Ibaraki Douji



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Ibaraki Douji
  • Gender: FeMale
  • Source: Otogizoushi, and others
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 147 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg


  • Setting creation: Sakurai Hikaru, Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: Hidari
  • CV: Toyama Nao
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [B]

Rank up all parameters, but takes away reason for the most part.
Due to the class specific skill combining simultaneously with her oni kin special trait, she can exceptionally control herself. WHen she do so, she possesses the ability to reason and make composed conversation.

Personal Skills

Oni Kin Demon: [A]

A skill representing the demonic nature and the superpower of an oni.
Only pure and mixed-blood oni kin can acquire this skill.
It is a composite skill combining skills such as Innate Demon, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Magic Energy Burst, but in this work the effect is adjusted.
In the case of Ibaraki Douji, her Magic Energy Burst becomes "flame".
One blow from and oni combining a high rank STR, rank A Monstrous Strength, and rank A Magic Energy Burst would result in an astounding amount of destructive force, devastating the target.

Disengage: [A]

The ability to withdraw from battle.
Returning disadvantageous battle to its initial state.
From an anecdote where she managed to splendidly wtihdrew from battle when Watanabe fought her and had her hand severed with his famed sword "Higekiri".

Shapeshift: [A]

Free transformation of her form.
It's possible for her to shapeshift to other form such as a child or even giant.
Due to her basic physique frame no longer growing anymore, Ibaraki Douji uses this skill to the extreme, zealously striving everyday to become the great oni anyone and everyone would fear.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Rashoumon Dai Engi - Great Grudge of Rashoumon

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-50
  • Maximum target: 1-100 person

Her right hand, severed by one of Minamoto no Raikou's Four Heavenly Kings, Watanabe no Tsuna. Normally it is properly attached, but she can freely detach and manipulate it, making it fluttering about in the sky or even having it acs as an offensive weapon. Her fist, clad in the dreadful, sweltering heat of the oni kin enlarge in size, just like that of a great oni. Reminiscent of an Onibi, it then revolves around the enemies' line and destroys them

Ooeyama Dai Engi - Great Flame of Mount Ooe

  • Rank: B+
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-50
  • Maximum target: 1-3 person

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Specialization of the Sougenbi for anti-unit usage in battle.
Ten consecutive attack of scorching heat that completely, thoroughly crushes and burns up to 3 attack targets.
Scorching the enemy to cinders, leaving only their bones charred to black coals.
Ibaraki herself speak of it passionately, "This truly is the bone extrication technique of Hazan! (破山抜骨, hazan pakkotsu)" but the handed down bone extrication part is Shuten's influence.
(In FateGO, it is fundamentally not being used.)

(flame and grudge can be read the same, "en", which is why both of her NPs are Engi. Strictly speaking it shouldve been Great Rising Resentment of Rashoumon annd Great Rising Flame of Mount Ooe but thats too mouthful for my taste. Also, Sougenbi (叢原火, lit flames of the plains) is an Onibi or a type of one (lit flame oni, something like will o wisp oni version) from Kyoto, and what Ibaraki said during her NP line. Also, the counting parts on Ibaraki's second NP is done in a shinto, ritualistic way in Japanese)



First pronoun: ware
Second pronoun: nare/**/ningen (in regards to humans)/
Third pronoun: yatsu/are


A blond haired girl with the scarlet blood eyes.
An oni with inhuman appearance, born in this world.
In her childhood she was strictly disclipined by her mother, who descended from a noble bloodline, to learn how to hold pride as an oni.
Then again, seen from the perspective of a third party, one cannot really see that oni mama (母鬼)'s training as something filled with love. Though it's pretty close to harassment.

To summarize it, she is self aware of her responsibility as the child of her noble mother, to have the last of onis, eradicated by humans, act as a group.
On order to do that, Ibaraki established a standard rule, and any of the onis that break said rules, she would spank with iron staff. (Of course, Shuten is the sole exception.)
She is a demon, so from the human viewpoints she is unmistakably a wicked beast. But at her root, she is a belle who respects order and ponders over the fate of her brethren.

While her appearance exudes innocence, that very state of being is that of an oni. Hurting humans, devouring humans, loving blood.
However, she does not have much disposition in the way of selfishly enjoying slaughter and massacre. Her nature is not that of an oni that bring disorder to the world; in the end, she devours humans as an oni, as a living being. One can say that she is close to that of a wild animal.
For example, even if she appears to be fascinated with sweets, her nature is indeed not that of a young human girl. Depending on the circumstances, she just might devour even the human who enticed her with sweets.
Never ever take a lion for a cat.
Never. Ever. Yet...
If one actually succeeds on feeding her, she just might display a lovely smile.

Attitude Towards Master

Her wish upon the Holy Grail is "to see the smiling face of Shuten."
The smile of her stepsibling, one without worry, without sorrow, without hesitation, is the source of Ibaraki's everything.
Be it the famed in Kyoto Abe no Seimei, or Minamoto no Raikou, or her powerful Four Heavenly Kings. Ibaraki is unperturbed in her opposition against all of them, wishing only for that smile even until her death.

Dialogue Examples

"My name be Ibaraki Douji. Ringleader of the onis from Mount Ooe."

"I am oni, and you are human. Fear me."

"Understand this; an oni left in boredom is the most dangerous of them all."

