• Class: Alter Ego
  • True Name: Kingprotea
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: 『Fate/EXTRA CCC』
  • Origin: SE.RA.PH
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 30 m ~ ? m
  • Weight: ? kg


  • Scenario designer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: Wada Arco
  • CV: Han Megumi
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/EXTRA CCC, Fate/Grand Order.


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmE

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [A+]

Protea, being a giant and a harmful existence to the world no matter how favorable she is with humans, can’t share her values with humans in the fundamental parts.
Protea’s acknowledgment of thinking that she’s not big but the surroundings are just small,
and that she’s not strong but the surroundings are just weak,
is nothing but a disaster for humanity.

Independent Action: [B]

Protea, who has a powerful Mana Core, can preserve her own Saint Graph even without a Master.
For Protea, the Master is not 『a necessary keystone to bound her / a source of mana supply』, but just 『the one who summoned her』.
In the case that a Master succeeded in summoning her in a Holy Grail War, the 『duty to supply the Servant with mana』 would disappear for that Master.
It depends on the Master whether they see it as an advantage or as a predicament.

Territory Creation: [EX]

She possesses an abnormal Territory Creation skill.
Protea herself, who keeps hypertrophying her own Saint Graph, is a Temple ——— synonymous with a territory.

High-Servant: [EX]

Has the essence of Titania (Titan), Airavata, and Tiamat.
Protea was made with the essence of a Great Earth Mother, but her true nature… The Cerebral Corpus sleeping in the interior of her Saint Graph, is said to have the figure of a childish little girl.

Divine Core of the Goddess: [A]

A skill that represents that one is a perfected goddess since birth.
It has the effect of preserving the absoluteness of mind and body.
It mitigates most mental interference / no persuasion would change her perception,
and the body doesn’t grow / no magecraft can make her body human-sized.

Personal Skills

Huge Scale: [C]

An id_es skill born from 『Growth Desire』, with 『Self-Modification』 as a base.
Enables limitless scale expansion. Gigantifies the own standard when the level upper limit is reached, and establishes a further level upper limit. This is repeated infinitely. Infinite increase.
She would eventually become a universal-level disaster that destroys stars, but since the more she is gigantified the more the complexity of intellect · functions is lost, an ordinary intelligent being would be unable to endure this skill, and would self-collapse.
In the past it was an EX rank out of the norm, but Chaldea’s summoning system can’t recreate it and it’s ranked-down.
The maximum HP increase from the turn it’s used. This is permanent until 『Infantile Regression』 is used.

Infantile Regression: [C]

Shackles put by BB. A safety device that suppresses the infinitely growing Kingprotea.
Returns the own Saint Graph to its default value, and resets the hypertrophied self.
Using it turns the extra maximum HP obtained by 『Huge Scale』 to zero, gains NP depending on the reduced HP, and speeds up the skill charge.
Protea keeps shrinking if 『Infantile Regression』 is used after 『Huge Scale』, but miniaturization beyond the default value of 30 meters is impossible.

Area Demolition: [C]

Changes normal attacks to AoE damage. The vast range attacks that large size enemies or above have.
If 『Huge Scale』 reaches an extreme, she would display enough suppressive power to attack not enemy individuals, but the space itself.
(Not used in 『FGO』)

Monstrous Strength: [EX]

The average 『Monstrous Strength』 skill that 『demonic entities』 represented by Anti-Heroes have.
But Kingprotea using it, that alone, makes her a threat.
At the moment, the Servants that have 『Monstrous Strength: EX』 are only Tiamat and Kingprotea.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Airavata King Size: Huge figure, emerge from the sea of life

  • Rank: E
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 100

Airavata King Size.
A Noble Phantasm with one of the myths in Indian mythology, the anecdote of the churning of the Ocean of Milk, as a motif.
In order to continue living on the devastated land, the gods sought the wonder drug of immortality · Amrita.
The sea that covered the world · the Ocean of Milk had to be churned to make Amrita, so the gods cooperated with their enemies the Asura, churned the Ocean of Milk by using the Mandala Mountain as an axis to revolve the world, and gave birth to several lives and elixirs.
Airavata is the name of a giant white elephant that appeared from the Ocean of Milk at that moment.

The Kingprotea limitedly summoned in Chaldea is always being 『pressured』.
That’s the Counter Force of the world, and the limits of the material world that isn’t a cybernetic world.
This Noble Phantasm temporarily gets rid of that 『pressure』.
A Reality Marble in which Protea uses the Mana Core in her interior, deploys the cybernetic world SE.RA.PH, and returns to her original size.
When the Noble Phantasm is activated the world is wrapped by a white sea (the Ocean of Milk), and also, by a white mist.
The enemy’s surroundings become the sea, and a giant something appears swimming beyond the sea.
It appears just like a white whale (Moby Dick), and rises while spilling the white seawater.
Protea, who has become of a size that can’t be seen by humans with a sweeping view, simply, with one attack, using her limbs against the enemy, annihilates them.



