Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)



  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Jeanne d’Arc
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Historical Fact, “Servant Summer Festival!”
  • Region: France
  • Alignment: Lawful Summer
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 44kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character Voice: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [B]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were invoked with a chant of three verses or below. It is difficult to damage Jeanne who has this rank of Magical Resistance with Magecraft, even if she was targeted by Great Magecrafts, Ritual Spells and the like.

Indepedent Action (Celeb): [EX]

One can act even with the absence of their Master.

Dolphins also come to play with Jeanne. For some reason, her Magical Energy continues to be supplied as long as she is near the sea.

Personal Skills

Enjoying the Endless Summer!: [A]

EES for short. The spirit where one should enjoy the endless summer with all their energy.

Saint of the Waterside (Dolphin): [A+]

By getting into the Archer Class, it appears that dolphins become emotionally attached to Jeanne for some reason. The dolphins bear their fangs against those who are hostile to Jeanne, as though they are about to come and swoop down on them just to cut up and pull apart their flesh.

Servant Cheer!: [B]

Even if she is not in the Ruler Class, Jeanne’s cheerful mentality did not change at all. When she grasps someone’s hand tightly while saying “Let’s do our best together!”, she makes other people think the wrong idea. Jeanne herself believes that she is just cheering them on.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Des Océans d’Allégresse: As the Oceans Get Abundant, Together We Shall Get to Delight in it

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~20
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 100 people

Des Océans d’Allégresse (The Oceans of Glee). By offering her prayers to the oceans, Jeanne can summon Phantasmal Beasts. Perhaps she has a connection to those Phantasmal Beasts, but she can call forth most of those related to the sea and use their powers. The highlight is the blue whale; which gives the impression that one would die if it came crashing down on them, or something like that. Furthermore, Jeanne sincerely gives each and every one of these animals a name.



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / anata [only to females]
Third Person Pronouns: kare, etc.


At this occasion, Jeanne herself thinks that although she changed into a swimsuit, there is nothing particularly different about her. But of course, she is absurdly different. With a carefreeness in valuing the summer over the innate goodness of man, and being light and airy from beginning to end, there is the feeling that she is clearly running at full throttle to make the summer festive. Furthermore, the notion of wearing a swimsuit for the purpose of simply enjoying the summer rather than for dressing herself up is quite strong for her.

However, when her Saint Graph enters its Final Stage, Jeanne undergoes a Class Change from “the older sister of the dolphins at the beach” to “a Saint who swooped down upon the everlasting summer.” Changing the Lord’s divine protection into a hoop (halo) of light, she transforms into a high-mobility shooting Saint who does as she pleases.

Comment from her (Altered) younger sister: “What are you? Really, what the hell are you!?”

Attitude Towards Master

Originally, Jeanne was going to break down her guardian-like gimmick when she was going to change into a swimsuit, but the girl – who is a Ruler – decided to choose righteous discipline as her motto and view all relationships as platonic from beginning to end.

However, Jeanne’s reason as a Ruler was annihilated once she got into the Archer Class. She openly changed into a sad monster who was convinced that she is an older sister. Surely at first, she had recognized to some degree that “It’s nice to think of myself as an older sister”, but maybe because her spirits have become the highest they have ever been at the time when she became a Swimsuit Blademaster, she can even fire brainwashing beams.

Comment from her (Altered) younger sister: “No, seriously, what the hell are you? What kind of mental structure do you have!?”

Dialogue Examples

“O’ Lord, I offer this vacation to You…!”

“Come now, let’s go~! The blessings of the Great Oceans shall be delivered from this Saint! Hop, Step, Great Oceans! Des Océans d’Allégresse!”

“I’ve come to answer your summons. I’m Jeanne! Given that I’m an Archer at vacation this time, I won’t say any stiff words. Let’s enjoy the summer vacation, ok?!”

Character in FGO

The Magical Energy of Summer has finally corrupted even the Saint… wait, corrupted? By having her Class changed from Ruler to Archer, Jeanne d’Arc’s unprecedented nature that she had originally attained was further strengthened.

Jeanne herself personally thinks that her spirits are only a little bit higher and that nothing much has particularly changed compared to when she was in the Ruler Class.

Comment from her (Altered) younger sister: “No, she has completely changed. Just about everything about her has completely changed. She has become far nastier than when she was in the Ruler Class!”

In addition, because she changed her clothes, Jeanne has also started a manga circle as a new hobby. She formed the circle “st. Orléans” together with Marie Antoinette. For the duo in question, they intend to draw a love comedy manga, but from the way it seems, their work got a reputation in a different sense with things like “No matter how you read it, this is an explosion scene”, “Rather than saying it’s bittersweet, it’s like saturated, sugared water”, and “I don’t understand why you would launch a smartphone from a cannon in order to get a person’s contact address.”

Comment from her (Altered) younger sister: “But I truly don’t understand the reason why in the hell those are selling so well!”

Standard Weapons

Dolphins, rings, balls, etc.

Jeanne Alter (Swimsuit)

“You’re making manga, right? Then I’ll make one too. Let’s do our best together! By the way, you need a German dictionary? Why? Also, where did you get those Japanese swords from?”


When the two are present, the beach will already turn into a sea of gorgeous celebrities. Perhaps since the two also get along naturally well with each other, it is fundamentally common for them to act as a pair.

Other Swimsuit Servants

“Gorgeousness is a nice thing, isn’t it?! I don’t know whether or not it’s fine for the likes of a plain person like me to join in with you all, but as a representative of the nameless flowers, I’ll do my best!”

“… And to think of such things, even though they’re the most gorgeous. After all, a swimsuit is basically something for me to wear to participate and have fun with the others, so to wear a swimsuit just to dress myself up, that’s not something I would think about.”

Saber Astolfo

“A cute rabbit? WHY!?”

Comment from the Illustrator

Swimsuit Jeanne… she was a character I was a little worried about in regard to her methods of attack. In the beginning, when she was called an Archer, I even thought about a gigantic water gun for her, but in the end, I cannot grow accustomed to a Saint with firearms. At the end of ups and downs, it became “I have no choice now but to put a dolphin here”, which led to her becoming the current Dolphin Saint. For her swimsuit in her First Stage, I designed its appearance so that it is arranged like the swimsuit Jeanne was wearing in Fate/EXTRA. (Takeuchi Takashi)

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