• Class: Saber
  • True Name: Lakshmibai
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: India
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: 44 kg


  • Scenario Writer: Minase Hazuki
  • Character Design: Takeuchi Takashi
  • CV: Satō Rina
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [A]

Nullifies Magecraft of A-rank and below.
Mages of the modern age are unable to damage her with their spells. This is due to the effects of the Saber-class and the divinity dwelling within her.

Riding: [B]

The ability to ride mounts. She can handle most rides better than average, but she is unable to ride animals of the Demonic or Sacred Beast rank.

Divine Core of the Goddess: [C]

She possesses divinity as a Pseudo-Servant of a Hindu goddess.

Personal Skills

Charisma of the Rani: [B+]

A skill that demonstrates the ability to command an army and a high charisma.
The army-commanding power of the Queen who brought together the princely state of Jhansi and opposed the English forces.
Rani is Hindi for "Queen".

Marching Spahee: [B]

A skill signifying how the Indian mercenary corps of the East India Company became the trigger for a rebellion.
The rebellion in the princely state of Jhansi was triggered by the sipahis killing the English soldiers stationed there as they sympathized with the rebelling forces that occupied Delhi.
However, since the sipahis left for Delhi after that, Lakshmi had no choice but to invest her private funds into hiring soldiers to protect the Jhansi that was left behind.

The Resistance of Gwalior: [A]

A skill signifying her resistance to the bitter end against the British army at the castle of Gwalior that she reached after escaping from the fallen Jhansi.
She lost her life on that battlefield.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Nahin Denge: The Kingdom of Rejection that Bears No Usurpation

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~40
  • Maximum number of targets: 200

A Noble Phantasm that gives form to Lakshmibai's strong determination and wish of "never handing over her motherland".

Once the king of the princely state of Jhansi died, Bai, who was bereaved of her child, tried to adopt a child to keep the kingdom alive, but the British, aiming for the chance of destroying the monarchy, did not recognize that and one-sidedly decided on the annexation of Jhansi. In response to that, Bai, despite being a woman, gave them her words of refusal: "I will never give up my Jhansi (Mere Jhansi nahin denge)"─────or so the anecdote goes.
Eventually, this incident became the starting point for her────and also the princely state of Jhansi's participation in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and them gaining fame as a great force of resistance.

Originally, it is a barrier-type Noble Phantasm that creates an absolute domain that defends against the invasion and assault of the opponent.
Accordingly with the definition that "she is an existence that risked her life to protect the kingdom of Jhansi", invoking it connects cause and effect as in "whatever she protects is her kingdom".

Due to being summoned as a Saber this time, the Noble Phantasm functions as an Anti-Army variant that transformed the concept of "rejecting outside invaders" into an attack.
The flash of the sword that carries all of her feelings is the determination to bear the life or death of the country itself.
Therefore, as a blade that will never bend or break, it mows down the enemy with a weight and brilliance equal to the future of a whole country.



First person pronoun: watashi

Second person pronoun: omae/kiden/kisama

Third person pronoun: kare/kanojo


A serious queen.
However, she has a simple and sturdy character, being similar to a female general.
As such, she has a lot of pride.
It's not like she possesses a belligerent nature, instead, if peace was the best solution, she's wise enough to choose it without hesitation; on the other hand, if there is no other way but to fight, she has the strength to put her life on the line and fight to the end.

Attitude Towards Master

She has no particular wish from the Holy Grail. That is because she knows Jhansi is part of the country called India now and therefore is at peace.
It is great if the people are happy and she does not feel the need to force them to return to being a kingdom.
However────if the people were to unfairly come to harm, she would turn to any power to save them from that.
Be it the power of the Holy Grail or the goddess governing over misfortune and misery.

She treats the Master as the supreme commander of the rebel army.
Basically, she'll obey them, but if their strategies are poor, she'll butt in and if their bearing as a leader is bad, she'll get mad and correct them.

Dialogue Examples

"I am the Rani of Jhansi, Lakshmibai. If it's for the sake of opposing unreasonable invasions, I'll lend you as much as of my power as you need, Master."

"I want to say one thing. Please, stop depending on me. I'll do my best and I have no intention of losing────but even so, there is a possibility I will make a fatal mistake somewhere. So that everything will not come to an end when that happens due to you relying solely on me...please, take care of crisis management; that's what I'm trying to say."

"We were...lucky."

"I dislike raffles and gambling...I can't get a win, no matter how much I try."

"kh!? (a loud bam sound) ...What are you looking at, Master? What? Did I stub my little toe in the cabinet? I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Weren't you just hallucinating? (said while trembling as if she was enduring something)"

Historical Character and Figure

Lakshmibai was the queen of the princely state (a dominion under British rule, but they were allowed their own sovereignty) Jhansi.
One of the most famous leaders of the Indian Rebellion of 1857​.