First person pronouns: わたし (watashi)
Second person pronouns: あなた (anata) / 〇〇さん (name-san) / マスター (Master)
She doesn’t use honorifics only for the Sakura Five and Kiara, and abbreviates their names.
BB is called without honorifics or 『Mother』.
Third person pronouns: あなたたち (anata tachi) / 男の子 (otoko no ko) / 女の子 (onna no ko)


Introvert, active. A natural airhead nobody knows what she’s thinking.
Fundamentally she’s always hungry (seeking love), so she’s a glutton that randomly eats what surrounds her.
She has a close personality to her sister Passionlip (shy, haughty and boastful at home but meek and reserved outside), but since she has little shame, she looks active.
A large-breed dog that seeks communication and physical contact while using few words.
Character image-wise she’s something like 『I thought there was a little bird, but when I got closer it was a towering big bird』.
Since she became a Servant she waits for the orders from her Master… or rather, she loves them.
This is due to the happiness of being ordered = being loved, and due to Protea herself not having self-confidence. Protea knows she’s waste matter, so she always 『feels guilty』.

She has no interest in the outside world or in new human relationships, she only and only seeks Master’s love.
Speaking of innocent courtship and wholehearted devotion sounds good, but that relationship is like tightrope walking.
Protea, while not knowing true love, she only understands the kind of love that isn’t『loving Master because they like her』, but『liking Master because they love her』.
If the deep affection from the Master is stopped… If it becomes not feeling love, not feeling it’s enough… Protea won’t endure her hunger, and will eventually prey upon her Master. In the end, same as the other Alter Egos, was born from a distorted Ego.
She obediently follows her Master’s orders, but it’s not absolute obedience.
The Master that made a contract with Kingprotea must make her spirituality grow before that. Outgrowing of her 『craving』 that is poured and poured without end.
Making 『food for thought』 of providing a relationship that only eats up the other with the heart that can just seek, acknowledges others.

She dislikes conflict, but it’s not as if fighting is 『scary · detestable』. When it comes to fighting, she will mercilessly annihilate the enemy no matter how weak (low-leveled) it is. Without feeling any pain in her heart.
For better of worse, Protea is unaware of her being a brutal god of destruction.

Attitude Towards Master

Fundamentally she obeys as a loyal giant robot… er, Servant.
She uses few words, but she has urges such as 『I want to be loved』, 『I want to be chosen by someone』, 『I want to be treated kindly』, she seeks communication with the Master while being untalkative.
Her dream is 『I want to be a cute bride』.
『Cute』 and 『bride』 aren’t grasped as other words, but as 『brides are unconditionally cute』, so she doesn’t think about being cute…
In other words, about 『maintaining a human size』, at all.

Attitude towards the Sakura Five:

She doesn’t have a rivalry or hostility in particular towards Meltryllis, Passionlip, and Violet.
She shows a disinterest on the level of 「Ah, you’re there」. She recognizes them as her sisters, but she doesn’t treat them specially because of that.
She’s only aware of Kazuradrop as 『Anyways I’m concerned…』. That
comes from Protea’s nature of 『I must become stronger (because the world is scary)』,
and Kazura’s nature of 『I must weaken the surroundings (because the world is detestable)』.
Both are counterfeit Egos made from 『distorted perceptions of the world』.

Dialogue Examples

「… Is that an enemy too? Can I crush it?」

「… If you order me, I’ll immediately do my best」

「… Am I big? Am I small? Am I not enough?」

「… Yes, I understand. … Sorry, I don’t understand…. I lied…」

「… I want you to touch me more. Please touch me. Touch me. I’m… (very) fluffy…」

There are few affirmative expressions, and many elocutions to confirm anything.
She rarely uses an imperative tone, but that’s an expression of the part that is 『ruthless as a goddess』 at her basis.
Summoned as a Servant, the restrained 『self』 is taken to the surface as the bond with the Master is deepened.
She’s just mature and shy, it’s not like she has a dark true nature, so at the time of the Valentine event, she comes along as innocent out of joy for having made chocolate.

