Ibaraki-douji (Lancer)



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Ibaraki-douji
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: "Otogizoushi" and the like/"Summer Servant Festival!"
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 147cm
  • Weight: 50kg


  • Scenario Writer: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Design: Hidari
  • CV: Touyama Nao
  • Main Appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Repels most magic, but can not defend against High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Madness Enhancement: [D]

One's Strength and Endurance parameters are raised, but their sense of reason is stolen away.
It's a class specific skill that remained from her time as a Berserker even after her Saint Graph has been changed, but due to combining with her racial characteristic as an oni, it can be controlled exceptionally well. While in control, her sense of reason remains intact and she is also capable of conversing calmly.

Personal Skills

Demon of the Oni Race (Water): [B]

A variation of the skill that expresses the supernatural power and demonic nature of the oni.
The nature of her Mana Burst has also changed to "water".
‘Isn’t that already a Kappa?' or so Ibaraki states her suspicions.
'Is it because my Saint Graph changed?'
'No, wait. Now that I mentioned it, a bit before something, I think I recall Shuten-douji tampering with my bones or something and since then my body's condition felt different...'
What the heck, if it's something from Shuten then it can't be bad!' Such thoughts go through Ibaraki's head and she cracks a wide grin. Good for her.

I Won't Return Yet!: [B++]

A skill resulting from the Disengage skill going through an unexpected transformation.
'Evening has come, but I want to play more on the beach so I don't want to return to the inn yet.'
'Even if it's night time, I want to play.'
'Still, if everyone goes back I have no choice but to do the same. Since playing by myself is no fun...'
The feelings of a downhearted Ibaraki are expressed in this skill.

Summer Time Trouble Girl: [A]

Ibaraki who is brimming with a playful spirit can be easily found in the center of a disturbance.
A skill that invites both weal and woe.
─────Now then, will an oni or a snake come out[2] ?

Noble Phantasm(s)

Encomium Moriae: The Praise of Folly・Ichijou-Modoribashi

  • Rank: B++
  • Classification: Anti-Barrier/Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~40
  • Maximum number of targets: 100

Encomium Moriae.
When read in Japanese, it's "Gushin Raisan・ Ichijou Modoribashi".
Still, the Noble Phantasm's original name is "Seclusion Breaker・Ichijou-Modoribashi".
Disregarding the likes of the target's barriers and the effectiveness of their defenses, Lancer Ibaraki-douji drills her full-powered attack into them.
While recalling the incident at Rashoumon...no, the incident at Ichijou-Modoribashi, her mind is filled with rage, causing her blood to boil, and the target's magical defenses are broken through in an instant. It is said that while she was alive, using this power, she broke through the seclusion of the detestable Tsuna and took back her arm that was cut off by him.[3]

In addition, in this work, Ibaraki Douji has lost to Watanabe no Tsuna at Rashoumon and at Ichijou-Modoribashi too. She was defeated by Tsuna twice in a row.

When releasing the True Name, despite intending to fire her max powered Heian Rocket Punch - in other words, her Sougenbi - just like when she is a Berserker, for some reason 5 spears manifest simultaneously "as if they were five giant fingers" instead and, after turning into a humongous fist, an uppercut is unleashed. The enemy that receives the attack is launched high into the air, shining brilliantly in the Summer night sky, just like fireworks.
The five spears that are like five huge fingers...
"Perhaps these five spears are mine own five fingers?"

The True Name, "The Praise of Folly・Ichijou-Modoribashi" and its reading were thought up by Jeanne d'Arc Alter upon Ibaraki's request.
"Is something like this fine for a True Name? Or should it be special since your Saint Graph has been tampered with?"
"I-I don't get it..."
In addition, wondering what True Name to use in case she got a new Noble Phantasm, she consulted with Shuten-douji who replied with "Wouldn't Ooeyama Great Fireworks be fine?". And so, the form of Ibaraki uttering 'Ooeyama Great Fireworks' as a different True Name release upon using her Noble Phantasm can be seen.



First person pronoun: ware (吾)
Second person pronoun: nare (汝)/○○ (no honorifics)/human (for humans)
Third person pronoun: yatsu(奴)/are


She seems like the usual Ibaraki Douji.
She hasn't changed that much in character either.
If you look at it from another angle, it's to the extent of whether "she's become more cheery" or not, though pointing that out to her will definitely get you bitten. However, when Shuten-douji went "You're awfully cheerful and restless and, well, you look lovely behaving like a child. Did you like the sea that much?" as she observed this strange occurrence, Ibaraki didn't snap at her.

