• True Name: Mandricardo
  • Class: Rider
  • Source: Orlando Innamorato (Orlando in Love), Orlando Furioso (The Frenzy of Orlando)
  • Region: France
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Illustrator: Ginka
  • Character Voice: Masuda Toshiki
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Riding: [B]

The ability to ride mounts. Mandricardo is capable of riding most mounts except for phantasmal species, demonic beasts or holy beasts.

Magic Resistance: [C]

Nullifies magecraft activated with a two-verse chant or less. His skill is incapable of blocking Greater Magecraft or Rituals.

Personal Skills

Armor of the Nine Worthies: [A]

This skill is the sublimation of the anecdote of Mandricardo wearing Hektor’s armor. All the numerous anecdotes surrounding Hektor strengthen Mandricardo’s body, with the collective overwhelming legendary power of said anecdotes granting him Pseudo-Charisma.

The End Strike: [C]

On the verge of death, this skill enables Mandricardo to unleash an all-out strike. It is close to but not the same as Battle Continuation in the sense that he is guaranteed to perish after landing a strike.

The higher the rank, the greater the damage. At rank C, one full-power strike can be unleashed at just the right measure.

Brigliadoro's Neigh: [A]

This skill is the sublimation of the episode of Mandricardo stealing and riding the famed horse Brigliadoro. It increases his mobility, attack power, and reputation at the cost of making him an easy target for enemies.

To add, this skill allows him to steal and ride demonic beasts ranked C or lower.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Serment de Durendal: Oath To Never Bear a Sword

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Personnel
  • Range: 1
  • Max. Targets: 1

Serment de Durendal: This Noble Phantasm embodies Mandricardo’s oath to not don a sword until he acquires the sought-after Durendal and in turn grants any weapon he wields specs equivalent to the legendary sword’s power.

Though bearing similarities to Lancelot’s Noble Phantasm Knight of Owner, Serment de Durendal surpasses the former in that it possesses the same level of power as Durendal, and in essence treats any weapon used as if it were the original sword.

It is worth noting, however, that while it copies Durendal’s default power, the durability corresponds to the rank of the weapon he uses (mostly at rank E).

Rêve de Durendal: The Unrivaled Sword of Dreams

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Personnel
  • Range: 1
  • Max. Targets: 1

Rêve de Durendal: This anti-personnel Noble Phantasm can be activated through the sealing and destroying of Serment de Durendal.

The unrivaled sword he once possessed is his again for the taking. Armor of the Nine Worthies, which is a regular skill in this state, is sublimed into Hektor’s sacred artifact, showing unparalleled improvement of his defense stats.

In a regular Holy Grail War, this Noble Phantasm can only be activated if Mandricardo believes his current self to be capable of wielding the true Durendal. Information regarding this Noble Phantasm is sealed and inaccessible even for his Master.

In the fifth Lostbelt, because Hektor gave him Durindana (Durendal) and because he was driven by his objective to save the friends he met on his journey, Mandricardo managed to activate this Noble Phantasm. He accomplished the miracle of thwarting Artemis’ arrow. Following this feat, Mandricardo perished.



  • First Person: ore
  • Second Person: anta/omae
  • Third Person: kare/kanojo


A gloomy young man who has been exposed to the vanity of life.

Mandricardo is well aware of how minor a figure he is, hence the occasional self-deprecating remarks. He’s the type to prepare a safety net for his abilities, cautious and passive in his approach.

He used to be the picture of a hero–self-important, arrogant, and imposing–until he lost a duel with Ruggiero even while equipping Hektor’s full armor. Shocked by this defeat, he has since become quite the gloomy, diffident character.

Attitude Towards Master

He typically adapts a True Neutral attitude. He will step in and stop excessive acts of cruelty, but due to his background as a former knight and king, he will overlook most less-severe cases.

Mandricardo is not one to initiate conversation with his Master. This inclination comes from his lack of confidence and insignificant military fame…which then produces misunderstanding since a mage Master would typically interpret this attitude as that of a Servant exercising tact.

  • He is willing to follow orders that are a bit on the reckless side.
  • He is always reserved and never acts out of turn.
  • He is not one to engage in needless chatter even with enemies.

Why, he makes the ideal Servant indeed.

“A beginner friendly Servant? Me? No no, you’ve got that wrong. Totally wrong!!”

