Mash Kyrielight



  • Class: Shielder
  • True Name: Cannot be inquired due to a lack of a summoned form
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Fate/Grand Order
  • Region: Chaldea
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 46kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Character Voice: Taneda Risa
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble Phantasm?

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: A

No matter what Great Magecraft it is, Magecraft spells that are at the Ranks of A and below will be nullified.

Riding: C

One can flawlessly manage beasts and vehicles if the beasts and vehicles have respectively received the proper training and adjustments.

Field Defense: C

A power displayed at the time of protecting allies or an allied camp. Exhibits a Damage Reduction Effect beyond the defensive limit value, but oneself is not included with the target(s) of protection. Also, the higher the rank, the greater the extent the protective range can reach.

Succeed Phantasm: Possession Inheritance: ?

A special Skill that Demi-Servants possess. Inherits no more than one of the Skills that the possessing Heroic Spirit owns, the Demi-Servant sublimating it in a self-taught manner.

Personal Skills

The Now Brittle Wall of Snowflakes

A Defense Buff that covers the entire party. The user’s force of will is converted into physical defense.

Because Mash still misunderstands the way on how to use her Noble Phantasm, its true value is not able to be shown.

The Occasionally Hazy Wall of Chalk

A Defense Skill that allows one to arbitrarily put an Invincibility Effect on someone among their party. Their NP also goes up a little.

In accordance with its name of how it is called ‘Occasionally Hazy’, the target temporarily shifts out of the time axis in order to avoid attacks. If the rank was higher, the target could even phase through attacks, among other things, from a higher dimension. That principle is close to a certain Defensive Noble Phantasm that is used to target its own user.

Shield of a Rousing, Severing Resolution

A Skill that temporarily raises one’s own defensive power and draws in the attacks of their opponent(s). It is bestowed only to someone who musters their courage and defends the backs of those who egress before anyone else.

This seems to be a Skill not from the Noble Phantasm itself, but rather from the form the mentality of Mash herself took.

Noble Phantasm

Lord Chaldeas: Imaginary Noble Phantasm – Pseudo-Deployment/The Cornerstone of the Human Order

  • Rank: D
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Number of Targets: —

Something named by Olgamarie Aminusphere. The Noble Phantasm Mash deploys according to her instincts without the True Name of the Heroic Spirit who possessed her being known to her as she is now. It expands a strong protective barrier in front of her. It appears that being crowned with the name Chaldeas is from the wish that lies within Mash’s foundation, the wish called “To see the future of humanity.


  • First Person Pronoun: watashi
  • Second Person Pronouns: ○○-san / ○○-shi / Mister ○○○ … the honorific varies accordingly with the TPO (Time, Place, Occasion).
  • For the Protagonist, Mash uses “Senpai” and “Master” for different purposes, such as on the occasions where her Master calls her name and on the occasions where she continues on as a Servant respectively.
  • Regarding the matter with Roman, although she calls him “Doctor”, if Roman’s comedic lines are too terrible to her, she calls him “Dr. Roman” instead and gives him a harsh assessment.
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo


Diplomatic, timid, and active. A girl poor at expressing emotions. Mash’s life experience is scarce, but she has a large amount of knowledge. Since she is taciturn, and moreover, has an efficient and cool manner and speech, Mash happens to closely fit into the adjective of ‘as if she is like a doll’~ or some such. Still, Mash herself is very much an ordinary girl, someone who is intellectually brimming with curiosity and active, simply a little taciturn, and whose theatrical elocution is just amusing.

Outgoing: Mash reliably greets others by herself. She conversates with companions and seeks their opinions.
Timid: A timid person who appears to be pulling herself together. It is always scary for Mash to fight. But she still does her best.
An Active Dynamic: Mash appears to be mild-mannered before coming forth to someone without hesitation. The cause of her being seen as an eccentric young girl is from this characteristic.

Motive / Attitude towards the Master

After becoming a Servant, Mash idolizes the Protagonist as her Senpai, and she will become the Protagonist’s power, she will be useful for the Protagonist, and she will do her best. It seems that said person is more than happy with those above anything else. Mash does not use “!” very much, firmly saying instead “Master, instructions!” or “Senpai, please!” before combat, and those are the expressions of her request & reliance called “Please help the weak me!” Her outward appearance tends to be seen as a cool battle heroine, but her core part is the exact opposite. No matter how much she gets used to doing battle, it is scary for her, and she wants to be calm during combat as much as she can if possible. Mash’s components are summarized into qualities such as “a serious and obedient honours student”, “a Kouhai who treats her Senpai with respect. It is not known whether or not that is her way of seeing love though”, and “(misunderstood as) just a slightly eccentric young girl”.

