Hessian Lobo



  • True Name: Hessian Lobo
  • True Name: Hessian Lobo [1]
  • Other Name: Avenger of Shinjuku
  • Class: Avenger
  • Source: Legend, historical fact, story
  • Region: America
  • Gender: Male, male, male [2]
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 181 cm, and unlike in the historical fact, the wolf king’s length surpasses 3 m
  • Weight: 99 kg (the head is removed)


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Illustrator: Shimokoshi
  • Character Voice: Takeuchi Ryouta
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order

TL's Note

  • [1] yes, the mats said it twice.
  • [2] for the second male, its specifically animal male instead of man male.


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmB+

Class Skills

Avenger: A

NP rate of increase raises by means of taken damage. Grudges and resentments accumulates easily.

Come what may, still humans shall be annihilated.

Memory Correction: B

That hatred shall never, ever be forgotten.

Like a small, unsightly scar carved unto the history of man, it shall remain for eternity.

Self-Recovery (Magic Energy): B

For as long as he exist in the world made by humans, he shall continue to devour his feed with hatred as his fang.

Transparency: D-

This is not the concealment of presence, but physically turning human body transparent through drug administration.

Even if one perceives “whether or not he is nearby” from the level of Hessian Lobo’s force of existence, one would still be unable to tangibly read his coordinates; a rare case where such low rank of the skill conversely becomes a merit instead.

It amplifies ferocity as a compensation, but….it entirely has no effect on Hessian Lobo.

Personal Skills

Fallen Demon: A+

A Skill given to mystical beasts and fallen ones.

A man-made demonic nature, unattainable through natural means.

Improves of defense power, resistance against abnormal status, and so forth.

The ability slightly falls short to Natural Demon.

Monstrous Strength: B

Temporarily magnifies STR. An offensive special characteristic possessed only by monsters and mystical beasts.

Increase STR by 1 rank upon usage. Duration depends on the rank of "Monstrous Strength".

One Shrouded in Death: A

A Skill that scatters disasters towards his surrounding as an existence of demonic nature which brings about death. It comes from how the German mercenary (Hessian) that becomes the rider had been reduced into a monster reaching Dullahan.

Lobo’s vengeful desire becomes a tangible armor, making it possible for offense.[1]

Animal Dialogue: A

Mutual understanding with animals which posses no language becomes possible.

Because it is not as if the intellect of the animals improve, the more complex nuances does not get conveyed.

Because the Wolf King Lobo is an animal, it is possible for him to command life form of lower rank than him, excluding humans.[2]

TL's Note

[1] oh hey, this is similar to Salieri, interesting. Also, from the notes on the design, it probably takes the form of them scythes that looks like it came out of Lobo’s fur and Hessian’s cloak and arms and everywhere

[2] basically, humans count as lower life form, but is not within the spectrum of the order. Also we could have had 50% NP fill Avenger reeeeeeeeeeeeee

Noble Phantasm(s)

Frieren Scharfrichter: Decapitation Towards the Distant One

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~5
  • Maximum target: 1 unit

Frieren Scharfrichter.

The execution of rage, taking form out of their desire for revenge.

Although it does not possess the ability in the level of reversing cause and effect, by means of subtly adding a deviation towards the world within the range of the Noble Phantasm, it creates a situation where “beheading becomes easy”.

A severing-and-killing Noble Phantasm which decapitates in one blow.



  • First Person: None
  • Second Person: None
  • Third Person: None


One had had his wife murdered by humans, whereas the other had been beheaded by a surprise attack. While those are their origin, this composite Servants have the wolf king as the main lynchpin, while Hessian simply obeys silently.

The saint graph numerical value is unable to establish whether or not the invisible man is self aware.

The meaning of his wordless silence can be taken to be similar as that of a Berserker; however, he is highly intelligent.

Nonetheless, said intelligence is for the sake of hunting down humans.

Attitude Towards Master

On the case of being summoned, they will wordlessly accompany the Master. Exceedingly fastidious, Lobo in particular is unable to simply open up his heart.

Such a way being is less of that of an antihero and more of that of an avenger.

Nevertheless, there is no other way but to keep on connecting with them in patience and perseverance.

Upon being disgruntled, they will turn transparent and run away.

Dialogue Examples


Historical Character and Figure

Hessian holds the nuance of the “German mercenary”, but strictly speaking it is not a name.

This nameless mercenary had crossed to America only to be killed and lost his head. The revived mercenary wished for the return of his head, as he prowled about in the woods of New York.

On the other hand, the Wolf King Lobo who had made an appearance in Setton’s “Wild Animals I Have Known” was the name of a wolf who (was reported to) have been actually alive.

Lobom who had continuously hunted down the cow lifestocks, possessed strength that even feared by the shepherds as the “devil”. Setton had been invited and had managed to apprehend his wife, the white wolf Blanca; by using her corpse as a lure, Lobo had finally been captured.

It is said that the Wolf King Lobo had not even a single meal after his capture, simply dying while looking towards the distant.

Jack Griffin was a scientist who ends up turning himself invisible; he is an existence close to a conceptual formalwear which had ended up extracting only the component of “transparency”, and he does not come out to the outside.

Although each of their bearings are different, they all equally embrace the desire for revenge against humans; wishing not of punishment through justice (Avenger) but simply revenge through hatred.

Standard Weapons

A falciform blade reminiscent of Harpe

Fang bites

One Shrouded in Death (armor)

  • With the exception of 1 part, these are not from the perspective of Hessian Lobo but of the other Servants.

Edmond Dantes

As a fellow avenger, he embraces a sense of duty out of a kind of compassion towards their revenge.

Knight Servants

There are those who shows pity, and there are those who shows respect towards Hessian, who had continued on fighting despite having lost his head. Reactions vary.

Nursery Rhyme / Enkidu / Mecha Eli-chan / Mecha Eli-chan II

Fundamentally speaking, Lobo is cautious towards all human Servants (and even towards divine spirits who are subjects of faith), but as an exception, towards “those perfectly inhuman” he slightly loosens down his guard.

However, because he is cautious against oni kin in a different way, he treats Ibaraki Douji and Shuten Douji no different than the others.

Jack the Ripper and Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily are a bit unhappy due to him allowing only Nursery Rhyme to get close and that’s just unfaiiiir.

Comment from the Illustrator

I drew the gigantified wolf swelling up by the power of hatred with a flaring and strongly boiling image. The shackles are as if embodying him never ever forgetting his grudges. The Hessian is famous in Sleepy Hollow… so much so that I had to really think what to make of him, but then I had him with a military uniform that does not really look out of place and a gigantic sword scythe in hand. If I may say so myself, he sure ends up looking like a character from a different game![1] (Shimokoshi)

TL's Note

[1] is it darksouls. Its dark souls isnt it

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