Prince of Lanling



  • Class: Saber
  • Real Name: Prince of Lanling (Not in Materials: Actual name was Gao Changgong or Gao Su, the monicker here is Lanling Wang lit. Prince of Lanling)
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: The Book of Northern Qi
  • Region: China
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 55kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichiro
  • Character Illustrator: Hou
  • Character Voice: Mori Nanako
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Riding: [A]

He is able to masterfully ride any vehicles or beasts excluding those of mythical or divine class.

Magic Resistance: [C]

Nullifies any magecraft with less than two incantations.

He is unable to defend against greater magecraft and rituals.

Personal Skills

Beauty-Concealing Mask: [A]

A skill symbolizing the stories about Lanling having to hide his beautiful face behind a mask as to not cause unrest within his troops.

Its effect cleanses everyone in his vicinity of mental discomposure or disturbance.

However it's not like the mask hides his charisma, so the morale of his troops still gets raised.

Vigorous Like the Breaking Bamboo: [C]

A variation of the Military Tactics skill. In a battlefield where many soldiers are mobilized, he is able to make his troops advance fiercely without losing momentum.

Lanling was said to be a peerless commander who defeated a large army with a mere 500 soldiers.

Bewitching Visage: [EX]

Lanling's bare face, which becomes revealed with him ascending.

Even the history books describe Lanling's looks and voice as being beautiful and bewitching, so by merely revealing his face he can influence his surroundings.

It is unknown whether he can receive support from the moon in the form of a beam.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Lánlíng Wáng Rù Zhèn Qū - March of the Prince of Lanling

  • Rank: C+
  • Type: Anti-Army (one's own) Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~5
  • Maximum Targets: Everyone within its range

March of the Prince of Lanling.

This is a song said to have created by the soldiers who praised the masked Lanling's battles.

This song was brought to Japan as Japanese court music during the era of the Tang dynasty, and it is still performed to this day.

This song which exalts Lanling's beauty and bravery causes his allies' morale to rise sharply, while making his enemies falter.

Also, since Lanling also participates in singing with his beautiful voice and face, the enemies become struck with tremendous pressure and fear, yet are unable to take their eyes off his beauty.



He is usually courteous and modest, yet dauntless and brave in front of his enemies.

He is kind to his troops, and loyal to his lord.

He is truly a great general as if out of a fantastic story.

He does not boast about his beauty, but rather finds it unpleasant. However he knows he would be faced with backlash if he were to voice his opinion on it, so he tends not to tell others about it.

Attitude Towards Master

He respects proper etiquette and takes an attitude of keeping himself below his Master.

However when he feels they are doing something he feels is wrong, he will start acting somewhat timidly and suspicious until he asks them 'is this really ok to do this?'.

Maybe it was because he spent too long working under a foolish lord, but it seems like giving good advice has become a bit of a trauma for him.

As he deepens his bonds with his Master, he will surely overcome this trauma.

Dialogue Examples

'Saber-class Servant. Prince of Lanling. I have answered your summons. I'm sure you must find it rude that I arrive wearing a mask, but please forgive me...'

'Master, I must wonder how well I can repay all the affection and kindness you have shown me. If it's for your sake, not even fire, ice or poison would be obstacles to me.'

Historical Character and Figure

Lanling's tragic fate and beauty that put him in the history books make him one of the most popular generals of China.

It is even said that his beauty was such that he had to wear a mask in battle as to not cause his own men to falter due to being enchanted by him.

He was also possessed unparalleled skill as a general, as it is said he once broke through an enemy siege of 10,000 soldiers with only 500 of his own, and managed to protect the city of Luoyang.

Unfortunately for him, the Northern Qi dynasty which he served was already showing signs of heading towards ruin, and not only that but it was none other but the foolish emperor who appeared deeply envious of Lanling's popularity.

As Lanling kept bravely going into battle and earning more achievements, the emperor grew more annoyed with him and eventually wished for his death and sent him some poison.

Shortly after Lanling's death, Northern Qi quickly headed towards its doom.

Character in FGO

Beautiful, modest and brave. He is such a perfect and hard to find person to have as a subordinate...But due to bad experiences with the lord he served in the past, he has developed a bit of distrust towards his Master.

Once their bond deepens, he will begin opening up and even give advice, but...

If they can't deepen their bond, he will forever keep distance from his Master.

Moreover, there are still times when the words he directs towards his Master go in a reckless and wild direction (refer to his Valentine's scene).

Standard Weapons

Long sword and horse. (He's the kind of Saber who still rides a horse)

Xiang Yu/ Lu Bu:

...I see, so these are our China's unparalleled warriors...Robots...I see, I see...


We usually make small talk about masks.

The fact she doesn't seem interested in me makes it really easy to get along with her. (the same probably goes for her)

Consort Yu:

I would've never imagined we could meet again as Servants, and am deeply moved.

She proudly said I could rely on her whenever I needed advice, but...

I can't help but be constantly worried about her, so whenever I hear a loud noise I rush to see if she's fine.

Jing Ke:

She has a sloppy way of walking, but also a silent way of killing and a tendency to get terribly drunk.

She would be truly beautiful if she acted more properly, so I can't help but be troubled when she keeps drinking herself unconscious.


What? You can't seal your beauty spot's curse even if you wear a mask? I-I'm so sorry...


Why is it that I can suddenly hear background music playing when I do stuff sometimes...?

(Hint: It's background music used for romantic events with special CGs.)

Comment from the Illustrator

I was told I could design him however I wanted as long as I kept the 'pretty boy wearing a mask' part intact so I was pretty happy but nervous about that. I kept thinking about how to differentiate him from the other beautiful Servants, and especially fussed over his eyes.

I tried to include into his design my interpretations of elements from stories, court music, as well as the beauty of flowers and the moon. The are still legends about magatama in japan so I included them as a symbol of the moon's protection. Maybe I included too many...I actually didn't know how to draw the wrinkles in his wide pants so I ended up making them myself.

It's really nice how Lanling doesn't show any skin yet you can clearly still have a peek at his slender and elegant body line. My headcanon for him is that his hair got cut shorter and lost its color to symbolize the tragedy he experienced in life, so it's possible he may have had long, black hair when he was alive. The droplet-shaped decorations in his mask can also look like tears from certain angles, so yeah I included some other anecdotes like that to his design.

I chose the goldencup flower as one of his motifs as apparently it blooms during the month he died. For his face during the Noble Phantasm animation I tried to draw him so beautifully that I couldn't replicate it again, so I ended up drawing him trial and error over and over again. He sure shines really brightly, huh!

I tried to display this one stage of beauty that isn't too adult nor too childish, so how did I do..!? I personally hope everyone finds him androgynously sexy. I figured Lanling's bravery would already be shown in battle, so instead for his final ascension art I decided to display him showing his pureness of character, and I hope people see it as him showing a beautiful smile directed towards someone he can trust. (hou)

Material Images

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