Leonardo da Vinci (Rider)



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Gran Cavallo (From Leonardo's unfinished horse sculpture, "The Giant Steed (Gran Cavallo)")
  • Gender: Female Model
  • Source: Historical fact, Fate/Grand Order
  • Region: 2017 South Pole
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 144cm
  • Weight: 36.5kg


  • Scenario Writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Design: Simosi
  • CV: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Main Appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Riding: [B]

The talent for riding. She can ride ordinary vehicles and mounts better than your average person, but she can not mount demonic or sacred beasts.

Territory Creation: [C]

The ability to create a magic workshop.
Perhaps due to having no past records of doing so, the rank of the skill decreases compared to the Original Da Vinci's.

Overhaul: [E]

The ability to create tools filled with mana.
Even though she's a part of the facility known as Shadow Border or Storm Border, Da Vinci produces all kinds of tools to assist in achieving Grand Order.

Personal Skills

Golden Rule (Body): [EX]

Due to being downsized, the range of her universal capabilities narrowed, but in exchange for that, her Golden Rule was elevated.
Originally, inquiring about Da Vinci's gender was a fruitless endeavor, but perhaps due to becoming a little girl model, she got closer to being an "angel" in the spiritual sense.

Accel Turn: [B]

A skill inspired by the goddess of Summer, Ishtar.
As an excellent driver, it is possible to make emergency evasive measures when she feels like "Now's the time!"

A Dream For The Planet: [D]

The conclusion of a hope harbored by all that was created with a fleeting lifespan.
The "Pioneer of The Star" skill is missing from this Leonardo da Vinci.
However, the reason that an intellectual form was born in that soul and the truth that such short-lived beings should aim for, dwell in "the arts".
She, who was made by "Humanity's Greatest Intellect", Leonardo da Vinci and having inherited that intelligence, has arrived at the truth of the "farsightedness and objectivity that stems from a short-lived existence (life) that was manufactured" that both Mashu and the homunculi possess.

Please tell me, o ephemeral yet shining infant.
I who have lived through hundreds upon millions of years will eventually be on my deathbed.
O children, who were given merely a few millennia for evolution.
Do grant unto this dying planet a final dream.
At the end of that trifling yet ever-brilliant conclusion of childhood.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Those Who Cross The Boundaries

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: Anywhere
  • Maximum number of targets: No matter who

Beautiful Journey.
A "Full Power☆Direct Attack" where she boards the Shadow Border, reaching the target no matter where they may be through the Sea of Imaginary Numbers and, charging forth at a ridiculous speed, breaks through a storm to speed through a new land.

Originally intended to be a means of transport for crossing the barriers that separate people and nations, civilizations and history, the world and space; and from that, to reveal undiscovered lands and unearth hitherto unknown knowledge.



First person pronoun: watashi
Second person pronoun: kimi/aitsu/○○(calling them by name with no honorifics)
Third person pronoun: kare (for males)/kanojo (for females)/○○(calling them by name with no honorifics)


She's fundamentally identical to Da Vinci, with just a slightly more pronounced air of an ingénue to her.
Wording things gentler and ending her sentences in a girlish manner have become the basis.
Her utterances and responses carrying an underlying nuance of "a student wishing to be told of all there is to learn", as opposed to "a wise teacher lecturing from their superior standpoint" requires special attention.
She wants to give off the impression of a young girl badgering you to read books.

She has no intention of revealing her activity period to anybody.
(Holmes must have realized it already as a matter of course, but since he definitely won't tell the others, she's ignoring this fact)

Different from the other Heroic Spirits, even as a Servant, Da Vinci is the embodiment of the spirit of inquiry and the desire to improve oneself. Whether it was the dream of the dead or not, he was a person who lived in the present (the now). That way of living remains unchanged for young girl Da Vinci as well.
In the time she's been granted, she runs around day and night to obtain the best possible result she can.
Nevertheless, she holds some complaints and anxiety towards her current self that had her output drop.
"Can I get things done like the previous me?" Such words have been uttered. Even if she received all the memories of the previous Da Vinci, they are not things young girl Da Vinci has experienced herself. That's why she longs for them. For that "one year the Original has spent together with the staff of Chaldea".
And at the same time, she is also anxious. Along with a sense of responsibility that she must leave behind memories that could rival the Original's, and results she could be proud of even if they were compared to her formal self's achievements.

■■, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■.

Attitude Towards Master

She behaves as an advisor for the Master, and sometimes as an elder or younger sister, in a bright, cheerful, and brilliant manner.