Dialogue Examples

" (This person? I mean, this Heroic Spirit has such an otherworldly presence, it terrifies me… Not the sort of hero you can find in my homeland… They’re kinda hard to approach… Heck, finding somebody I can casually approach is literally like finding a needle in a haystack!) "

“The main purpose we were summoned here was to save the world. But you know, I want to do this for purely personal reasons. I want to save my friend. I want to save you. And to do that, this is the only thing I can think of.”

“I accomplished all this not because I’m a Servant, but because I am your friend!”

Historical Character and Figure

Mandricardo was the king of Tatar (an equestrian ethnic group in the Mongolian Plateau) before he left his homeland and became an adventurer in a quest to avenge his late father. At the end of his adventure, he acquired the shield and armor of Hektor.

Hektor’s sword Durendal, however, remained in the hands of Roland, the very man who killed his father. Enraged, Mandricardo then set out wandering to find Roland.

After some twists and turns, Mandricardo eventually won both the legendary sword and the love of his life, but a duel with Ruggiero would cost him both Hektor’s armor and his very life.

Although he may have been the enemy who triggered Roland’s episode of going blind with rage and utterly naked, Mandricardo never played a part in the main plot of the narrative. While his brilliant feats were depicted in Orlando Innamorato, he was simply portrayed as one of the many obstacles standing in both Ruggiero’s and Roland’s way in Orlando Furioso.

Character in FGO

He used to be a king and adventurer!

After obtaining Hektor’s armor at the end of his adventure, he then set off on numerous journeys in high spirits! The quest for Durendal was one riddled with tireless fights and twists and turns. By the end of it all, Mandricardo had been exposed to the vanity of life. Treat him nicely…

In his lifetime, he wreaked havoc with an attitude of self-importance and an air of supremacy. But this changed following his defeat in the hands of Ruggiero, Bradamante’s lover. Having been slain by Ruggiero even with Hektor’s armor and Durendal at his disposal appears to have left Mandricardo traumatized. He is now diffident when interacting with his Master.

Communication, a determining key factor in a Holy Grail War, fills him with dread… Yet for some reason he gets recommended as a beginner friendly Servant.

He does regain some confidence during battle, which is perhaps his way of lifting his ego.

In Atlantis

Mandricardo was one of the Servants summoned in advance in Olympus. He fulfilled his missions solemnly and surely, albeit in an unexciting manner. The one who called him “beginner friendly” in a previous section [see Attitude Towards His Master] was a Servant who participated in the same mission as him.

Those summoned in advance eventually divided into two: one team of Servants would make their way to Olympus, ready to fight in do-or-die battles, while the other team would remain in Atlantis as they wait for an opportunity to turn the tides. Following an advice he received, Mandricardo decided to stay and wait for Chaldea. He would then meet somebody he could call a friend, an encounter made possible only in this Lostbelt.

Meetings and partings are all but fleeting occurrences. But without a doubt, this was a once-in-a-lifetime miracle… One so special you could devote your entire life into it and even then you’ll never know if it will come true.

Extra Info from In-Game Profile

(Usually Bond 6, or story clear bond, etc)

Standard Weapons

Although his weapon of choice is a simple wooden sword, he can wield it to temporarily exhibit powers similar to that of Durendal’s.

Atlantis Argonauts

“What? You want us to eat together? Sure, why not? Don’t mind if I take the seat at the end of the table then. …Erm, how did I end up being seated in the middle? And right next to Hektor!? Wait, he’s the guest of honor!?”


Mandricardo almost died because Senpai noticed him.


“I’m a bit uncomfortable around her.

Actually, isn’t she a stronger paladin than Ruggiero?”


“Now, listen carefully, Roland. I am Mandricardo, but I’m not the same person I was when we first met.

So if you remember me proclaiming, “Hahahaha! Durendal is a sword worthy of me, Mandricardo!” followed by a loud roar of laughter, that never happened. ‘Cause I’ve buried my past in the dark, yep.”

Other Paladins of Charlemagne

“You can definitely count on them, but… They kinda place higher on the eccentricity scale… If you get what I mean…”

Comment from the Illustrator

Appearance-wise, I was instructed to draw him as a “cynical, loner, small-time punk”. With a wooden sword in his hand, he gave me the impression of an aggressive lone wolf. It didn’t help that his eyes looked intimidating, too… Contrary to my initial expectations, he turned out to be friend shaped! My friend!!!! Adding comedic facial expressions made him even more animated. I am particularly fond of his uneven bangs! (Ginka)

Material Images