Kijyo Koyo



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Kureha (呉羽)
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Momiji Legend
  • Region: Japan, Shinshu Togakushi
  • Alignment: Neutral-Evil


  1. 234cm, 450kg (First Ascension, height does not include horns)
  2. 172cm, 56kg (Second Ascension)
  3. 178cm, 69kg (Third Ascension)


  • Scenario Writer: Meteo Hoshizora
  • Character Designer: NOCO
  • Voice Actor: Hikasa Yoko
  • Main Appearances: Fate/Requiem, Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Madness Enhancement: [A]

This level of madness enhancement has affected her mind and robbed her of speech processes, as well as turning her body into that of a beast's. Despite that, since she can control her berserk emotions, she can maintain a gentle and rational state of being.

In her Kijyo-style court noble appearance, she regains her ability to speak, but there is still a danger of her going easily berserk.

Magic Resistance: [C]

Negates spells with a chant of two verses or less. Cannot defend against something more complex, like high magecraft or ritual curses.

Personal Skills

Morph (Dinosaur): [C]

A beautiful noblewoman turned to a terrifying kijyo. As she sought a Madness Enhancement herself, she ended up with the gigantic, grotesque form of a dragon.

Kuzuryu Lightning: [A]

Prayer, music, and dance offered to the great Kuzuryu, the raging oni and water god. The ability to soothe and control all heavenly creation.

Rope of Life: [B]

An incantation derived from the protection of the Izuna Gongen, which is said to repel illnesses and grant longevity.

Noble Phantasm(s)


  • Rank: C
  • NP Type: Anti-Personnel
  • Range: 1 - 10
  • Maximum Target: 1

Autumn-Leaf Viewing.
Koyo's life full of regrets, betrayal, robbery, and ultimately her own death as an oni at the end...all embodied in flaming, vengeful hatred that assails the target. At the same time, it is a cruel Noble Phantasm that inflicts great pain upon Koyo as she is rooted to the ground in order not to be swept away by her Madness Enhancement.



First person pronouns: Goou/Midomo

Second Person: Gurrr.../Sonata

Third Person: Gaaho/Are/Aira


She shows a deep compassion towards the weak, hurt, or oppressed. Once she finds someone she deems a companion, she gains a deep sense of responsibility for them, and will defend them from their foes with all her might.

She will never, ever, allow the young to be struck.

Attitude Towards Master

As she regards them as both childlike and adult, she is a bit perplexed on how she should address them.

Dialogue Examples

"Grrrh, ghroh...?" "Goruh, gowar, grrrrrr!" "Gruf." "Gryuuu..."

"My name is Koyo from Shinano Togakushi. I am the oni of lightning who paints the mountain paths crimson. I will be under your care as always.”

"I thank you for your attention." ”Do not think you can touch me so intimately..." "Truly amusing..."

”Om chirachiraya sowaka." "Om Avira hum kham sowaka!" "May my enemies be annihilated!" "Be wary of the wind's direction..."

”The drizzling rain hastens the maple leaf viewing. The loneliness of a quiet autumn evening. The ease of the surrounding treetops. The ferocity of a midnight storm. May the dream never end. May you never wake from your dream..."

”Don't you see that I am an oni? There may be many things I hate in this world, but the sword known as Bokomaru is among those things I despise most."

"Do not betray me. That's all I ask. That is all..."

Historical Character and Figure

Kijyo Koyo's life:
Her childhood name was Kureha, and she changed her name to Koyo (or Momiji) when she entered the capital. She was beautiful and clever, as well as spellbinding to everyone around her, even winning the favor of the legal wife of Minamoto-no-Tsunemoto with her talent for playing the koto. Koyo eventually gained the affection of Tsunemoto as well, but she was later accused of trying to kill his wife. For this, she was sentenced to execution. However, she was already pregnant with Tsunemoto's child, and so she was banished to Shinano province of Japan. Koyo was welcomed by the villagers in the village of Minase (later called Kinasa), but she was later feared as a "kijyo" who led a group of bandits.

The general Taira-no-Koremori was ordered to kill Koyo, but he had difficulty when he finally encountered her. Koremori then prayed to the gods for aid, and was given a spiritual sword to repel evil. He then disguised himself as a travelling monk, and managed to kill Koyo after confronting her alone.

Koyo was said to be born after her parents prayed to the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven for a child, and so she possessed many abilities in mystic arts from a young age. Mt. Tokakushi in Shinano province where Koyo was banished to was a sacred mountain blessed by the nine-headed dragon deity Kuzuryushin, and was opened up for pilgrimages. Additionally, the neighboring Mt. Iizuna was a land with deep belief in tengu and was known to be a land full of mystic arts and outlaws.

Koyo thrived in such an environment, and she eventually took in many members from the army of Taira-no-Masakado who held grudges against the imperial court. She also took another kijyo named Oman of Oni, who was known for her strength and stamina, under her wing.

Character in FGO

Her odd appearance as a dinosaur is caused indirectly by the Kuzuryuu faith and its relation to Mount Togakushi where dragon bones (fossils) were found. In Chaldea and around her Master, she is almost always in Dino-form and she avoids being in her Kijyo form as much as possible. Others can call her Koyo, but being called Momiji tends to hurt her feelings a bit. The wounds on her dino-form's face cannot be hidden or changed with magic, for they are reminders of her fatal battle with Taira-no-Koremori.

Standard Weapons

With her huge body, she unleashes Dynamic Tyrannoaction.

Shuten Douji/Ibaraki Douji/Watanabe no Tsuna

I have heard much of the name Shuten Douji of Mt. Ooe causing revelry in the capital. The capital...such a bitter feeling. That place is now my past. Incidentally, is their retainer, Ibaraki Douji, the one Kijyo know as "Hashihime"? Or is that another person, or rather, oni? How many arms has Watanabe no Tsuna cut down? Is he a collector of such? Ogh, perish the thought...

Tawara Touta

Is that the man who is said to have defeated that Masakado! Gruorrr...even in my human form, I acted out a bit...Taira-no-Masakado is not so pitiful...They would surely be able to evade through an enemy who would only utilize bags of rice as a weapon.

Utusmi Erice

While memories of them I possess not, Erice claims of one I should know well. Indeed, it is an impossibility. I simply must meet this "Karin" that she speaks of!


What a beautiful boy. With such soft, gently draped garments, he is like a child that was sent by the gods or the Buddha. Perhaps I should wash him in the bath. Then, scrub that head of his. And brush his teeth as well. Yes. I shall!

Yang Guifei

...She has quite a peaceful talent. The sounds of her biwa alone are enough to quell me.

Comment from the Illustrator

When I drew Koyo, I had figures, books, and a dino-loving guy to reference her upper half. Nailing the standing pose for her first Ascension took a lot out of me. It was tough...I fixated on her ascensions, kimono pattern, and general feel a bunch, but ultimately I'm very happy with what I made.

Material Images

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