Helena Blavatsky



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Helena Blavatsky
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 38kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Matsuryuu
  • Character Voice: Kanemoto Hisako
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

One can create a “Workshop”, which is an advantageous position for themselves as a mage.

Because Helena possesses Rank A in this, it is possible to create a “Temple”, which is superior to a “Workshop”.

Tool Creation: [B]

One can create devices tinged with Magical Energy.

Upon materializing, Blavatsky will always create multiple copies of miniature automata patterned after “Colonel Olcott”, the right-hand man who once served her, conveniently using them for this and that instead of maids. Incidentally, they are not very suitable for combat.

Personal Skills

Magical Tuning: [C]

Helena drastically stimulates, simultaneously, the Magical Energy of herself and other people who are in tune with her Magical Energy.

Mahatma: [A]

Helena calls the pioneers who had reached the Root as “Mahatma”, stipulating that they are beings of a higher order. She employs a multitude of Magic Foundations that were engraved into the World, thinking that————she is manipulating powerful Magecraft by borrowing power from Mahatma. It is unknown if it is true that some higher beings are providing her with that power, or if she just has extremely special Magic Circuits. The Magecrafts that can be used include Summoning, Black Magics, Alchemy, Formalcraft Magecraft[1], Rune Magecraft, Ancient Egyptian Magecraft, and so on, covering many fields. It is also possible for her to employ the Holy Church’s Baptism Rites.

Also, by employing multiple Magic Foundations simultaneously, Helena can even “miraculously” succeed in manipulating extremely powerful Magecraft. Because it is essential for a lot of luck and chance to factor in this as well, it can be concluded that this simultaneous employment does not always work every time, so the effect becomes as such: “The invocation of extremely powerful Magecraft sometimes occur.”

Search for the Unknown: [B]

A direct marketing from Ms. Blavatsky who aims for the Root (Truth). It is also a fleeting dream, of her wanting to share with others, in one way or another, the bond with the unknown that she once encountered in the middle of her dream.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Sanat Kumara: Venusian God – Heavenly Lord of the Flame

Rank: A
Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~50
Maximum Number of Targets: 150 people

A giant clad in shining Ether reveals its form alongside a flying object, before burning the surroundings with flames.

  • “This is an inner mystery of Theosophy that temporarily works as a “reproduction” of the power of Sanat Kumara (a Demon Defender Lord), who’s a deity that came flying in from Venus to the Earth and is one of the Earth’s Creation Deities!”

  • “The flying saucer? Um, that was floating by my bedside when I woke up in the morning on some day.”

  • “My Noble Phantasm? That, uhh, appeared out of some letters that were delivered to me from Mahatma. Hey, in the beginning, it was soo small. It had really cute eyes too.”

  • “I met it by chance in the wastelands, during the time when I was travelling through the southern part of Nevada. Yes, the state of Nevada in the United States of America. With a ‘woosh’, my consciousness was transferred to somewhere around the Alpha Centauri, where it was experiencing something a little amazing… and when I realized I came back, I GOT it. The flying saucer.”

Finally, although Helena speaks of several origins, the true identity of the giant as well as the flying object is unknown.



First Person Pronoun: atashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / Mr. ○○ / Ms. ○○
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / Mr. ○○ / Ms. ○○


An eternal magical girl who is kind to others, and yet strict to herself. During her lifetime, Helena wandered from place to place throughout many high societies, having networked with geniuses endowed with a strong individuality such as Edison and Bell, and she occasionally argued with authoritarians and the Magic Association in every direction, having excelled at mediating these sort of things. If she is in a place where many Servants congregate, Helena’s nature is also probably reflected as that of a “meddlesome elder sister/mother who is helpful in taking care of people.”

However, one should not forget that Helena herself is also still a genius endowed with a strong self-assertion. Towards a “mediocre person” who does not understand the concepts of Mahatma and Hierarchy, it seems that they will not particularly attract her interest, but in the case where she recognized for a moment that they “have promise” in understanding those concepts, she will probably not let her target get away easily.

Attitude Towards Master

It appears————Helena has many wishes she would like to make on the Holy Grail. She says that she cannot narrow them down to one, but it is unknown what is actually the case.

