Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)



  • True Name: Katsushika Hokusai
  • Class: Saber
  • Source: History
  • Region: Japan
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg


  • Character Creator: Hoshizora Meteo
  • Character Illustrator: Kuroboshi Kouhaku
  • Character Voice: Yukana
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC-
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Cancels magecraft with incantations of under two verses. Cannot protect against large scale magecraft like spell rituals or greater magecraft. This is about as far as some slapdash Neidan is going to take you

Divinity: [E]

Very slight Divine Spirit aptitude.
It’s those poppa components—her guardian who moved over here from the Foreigner class.

Personal Skills

Divine Power (Ink): [C]

Making a decoction of Fuling and drinking it, getting hooked on physiognomy, all under the pretence of it being training towards becoming a Xian. We’ve all had such a time in our youth—a period in which you get fanatically obsessed with something.

Father-Daughter Bond: [B]

A father watching over his daughter. And the disjointed feelings of a daughter who wishes to surpass her father and be acknowledged by him!

Pseudonym - Ryuumondako “Dragon-Crested Octopus": [B]

The abyssal madness of the Old One that encroaches upon his daughter’s Saint Graph and transforms it into his own tentacles. Will perhaps take it to another Class once their enthusiasm for moving around and travelling gets bad enough.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Shokoku Takimeguri - A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~?
  • Maximum Targets:8

Shokoku Takimeguri.
A great sword technique of omnipresent celestial ascent, conceived after having seen a variety of famous waterfalls.
Invites all spectators to journey through the waterfall tour, which cuts down the hot weather of summer in exhilarating fashion.

A collection of pictures of famous places formed from eight full scenes, drawn in the years after “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji”.

The names of the waterfalls upon the activation of the sword technique are—in order:

“Kirifuri Waterfall at Kurokami Mountain in Shimotsuke”
“Kiyotaki Kannon Waterfall at Sakanoshita on the Toukaidou”
“Aoigaoka Falls in Eastern Capital”
“Rouben Waterfall at Ooyama in Sagami Province”
“The Waterfall Where Yoshitsune Washed His Horse at Yoshino in Yamato Province”
“Yourou Waterfall in Mino Province”
“Ono Waterfall on the Kisokaidou”
“The Amida Falls in the Far Reaches of the Kisokaidou Road”



  • First Person: Ore
  • Second Person: Anta/Masutaa (does not add -dono)/Toto-sama/Otemae-sama/Oanii-san/Oanee-san
  • Third Person: Usually calls people by their name


The main personality of Katsushika Hokusai’s swimsuit form is that of the daughter Oui.
In her youth Oui dreamed of becoming a Xian in the future rather than an ukiyo-painter. In this form she has grown up towards that goal.

Energetic, full of confidence, and a real tomboy—a chest-thumping Edo-girl.

She’s yet to experience her painter’s slump, or the divorce that came as a result of her scruffy marriage. As such she still holds the conceit that her painting skills will one day surpass even her father Hokusai’s.

Her father told her the rather dubious story that within her runs the blood the “Chuushingura”, something which she has taken to heart. She now completely believes herself a swordswoman. Having read a large number of ‘materials’ like the novels of Kyokutei Bakin, and the Water Margin from China, she has given rein to her delusions and the result is as you can see…

For the actual Katsushika Hokusai this is the embodiment of her shameful past she thought sealed within her memories. She cringes in embarrassment whenever she has to face it.

Attitude Towards Master

Though she acts in a friendly manner, in some inadvertent moments she shows her still innocent side and feels embarrassed as a result.

Having succeeded the pseudonym of her father Katsushika Hokusai, she wants to up its fame even further. Thus she wishes that both her father and her Master can see her succeed in that.

She brags that though her painterly skills may still have a ways to go, her creativity is as good as it gets. She wants to make use of the mobility and scope of activity that is possible when one is a Servant to take in all kinds of experiences. Brimming with curiosity, she believes it will become a source of inspiration for her.

Dialogue Examples

“Iyoo~! She paints only the best, she plays like the Xian and she draws the sword as if fighting in opposition to the forty-seven ronin! ‘Tis I who is the peerless womanly ukiyo-painter Katsushika Hokusai! A-ha-ha!”

“The sins of the squid shall be paid unto the daughter, y’know”

“Hmph, vengeance for the Corridor of the Pines Incident, is it?”

“Maaan do I wanna drink some nippy alcohol ‘bout now”

“Whadda I find difficult? O-oh ya know, girl’s talk… always been my shortcoming”

“Ain’t it a lil’ too early for s-s-smooching…?”

cough cough ‘s dang smoky! If ya gonna smoke a cig then do it somewhere else”

“If ya gon kill a painter ya dun need a blade, just three deadlines. So scary, damn scary… as scary as swallowing a kuwai-no-kinton whole”

“The words of us Edo people may be as empty as the streaming carp! Yet you shall be guest to this rising white dragon’s ferrying!”

Historical Character and Figure

There is a legend that Katsushika Hokusai is the great-grandchild of Kobayashi Heihachirou—a swordsman who was a retainer of the Kira-house that died in the Chuushingura raid—though its authenticity is unclear. If we suppose that it is true, it would make Oui his great-great-grandchild.

It is said Oui loved watching fires.
The first pseudonym that Oui went by is speculated to be Katsushika Tatsujo. Perhaps she liked dragons (Tatsu) from the very beginning.

Her younger sister Onao was born with poor eyesight and so was entrusted to a convent only to later die an early death in her teens due to her weak body. The energetic and preposterous disposition that Hokusai (Saber) possesses is partially an expression of the sentiment Oui had in trying to cheer up this weak little sister. As she could not convey her feelings through her usual forte in painting to her blind sister, she did so instead through tall tales.

