Leonardo da Vinci



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 40kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Shimokoshi
  • Character Voice: Sakamoto Maaya
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

One can create a “Workshop”, which is an advantageous position for themselves as a mage.
Because da Vinci possesses Rank A in this, it is possible to create a “Temple”, which is superior to a “Workshop”.

Tool Creation: [A]

One can create devices tinged with Magical Energy.
Because da Vinci possesses Rank A in this, it is possible to create even a potion of limited immortality.

Personal Skills

Inherent Intellect: [EX]

A Skill that shows one who has an unparalleled natural intellect. Except for those that are a burden to the body (such as Divinity) and those that are characteristic of certain heroes, many Skills can be practically demonstrated at a proficiency of A Rank.
Although da Vinci does not use this Skill very often as a Servant, regarding his/her Tool Creation and Territory Creation Skills, their ranks are increased to Rank A because of this Skill.

Golden Rule (Body): [B]

The possession of a perfect goddess-like body, preserving beauty. Leonardo intentionally acquired this Skill for his benefit when he “redesigned” his body as a female (the Mona Lisa).

Pioneer of the Stars: [EX]

A unique Skill given to heroes who became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges that are considered impossible turn into events that can be realized.
Leonardo da Vinci, who gave many stimuli in many fields to human civilization, possesses this Skill at a high rank.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Uomo Universale: The Universal Man

  • Rank: EX
  • Classifications: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm / Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Ranges: — / 70
  • Maximum Numbers of Targets: 1 person / 200 people

Uomo Universale (The Universal Man). The legendary all-roundedness associated with Leonardo da Vinci given shape. It is commonly called an all-purpose, specially-made Noble Phantasm that instantly analyzes the target(s) and adjusts his/her greatest attack in accordance with that (those) target(s) before firing. Apparently, it is originally a reflection-type Noble Phantasm that repels attacks by provisionally composing the enemy’s Noble Phantasm on the spot, but those resources are being utilized for the sake of administrating Chaldea.

In “Fate/Grand Order”, a different shape of da Vinci’s all-roundedness is demonstrated. That is to say, it is a magic attack where his/her gauntlet (an all-purpose gauntlet suitable for every war situation) worn on his/her right hand is modified in the blink of an eye, before it projects pure Magical Energy towards the enemy camp and giving them a “compulsory” fixed damage by means of this attack. This damage is not able to be reduced by any defensive-type Noble Phantasm and Skill, not to mention Anti-Magical Energy abilities————In other words, by putting together a super advanced formula technique that analyzes in real-time, every opponent becomes a susceptible target for his/her Magecraft.



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: kimi [hiragana characters] / kimi [katakana characters] / ○○ (one’s name without honorifics)
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ○○ (one’s name without honorifics)


Rational, and on top of that, placid. However, da Vinci will jump at things that are very interesting to him/her with sparkling eyes. A type of genius that accurately grasps one’s abilities. What he/she can do, and what he/she cannot do. What others can do, and what they cannot do. Because he/she can basically observe/guess (calculate)/grasp everything with merely a glance, he/she is always composed. The point is, it is absolutely necessary to be careful, and even if one falls into a desperate situation with no escape, they should be composed and not being any different than usual. For him/her, the “unexpected” does not simply occur, and even if it does occur, he/she completely assesses that rare situation with great interest. However, just because he/she puts on a face that grasps everything does not necessarily mean it is good to completely rely on him/her.

The fact that his/her current self is in a young female body is something da Vinci is relatively unaware of. After taking a bath, he/she is the type to prowl around as he/she likes while naked. Regardless of whoever is around.

Attitude Towards Master

After becoming a Servant of the Protagonist, da Vinci considers the Master as a “pupil”, and he/she conducts him/herself as a “teacher”. If the Protagonist was pushed to say, they would say that there is a familiarity where it feels like da Vinci is “a tutor close to their age” rather than a “great teacher”.

Dialogue Examples

“Call on da Vinci-chan. Now, let us discuss the origin of all creation.”

“I am perfect at all times because I am universal, right? But I guess there is no loss in overdoing it.”

“The world must not be incinerated. That is why you shall go. I will be close to you too.”

“To be able to truly appreciate my art, you need to be at least a mathematician.”

“Welcome… to da Vinci-chan’s wonderful shop. What do you desire?”

Character in FGO

A genius branded as universal. A European figure of the 15th~16th Century. A prominent genius who provided a lot of influence on the advancement of civilization and left his name behind in human history. Although Leonardo da Vinci was recorded to be a matchless pretty boy – a matchless handsome young man————this is in fact his actual condition. Regardless, age and gender has no effect before a true genius. Doctrines and fashion may change with the times, but there is merely one truth.
“Whatever happens, da Vinci-chan is the Unrivaled Universal One!”

Being a great man of wisdom, one can therefore conclude that da Vinci was given the Caster Class, or not. Since his/her lifetime, he/she was a powerful mage. There is not one thing strange about that. It is something obvious. In addition to science, mathematics, engineering, natural history, music, architecture, sculpture, painting, invention, weapons development and the like, he/she also simply possessed the talent for Magecraft.