Dialogue Examples

"This is our first time meeting, but I know you well.
I have inherited "my" memories, after all.
I've been looking forward to being able to greet you like this.
It would be nice if you would rely on "this me" from now on.
Though my versatility has decreased a slight bit compared to the previous me, right?"

"There is no helping it, Gordolf-kun. There are two problems, after all.
Imaginary diving for an extended period in this situation would be life-threatening.
That's because our life-support system has been completely cut off.
There would be no point to only me surviving."

Character in FGO

In any case, she's lively and energetic! And also precocious!
The lovely pure and innocent Hybrid Servant who fights with her Ultimo Manipulator deployed from her all-purpose bag as she gallantly roller skates through the battlefield.

"Eh, who am I then in the end?
Obviously, I am the double molded by the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci in preparation for the second Grand Order and also the greatest secretary-type beautiful girl who supports Chaldea's Master────That's right, in other words, I am everyone's Da Vinci-chan, little girl version!"

A man-made Servant molded by Da Vinci. Memo Kadmon.
Da Vinci's own copy that she created if by chance something happened to her, having taken into account the "dark clouds beyond 2017" that she naturally foresaw approaching after the Human Incineration Incident.

While Da Vinci was carrying out her activities in Chaldea without a Master (having designated a doll she made as her master), that was only possible with the electric energy of Chaldea.
She was thinking of a substitute that could support Fujimaru and the others on her behalf in case their quest took them outside Chaldea.
Da Vinci managed to complete her little girl version not with the knowledge from back when she was alive, but with the techniques she has gained after being summoned in Chaldea.

However, no matter how great of a universal genius she was, even if she could "create a Servant", she couldn't bring them into existence.
Even though the "airframe" was made, it was in a state where its power wouldn't turn on and it couldn't startup.
A homunculus with the abilities of a Heroic Spirit...a Servant...wouldn't be allowed by the "Counter Force" in the first place.
Although the young girl model Da Vinci was created as a new model, it was an armchair theory.
But. Unexpectedly, Leonardo da Vinci, the third successful summoning at Chaldea, has been made to depart by Kotomine Rasputin.
With that reality and the objective of "restoring the plant that has been turned into a blank slate" being born to humankind, the Counter Force allowed the activation of small Da Vinci, "■■■■■" ■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. ■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■ "■■■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■" ■■, ■■ "■■■■■" ■■■■■■・■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Young girl Da Vinci is more of a homunculus, a type of golem, than a Heroic Spirit and has completely taken over the role of Da Vinci.
Without a need for a Master, she can carry out her actions almost as if she were a human being.
However, her lifespan's ■■, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■.
Young girl Da Vinci holds no dissatisfaction or fear about her period of activity. She's simply smiling it off with a "That's what life's like, after all".
When she's asking you to tell her new stories in-game, it is not because she feels sorrowful about having to part with her life or feeling any lingering attachments towards it. It stems from her inquisitive mind and longing, her desire to come to learn of even more wonderful things in the time she was granted.
Having been downsized, her versatility has decreased, though in Da Vinci's words: "Children can't reach the shelves, right? That's what this is like." is the extent of it. In other words, the breadth (genre) of knowledge she has acquired remains unchanged, but the reach of her arms is short.
If she were to give her undivided attention to an affair for a while, she could pull off the same things the Da Vinci from before was capable of, but that's exactly what this young girl version of Da Vinci does not have time for.


She shall plunge her hand into his heart from behind.
On little girl Da Vinci's "Top Ten Things To Do Before I Die", it is the definite number one.


Unexpectedly, the young girl version of Da Vinci is having the same "my humanity starts from now on" deal as Mashu did back in part 1, though the degree of perfection of Da Vinci's mentality seems to be one step higher.

Sherlock Holmes

While she thinks of him as a dependable Servant on Chaldea's side, she is secretly worried about the way he holds himself, and also his eventual end. "If only I could be there when he departs. He is not one of many words, is he?"

Comment from the Illustrator

In order to fight even with her lowered base specs, she is armed with circular military tank-type hands and the like. In springtime, she'd have a ■■■■■-schooler-like image so she feels like she'd be a lively girl in a sailor uniform. In the app version, her different ascensions were to have a maid outfit and a white dress which is surely the preference of the company president! I was a little troubled on what kind of dress would go well with the maid outfit so I went with an angel-y feel in the end. By the way, what happened to her having different glasses? (Simosi)

Material Images

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