Ishtar (Rider)



  • True Name: Ishtar
  • Class: Rider
  • Source: Ancient Mesopotamian Mythology/Dead Heat Summer Race!
  • Region: Mesopotamia
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 47 kg


  • Character Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: Shizuki Morii
  • Character Voice: Kana Ueda
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Riding: EX

As someone who can skillfully pilot Maanna the Boat of Heaven, Ishtar’s Riding Skill is exceptional, on a different dimension from humans.

Of course, “exceptional” doesn’t necessarily means “better” or “faster” than humans. Anyways, she is “all sorts of impressive”.

Uruk Driving cares little for minor obstacles like time or space.

Independent Action: A

The ability to operate independently for a while even if she is disconnected from the Master’s mana supply.

Combined with the fact she’s a Pseudo-Servant, this means she is pretty much free to act independently in the present world.

Staying away from Chaldea from approximately 2 whole weeks to secretly plan and set up her goddess worshipping Event was probably not even difficult for her.[1]

Personal Skills

Goddess’ Divine Core: B

The Skill that shows she is a perfect goddess from birth.

It has an effect that preserves the absoluteness of her body and mind. Mental interventions are mostly mitigated, her body never ages, her figure doesn’t change no matter how many calories she intakes.

It’s a composite Skill including Divinity.

Due to her being a Pseudo-Servant, its rank stops at B.

(Passive Skill)

Shining Dress of Water: A

The Skill of the Great Crown converted into a swimsuit.

It buffs the party’s Buster and Quick, and on top of that, raises their NP efficiency.

The Great Crown is exclusively for Ishtar’s personal use, but this version is spread through everyone in the party. In exchange, its output is lower.

Accel Turn: B

An emergency dodge with the Maanna Scooter.

The now smaller Maanna seems better at making tight turns, making it possible for it to perform instant dodges.

Her gorgeous and graceful evading of her pursuers’ attacks is like that of a Hollywood movie heroine.

Summer Breaker!: A

The goddess who (in many senses) destroys the summer.

She temporarily unleashes her Saint Graph as a goddess and wreaks havoc with it.

A watered-down version of the Goddess Metamorphosis Skill that Tamamo no Mae and Kiara have.

Noble Phantasm(s)

An Gal Ta Seven Colors (Rainbow of Venus touring around the Divine Peaks)

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 10-???
  • Max. targets: ???

Since she’s wearing a more modern outfit, her Noble Phantasm converts accordingly to a more modern True Name.

Her style is to enjoy summer to the max.

It is a rainbow Noble Phantasm where she rides the Maanna Scooter, has a wonderful time visiting multiple resorts around the world, and converts this happy feelings into mana to pour it down across the land.

Changed into a beautiful costume, she turns the mana she keeps raining on the ground into shining stars and inflicts damage to her enemies.

Ishtar herself is feeling totally happy and fabulous about it, but the people in the land are not too pleased about her antics.



  • First person pronoun: watashi
  • Second person pronoun: anata/name with no honorifics
  • Third person pronoun: anatatachi
  • Master: Master/name with no honorifics


Ishtar is an unfettered, elegant, audacious and cruel goddess, but since she’s wearing modern clothes, her haughtiness and fearsomeness as a goddess are toned down a bit. Her cheerfulness and tolerance are above her usual, and she’s turned very friendly.

Talks like a lively woman, in her late teens.

However, these actions and ideas are Ishtar’s own, so she can be seen as more egocentric than her host girl.

Her merciless divinity is improved, along with her cheerful smile that says “All right, guys, genocide time! Bye Bye~ ☆”.

Attitude Towards Master

Although she has her eyes on them as a “hero with a promising future” (Master), she often tilts her head and asks herself: “How did someone this mediocre become a hero?”. She perceives them as an intriguing human.

This time, she is counting on their popularity to earn the Servant’s trust, so she hired them as a staff member for the Ishtar Cup.

For the sake of the greater good (inside Ishtar’s head) that is reviving Gugalanna, she seems quite eager to take advantage of our protagonist…

Dialogue Examples

“Rider, Ishtar, hereby answers thy call, or whatever it was. This time, I will be giving you some very special service as we cooperate. But it’s gonna be give and take.”

“Sometimes she is an Archer soaring the skies… Sometimes she is a Rider fighting with gorgeous kicks. Who is she? That’s right, you dull bunch, it is me! The goddess of luck below you~ ☆ Clap your hands, everyone!”