「Master~~~! Please look, Master~~~~!
It’s chocolate, I made chocolate! And it’s handmade, handmade!
Wahah! Have I fairly joined the Valentine group?!」

「… I’m sorry… I almost, crushed you from above...
… But, that would have made me happy… Since, I want you to touch me more…」

Character in FGO

The Alter Ego of craving.
In the past she was waste matter sealed at the end of an Imaginary Number Space.
In the Deep Sea Cybernetic Capital, she’s reproduced as “something attached to SE.RA.PH” as the process of Kiara’s turning into SE.RA.PH advances.
(※ Both Meltryllis and Passionlip are 『the two captured by (the being synchronized with) Kiara』 extracted by Kiara’s will, but the reproduction of Kingprotea isn’t due to Kiara’s intentions)
The character of the original Kingprotea was 『an innocent little girl hungry for love』, but FGO’s Kingprotea, perhaps due to Kiara’s influence, has a growing intelligence.
Mental age-wise she’s based on a girl around 14 years old.
The image of a shy, fleeting girl.
However she’s greedy when dealing with love, so she’s a carnivore that, despite being a late bloomer, acts without hesitation.
Alter Egos are complexes of multiple goddesses, but Protea was made from the essence of the Great Earth Mothers common to all mythologies. She herself is treated as a Noble Phantasm but in the Deep Sea Cybernetic Capital, it has become possible for her to display a separate Noble Phantasm in exchange for her Saint Graph being ranked down.

Maybe because she’s a giant, maybe due to the influence of the incorporated essences, or, maybe because it’s within her tastes and preferences.
She studied the Japanese tokusatsu movies in SE.RA.PH’s database, and since then, she has come to respect 『kaijus』.
『Kaijus are scary, big, strong… and also, really exciting!』
Protea herself talks.
Protea may think it’s brave how they are 『loved by the audience』 despite being『designed as enemies of mankind』.
The style of her Saint Graph appearance 2 is a 『Kaiju Morph』 packed with the dreams and hopes of that Protea.

The End of Craving:

Protea can exist without a Master.
If there was a Master that summoned this Servant, 99% of them would have their lives ended by Protea’s hands.
The ones who realize that the 『monster』 they called is uncontrollable, and run away.
The ones who ruin themselves without being able to control her.
The ones who, after controlling that 『monster』 and enjoying destruction as they please, are defeated by an external threat.
… Or.
Those who defend Protea without protecting her, the enemy of the world, and perish together.
No matter what miracle happens, she won’t be saved, she won’t be filled.

“I see. Then wait ■ years”
“I don’t know when, but surely ———“

Through deep trust and grieving love, the 『monster』 chose a different result.
Not being defeated by humans, not self-destroying with her own weight.
She sealed herself, and waited for the world’s forgiveness.
And so she was for many months and years.
The seal of the box is removed, she opens her eyes, and there is one of the promised dresses.

“Sorry I made you wait. It took me some time”

That message is from hundreds of years ago.
After the one who left the message died, the descendants that inherited their will knitted it.
She who headed to the end of her life inside the long seal,
took the promised dress in her hands while crying, and crumbled down while glittering and shining.

As if following a long, long, thin and brittle spider’s thread.
Her dream was granted like this.


She’s the parent that created her so she calls her 「Mother」, but she doesn’t respect her.
She thinks of her as the 『fairy godmother』 from Cinderella.

Sakura Five

They’re sisters so they’re comparatively easy to talk to. Protea, who feels like she has been 『left out』 by the other Servants, the faces of the Sakura Five have become 『the same kind』.
That said, she’s at the bottom in the Sakura Five’s hierarchy. She suffers from the curse of the Sakura family that the one with the strongest firepower gets bullied.
She thinks of them as the 『step-sisters』 from Cinderella.

Sesshōin Kiara

The common enemy of the Sakura Five. According to Protea’s instincts, she feels she can defeat Kiara, who has become a True Daemon, by surpassing her limits.


As one of the essences that compose her, she respects her, and haves some affinity towards her.

Paul Bunyan

She wants them to get along as giant-type Servants.
She thinks she wants to relax at an isolated island of a southern country with Bunyan and Master, the three of them alone.


For some reason she’s interested in her. But why? She tilts her head.

Ivan the Terrible

「It’s the first time I meet a Servant larger than me!
And on top of that, he’s soooo cool!」
She’s really excited after seeing Ivan’s Noble Phantasm. She seems to mistake him for a kaiju.

Comment from the Illustrator

At the time of CCC, I couldn’t put her but since the Sakura Five are established let’s try a rough drawing as an experiment~~~~~~~! To think that the day in which I would seriously wake up the children I drew with a loose mood…! Me from that time… Think about… The details…! Wish I could borrow a bit of the cuteness of the version drawn by Takenoko Seijin-sensei in Fate/EXTRA CCC FoxTail. My Room’s really huge. (Wada Arco)

Material Images

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