"I dislike poisoned drinks. Too, the cowardly warriors who used of such things in their hunts for oni."

"So you toppled down an oni..."

Historical Character and Figure

An oni that appeared in Kyoto during the Heian Era, performing all manners of atrocity.
It is said that Ibaraki Douji is the subordinate of Shuten Douji that inhabits the Mount of Ooe, who crossed swords with Watanabe no Tsuna of the Four Heavenly Kings during Minamoto no Raikou and the Four Heavenly Kings' "Mount Ooe's oni extermination".
Ibaraki Douji appeared as a "beautiful woman" during the anecdote of Rashoumon.

The sole survivor of Mount Ooe's onis. At Rashoumon (or perhaps at the bridge of Ichijo Modoribashi) Ibaraki Douji assaulted Watanabe no Tsuna, who severed Ibaraki Douji's hand . It was then was taken as a spoil of war temporarily, but Ibaraki Douji managed to take it back and then disappeared somewhere.

Character in FGO

In this work, Ibaraki Douji is not the subordinate of Shuten Douji, but the ringleader of the onis of Mount Ooe instead.

Ibuki Douji, who was born of the great god of Ibuki that is the Yamata no Orochi and a human. In other words, Shuten Douji. Indeed, it was only appropriate for the Abe no Seimei, the authority of ancient Kyoto, to pay attention to such a being. However, the one who in reality lead over the onis of Mount Ooe is no other than Ibaraki Douji.
The strong but excessively pleasure-seeking Shuten had not a even a bit of interest of leading over the swarm of onis. As far as she is concerned, the only one who could lead the bunch of onis being drawn by Shuten's position as the "master who controls the mouintain" is her equal, Ibaraki Douji, and no other.

Ibaraki Douji had been the one who built a solemnly majestic palace in Mount Ooe. She had loved her stepsibling, the one brought up together with her, the pleasure seeking Shuten Douji. She had led the thousand strong mass of oni, and had performed many atrocities in ancient Kyoto. The savage demon who had led the people to fall into fear and dread.

Her status as an oni is high ranked; a sharp-witted fierce commander whose strong point is guerilla warfare.
If you think about it, together with her army of onis, she should have crushed any kind of human's strength, even it it is Raikou and the Four Heavenly Kings. (Or at least that's what she thought.)

The one thing that tore down Ibaraki Douji's stronghold, is no other than the pleasure of Shuten Douji, her stepsibling who she should love more than anything.
For the sake of speaking with Sakata Kintoki, she had guided Raikou and the Four Heavenly Kings, and even while knowing it was poison, she had drank the Shinpenkidoku (Providential Oni Poison). It was the height of pleasure for Shuten Douji.
And Ibaraki Douji failed to stop her.

Standard Weapons

A slash by means of a large war sword.
The kotsutou (bone blade). Not made by metal, but thoroughly tempered using the bones of oni kin, a first rate sword with ominous aura wafting around it.

Shuten Douji

Her beloved stepsibling.
She feels happiness when Shuten is besides her, but on the other hand, Ibaraki does understand that it was being with Shuten that brought ruin to Mount Ooe. She had abandoned her oni subordinates for her love for Shuten, completely running counter to her mother's precept.
Due to that, Ibaraki Douji conceals her feelings of friendship and affection for Shuten Douji. (Or so she thought anyway.)

Minamoto no Raikou

Hate her. Just once, I want to kill her just once, but there's just no way against that one.

Minamoto on the whole

Hate them. I will kill them all if they dare show their face.

Sakata Kintoki (Berserker)

Hate him. Even killing him twice won't be enough. If you go to the point of almost killing someone, it would be as if you've already committed the act anyway, no? (一度は殺す手前までいったら、一度は殺しているようなものだろう。not really sure on this one, somebody help?)

Sakata Kintoki (Rider)

Hate him. But at least his steel horse is not half bad.
I heard that it is a dreadful steel bear known as the GOLDEN HUGE BEAR mk.I. With that kind of name of course I will feel curious.

Abe no Seimei

Hate him. Even killing him thrice won't be enough.

Watanabe no Tsuna

Hatehatehatehatehatekillkillkillkillburnkillshredk illeatkill.
But, occasionally I would like to exchange words instead of swords. Raging intention to kill and sheer curiosity. I am a bit bewildered that two such conflicting thoughts resides within me, but why... when telling Shuten this, she smiles and whispered "Finally Ibaraki too acts prim and demon-like". Why....?

Tamamo no Mae

Hard to deal. One of the Great Monster, yet blending in within the human world. Just reminisching about it is scary enough already. (thanks mizukume)

Robin Hood

Sage of the forest. He was ostracized out by his village. Maybe I shall keep this forest dwelling sage company.

Comment from the Illustrator

Ibaraki Douji's start is keeping her cuteness as much as I can while still keeping her unique part as an oni, I think... The beginning concept was a deformed sort of gross-but-cute. Eventually what's left is only her hands and feet, her nonexistent eyebrow, and her long horns; but in the initial concept she even doesn't have exactly 5 fingers. Her other body parts were finetuned and then it reaches her current concept. The complete version is her second form, and from there I made it simpler for her first form and add stuffs in for her last one. It was such a showy and luxurious design, so I had lots of fun drawing her. (Hidari)

Material Images

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