Marie Antoinette (Swimsuit)



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Marie Antoinette
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: France
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 48kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Ginka
  • Character Voice: Taneda Risa
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

“Let me see… from here to here is my territory, ok? Beach volleyball!”

Tool Creation: [D]

“Hehe, I even tried to prepare a ball. I heard that this is called a beach ball. Don’t you agree that it has a lovely colour?”

Personal Skills

Beach Flower: [A+]

How many looks of public attention one can gather at the beach.
Since it is at A+, one has reached the domain of a celebrity.

Sunflower’s Sparkle: [A]

Sparkling, sparkling, sparkleーーーーSurely for her who displays such a smile at the beach, it is fitting to call Marie a flower of the sun (sunflower).

Beautiful Princess (Sea): [A]

A charismatic nature not for leadership, but to bring and attract to one the people in their surroundings.
Due to a composite effect with the Beach Flower Skill, Marie is revered and protected as a princess of the beach by simply existing as she is.
… Take a good look. Just now, those who protected Marie from the enemies were not simply a musician, an executioner and a Knight of the White Lily whom disguised their appearances and happened to pass by coincidentally…

Noble Phantasm(s)

Crystal Dress: Lovable Radiance for All Eternity

  • Rank: A
  • Classifications: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm / Anti-Populace Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 200 people

In the olden ages, there are illusions that have surely existedーーーーputting on her body the radiance of the Royal Authority itself. Take a good look at Marie’s radiance, who shows her earnestness as a flower of the beach – as a flower of the sun. Super sparkling, sparkling, radiant, sparkle! Functions as damage and debuff for the enemy camp, and as a buff for her own team.



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronoun: anata
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ○○-san / ○○-sama


The same Marie Antoinette as always. Given that it is the resort, she is slightly in high spirits. She feels that royalty is at home in a summer resort. Having successfully materialized in a swimsuit, she does not really care about the large amount of skin exposure. Marie Antoinette continues to sparkle beautifully, pleasantly, and gorgeously. Concerning her appearance, because she is rather unmindful of it, it may not be known that in the eyes of others, she comes out all the more boldly.

Attitude Towards Master

Basically the same as usual. Spending every summer day with Marie Antoinette seems to be, genuinely, letting one have a dream of a real celebrity vacation. Since it is a dream, they will wake up someday, but memories of it will undoubtedly be left behind.

Dialogue Examples

“Hey, I like the beach. I love it! You, as well as everybody; let’s all surely enjoy it, alright?ーーーーVive la France!”

“Oh? Mr. Crab got on my head. Hehe, nice to meet you Mr. Crab!”

“Are you going out to play? May I also play together with you?”

“A vacances is fun. Although there are occasionally serious matters too, it’s nonetheless fun!”

“Hey, I like new things. Let’s quickly go make things livelier!”

Historical Character and Figure

It is completely the same as the time when Marie materialized as a Rider.

Character in FGO

Whether at the royal palace or at the beach, a queen consort is a queen consort. She is Marie Antoinette as she still is, even if her Saint Graph has been tinkered with by Scáthach. Nevertheless, she is somewhat in high spirits, and compared to her materialization as a Rider, the number of times she smiles has increased by a tiny bit. Unnoticed goes the crab that got on her head (only in her First Stage Ascension).

Marie uses a beach ball in combat. Or more precisely, there is a possibility that Marie herself is merely playing with a ball at the beach, all while not being aware of the battles.

Standard Weapons

A beach ball as mentioned above. Umph!


“Oh, goodness gracious! As I expected, you’re looking quite pale. Your face has become pure white. Let’s take a break somewhere. Ok?
W-WhatーーーーMy Third Stage Ascension is dangerous? In what way?”

Charles-Henri Sanson

“Ah, Sanson. Hey, please look; Miss Scáthach prepared a swimsuit for me… Huh? Sanson? Why aren’t you looking this way for me?”

The Chevalier d’Éon

“Hey, come, you should enjoy your vacances too! Hehehe. Look here, I chose some clothes and swimsuits that seem to suit you nicely. Ah, that’s right, it might also be a good idea to walk to the merchant shop and find something together!”


“Merci mille fois. For the first time in a while, I relished in the mood for a vacances.”

Comment from the Illustrator

It was fun because I was able to even design 2 swimsuits and 3 kinds of one-pieces. At first, I was wandering off course, acting quite rashly and recklessly with something like deciding on a blue one-piece as I was too conscious about the resort feeling, but with Mr. Takeuchi’s safe words of advice, I did a white dress! I’m safe!! Given that the Noble Phantasm was already in the form of a last boss at the occasion of its ordering, I presented it to them in high spirits. I even extended Marie’s hair within the short moment where they were not looking… (Ginka)

Material Images

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