Leonidas I



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Leonidas I
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact (Battle of Thermopylae)
  • Region: Sparta
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 110 kg


  • Setting creation: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character design: Shimaudon
  • CV: Miki Shinichirou
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Invalidate magic with chant 2 verses or less.

Unable to defend against large scale magic such as high thaumaturgy or ritual spells.

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation: [A]

He doesn't know when to give up.

It's possible for him to fight even on the verge of death, surviving as long as his injury is not decisively lethal.

Pride of the Rearguard: [A]

Demonstrate useful effects during defensive battle or withdrawal battle.

Combined with his own Noble Phantasm, he can even defend against anti-army Noble Phantasm.


(From ingame profile: The power displayed during the Battle of Thermopylae turned into a technical Skill. A unique Skill that demonstrates its power in proportion tof how much disadvantageous one's condition is (such as during defensive battle or withdrawal battle).)

Warrior's Warcry: [B]

A Skill for raising morale. It is a breath similar to breath technique utilized in karate. By means of the warcry, he carries out a mental coordination.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Thermopylae Enomotia - Guardian of the Hot Gates

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~5
  • Maximum target: unknown

Thermopylae Enomotia.

The summoning of the army Sparta, 300 man strong, who had fought together in the Battle of Thermopylae.

It demonstrates fierce power in defense rather than offense.

It is a instantenous reproduction of a historical deed. Due to that, it can be invoked even after the enemy has performed their attack.

It protects not only Leonidas, but the master as well.

Normally it is a counterattack Noble Phantasm, with each of the 300 possessing C~E rank status in END. The more Spartans manages to endure enemy attacks, the higher the increase of the counter attack's damage next turn.


  • Thermopylae Enomotia means literally Squad of Thermopylae



  • First pronoun: watashi
  • Second pronoun: anata/kisama
  • Third pronoun: kare/kanojo


The leader of Spartan army of hot-blooded idiots. An intellectual macho.

He laments the fact that "frankly speaking, there's no one else but me who could think of battle tactics."

It is similar to when a smart type joined a sports-minded company; he lives everyday full of concern and worry.

That being said, due to him being born and bred in Sparta himself, he cannot deny that he himself is also a hot-blooded idiot-----fond of effort, guts, and barbarous battle.

He believes that effort, diligence, and training is the shortest way to victory, that they are connected to having a proper life as a human. Train yourself (your body), and you will be rewarded. But ghosts have no muscle so it's useleeeeess!

Attitude Towards Master

While a king, he properly understands the current situation, with his attitude bordering on courtesy. He would attend the Master as a devoted Servant, as long as the Master does not take a greatly impolite approach in attitude.

Although he is proactive in his suggestion, his are dicey, hotblooded tactics. However, speaking ill of Sparta would make him furiously angry.

Dialogue Examples

"Servant, Lancer. True name, Leonidas I. I shall serve you hereafter on."

"A countermeasure against Casters? Hmm, how about we break them?"

"It would be quite a joy, to simply continuing on fighting without the need to think of anything."

Historical Character and Figure

Leonidas I was the younger brother of Cleomenes I, the king of Sparta. But Cleomenes' children, who originally should've been the ones in the line of the throne succession, all passed away; thus Leonidas sat on the thrones as the new king.

However, already had disturbing atmosphere drifted to the surroundings of the city-state of Sparta. The most pressing of them all is the demand of "earth and water" from the Persian great king of the Achaemenid Empire, Xerxes I. The demand had been sent to all city-states barring Sparta and Athena-----the demand to hand over all the rights over their territories as well as harvest, which substantially means a complete capitulation.

Although many of the city-states ended up choosing the path of subordination under the mighty Persia, an allied force with Sparta and Athena at its center had chosen to fight them instead.

But unfortunately, as the Persian invasion began, the sacred Festival of Carnea was being held in Sparta, overlapping with the Olympiads in the whole Greece; making it impossible for the great army to move about.*

--Would the descendants of Perseus fall to ruin, or would the king whose bloodline had descended from Heracles die?

Leonidas had comprehended the meaning of the prophet's oracle.

"In other words, should I runaway while holding my life, then Sparta would be ruined."

Leonidas did not hesitate. He led 300 of his elites and deployed an formation in the valley of Thermopylae, known as the "Hot Gates", fighting the entirety of the famed Persian army that numbered to 100,000 warriors for three days to the bitter end.

However, the Spartan army was stabbed in the back of their formation and was completely annihilated because of a traitor, excepting only Aristodemus, who had been blinded and had to withdraw from the army. At that time, the soldiers of Sparta bite and fought back with bare hands, as they have been deprived of their weapons. Leonidas' spear wasn't able to reach Xerxes, but the three days that Leonidas and his 300 subordinates have earned had not been in vain; due to it, the allied force of Greeks had managed to prepare themselves to repel the Persian army.

It had been no fluke that just this king and his 300 had managed to save the world of Greece.

On the gravesite of the 300 Spartan soldiers, the poet Simonides had engraved the following:

"Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by

That here, obedient to their laws, we lie."


  • Spartan law forbid military activity during a sacred feastival, and during the Olympiads aka Olympic Games, the Olympic truce is in effect, so Spartan army marching to war would be blasphemous.


Their circumstances were different, but Leonidas emphatizes with him as they both are someone who had fought a defensive battle. But Hector isn't really keen on following along with his training, so Leonidas is a bit lonely.

Mash Kyrielight

Being mutual shieldbearer Servants, I have a feeling that she looks up to me in an unusual gaze of respect.... Well then, it would not do if I don't forge myself and fulfill her expectations!

Comment from the Illustrator

In his design, at first I wasn't made aware that Leonidas is the lead of a certain movie. I was quite troubled, being overly conscious of intending to keep the design free of preconception. But in the end, Leonidas' figure becomes as he is now, shown quite simply and easily recognized. Later, due to the lack of materials other than some simple speech style, I ended up designing him with a bit of a stalwart image. But then I played around with some service here and there and I'm immensely surprised that he became such a pleasant character than exceeds even my imagination. Still, I am relieved that everybody accept the gap between the tough design and the pleasant character. Now that I think about it, I'm really glad I created a differing expression for when he wears his helmet. I like drawing muscles, so he is a character I would love to draw again even in a different figure. (Shimaudon)

Material Images