Lü Bu Fengxian



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Lü Bu Fengxian
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Origin: China
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 225 cm
  • Weight: 153 kg


  • Scenario writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character designer: Wada Arco
  • CV: Yasui Kunihiko
  • Major appearances: Fate/EXTRA


Magical PowerC+
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [A]

Ranks up parameters, but deprives of the majority of reason.

Personal Skills

Bravery: [B]

The ability to make mental interference such as intimidation, confusion, or fascination have no effect.

Also, it has the effect of increasing melee damage. However, since he has currently become a Berserker, his Bravery has dampened in comparison to the original him.

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit: [B]

The nature of not staying at one place, nor to embrace one lord.

He’s not the vessel of a king, but a wandering star that can’t find his own king.

Negates Charisma of the same rank.

Ringleader of Turbulent Times: [A]

A rowdy general.[1]

Noble Phantasm(s)

God Force - Five Soldiers of the War God

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~40
  • Maximum number of targets: 1~50 people

God Force.

The True Name of the Houtengageki that Lü Bu was said to use.

A weapon of mass destruction that is a multiple weapon with six forms: Slash [2], Thrust, Blow, Mow, Sweep, and Shoot.

An artificial Noble Phantasm devised by the super-strategist Chen Gong, since the ancient Chinese god of war, Chi You, had different weapons in his six arms (at this point there were five forms excepting Cannon).

However, its variety has been lost due to the influence of becoming a Berserker, and only the forms (Forces) of Lance (Thrust) and Cannon (Shoot) remain.

In addition, it’s an all-purpose Noble Phantasm that makes use of all the characteristics of large two-handed weapons, but the Houtengageki is in fact a weapon of the Northern Song Dynasty era, and didn’t exist by the time Lü Bu was active.

Indeed, it’s the strongest armament born from 4,000 years of Chinese romance.



  • First Person: None
  • Second Person: None
  • Third Person: None


Known as the strongest commander in the history of China, and having qualification for the five classes Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Berserker, and Archer, he’s a Servant that doesn’t bring shame to the name of “Peerless”.

Having lost his reason and cogitation due to having become a Berserker, he doesn’t show humanity. However, he has an appearance that makes one think of a long-marching, indomitable, and brave general with a gorgeous armor. Moreover, having strengthened his parameters in exchange for losing his reason, because he’s in the peculiar state of the Berserker class in which most of the techniques cultivated in life become unusable, his expertise in all martial arts from when he was alive is in a damaged state.

That influence appears in his Noble Phantasm as well and drastically powers it down, but in exchange, the skill Nature of a Rebellious Spirit is sealed[3]. Since this 「Nature of a Rebellious Spirit」indicates the disposition to go against the lord, the Heroic Spirit won’t betray the Master as long as it’s sealed. Though a Berserker Servant whose reason has been stolen is more loyal to their Master, this is a rare case of the characteristics of the Berserker class being used right.

When summoned as a Berserker in the Moon Holy Grail War, he goes through thought equalization with his Master, and becomes more machine-like in comparison to other Berserkers.

That appearance purports a living fortress that is half-man, half-machine. Furthermore, he recognizes all the other Masters and Servants as enemies and thinks they must be destroyed, and sometimes leaves his Master’s control. In the battle with Lancer, that became an extended development due to the difference between the enemy Master and the own Master. In this time in which it came to a situation of crisis due to the actions taken by the Master, he bought time through movements that could only be described as self-judgment, and moved to protect his Master. That was impossible as a Berserker, but it was the obvious behavior as a warrior.

Attitude Towards Master

As the Berserker class shows, he has an attitude that makes him nothing but a loyal Servant to the Master that has summoned him. A Servant without reason that is loyal to his Master has no words to say, exists only as one weapon, and only slaughters the enemy.

However, he also does sometimes things, like voluntarily protecting his Master without being ordered, that are unexpected for a Servant of the Berserker class.

If in life he was one to repeatedly betray, he was also one to dedicate his lifetime to love one woman. Tigers and wolves[4] cry, but don’t talk. Lü Bu Fengxian only shows his circumstances through actions. And whichever his true feelings are, there is no falsehood in his reputation as 『Peerless』.

Dialogue Examples


Historical Character and Figure

A mysterious Servant whose identity can’t absolutely be known at first glance. Huge and strong.

His identity is the recurring general that appears in the 『Romance of the Three Kingdoms』, is Lü Bu Fengxian, praised as 『Peerless』, 『Flying General』, and『Among Men, Lü Bu』. What a surprise.

A person that performed deeds unbelievable in a China that respected Confucian morality, like cutting down his foster fathers twice, and repeating the act of betrayal several times. But his exploits and deeds of arms didn’t allow others to catch up with him, and he’s reasonably counted as the strongest above the rest in the world of the Three Kingdoms. Roaming about the Central Plain while repeating treason, he went through many battles, but in the end he was betrayed by a subordinate, and was attacked and defeated by an enemy general, Cao Cao. He was executed. His greed was strong, boasted about being the strongest, and only depended on himself, but in the end he could only let his guard down with the strategist Chen Gong, who “effectively” made use of him for tactics.

Scenario in Past Works

Appears in 『Fate/EXTRA』. His Master is Rani. Because of his predestination as a Berserker, or because he just shouted and didn’t have any lines to be logged, in the end it couldn’t be known what kind of personality he had. Nevertheless, in spite of being under the effects of Mad Enhancement, he takes action to protect his Master, and is just like the Berserker of the 『Fate』series. Also, Rani had a face similar to the wife that loved and maddened this warrior, Diaochan[6].



(Free translation: A superb courage! But a diminutive build! It can’t compete with me!)



(Free translation: A magnificent ambition, a perfect fuselage, good together! Take contact with Chen Gong!)

Nikola Tesla

「▅▬▬▃▃▃▬▬▅ーーー ———!」

(Free translation: An extraordinary talented man [7], however meager! Give that electric power to me!)

Comment from the Illustrator

I thought that, since the size of his body is large, wouldn’t it look great if the parts had small changes, so I adjusted him so as to change the impression based on the color change. I drew the raging hair[8] of the third stage to give the feeling of making the strong Lü Bu go even further beyond[9]! A Super Saiyan! It was so much fun. (Wada Arco)

TL Notes

[1]: The curse of unexplained skills was present since the beginnings of FGO, it seems.

[2]: Typo here, they wrote 切斬 instead of 切断.

[3]: Almost 10 years late, but since Bravery is also sealed, does that mean Lü Bu didn’t actually have any personal skills in EXTRA?

[4]: 虎狼 can also mean “cruel and greedy brute”, but it’s translated literally in this context.

[5]: How do you even write this roar thing?

[6]: One of the Four Beauties of China, like Hinako, and the only one whose existence isn’t confirmed. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, she made Lü Bu kill his foster father, Dong Zhuo.

[7]: It says 非凡ならざる, but that translates as "not an extraordinary man". Weird typo or am I doing something wrong?

[8]: 怒髪, as in 怒髪天, which means 'gale'. It seems there's no proper translation except for 'angry hair'? Someone give me a hand here.

[9]: Actually, it just says “even stronger”, but DBZ jokes.

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