• True Name: Jason
  • Class: Saber
  • Source: Greek Mythology
  • Region: Greece
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 76 kg


  • Character Creator: Yuuichirou Higashide
  • Character Illustrator: BLACK
  • Character Voice: Souichirou Hoshi
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Riding: [B]

Talent for riding. Can ride most mounts better than most people but can't mount beasts on the ranks of demonic beasts or holy beasts.

Magic Resistance: [B]

Negates magecraft with three or fewer verses on their activation. It's difficult to harm him even with Greater Magecraft or Ritual Curses.

Personal Skills

The Desired Golden Fleece: [-]

A fleece made of golden wool that he obtained at the end of his adventure. Relatively comforting and pleasant.

Inspiration at Death's Door: [A]

When he gets into a scrape, he can escape with seemingly self-sacrificing moves.

He's unsurpassable went it comes to getting epiphanies at the jaws of death.

However, Jason strongly hates this ability.

After all, he has to go through a life-threatening situation every time he needs a flash of inspiration.

Conquering the Long Voyage with Friends: [B++]

He pumps those who once boarded the Argo full of courage.

Those who never did vaguely feel somewhat encouraged.

Consider it a super-limited variant of Charisma's abilities.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Astrapste Argo (Heaven-rendering twinkling ship)

  • Rank: B++
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-10
  • Max. Targets: 50 people

A rescue and support attack from the Argo.

The heroes who once boarded (Note: due to the limits of Jason's ability, he can only manifest up to half of them) his ship coordinate a simultaneous attack.

In a sense, it's an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm comparable to the great Conqueror King's own.

The more righteous Jason's position in battle is, the more he gets his crewmates' approval, increasing the number of attacks.

Conversely, if his position is clearly villainous, a surprising amount of people will be absent from the ship (skipping the job), considerably decreasing its power.

This was sealed and rendered unusable in Okeanos.



First-person pronoun: Ore/Ore-sama

Second-person pronoun: Omae/Kisama

Third-person pronoun: Kare/Kanojo


With his overflowing confidence, placidness, and dignity as a king, he could have been a mostly benevolent ruler.

But since he couldn't become king, his confidence turned to arrogance, and his placidness shifted into complacency.

Save for a few exceptions, his treatment of his subordinates is extremely sloppy.

But once he has his back against the wall, his instincts sharpen, and his commands become precise and accurate.

A comment from an Argo crewmate: "Why does he suck so much when he's not cornered?"

Attitude Towards Master

More bad than good.

He's boastful and incompatible with most kinds of people.

On rare occasions, he can find a Master he's compatible with him, but when he does, it's when they are in the predicament of their lives.

Situations where he doesn't even have the time to say "I ask you, are you my Master?".

He'll run screeching and covered in sweat... and after a few laps he'll come up with some plan for a comeback.

Dialogue Examples

"Why do I have such a need to survive? That's obvious! There's not much you can gain from throwing away your life! Our enduring attitude is what makes us survive, and surviving is what makes us human! You're not a hero, so you should at least how to be enduring. Got it, Master?"

"The Argo is the best ship and the Argonauts are the mightiest crew! My life was full of inescapable agony, but gathering these guys together is my greatest source of pride! Master, you think the same thing, don't you?"

"Ghhh.................................. I thought I'd die."

Historical Character and Figure

Originally named Diomedes.

Diomedes's father, Aeson, was once the proper heir to a country.

And then, Aeson's half-brother Pelias usurped the throne and arrested his brother.

But Diomedes escaped Pelias's hands and was raised by Chiron.

Time passed and Diomedes (now Jason) became a respectable young man and demanded Pelias to return him his throne.

Pelias demanded something in return.

"If you can bring the Golden Fleece here, I'll acknowledge you as king."

Unable to refuse Pelias's order, Jason recruited sailors from all Greek lands for his ship.

Eventually, he had a distinguished roster including Heracles, Caenis, Theseus, Dioscuri, Atalante, Asclepius, among others.

They were collectively called the Argonauts and accompanied Jason on a great adventure like no other.

After that, Jason met Medea, divorced her, fell to ruin, and in the end, died crushed by the Argo's bow.

Character in FGO

He was quite overconfident in Okeanos, but due to either the harsh retaliation he faced or the reveal that he was being deceived by Medea, he turned his issues up to eleven, and now schemes to slack off at any chance he gets, even if the work he's skipping is restoring Human Order.

Medea traumatized him for life. He tends to back away whenever he sees her.

Medea hasn't forgotten him completely... She couldn't. But even so, his attitude still manages to leave her exasperated every day.

Protagonist: "You're like a divorced couple."

Jason: "We are a divorced couple!"

In Atlantis

After being hit with an extraordinary fit of despair in Okeanos, he was expecting to do better on his next summon, only to be met with the 12 Olympians as his enemies.

Heracles was summoned almost at the same time as him, and they joined other Servants to try to get over Atlantis.

The brave Heracles died. Although a few Servants reached Olympus, most of them died or deserted.

Jason managed to narrowly survive, but he couldn't regroup with the people in Olympus, nor accept his place and keep pushing the fight, so he spent his days dead drunk...

That is, until the people of Chaldea arrived.

Standard Weapons

The Argonauts


Jason has a kind of faith in him that goes beyond love.

In any world worth living, Jason will open a Cult of Heracles with wild enthusiasm.

The Argonauts party

"I'm the captain, guys? Can't I get some respect in here?"

"How about you get more reliable first?"

"My bow is a gift from the gods. Do not steal it."

"Please try to stay awake, like the good captain you want to be."

"Shut up and get hurt already. I'll heal you."

They didn't care.


Awkward. The conversation shuts to a halt when the two are together.

Medea Lily


The Atlantis party

They hit off strangely well, so Jason has his meals with them from time to time.

In most cases, it's the crew assembling around him when Jason is eating alone.

"Let me eat in peace, darn it!", the captain ordered, but no attempt was ever made to enforce this command.


"You can do it. Jason, you can last a little longer. Persist just a little, just a tiny bit more. Be like the gum that refuses to leave your enemy's shoe."

Comment from the Illustrator

For the first version of his NPC design, I did a mean-faced loser, but I got told to make him hot, so I updated the design into something more good looking. To my complete surprise, he was later chosen to become a Servant, so I gave him a design themed after many different 80's rockstars. I love myself hilariously uncool guys. Also, he has a lot facial expression, just like Gof. (BLACK)

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