Attitude Towards Master

Same as usual.
Her wish for the Holy Grail is "to see Shuten's smiling face" so not a single thing has changed.

Charachter Image

'Summer is here.'
'When talking about Summer, it's the Summer festival.'
'When talking about festivals, they are brilliant, full of enjoyment and there are night stalls with lots of delicious things.'
'I see, such events are not bad at all.'

'...Before I noticed, due to the Summer get-up, my class has changed.'
'Various things changed about my Noble Phantasm too. Probably.'

'I'm not too sure about the reason, but anyway, let's savour this Saint Graph as much as we can, shall we!'
And so, Ibaraki Douji is enjoying the days of Summer to their fullest.
Specifically, she will eat loads of delicious things for a start.


Look, Shuten~!
I've turned into such a form!
I'm so pumped and excited.

Dharmapala Girl (Shuten-douji [Caster])

Wawa, wawawah, it's Oni Cure!
Oni Cure~!

Ushiwakamaru [Swimsuit]

Now then, Ushiwaka, where and what should we play next?
No, it's not like I care, it's just that if you want to play that bad, I don't mind keeping you company. Yeah.

Minamoto Raikou [Swimsuit]


Watanabe Tsuna

How is it!
How is iit!
Know that I am not of a caliber that can be confined to a single Saint Graph. Tremble in fear. Kukuku...KAHAHAHAHA!

Robin Hood/Sakata Kintoki

I won't accept your charity, fools!
However, if it is a tribute offered in fear then I am not reluctant to take it.

Goddess Pele

Is she the one who toyed with my Saint Graph and turned me into a Swimsuit Heroic Spirit, you ask?
No, the one who forcefully tampered with my Noble Phantasm was unmistakably Shuten, though it seems like the one who gave me these clothes was that Pele or who...
Hmm, I don't remember it that well. Well, whatever. More importantly, me and Ushiwaka have to eat shrimp now. ...Shrimp, huh.

Comment from the Illustrator

She was a character with exposed limbs from the beginning, however, I realised I didn't think about the setting of her tattoos even though her arms would be even more exposed in a swimsuit than before. In the end, I made it so the tattoos on the shoulders and arms were not connected. Later, in her third ascension, her abdomen was exposed too and I left that without tattoos. With that said, when I was drawing the tattoos, I had every intention to draw them correctly, but each time they were ever slightly off which was quite the conundrum... (Hidari)

TL Notes

[1] "Otogizoushi refers to a group of approximately 350 Japanese prose narratives written primarily in the Muromachi period. These illustrated short stories, which remain unattributed, together form one of the representative literary genres of the Japanese medieval era." Taken from jisho.org.
[2] Metaphor for the unpredictability of the fate that lies ahead or something like that.
[3] There is a story about Tsuna giving a ride to a young beautiful girl on his horse to help her cross the Ichijou-Modoribashi bridge (a bridge in Kyoto). The girl then suddenly turns into Ibaraki-douji and grabs him by the hair before leaping into the sky to take Tsuna to Mount Atago. Without getting flustered or panicking, Tsuna uses his sword, Beard-Cutter, to lop off Ibaraki's arm and manages to escape with some difficulty.

Then, Tsuna shows the arm to Raikou, who goes to consult an onmyouji (who's Abe no Seimei himself in some stories). Since the oni will definitely return for her arm, Tsuna is told by the onmyouji to seclude himself in his home for seven days and to not let anybody in. In these 7 days, Ibaraki uses various methods to break into Tsuna's residence, however she is stopped by the talismans plastered everywhere and the Humane King Sutra that Tsuna is chanting constantly.

On the 7th day, Tsuna's aunt (in some sources his foster-mother), Mashiba, comes to visit Tsuna. However, since he was forbidden from letting anyone in, Tsuna has to turn her away. "So the reward for raising you with great care since a very young age is this poor treatment", hearing such sad lamentation, Tsuna has no choice but to violate the orders he was given and let his aunt in. Said aunt is really curious about the arm of the oni that Tsuna cut off so she is led to a six-legged Chinese-style chest where the arm was sealed. Tsuna takes it out and hands it over to his aunt so she can get a better look at it. At this moment, the aunt transforms into none other than Ibaraki Douji, who quickly absconds with her arm and vanishes into thin air...

So that's how Ibaraki broke through Tsuna's seclusion which probably served as the concept for her Noble Phantasm.

Material Images

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