Ivan the Terrible



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Ivan the Terrible
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: History
  • Region: Russia
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil/Chaotic Evil


  • Design: Yuuichirou Higashide & Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: danciao
  • Voice: Kuroda Takaya
  • Appears in: FGO


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: D

Nullifies single-action magecraft.

This level of resistance equal to using an amulet that wards off magecraft.

Riding: EX

The ability to ride. Usually he'd have a rank that would allow him to just ride something like a horse, but thanks to the Innocent Monster skill, he has fused with a rideable being.

Personal Skills

Contradictive Mind: A

During his reign as the tsar of Russia, Ivan established a centrally controlled government which he ruled by fear.

In the mornings he'd lock himself up in a temple to repent for his sins, and in the evening he'd joyfully torture those who rebelled against him.

His mentality is something similar to that of a saint and a villain combined, and it randomly changes his alignment between the two.

That is, between lawful or chaotic.

Innocent Monster: A

Even as a human he named himself an existence equal to god, and by driving off the nobles who boasted about their political influence, his authority managed to reach its peak.

Russia respected him as an absolute tsar, but the people of western Europe feared him and called him 'the terrible'.

Now that he's fused with a giant mythical beast from Siberia, he has now become a being completely different from what he was in life.

Almighty Supreme Authority: A

Supreme submission and obedience through fear that Ivan sought in order to control the nobles.

The intimidating aura he puts against everyone in his surroundings creates a heavy pressure that reduces all their stats by one rank.

A regular person would find it difficult to keep their eyes open under this.

This skill can be negated by Charisma with rank B or higher.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Chyornyj Oprichniki - The Black Hounds Crawling Out of My Dreams

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: 500

Chyornyj Oprichniki

The royal guards Ivan used along with his Almighty Supreme Authority.

These troops had the authority to steal land and property from the nobles, and they could be considered Ivan's arms and legs.

They wore black, rode black horses with black gear, and hung dogs' heads on the necks of their horses.

At the same time they carried brooms made with animal hair which had the meaning of 'attacking traitors like dogs, and cleaning them out with a broom'.

This is a passive NP, but its activation is peculiar, as it requires Ivan to be unconscious.

Once he falls asleep, his troops with torturing tools in hand will start appearing everywhere to eliminate the enemies of the tsar.

They are similar to vengeful ghosts, and as the tsar's coercive power grows, their morale and fighting ability will also grow.

They may have great strength in numbers, but they are weak individually.

Zveri ・ Krestnyy Khod - The Beast that Accompanied Me On My Journeys

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Unit (Oneself)
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: 1

The cross procession of a divine beast. The march towards the kingdom of heaven that the tsar will eventually reach (or so he believes).

This means standing in the tsar's way is treason and blasphemy against God.

Ivan temporarily returns to his old form as a giant beast and mercilessly destroys his opponents.



He was once known as the worst tyrant of Russia, and his severity and brutality are unparalleled.

On the other hand, he acted like a devout follower towards god.

These seemingly contradicting aspects are not something that could be tolerated of any normal person, but something that is only allowed for a tsar with supreme authority.

Having gained knowledge of the present, Ivan has become more aware of his situation, but he fears he would stop containing himself if his alignment were to change to Chaotic.

Luckily, any regular human would just faint upon seeing him.

Not simply because of his monstrous form, but because his aura as a tsar is too overwhelming.

Attitude Towards Master

He is simply arrogant. He may understand his words, but he will rarely pay attention to what his Master says, excluding the times when he's revered as a tsar.

He is obviously not dumb enough to kill his Master, but if their friends or family were to act disrespectfully towards him, he will immediately exercise his authority as tsar.

In a regular Holy Grail War, his wish for the grail would be to obtain the approval of the grail to ascend to the kingdom of heaven.

(Though this has no relation to FGO).

Dialogue Examples

"Rider, Tsar Ivan the Terrible. My coronation is done. Fear me, serve me, and punish me."

"I don't get it. Where am I? Am I still trapped in a dream? However, I certainly saw light. You who test my faith, my name is Ivan. Ruler of the lands of scorching cold, tsar of the icy winds, Ivan IV. Now, let's begin our war and prayers."

"I don't understand. I don't understand anymore. Is this reality or a dream? I can't tell whether this is victory or defeat. What a long night. Must I continue to watch that dream?"

"The only absolute is desire. My one wish is a truly equal distribution, and the true completion of a tsar system."

"My body may be unsightly, but I have become one with a beast who once walked the land of Russia. That means that this is just power that's been given to me by God along with my authority as Tsar."

"O'Mary, I'm sure what you say will be correct. What do you say we revel in punishing our enemies?" [1]

"You again. So you still refuse to accept my favor...That's fine. I just saw a dream of you running through a vast open field under the bright sun. That will suffice for now."

"The enemy are many, but my only ally is myself. Not even a jester who will ease the loneliness by my side! But yet, here I stand. Now, you who shall become empress of the land of beasts. Fight me. Show me your might as tsar!"

Historical Character and Figure

The fearsome and wise ruler whose name shines in Russian history.

The greatest orator of the 16th century, as well as a writer and extraordinary torturer.

That is Ivan the Terrible.

Ivan was born in 1530, as son of the tsar of the Great Duchy of Moscow, Vasili III.

Though at that time the tsar in the Duchy was nothing more than a symbol, and the ones really controlling the government were the nobles, which is why the nobles fighting over their authority became an everyday occurrence.

But Ivan, who from a young age had been taught that "The tsar is the one who is closest to God, and is the ultimate authority", had a hunting dog attack and eat a noble when he was 13, and proceeded to aim beyond that divine position.