Nevertheless, for Oui herself, the experiences that coincided with her sister’s death—her moving back with her father from her marriage family, and her works not being fairly evaluated due to living under his shadow—eventually culminated in a period that was a turning point for her not only as a painter, but fostered a necessary growth in her as a human as well.

Character in FGO

First appeared in the event “Here We Come! Las Vegas Official Bout ~ Tournament of the Seven Swimsuit Blademasters!”.

Having lost her memories, Hokusai had her mind-set become like her younger self Oei (Oui). For some reason she has changed into a swimsuit and in this Saber form now set out to become the greatest blademaster in all the lands. Having deemed his daughter helpless on her own, poppa came along and managed to just barely maintain her Saint Graph.

In her ardent desire to surpass her father she fancies herself having succeeded to his name and so tries to introduce herself as “Katsushika Hokusai” even though she’s still rather inexperienced.
Still, she hides within her a luster not present in the adult Oui.

Standard Weapons

Three japanese katanas and one western sword. Through her combination-swordsmanship with her poppa, she claims herself a user of the “Ten-Hand Four-Sword Style”.

For the record, the titles she went by in the Blademaster Duels were as follows:

“The Riotous Nightingale Blabber-mouth”
“Ten-Hand Four-Sword Style”
“The Indigo-Blue Silken Blademaster”
“Nagisa Komachi”
“Bikini Samurai”
“The Great Waterfall of the Gambling Dens”
“The Ever-Watchful! Painting-Crazed Sword-Youth”

Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner)

Whatta nasty lil’ broad. Keepin’ me sealed away as her embarrassin’ past and mockin’ me.
Even just lookin’ at her mug gets me cross. Even though, well… ’s the same mug as mine.
She carps about every damn thing I do… I mean, didya forget? The Xian soars, taking all she wants just as thrillingly as a strong man would! She does not overlook evil-doers, beating them to a pulp! She punches out pestilence, and surpasses even death itself! T’was the kinda Xian that you admired, wasn’t it?


Spinnin’ round ‘n round, almost dizzyingly… tremendously captivating. Ya sure paint some good stuff, lady Vincent van Gogh. Ain’t it just a bit too sad that the works of someone like this only sold in the handful in their lifetime? Guess I shoulda be thankful towards poppa together with the mister at the publishin’ house.
Might be a bit intrusive of me but I'll also burden myself with that conviction of yours that led to ya to grip the brush even unto death, lady Gogh.

Suzuka Gozen

Demoness of the Heavens, Suzuka Gozen… The totally chic ‘n new, gallant girl ‘a heaven!
I know I tried showin’ off ‘n saying I too would build up my “Jay-Kay” power to imitate you but… t’was a bit much.
Gotta thinka ‘nother approach, I thought. All ‘a sudden I ‘membered the great thief who pilfered over 3000 ryo—Nezumi Kozou and then it came to me!
A blabber-mouth town girl at day who transforms into a heavenly phantom thiefess bounding across the expanse of Edo at night! So whaddya think, huh?

Kyokutei Bakin

Do ya know ‘bout the stirring an’ exciting adventure story “The Eight Dog Chronicles”?
This dude’s the great author who wrote it! He was an undisputed best-sellin’ author, and someone I can’t recommend enough!
Was so excitin’ when I’d go playin’ at his workplace under the pretense of doin’ some work for my poppa.
Speakin’ a poppa, he got into a big squabble with Ol’ Bakin who ever since won’t talk to me no more.
If I wanna know the insider stories I got no choice butta ask my other self? Blegh.

Chinzei-Hachirou Tametomo

The protagonist of Ol’ Bakin’s “A Wonder Tale: Moonbow” book!
Through the roar of his bow so tightly strung it needed the strength of five men, he would sink anything to the bottoms of the sea, whether it be a battleship or a monster whale.
Puttin’ it simply, my personal hero. I’d often make lil’ dolls of ‘im to play with.
If ya wanna put ‘im up against a great hero in Chaldea then it’d be… hmm…
Their weapons of choice in bow and sword ‘s a bit different but maybe Ol’ Siegfried’s a match…? Haha…

Comment from the Illustrator

I wanted to make her feel like she had adolescence on full display, unable to be controlled, all messy and stuff, basically just excessively colorful… So I thought of taking the feather garment of the Xians she admires so much and just turn it super flamboyant. After I assembled everything accordingly, this is how she turned out. It’d be a bit bad if she turned out too gaudy so I put in a lot of cute stuff in the patterning. In addition, I wanted to get some of that chuunibyou feeling out and so I mixed in a western sword among the 4 on her hips. She was really difficult to draw. (Kuroboshi Kouhaku)

TL Notes

Fuling: A chinese plant famous for its usage in traditional chinese medicine.

Chuushingura: A genre of fiction concerning the events of the forty-seven ronin. Often portrayed in kabuki or joururi (traditional japanese puppetry).

Water Margin: Famous novel from China about 108 ruffians holed up in Mount Liang, planning their rebellion against the government.

Kyokutei Bakin: Famous Edo-era novelist. As novelists at the time often had illustrators work with them, Hokusai and Kyokutei often collaborated.

Corridor of the Pines incident: An event in which Asano Naganori was forced to commit seppuku by Kira Yoshinaka. This is what instigated the forty-seven ronin to swear vengeance upon him.

Kuwai-no-kinton: A sweet food made primarily from sweet potatoes and sugar. There’s a classic rakugo story involving eating it, where it used as a metaphor for “keeping quiet about what I just told you”.

Kira-house: The house of the aforementioned Kira Yoshinaka. His retainers tried futilely to defend their master against the forty-seven ronin.

Chinzei-Hachirou Tametomo: A different name for Minamoto-no-Tametomo.

This was really difficult to translate. (Petrikow)

Material Images

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