Li Shuwen



  • Class: Assassin
  • Real Name: Li Shuwen
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: History
  • Region: China
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 58kg (he has lost weight compared to his younger days)


  • Design: Higashide Yuuichiro
  • Character design: Wada Arco
  • Voice: Yasui Kunihiko
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble Phantasm-

Class Skills

Veteran: [A+]

A skill given to Servants who have been summoned at the stage where they have mastered their mental fortitude.

They are able to stay in a state of serenity under any circumstances, and through the contract they have, they are able to constantly stabilize their Master's mental state as well.

Personal Skills

Chinese Martial Arts (Baji Quan): [A+++]

One of china's principles. This is proof of how much one has mastered the martial arts whose goal is to have the practitioner become one with the universe.

Unlike other skills, learning this one is extremely difficult, and only at rank A can one finally claim to have 'obtained' it.

Moreover, if one adds the +++ ranks to it, it means they have become a master among masters.

The use of the spear is usually considered his special ability, but when Li Shuwen is summoned as an old man, he prefers ending things with a single strike of his fists.

Sphere Boundary (Zenith): [A-]

A skill where one uses their own qi to feel their surroundings, or to erase their own presence.

Reaching mastery in this skill allows one to become one with nature, even giving one the ability to become completely invisible.

Due to his old age, Li Shuwen has achieved further mastery in this technique.

Even in the middle of a heated battle, he has the ability to completely disappear in the blink of an eye.

Yin Yang Intersection: [B]

An ability possessed by all humans to switch their own nature.

Although Li Shuwen leans more towards yang after having become old, he still hasn't lost his fierce claws, and can freely switch to yin in an instant and slaughter his enemies effortlessly.

His cold-heartedness in battle has not been lost.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Ni no Uchi Irazu - No Second Strike

  • Rank: None
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: 1

No Second Strike.

Just like Tsubame Gaeshi, or God Spear No Second Strike, this is a technique forged and mastered to the point where it's become a Noble Phantasm.

It's effect is the same as his Lancer version's 'God Spear No Second Strike', but due to being done using his bare hands, the range has been reduced to only his fists' reach.

Mouko Kou Hazan - Fierce Tiger Climbs the Mountain

  • Rank: None
  • Type: Anti-Gate
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: 1

Fierce Tiger Climbs the Mountain.

One of Baji Quan's master techniques sublimated as a Noble Phantasm.

...However, the reason it can't currently solidify into a single form might be due to the technique's form varying between the many different schools of Baji Quan.

This is the technique Li Shuwen was most proficient at.

TL Note: His FGO profile doesn't mention its actual effect, but luckily the Fate/Extra materials do:

" No Second Strike was strictly attack for stopping a person’s heart, but this attack is specialized for physical damage.

It’s a series of consecutive attacks and frequently uses motions where the first attack looks like a tiger clawing at a mountain.

Each single attack is “energy from the earth outputted through the martial artist Li Shuwen” to easily smash walls, doors, and even the sturdy gates of dojos, let alone the damage it could cause to a single person. "



Unlike the young Li Shuwen, he is now a gentle old man.

There are still times when he unleashes his monstrous fists, but he tries to keep their use to the bare minimum.

He has reached a state of mind where he tries to keep his own ferociousness in check, something his young self still couldn't understand, but once he gets into a fight it becomes clear that the fangs he had in his younger days have not dulled one bit, but rather are still being sharpened.

Attitude Towards Master

He tends to treat his Master like his own grandchild.

He seems to believe there must be a meaning for having been summoned in his old form, and thus does his best to act accordingly.

However, once he finds that meaning, and if he believes that protecting his Master is the right thing to do, he will give their life for them without hesitation.

He has no wish for the grail.

Dialogue Examples

'It all sounds nice when people say martial arts are truly mastered in one's old age, but I wonder how far these fists of mine can really take us.'

'Leave the fighting to me. Or rather, I should say leave only the fighting to me. After all, I'm a man who even after reaching this age had no notable skills other than destroying others.'

'We've spent quite some time together now. You stay by my side during my constant training, and even join me for a cup of tea. You are probably the first person who has fought by my side for this long.'

Historical Character and Figure

Same as the Lancer Li Shuwen.

This time he has been summoned in a form where his unarmed fighter aspect is represented more strongly.

He is an Assassin, but he didn't live off of assassinating others.

It's not that he'd be ashamed of that sort of thing, but rather that he's simply not very fond of it.

Character in FGO

Li Shuwen had reached two different peaks during his life: his physical peak and his mental and spiritual peak.

This isn't necessarily rare, but most Servants usually prefer their physical peak.

However, Li Shuwen will answer to summons even in his spiritual peak.

If one were to describe the young Li Shuwen as a hungry tiger, then the old Li Shuwen would be a sleeping tiger.

However, his gentle sleep only comes due to having already mastered his fists to their peak.

Once he awakens from his sleep, he will exterminate all enemies with such skill that even the hungry tiger would be no match for him.

During his younger days, he had the resolve to throw anything away for a duel, but now that he's old he's come to realize his fists exists solely to protect the things precious to him.

Being prepared to give up his life to repay something as simple as a one night's lodging and meal is now Li Shuwen's moral code.

James Moriarty/Yagyuu Munenori:

As fellow old men, they always seem to have old man things to talk about.

Li Shuwen (Lancer):

He hasn't been able to get rid of the temptation of fighting to the death with himself, and fears he won't be able to contain himself once they meet. Even if he managed to contain himself, he knows his younger self would attack him immediately, and he would be intent on taking him on.

Consort Yu:

Her shoulders are too stiff.

I will have to get my spea...I mean, my needles.

Qin Shi Huang:

Even if it was something that occurred in a Lostbelt, to think they'd have an old man like me serve them by their side...

I am most honored.

Comment from the Illustrator

You did it Master Shuwen, you equipped those suspicious glasses!!!! I figured it would be out of character to have his designs be a little over the top or dynamic; surely this man would be incredibly strong even when naked, so using Takeuchi's rough design of Old Li Shuwen as a base, I made his other stages as simple yet cool as I could. This grandpa is still super strong and badass, right!? That's how I wanted to draw him!!!! (Wada Arco)

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