After Ivan had his formal crowning ceremony when he was 16 years old, he aimed to create a centrally controlled government and started creating many innovative policies.

At the age of 22, Ivan had started the annexation of various mongol countries such as his long-time enemies the Khanate of Kazan.

Then he also began trading with England, and Russia started rejoicing in an age of glory.

However, things started going wrong when Ivan turned 30.

Once his beloved wife Anastasia died of an illness, Ivan started gradually revealing his cruelty.

Who killed Anastasia?

Was it God?

It couldn't have been God.

Then who?

The nobles.

It's all the nobles' doing.

How could this be. It mustn't be allowed. To kill the wife of one as close to god as me, it is nothing short of a declaration of war against the tsar...

The 'terrible' side of Ivan that Anastasia helped keep in check, now started swelling up.

Love can transform any person into a monster, just like that.

Ivan tortured and killed all the nobles who were at odds with Anastasia's family.

He then slaughtered anyone related or involved with them, then people who weren't really invovled, and then anyone who didn't comply with him.

On the other hand, he never stopped offering his sincere worship to God.

When he'd wake up at 3 in the morning, he would walk to the temple to worship God and sing a hymn.

In the evenings he'd go see 'those who shouldn't be forgiven' so he could torture them and immerse himself in pleasure.

He would make people sit on top of a barrel of gunpowder, and then set it on fire.

He would find delight in taking his prisoners, throwing them in a bear's cage, and watch them be eaten.

This everyday life of his truly helps contrast his sides as a devout saint and a heinous murderer.

Then in order to completely strip the nobles of their power, he created his Almighty Supreme Authority.

At the same time, he created the Oprichniki.

The oppression of the nobles had spurred on.

Eventually, his cruelty reached the citizens he was supposed to love.

One day the Oprichniki surrounded the city of Novgorod, where there were rumors of a rebellion against the Tsar, and without giving them an explanation, they murdered both young and old, both men and women without distinction.

The number of people killed by the Tsar and the Oprichniki are estimated to be about 60,000.

The citizens experienced heavy taxes due to long wars, exhaustion was felt all over the country thanks to shortages of food, and the frustration of the tsar had reached its peak.

One day Ivan lost his temper as usual, and ended up beating his second son to death.

He was struck with grief over having killed his successor, and became tormented by his feelings of guilt.

Ivan walked a 100km journey carrying his son's coffin, never using a cart.

The tsar does not make mistakes.

The tsar made a mistake.

The tsar does not sin.

The tsar sinned...

In his later years, Ivan gave an order for there to be a name register of all the people killed by the Oprichniki.

Of course, those who were killed by them had been essentially erased from history, so creating a record proved to be a grand undertaking.

While in distress over the fact that the registry would never be fully completed, he ended up dying on the very day his astrologer had predicted.

He who had erased many people from history, carved his own name into it as an unparalleled tyrant.

As 'Ivan the Terrible', the fearsome Ivan.

Character in FGO

This is the tsar who appears in Eternally Frozen Empire Anastasia, a 'what if' version of Russia from a timeline that was supposed to have been pruned as it was a dead end for mankind.

That is Ivan the Terrible.

This is Ivan reborn as a Servant, but in the history of his Lostbelt, he existed as the first human to turn into a Yaga.

The people who lived in his empire were all Yaga, and this is because it had become a world too cruel to survive in for those with human forms.

However, in the process they ended up losing something very important they had as humans.

The Ivan from panhuman history may have been a tyrant, but he was a stranger to magecraft.

But when the world of the lostbelt was in danger of freezing over, he summoned a group of magi.

He sought a way for humanity to survive, which came in the form of fusing humans and magical beasts.

However, after they had brought upon the world a new type of being different from humans, the minds of these also began to change and they became a dead end for human history...

They became recognized as a world that should be pruned.

Without ceasing his wailing, Ivan continues his pilgrimage with grief.

Upon being summoned to Chaldea, he appears not as the panhuman Ivan, but rather the one from the lostbelt. Usually this summoning should be impossible, but perhaps in response to such an unprecedented event like the scorching, or the editing of the human order, the human order has sought stronger heroic spirits.

Maybe it's because he spent most of his time in the lostbelt sleeping, but his memories of it are fuzzy, and he doesn't really understand why he's been summoned in the form of an elephant.

However he has not forgotten his duty as a lostbelt Servant and as the loser, which is to protect Chaldea.

Standard Weapons

A giant and magnificent staff.

Gilgamesh/Iskander/Qin Shi Huang/etc:

So it was necessary to have not only influence, but power as well, huh.

The kings of old certainly had it rough...


She who carries the same name as my beloved wife.

May her days be beautiful, refreshing and quiet...

What? She enjoys pranks? She's quite the devil?

Hahaha, easy on the jokes.

No way one as beautiful as her would be capable of doing a submarine throw with a snowball...Wait you're serious?


Insolence...such insolence...!

To trick me with the name of my adviser as I slept...such heresy...!

Martha/Saint George/etc:

Ohh, the saints I always saw in my dreams!

Please, offer me your guidance!

Great Statue God:

Am I imagining it? This completely normal statue which looks like a cuter version of myself...Did it just move?

Maybe it's my imagination...

...It moved, didn't it?

Comment from the Illustrator

At first I just drew him as a human with his eyes hidden under a crown. But then I was told "it's ok if you go crazy enough that people might think it's too far", so I was able to create something very close to what I envisioned. I keep getting asked where his eyes are, to which all I can answer is that he's looking at you from the deep darkness." (danciao)

TL Notes

[1] I could not find a reference to オマリー(omarii) anywhere in Ivan's wikipedia page, Anastasia or in Ivan's in-game profile so I just went with that. I would appreciate it greatly if someone could correct me on it.

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