• Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Hector
  • Sex: Male
  • Source: The Trojan War
  • Region: Greece
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 82kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: BLACK
  • Character Voice: Yasui Kunihiko
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Riding: [B]

The ability for riding. One can manage most vehicles and beasts with above-average skill, but they cannot manage beasts of the Mystical Beast and Sacred Beast rank.

Magical Resistance: [B]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were invoked with a chant of three verses or below. It is difficult to damage Hector who has this rank of Magical Resistance with Magecraft, even if he was targeted by Great Magecrafts, Ritual Spells and the like.

Personal Skills

Military Tactics: [C+]

An instinctive ability for utilizing tactical knowledge not for one-on-one combat situations, but in battlefields where a large number of people are mobilized. An advantageous modifier is provided only in situations where one’s own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm is used or when conversely dealing with an opposing Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

Particularly in defensive warfare, Hector acquires a high tactical ability bonus.

Disengage: [B]

The ability to withdraw from combat. Restores disadvantageous battle conditions to the battle’s initial turn (turn 1) and restores the condition of one’s techniques to their initial value.

Proof of Friendship: [C]

In the case where a hostile Servant has no possession of a Mental Pollution Skill, that opponent’s fighting spirit can be suppressed to some extent, and one is then able to commence negotiations in a dialogue. In a Holy Grail War, an advantageous check is acquired at the time of forming temporary alliances.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Durindana Spada: The Ultimate Unbreakable Sword

  • Rank: A
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Durindana; it is the Italian reading of “Durandal”. Namely, Hector is the original owner of “The Ultimate Unbreakable Hallow” Noble Phantasm that was in Roland’s possession. Because there are no holy relics located inside its hilt, it is limited to being a simple Noble Phantasm that merely causes a large amount of damage…

Durindana Pilum: The Ultimate Unbreakable Spear

  • Rank: A
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 50 people

The javelin (pilum) said to have been used by Hector, piercing and separating from all things it strikes. That is, it is nothing but him extending the handle of the sword (spada) on occasions and throwing it as a spear. Although he cannot use both the sword and the spear forms simultaneously, even if he is summoned as either a Saber or a Lancer, he will always possess both the sword and the spear Noble Phantasms. To defend against this thrown spear, one must prepare a Defensive Noble Phantasm that is at least equivalent to “Rho Aias”.

Also, both True Names of the two forms are strictly called “Durindana”, so even if the second half of the names are omitted, it is possible for Hector to activate them as Noble Phantasms and display the corresponding effects based on the form it is in.



  • First Person Pronouns: ore / ojisan (Old Man) (during the moments where Hector is somewhat messing around)
  • Second Person Pronouns: anta / omaesan
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo


A general of the “competent yet lazy persona” type, so to speak, that uses frivolous talk and displays an attitude of low motivation. Rather than saying it is calm, Hector’s attitude can be seen like something a little jestful, but that analytical sight of his is perceptive. In the case where he judged his Master’s orders to be made with mistakes, Hector will go against them with composure and speak in a way so that what he is saying can be comprehended. He is in a carefree mood from beginning to end, saying “Seems there’s no problem if it eventually goes smoothly.” He is the type of person who would not unite with someone deadly like Professor Kayneth in an alliance.

However, having a resourcefulness thoroughly tempered for the sake of winning through the Trojan War, which became these hopeless defensive siege battles for the Trojans, one cannot conclude that Hector is called an irresponsible kind of person or a gambler that suddenly arose from the depths of his mind. It is surely because he was screwing around that he was able to prolong those hopeless battles up to that point. Even though Hector was eventually defeated————it was not only his individual military prowess, but him also having that daring smile worn on his face that made the Achaean army thoroughly suffer. Also, he was talented in provoking his enemies. From the way it seems, whether it appears to be in the middle of a battle or during a break, the impulsive Achilles was thoroughly harassed by Hector.

Attitude Towards Master

Regarding his Master, Hector’s relationship with them is somewhat overfamiliar for him, bordering on an impression that can pretty much be called a relationship between retainer and lord. Rather than calling them retainer and lord though, it is more like Hector being a veteran sergeant towards a second lieutenant who is a stranger to the battlefield. In the case where his Master is of the unjust sort, he will run counter to his declared intentions and limit his wisdom as well while outwardly appearing subordinate to them.