Everything was possible. His/her teacher Verrocchio, Machiavelli and Botticelli of whom are his/her friends, Cesare and the French King Francis I, his/her sponsors and so forth, and the people of the world, all called and praised da Vinci as a natural genius.
“No, that is incorrect. Everything is the fruit of learning. It is nothing more than a reason to continue studying for “the origin of all creation”.”
He/she quietly reflects on this as thus.

Da Vinci is certainly self-aware that there was practically no one who could rival his/her “output”. The sole person who could compare with him/her was more or less Michelangelo, really. But even that was only in the field of the fine arts. In other fields such as science and mathematics, there was no one who could surpass him/her. What is the reason?

It is learning. That is to say, it is no more than information being “inputted” and accurately grasped, organized and stored in da Vinci’s head as knowledge that can be feasibly referred to at all times. It is not the case that it is a talent bestowed to him/her by God, nor was it him/her having thought up of things and bringing them into existence out of nothing. The particulars of even “outputting” practical applications/developments is from the basis of the information being “inputted” into his/her head, and it seems to be a mechanism that is sufficiently well-reasoned. Everybody can do it. So why is he/she different?

However, people far and wide called da Vinci universal. The Universal Man (Uomo Universale) with no one in this world that could rival him/her.

“Heh, yes, I see. Universal. All of you are calling me as such.”

In this way, da Vinci was “self-aware” of his/her all-roundedness. Knowing the existence of Magecraft that is concealed in Mystery, and also letting his/her talent in that field blossom, already, it was no more than a natural result for him/her. Although his/her body does not even possess the Magic Circuits that were refined by one’s bloodline due to their family lineage, nor a Magic Crest that was the result of the diligent studies of successive generations of mages, the Universal One was going strong. Naturally, regarding the quantity of his/her Magic Circuits that he/she was born with, it is understandably negligible. And yet, its quality is something that should be called outside the standard, while concerning its composition, it is very abnormal. It would mean that his/her all-roundedness would also be demonstrated to the World of Magecraft.

In spite of a very short training time————da Vinci showed that he/she can manipulate many attributes and had studied many Magic Systems.

“How is it possible? How… do you have so much talent? Is it possible to attain those abnormal Magic Circuits? Perhaps those are… something caused by the blood of a mage from the Age of Gods being left behind in you, expressed as an atavism, is it not?”

Da Vinci informed the inquiries of the mage of the Clock Tower – who even though it was not to the extent that he/she calls him his/her friend, became his/her acquaintance – with this:

“Now; look, it is because at any rate, I am ‘universal’, right?”

The appearance of da Vinci’s smile was beautiful, as if a goddess has descended to the earth. No doubt, it is because he/she is universal even in regard to beauty.

The third Heroic Spirit summoned by Chaldea. A Servant summoned during a time when the Heroic Spirit Summoning System – Fate was still incomplete. Although it was said that he/she was about to depart before long as a result of the system’s instability, da Vinci-chan had grown great interest when he/she comprehended Chaldea’s circumstances, and he/she chose to set up residence in Chaldea due to Romani Archaman’s persuasions. Da Vinci-chan constructed a duplicate puppet of him/herself, and he/she is suspended in the present era by asserting that as his/her Master. The thing he/she just did is the same technique as the one that a certain doll maker somewhere out there is known for.

Da Vinci-chan is, so to speak, a fraud Servant that is suspended in the present era under a “masqueraded contract”. If he/she acquires a legitimate Master by means of a summoning, he/she will finally become a Servant “that can go out on the front lines and fight.”


There exists a statue of David that was constructed by having da Vinci’s adolescent figure as a model.

Romani Archaman

His/her colleague and close friend.
“■■■■■■ with a tendency to ■■■■■■■■■■, is he not? Good grief.”

The Magic King

“Good grief. Jeez.”

Makiri Zolgen

As a matter of fact, an acquaintance. In their early years, da Vinci was acquainted with Makiri, who was an idealist. Although it was not because they are of the same mind, from the way it seems, he/she has recognized him as an excellent mage.


One of da Vinci’s few friends. Although it was only in the fine arts, Michelangelo was a companion who stood equal with him/her, possessing a natural genius not inferior to his/her own.

Sherlock Holmes

“As for geniuses, when they are seen from an onlooker’s point of view, they can be quite IRRITATING, don’t you think…?”

■■■■ ■■■■■■■

“————Ah, like that sort of thing?”

Comment from the Illustrator

Although the image of the famous “Mona Lisa” picture is in this state, the Mona Lisa’s clothes are like a sailor’s uniform? Let’s give her a miniskirt then! I tried to draw her while taking into account what the Director said to me. Her hairstyle is like a modern-style haircut too. From the standpoint of a weapons developer, I designed a staff that incorporates a pentagram and a stern gauntlet device as her weapons. If I thought of her as a character that was used as a store NPC to some degree, she would become the main NPC… By the way, when I was notified that Ms. Sakamoto Maaya was the voice actor who is responsible for her voice, I was so happy, I could die! (Shimokoshi)

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