Jeanne d’Arc



  • Class: Ruler
  • True Name: Jeanne d’Arc
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: France
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 44kg


  • Character Creators: Higashide Yuuichirou and Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character Voice: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Apocrypha


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [EX]

Including the Magical Resistance of a Saber, Jeanne demonstrates high Magical Resistance due to her unwavering piety. However, since this resistance is just allowing her to divert (evade) incoming Magecrafts, only Jeanne will be saved in the case of a wide-range magic attack. It cannot cope with the sacraments of the Church.

Personal Skills

True Name Discernment: [B]

When summoned as a Ruler, a Servant’s True Name as well as their entire status information are automatically revealed to them during a direct encounter. However, in regard to Servants who possess concealment abilities, a success of a Luck Check becomes a requirement to bypass those abilities.

Divine Ruling: [A]

The supreme privilege of a Ruler. One can exercise two Command Spells for each Servant participating in a “Holy Grail War”. It is not possible to divert other Command Spells that were used on a Servant for another use.

Revelation: [A]

A Skill equivalent to “Intuition”. Although Intuition is a sixth sense regarding combat, “Revelation” accommodates all events related to the accomplishment of an objective (for instance, choosing the most suitable route while in the middle of travelling). Because there is no basis to it (or so it seems to the person themselves), it cannot be explained well to others.

Charisma: [C]

The natural talent to command an army.

Jeanne’s figure where she participated in assaults while raising a flag overhead on the battlefield has been turned into something that boosts the soldiers’ morale to the utmost limit and unites the troops. Thanks to her Charisma, Jeanne can make others believe in the contents of her baseless “Revelations”.

Saint: [B]

A Skill that signifies those who are acknowledged as a Saint. During the moment of being summoned as a Servant, the ability of Saint is selected from one out of the following: “Raises the effectiveness of sacraments”, “Automatic HP recovery”, “1 Rank-Up to Charisma”, “Production of holy shrouds is possible”.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Luminosité Eternelle: My God is Here with Me

  • Rank: A-*
  • Classification: Barrier Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~10
  • Maximum Number of Targets: ???

Luminosité Eternelle (Eternal Luminosity). The holy flag Jeanne waved during her lifetime that became a Noble Phantasm. This flag is an article that, upon activation, serves as the center of an area with a range of 10, protecting those inside according to an angel’s blessing. It is feasible to use Jeanne’s Magical Resistance – which is considered outside the standard (EX) – as it is as a physical defense ability. However, it will become absolutely impossible for Jeanne to attack during the period where she is establishing the flag. Also, because the flag itself continues to accumulate damage as it defends against attacks, it will become an unusable article if it is abused too much.

  • Pre-Strengthening Rank

La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Maiden

  • Ranks: C (before manifestation), EX (after manifestation)
  • Classification: Special Attack Noble Phantasm
  • Range: ???
  • Maximum Number of Targets: ???

La Pucelle (The Maiden). A sacred sword that makes flames manifest by invoking the following line from a death poem: “O’ Lord, I entrust this body to You————”. A Conceptual Crystallized Armament that interpreted Jeanne’s burning at the stake like it is an attack. It is a subcategory of a Reality Marble, an imagined landscape crystallized as a sword. This sword is the Heroic Spirit Jeanne d’Arc herself, and after the battle where this Noble Phantasm was manifested, Jeanne will be extinguished.



  • First Person Pronoun: watashi
  • Second Person Pronouns: anata / anata [only to females]
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo


At a first glimpse of her, a person who is too serious, but one can say with confidence that… Jeanne is unmistakably a Saint who brings about benevolence to all people with that pure and unselfish nature of hers. On the other hand, she often deals with things flexibly and with all her strength comparatively without entirely allowing herself to give in as far as tactics are concerned, like “If there’s no arrows, isn’t it fine as long as we can launch cannonballs?” and “If it can’t be demolished with Magecraft, isn’t it fine as long as we can even use the Rods from God?” Naturally self-centered, she possesses an impregnable self-control and a steel-like faith, and she will not bend no matter how depressing a situation appears to be by way of looking at the situation from another perspective.

Commentary from a certain Avenger: “That woman is for sure like a citadel!”

Attitude Towards Master

At a first glimpse of her, Jeanne is quiet, but one can say with confidence that… she has an extreme honours student-like behaviour, hoping to join hands with her Master and willingly go forward together with them. On the other hand, she possesses quite a Spartan outlook on education. If they are a righteous Master, she will make them be more righteous. If they are an unrighteous Master, she will certainly steer them in the right direction. “It’s alright, I believe in you!” If that happens to be said, her Master would not be even able to go against her, among other things.

Dialogue Examples

“I’m not equipped with the knowledge of a knight, but I certainly do know what must be done as someone who carries a flag. So please firmly continue to follow my lead, ok Master?”

“At any time and at any situation, I’m with you. Hardships, as well as sorrows; if I’m with you, we can overcome them together! Come, let’s do our best, Master!”

“The things I like… Um, I know it’s careless, but there’s an appeal that’s hard to resist in sleeping on a haystack.”

Historical Character and Figure

————Jeanne d’Arc. She is a holy maiden whose name is known not just in France, but across the whole wide world.

At one point in the year 1839, the number of books that depicted Jeanne as a Heroine had reached five hundred, and as of now in the present time, it is easy to imagine that such books of an unimaginable number have been published. She had set off on a trip for the sake of saving France at seventeen-years-old, and she was sentenced to death by burning at nineteen-years-old. Her activity in merely two years (though given that one of those years was her being in the position of prisoner, it was really about one year) has rewritten the history of the world.