“That was unnatural indeed. But don’t bother yourself too much thinking about. Us gods always smile even we’re angry. The god giving blessings is the same god distributing divine punishment, you know?”

“Well, this is a special occasion, not to mention I was the one who came to you asking for the contract, so I’m going to be a perfectly proper Servant this time around, got it? The-re-fo-re, don’t hesitate to order me, ok, Master? Don’t worry, your investment will definitely turn to profit♥”

“Huh… wait a minute, why am I being treated like some sort of villain?

I mean, I can see how taking away all the money from the bets is a going a bit too far, but… ultimately, me getting Gugalanna is a good thing, don’t you agree?”

“This is a super transcendental boost to our team’s fighting power, you know? Sure, its oversized Divine Might may accidentally squish most material and spiritual lifeforms to death, but that loss is too minor compared to the gains.

Stop being unhappy, you have no reasons to complain about this, do you? L-Listen. Power is, like you humans always say: the bigger, the better!”

Character in FGO

The goddess of Venus, Ishtar, in her summer form. People are crazy about summer festivals… Inspired the people’s passion in worshipping the gods, she held a major event. This goddess acted like a real goddess.

This goddess is also riding on a modernized rearrange of Maanna, the Boat of Heaven, and is casually and thrillingly using her body as a kung fu-type goddess.

Wouldn’t it be only natural for a goddess to know one or two martial arts? … No, of course it wouldn’t.

The reason why Ishtar can move this skillfully is because her host in proficient in both magecraft and martial arts. Her current battle style is the kung fu her body knew rearranged into something more Ishtar-esque.

A comment from the king sunbathing at the top of the ziggurat: “Uruk Arts! Is this even a real thing?”

Will she ever learn her lesson?

The summer festival Ishtar Cup was a Greater Ritual to revive Ishtar’s familiar, Gugalanna, the Bull of Heaven. When the Mesopotamian world was under a devastating attack, Ishtar lost Gugalanna, and was made into the laughingstock of the group. She has probably always been waiting vigilantly for a chance to have her revenge.

And the result is what happened here.

It bears repeating: will she ever learn her lesson?

The goddess Ishtar’s plan was to reconstruct Gugalanna by secretly borrowing precious artifacts from the Babylonian treasury, converting them into a Holy Grail, using its power to paste the texture of Venus over the land of Connacht, then having powerful Heroic Spirits consecrate their gratitude to the land (do a race).

Remodeling the Ishtar Temple into a giant mana resource integrated-circuit was also part of the plan.

The Ishtar QPS (Quantum-piece Power System) is a nightmarish resource-collecting device that sucks up mana not only from people, but even from Heroic Spirits, and makes into its own.

For this act, she is truly the evilest of the evil gods.

Standard Weapons

The bow used by the Archer Ishtar is the detached prow of Maanna, the Boat of Heaven. This time, she transformed the oar piece into a scooter she uses as her means of transportation.

Appearance-wise, it looks like any modern scooter, but, naturally, its capabilities are goddess-class. It can fly, it can warp.

There’s a mysterious creature (Gugalanna Lily) stirring restlessly around Ishtar’s feet all the time, but Ishtar refuses to make any comments about the creature.

Queen Medb

Why did I go after Medb’s Connacht, you ask?

Because she’s my greatest potential enemy, obviously. I just made the first move in our bout. If Medb had got the Grail instead of me, she would have thought the same thing, no doubt!


As a fellow goddess of Venus, she is an accomplice I can always rely on, but darn, I don’t think I know anyone as frightening as this girl.

She is a goddess of boundless goodness, remember? Extreme good is more unforgiving than evil. If you seriously get on her bad side, she can crush a city or two, that monster.


I’m under no obligation to help her. If she wants to show up, she’ll need to get her own frame for it.

Comment from the Illustrator

Since this is Ishtar’s Rider version, I wanted to include some Rider aspects in the drawing, so I had various different ideas, like for example, “she’s Rider because she rides on top of a magic circle”. Then I had just as many ideas thinking of dresses and yukatas for when she uses her Noble Phantasm. It was a very fun experience. (Shizuki Morii)

TL Notes:

1 - Since the info here contradicts the info on Archer’s mats, I felt the need to vouch that I double-checked everything and neither translation is faulty. The inconsistency is entirely on Type-Moon and it’s also present in the Japanese text.

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