After its king died from illness, Lakshmi decided to negotiate with the Brits for the continued survival of the kingdom of Jhansi.
At that time, the British were applying the "Doctrine of lapse" (they wouldn't acknowledge an adopted child's claim to the throne and they would annex any Indian princely state without a successor to the British East India Company) which crushed Lakshmi's hopes of continuing the monarchy with an adopted son.
It is said that when a special envoy of Lord Dalhousie, Governor-General of India, visited Jhansi and proclaimed that the state would be annexed to the British territories, Lakshmi didn't shed any tears, instead, she declared that she would never surrender her Jhansi with resolution.

Afterwards, Jhansi came to be ruled by Britain, and for the next three years, it kept smoldering with conflicts such as religious problems.
In 1857, the great rebellion of the sipahis (sepoys) broke out in Delhi, and, receiving their appeals, a rebel force was set up in Jhansi too.
However, after massacring the British garrison stationed in Jhansi, the sepoys left for Delhi.
Left behind, Lakshmi invested her private funds into gathering soldiers and continued to resist Britain at Jhansi. They say there were many female soldiers in the rebel army who were inspired by Lakshmi.
The struggle of the rebel forces lead by Lakshmi were so admirable, that even the commander of the British army sent to subjugate them, Hugh Rose, left behind words of praise for them.

In 1858, the castle of Jhansi finally fell at the hands of the subjugation army, but Lakshmi managed to escape. She joined up with the other rebel forces and continued her resistance at Gwalior​. However, the momentum of the rebellion did not spread further and, two months later, the British army launched an all-out attack on the castle of Gwalior.
Lakshmi fought bravely in that struggle but was reportedly killed in battle after being shot while leading her forces from the front line.

Character in FGO

While a Servant from the modern times, through being caught up in the events of the Indian Lostbelt, she was endowed with divinity.
This is because, due to special circumstances, the Hindu goddess Lakshmi's bunrei is dwelling within her body and she turned into something akin to a semi-Pseudo Servant.
Their names matching also increased their magecraft-oriented affinity which helped with this outcome.

...However, that is not correct, as the one dwelling within her is the elder sister of Lakshmi, the goddess of misfortune and misery, Alakshmi (there is also a theory that she is the same existence as Lakshmi, just a different aspect of her).
It also said that Alakshmi is the second wife of the demon Kali who appears during the Kali Yuga.

What is inside her is truly a portion of a goddess, and her personality is almost the same as that of Lakshmi as a queen.
"the engine (fuel) known as divinity"
"the impulses (of Alakshmi) seldom felt from within the depths of her body"
"the failure factor (light dojikko[1] disposition) that occasionally leaks out as a goddess of misfortune"
Such are the goddess-like elements possessed by Lakshmibai. [2]

Standard Weapons

Sword, rifle


Divine wife of the great god Shiva.
As a human born in a region with faith, she's being treated like a daughter by her.
As someone with the divine core of a goddess, she's being treated like a friend by her────to be treated with such kindness, she is awed with gratitude.


It is Ganesha...I think. Maybe.
As a god, I respect her, but I think it would be better if she held a dignified appearance. Still────when I look at that lazy appearance of her, it's not like I don't feel peaceful, so perhaps that might be that god's I'm wrong? She's simply being lazy?
I-I see, so it's time for the compulsory room-cleaning. Your wish is my command, Parvati-sama!

Ramayana/Mahabharata group Servants

The heroes of the legends she was told as bed-time stories.
In truth, she's going to great efforts to resist the urge to fangirl.

Qin Liangyu

They get along as people who lead armies.
When it comes to tactics and techniques to grasping the hearts of one's subordinates, they happily exchange their opinions every day.

Jeanne d'Arc

I feel an affinity to her for some reason. It's also nice that she fought against the British army.
However, I'm somewhat troubled by that person related to her────

Gilles re Rais

Quit pursuing me while spouting things such as "Oya? You acquired quite a tan, Jeanne...such a Jeanne is also healthily splendid, you know? (smiling broadly)"! You've got the wrong person!


It doesn't matter if they are a Phantom or not.
To her, they are a comrade-in-arms from the same time period.

Comment from the Illustrator

While hoping she would also show up as a Rider, I created the character design by focusing on the concept of a "tan Jeanne". The sense of distance is like that of the daughter of a relative of the Jeanne-san household. I was thinking whether the costume change in her third ascension would give off the feel of a princess general.

TL Notes

[1] Clumsy girl trope. If you watch a lot of anime or read a bunch of manga you should know what this entails.
[2] Just so nobody gets confused, I'd like to note that every time Lakshmi is used in this Character in FateGO segment, it is referring to the Hindu goddess of fortune and not Lakshmibai.

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