assassins, it is said that during her lifetime, she was a master of poison who possessed the alias of “The Hassan of the Serenity”.

The “Poison Girl” spoken of all over the world and in every era, beginning with India of the BC era, was in reality put together by the Assassins as a tool of assassination. The outward appearance of a beautiful girl is a purely trifling matter. Her body resists every single poison, while simultaneously, it is a lump of poison too. Not only her nails, but even her skin and bodily fluids would act as deadly poison as well, quietly taking away the lives of kings, nobles and military generals in their sleeping quarters————

Although she killed many people, Hassan would also frequently establish a relationship with her assassination target(s), such as being related to them as a lover or a fiancée. That is to say, she kept on repeating the deed where, despite constructing with her own hands a “false happiness” that could not be fulfilled, she would steal that happiness away anyways with her own hands. Gradually, her mind creaked. Her mind was expected to be toughened and tempered thoroughly, seeing that she was made use of and employed as a “Poison Girl” that was built up by the Assassins, but…

In her last moments, maybe Hassan’s head was decapitated by a general from a certain army who suspected her behaviour of not even holding hands, maybe she personally exposed her true character as an assassin and begged the general “Please, kill me”————or maybe, she was put to the sword by someone’s hand during the gap where the general incidentally took his eyes off of her.


“Assuming even in the unlikely event that he died due to my poison on one occasion, if it is with the effect of that hero’s Noble Phantasm, he should be “unable to die a second time to the same poison”————In other words, he truly…?”


“Unexpectedly, a companion who would not die even if he had touched me. Poison is ineffective against him…”
Since the Hassan of the Serenity’s Saint Graph in “Fate/Grand Order” is a “different person” of sorts who possesses absolutely no information about a “particular Holy Grail War”, she cannot completely understand Arash’s motive of why he comes to start a conversation with her as if they are indeed familiar with one another.


A person who cares for Hassan in one way or another. During Valentine’s, Paracelsus was a great help.

Servants who show romantic feelings towards her Master
Towards her rivals, Hassan turns her gaze at them with a clammy atmosphere. Given that she has no assertiveness, she only stares at them in silence.


A peerless brave warrior of the Celts who, having heard about those who would die from touching Hassan, was far from faltering at those news, and he is in a state of having a curiosity for this person, saying “That person is wonderful you know!” “Really, you say there was no man who could endure her for more than a single night?” “That’s even more wonderful I tell you!”

Caster of the Nightless City

Someone to consult with for a Fergus Countermeasure.

Comment from the Illustrator

I drew Hassan with the feeling that I will make her happy!!! Above all, it is because it seems fun to be at Chaldea. That is good to know, yeah? In relation to her design, I used elder sister Asako of the Hundred Faces as her base. She is similar to an imp – to a black cat. Since she is a child who likes cute things, it is satisfying to be able to put accessories on her as well as giving her cute items. (Nakahara)

Material Images

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