“As for a very mysterious woman, don’t you think that’s nice? Errr, that’s not it. There’s only one truth, which the people can’t perceive: Everything is known by Mahatma!”

Dialogue Examples

“————Excellent. This Caster will guide you!”

”I’ll teach you anything you want. Old things, new things, I completely comprehend them all!”
“That time when we barbecued, I wonder whyyy you child prodigies didn’t learn your lesson. No matter how old you two grow to be, you’re still children, huh? Although, I don’t even dislike that sort of thing————”

“Lemuria in the sea! Hierarchy in the heavens! And me on the Earth!”

“… Yes? Me during my lifetime? I was in this form all the way until I died. What of it?”

Historical Character and Figure

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. A female occultist of the 19th Century, and a founder of Theosophy. One of the leaders in modern occultism. Although she married a Russian aristocrat at a young age, she would immediately elope to live gorgeously in the Magic World. She is popularly known as Madame Blavatsky. Immersing herself in mysticism out of belief of the existence of the Lemurian continent that was said to be a land erased in the ancient times, she came in contact with a higher existence, “Mahatma”, and its collective body, “Hierarchy”, having acquired an abundant amount of wisdom in the process————If that is surely the case, it may not be known that she might have caught sight of a possibility towards the Root.

Character in FGO

A prodigious mage born as a mutation. She called the pioneers who have reached the Root as “Mahatma” and “Hierarchy”, and stipulated (assumed) that they are higher existences. Helena herself says that she always felt their messages, but for others to feel the same things, it seems that the same kind of ability (special Magic Circuits) she possesses is needed. It is highly likely that neither the Lemurian continent nor Mahatma actually exists, and she is “merely a prodigy who performed a peculiar interpretation of the world.” Up to her last moments, she could not reach an agreement with London’s Magic Association.

As a Servant, Helena materializes as an all-rounder Caster who manipulates many Magecrafts – from the ancient times to the modern era – that became a foundation for Theosophy. Although she can show that she can even so far as manipulate the Ancient Egyptian Magecrafts and the Holy Church’s Baptism Rites, it seems that those ancient ones are not really her forte as expected.

Standard Weapons

Helena can carry out magic attacks by means of incantations. She can carry out distant magic attacks not by using attributes such as Fire and Wind, but by projecting pure Magical Energy. Specifically, a book (secret doctrine) floats around and fires beams with a ‘bang!’

Edison and Nikola Tesla

Helena is on good terms with Edison like how it was before when they had a networking connection with each other during their lifetimes. Regarding the relationship between Edison and Nikola Tesla and their eternal rivalry, her comment from an elder sister’s point of view was this: “Good grief, even after they became Heroic Spirits…”

Nursery Rhyme

At any rate, because she remembers “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” when she looks at Nursery Rhyme, Helena has mixed feelings. If she says it plainly, it is not a pleasant feeling. For that is because Lewis Carroll, also known as Charles Dodgson, the author of “Alice”, was a supporter of the SPR (The United Kingdom’s Society of Psychical Research). As a Heroic Spirit, Helena Blavatsky happens to go into the relatively calmer group of people, but she cannot get used to being kind to those authoritarians who chased after her during her lifetime. Regarding this matter, she says “I still loathe them.”

Arthur Conan Doyle

Although Sir Conan Doyle was a supporter of the SPR, concerning him, his reaction to Helena was somewhat kind.

“Mr. Doyle is by no means a bad person, but he… was a person involved with the SPR, wasn’t he?… Um, of course? I understand that Mr. Holmes isn’t bad, right?”

Indian Heroic Spirits

To Helena, India is her second home… or rather, it is even like the home of her soul. She wants to do something like getting along with them.

Comment from the Illustrator

At first, I was designing a concept of a beautiful Russian girl in a military uniform, but I settled down with the current design after having a briefing session with Mr. Takeuchi. Concerning the results, I think it resulted in her appearing more like a Caster, but I did not think her Noble Phantasm would unexpectedly become something like that (LOL). (Matsuryuu)

TL Notes

[1] – There are two types of Formalcraft in the Nasuverse. The one mentioned in Mahatma’s Skill description is 元素変換, which allows for the conversion of elements, not 魔術形式, which allows one to perform Magecraft by using the Magical Energy from the Mana that is in the atmosphere rather than from their Od that is inside of their body.

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