Dialogue Examples

“Nooow. Well then, hmmm, shall you let me do it?”

“Alas, it’s unpleasant, it’s unpleasant. This Old Man won’t do things like a defensive siege campaign a second time.”

“It’s tiresome, but hey, it seems I have to do it.”

“Alllright. I delayed their combat preparations. I’ll simply prolong this to delay them more so that they will mobilize as slowly as possible, and once the whole crew completely withdraws, I’ll turn my ass over and prepare to run away. What, I can tell you that it’s supposed to be easy. Well, because if everyone except this old man escapes, then it’s a victory at that occasion!”

“————Master, just one thing. Don’t make a move on another’s wife. Hey, I beg of you, jeez.”

“Oh, I won, I won. What, it’s a victory for me since I’m finally standing in the end.”

Historical Character and Figure

The Great Hero on the Trojan side in the “Trojan War”. He was called “Hector of the Shining Helmet”. Hector scolded Troy who was at a disadvantage in regard to numbers, moved to the aged King who was his father, brought together the Trojan army, and continued to wage war against the Achaeans. When and after Hector lost to Achilles in a one-on-one duel, the Trojan side proceeded to decline.

Originally, the impetus of the Trojan War rose forth from the beginning when Paris, Hector’s younger brother, snatched away Helen, the Queen of the Achaeans. Helen had received abuse from her husband Menelaus, and as far as Paris was concerned, it was a justified reason for him to save her back then. (In the first place, Menelaus married Helen for the purpose of reaching Elysium after death. Helen was a Priestess of the Moon Goddess, and it was a condition to marry her in order to reach Elysium.)

No matter what, Hector could not grow to dislike his younger brother, who was not able to look at the whole picture and completely made the situation worse by saving whichever person that ends up just before his eyes. “Older Brother. I can’t get used to becoming King. I… can’t abandon a crying woman before my eyes after all.” If they returned Helen, it might not be obvious that it will result in reparations in some way or another, such as the cession of territories and even Paris’ decapitation in the case that they do so. However, Hector refused those options and decided to fight.

“There’s no justice in this conflict. If that happens to be so, then it’s really about the resentment towards Paris for harbouring Helen for himself.”

And as he recited this to himself, Hector has decided that he will fight to the bitter end his opponents, the Greek heroes who gathered in the Achaean army, for ten years thereafter. Hector was viewed as the strongest warrior of the Trojan army, their army commander, and even a politician on top of that, easily betraying even the expectations of the gods and having cornered the Achaean army to the brink of retreat for a period of time.

However, the war situation was proceeding to be gradually overturned by Achilles, a hero loved by the gods. Although Hector held out somehow by sometimes repeatedly escaping and by sometimes repeatedly fighting, all while repeatedly making provocations, he was compelled to engage in a one-on-one duel in a semi-compulsory manner because of Achilles’ spear, which was his foe’s Noble Phantasm.

Hector already resigned for his luck to run out, but on the other hand, he had not cast away his temptation for victory, and so he accepted the one-on-one duel, where he happened to lose that duel. However, he realized the secret of Achilles’ body just before he died, so he carved a dying message on his body. Paris became aware of that message when Hector’s body was later returned to Troy, and later on in the war, he happens to splendidly shoot through Achilles’ heel by borrowing the support of the Sun God Apollo.


As a Servant, Achilles has not appeared yet in the Grand Orders.

“Hey, if he comes to stand out, I can say with confidence that this Old Man intends to run away immediately!”


As similar defensive-type Servants, in one way or another, they would occasionally talk together about things such as “How are we able to hold onto these things in these situations?” And among other things in the opposite direction, the talk would be about muscle foundations, so with that being the case, it does not result in much of a consultation then for Hector.

Comment from the Illustrator

Someone who should be… a hero in the Trojan War… to an old man who feels like he is aloof from the world. The image I referred to is a middle-aged man who has the nerve to become useless. A shrewd middle-aged man is nice, don’t you think? Because Hector was a very easy-to-understand character, it was fun to draw him. By the way, the design of his right arm is a creation added to him after his design was finished. I can tell you that, because there was a request that wants to have his Noble Phantasm direction be flashy, his right arm would be remodelled for that flow of emotion. Although this weapon of his also has a strange shape, the setting says that it can be either a sword or a spear by shortening or extending its handle respectively. (BLACK)

Material Images