Katsushika Hokusai



  • Class: Foreigner
  • True Name: Katsushika Hokusai
  • Sex: Female
  • Origin: History
  • Country: Edo Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 51kg


  • Character Creator: Hoshizora Meteo
  • Character Illustrator: Kuroboshi Kouhaku
  • Character Voice: Yukana
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Existence Outside the Domain: [EX]

A being who descended from the void of outer space.

Enchanted by the evil god, she possesses and wields part of the god's power.

Item Construction: [B]

Capable of creating beautiful paintings laced with mana that enchant people's hearts.

Territory Creation: [D]

Capable of creating a territory suitable for working on paintings.

However, she will not clean.

Divinity: [B]

Having become the herald of a higher being from space, she has obtained a strong rank of divinity.

There exists an unimaginable danger sealed inside Hokusai's body.

In exchange for this, her father took the form of a strange octopus.

Personal Skills

All Things in Nature: [A+]

An observing eye capable of investigating the state of things in nature and see into their essence.

Father-Daughter Bond: [A]

The bonds formed between Hokusai and his daughter Oei until their last years won't waver against the evil god's madness.

Nom de Plume - Extraterrestrial Octopus: [B]

A non-euclidean geometry style of painting made possible by a state of mind where one is in harmony with the god of the abyss.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Fugaku Sanjuurokkei - Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Army
  • Range: 1~?
  • Maximum Targets: 46

Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.

The Great Wave, the famous masterpiece of Mr.Hokusai.

The 21st work in his series of ukiyo-e pieces, The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

A mastery of the brush reached by discerning the essence of nature and reaching a state of mind resembling divine possession, and by preparing the mystical essence in painting, she moves and influences the hearts and bodies of those who lay eyes on it.

Then the awakened Hokusai who made contact with the god of the abyss channeled its madness and created unique piece of ukiyo-e. That is 'The Great Alien Sea off Kanagawa'. The original 36 views of Mount Fuji, and the additional 10 reverse views; this forbidden brush has stepped into a state of mind beyond even those.



  • First Person:
  • Second Person:
  • Third Person:


Hokusai (pops) and Oui (Oei). This father-daughter pair is similar even down to their personalities.

They're raised in Edo with a strong frank attitude.

They put emphasis on style and taste, and don't really bother with small details. Not very good with gloomy moods.

Cleaning, cooking, and basically all house chores are trivial and completely ignored by them.

They love Amazake and sweet bean jam-filled rice cakes. Also of course, beauties.

Strangely, Hokusai doesn't drink nor smoke, meanwhile, Oui is somewhat fond of both, though alcohol only in small quantities, and for reasons, she's currently stopped smoking.

Attitude Towards Master

Katsushika Hokusai is constantly thinking about painting.

Whether it's during conversation, lunch, or battle, she's constantly thinking 'is there no good material here?', 'is there nothing to serve as inspiration here?'. Always paying attention to things like that.

While she casually moves her brush to paint, she's already thinking about her next painting, as well as the one after. That's why she became a Servant after all.

For Hokusai, recognizing someone else as 'a partner she can work her art together with' is the highest of commendations.

Whether they'll become an understanding patron, or a fascinating person who will give her inspiration, is up to her Master.

Dialogue Examples

  • 'Katsushika Hokusai. A humble painter. So, you're my Master then?'

  • 'Come, come, lay eyes on this superb view'

  • 'Time to work, pops.' 'Leave it to me, I'll paint it all!'

  • 'Me and pops, we're fine as long as we can draw whereever we want and as long as we can eat.'

  • 'Chaldea is so full of beautiful men and women, my brush just won't stop.'

  • 'Of course, you idiot.'

  • 'I can't go around dyin' until I've become a true artist.'

  • 'Ph’nglui, ph’nglui.'

Historical Character and Figure

An ukiyo-e painter from the late Edo period.

Aside from 'Katsushika Hokusai', he was also known as 'the painting-crazed old man', 'manji', and 30 other names.

He's a painter who represents Japan, and gave inspiration to Western painters and musicians like Van Gogh and Debussy.

He was known for painting excessively, and made about 30,000 works in his lifetime, ranging from many categories like ukiyo-e woodblock prints, hand-paintings, manga (different from modern manga), and pornographic art.

During his last years he employed his third daughter, Katsushika Oui, as an assistant and lived together with her.

His most representative works are his series 'Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji', 'Hokusai Manga', his monster paintings 'One Hundred Ghost Stories', and his pornographic woodblock painting 'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife'.

Hokusai moved residence about 93 times during his life, didn't really care about money and often lived in poverty, he was known as an eccentric weirdo.

Also something about how he was always seemed to be chanting magic words whenever he went outside.

Character in FGO

The strange octopus 'pops'.

His daughter and assistant, 'Katsushika Oui (Oei)'.

A pair of Servants that introduce themselves as 'Katsushika Hokusai'.

An octopus that usually just floats about without saying anything, and his daughter Oei who doesn't seem bothered by her father's transformation.

Once she grabs a brush, father and daughter become as one, and they fiercely display the painting talent that conquered all the streets of Edo. Hokusai's desire to master the way of painting, was something that, unlike the limits a normal person could reach in their lifetime, opened up new frontiers. The works he left behind made an impression on many people, and there were countless of those who sought to continue Hokusai's legacy.

However, what moves people isn't just ideals. Greed and delusion, hesitation and madness. 'If I had lived just a bit more...I'd have become a true artist...'. This wish of the mad painter was what the Demon Pillar Raum took advantage of, and gave Hokusai the opportunity to beome enchanted by the god of the abyss that lurked in space.

Standard Weapons

Brush, ink, painting tools.

Leonardo Da Vinci:

A fellow artist. I want to have lunch with her at some point, but she always seems to be busy.

Being a genius must be rough. Guess I'm grateful for only being good at painting.


This guy, uhh, he tends to come over to me with strange timing, bringing a sketchbook and refreshments.

Before I realized I became able to draw in a modern style without reference material.

What does he intend to do with me?

Abigail Williams:

Mash has been getting mad, saying "exchanging house labor for an excuse to come watch Hokusai's work isn't a 'win-win'". And well I guess she's right, ahaha. Of course I'm thankful to her though...Not having to worry about that stuff is relieving.


She taught me about that 'LCD Tablet' she carries around. It really is helpful for sketching and scribbling. Man, the modern world truly is an artist's paradise, huh. But, that Hime...isn't she getting worn out all the time?

Consort Yu:

A beauty and married. Isn't that great?

Hey Master, please keep summoning more beauties for me, ok?

Comment from the Illustrator

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to go with for her kimono's pattern. I figured Oei respects Hokusai, but wouldn't wear clothes designed by him, so I went with making her wear clothes with hanafuda patterns that she liked. She probably likes the moon. The rear part of her outfit in her last ascencion is inspired by her own painting 'Nightscene in the Yoshiwara'. (Kuroboshi Kouhaku)

Material Images