Saying “I heard a voice from Heaven”, Jeanne leapt out of her own house, relied on the connections of those who believed in her words, and met with Charles VII. At this moment, Jeanne – who earned Charles VII’s trust by exactly and correctly guessing who he was when the latter had disguised and concealed himself as a subordinate – commanded a group of troops and continued to steadily advance, before she finally liberated Orléans. For the French army who had defeat occur again and again, this victory was something evidently miraculous. Because of this, the name of Jeanne d’Arc resounded not only in France, but even in Italy and Germany. After Orléans was liberated, the English Crown had even ordered for discipline on their own troops whom refused to cross over into France. The soldiers were afraid of being cursed by Jeanne d’Arc————the Witch who turned the war situation around. When taking the situation into account at that time, depending on the trend of the Hundred Years’ War, the possibility that ‘The very country called France could be annihilated‘ has not even been able to be discarded completely, and it may not be known that (although there are the French Revolution’s very many good points and bad points themselves) the advanced/democratic social system itself could have gotten a very late start in France.

It is being said that the start of Jeanne’s fall came about because of her confrontation with Charles VII. After the coronation at Reims, Jeanne and those supporters of hers further attempted to advance towards Paris, but concerning Charles, who desired peace, she was gradually becoming an obstacle. Thus, in the Battle of Compiègne, Jeanne encountered a scathing betrayal where the gate that should have ushered her in as she was defending the rear guard at the time of her force’s withdrawal had closed on her instead, and she was then captured.

Here is the glory of Jeanne d’Arc so far, and the time it took for that was but one year. And then, the remaining year were days like Hell where Jeanne suffered all sorts of pains as one in the position of prisoner. Regarding Charles VII, he never paid for her ransom, and various theories were given for that, but in any case, as Gilles de Rais lamented, Jeanne had actually become a figure that was cast away by the state called France. Nonetheless, for the English side, they had to execute her not as a Saint, but as a Witch. So they accordingly gathered top-notch theologians, before they tried to denounce the revelations she received, her deeds, and her very existence————It was the beginning of an Inquisition. But Jeanne, who should be an illiterate country girl, eloquently responded to their inquiries and further saw through their traps that were set up from the standpoint of theology. Ultimately, with the trivial crime of having disguised herself as a man (for on the occasion of travelling, although it was called a crime, it was a custom for women to disguise themselves as men for the sake of protecting themselves from being raped, and it was something minor enough to be overlooked), she had been sentenced to death by burning at the stake. About twenty-five years had passed since her death, and she, who was cursed at for being a Witch and a prostitute, had her honour finally restored to her due to a reinstated trial that was carried out under Charles VII’s command.

Jeanne did not care that much about suffering the humiliating experience of being burned at the stake, and after all, she was even resolved on top of that to be in the role of prisoner… Rather, is it not right for her in being able to have the resolve to also accept any kind of future? Even following what has been told repeatedly in either the genuine work or in other works, Jeanne does not recognize that she herself is a Saint. ‘It’s possible for an occurrence where someone has received a revelation to occur for anybody, and I can say with confidence that it was unexpectedly just me who was chosen for that occurrence.’ ‘Revelations can be given to all human beings, and I can say with confidence that if anyone prays to receive them, then they’re bound to receive them.’ But in the end, a person who took the trouble to receive those revelations did not appear in her lifetime.

From the episode where she did not pull out her sword even once during her lifetime, Jeanne uses a flag as her weapon without making use of the sword hung on her waist. “La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Maiden” is a Special Attack Noble Phantasm where flames blossom in full glory not from the sword’s blade, but from its hilt. It is an article where in the case that it is employed, Jeanne herself will also be extinguished. Without looking back on the life that she ran through, the Holy Maiden named Jeanne d’Arc constantly keeps her eye on the future. Even though she can lead the living, Jeanne knows that she cannot walk alongside them for she is already part of the deceased; but even despite knowing this, she will smile seemingly with contentment.

Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)

The girl who coercively came to force herself in from the other side of the coin. However, be that there was a time where they had opposed each other, Jeanne is a little happy when Jeanne Alter transformed into a Servant in that it is sort of like a vulgar younger sister was made, and she must never, ever let said person hear that.

Gilles de Rais (Saber)

Jeanne’s former brethren. There is happiness and trustworthiness for Jeanne in being able to fight with Gilles together once more.

Gilles de Rais (Caster)

Jeanne’s former companion. Even though they are existences that now turn their backs towards each other… in that voice, Jeanne can discover traces of Gilles’ former self.

Amakusa Shirou Tokisada

There is a record where they once fought each other. But now, they are on a common front as comrades. The fact is that, even though they cannot get close to each other, they can advance alongside each other.


“Why, it’s not that there’s a particular reason for me to be confronting him, but… uh, when we face each other, I would naturally be making a fist! I wonder why!?”

Comment from the Illustrator

Jeanne d’Arc’s design was created at the time of Fate Online, which became the predecessor to FateGO. At that time, Jeanne was being considered as a character who feels like she forms a pair with Artoria, and if Artoria is treated as a girl knight, then Jeanne was consciously designed so that she becomes an older female knight in comparison to Artoria. For her Third Stage in FateGO, I collected all of my focus on the concept of a “Holy Maiden” that was left out at the time of her design, so concerning the result, I am thinking, ‘I wonder if I successfully brought out that characteristic into prominence.’ (Takeuchi Takashi)

Material Images