Speech Examples

… Um. It is neither morning nor night, so please wake up, Senpai.
The reason… huh? Ritsuka-san… he is the most humane among the humans I have encountered up to now. I really do not sense any threat from him. It is because of that that there is no reason for me to be hostile to him at all.
“*Senpai, it was a disaster immediately after she took up her new post. Nevertheless, there is room for sympathy even for the Director’s irritability."
"With all due respect, Ritsuka-senpai is too ignorant regarding Chaldea.
It is impossible to communicate our intentions by means of language. I judge it to be a hostile creature. Master, instructions. With both Senpai and I, we will get over this situation!

Character Image

Someone with Grade A Master Aptitude who Chaldea prepared. A Designer Child conceived through artificial insemination and reared inside Chaldea. Not a homunculus, but a fully-fledged human being. However, Mash’s life span is short due to the matter where her Magic Circuits and Master Aptitude were prioritized. It is said that the life activity of a Designer Child ceases when they are about 30 years old, but Mash’s is even shorter than that. This is because the life span of her body was further shortened due to the fusion experiment she underwent with a Servant. Mash has been diagnosed with an activity limit of 18 years.

Mash was previously possessed by the second of the three Heroic Spirits summoned by Chaldea, whom were all summoned by the Heroic Spirit Summoning System – Fate. Although the second Heroic Spirit possessed Mash, he showed his discomfort for this experiment that violates humanitarianism, refusing to cooperate with Chaldea. Thereafter, he had been observing with silence inside of Mash, but his heart was touched with what he saw just before Mash died, so he fused with her for the sake of keeping her alive. Mash herself has not been informed of what Heroic Spirit was inside of her. This is because the previous Director had been keeping it a secret for he was afraid that the testee… that Mash would become arrogant and be alienated.

Until the start of the Story’s Prologue, Mash had been spending time in an isolation room within Chaldea. The isolation room is a small room with one side of the walls being composed out of glass so that it can be monitored from the outside. She kept on living in that room for 14 years, and ever since she was 15 years old, it had reached the point where it was not a problem for her to move within Chaldea if circumstances allowed it, such as receiving training as a member of A-Team, a team where specially selected Masters were assembled into. She came across the Protagonist, who turned up at Chaldea, on the morning of the day she became 16 years old. After Chaldea was devastated and she became a Demi-Servant, Mash exerts herself as the Protagonist’s Servant.

Mash’s mental structure has been viewed as being similar to a chick that had just been born. Pure, and without being aware of the things to be suspicious of, Mash merely acts for the sake of the things she believes in. (Her human-like mental structure and its contradictions continue to grow throughout her journey.)

Role within the Game’s Story

Mash plays an active role as the Protagonist’s navigator in both the Main Story and in Special Events. The main heroine, the main shield. Cool and taciturn, and yet her true nature is one where she acts as a devoted and earnest Kouhai character. Although she has knowledge concerning Magecraft, history and Heroic Spirits, her common sense is rather lacking. The main Servant who has a formal contract with the Protagonist. Other than that contract, the contracts formed with the other Servants are simply no more than sub-contracts where “they are lending their power because of the Human Order Incineration.

Connections to Other Characters

Lev Lainur

Although it was limited to a period of two years, as far as Mash is concerned, Lev is her former teacher in the Magecraft Department. It appears that even Lev has also been connecting with Mash exceptionally as “a single person”. For that reason, Mash is not able to possess the awareness that Lev is a bad person.

Dr. Roman

A figure who is at the top of Chaldea’s Medical Department, and as of now, is acting on the Director’s behalf. Since Mash is very much obliged to him, she trusts as well as relies on Roman. To Mash, Roman is a figure interpreted as both the kind father and the kind older brother at the house next door.

Comment from Illustrator

Mash Kyrielight

Mash is a character who had been created since the time of stay night. She was designed to be a person wielding a massive shield in a SF (Science Fiction)-like bodysuit, but I added some armour parts and volume to her chest for FateGO, and it resulted in her current design. There was particularly no setting for her wearing glasses in her civilian clothes, but given that it seemed to match well with her, I tried to put it on her. I am thinking, ‘I wonder if it turned out to be a nice accent in her design as a form of variety from the times when she is a Servant.’ (Takeuchi Takashi)

Ortenax Costume

Mash, who lost her powers as a Servant, has a Saint Graph exoskeleton she wears over her body in order to reinforce herself. She is also called by the nickname ‘Armoured Mash’. I even thought of a jagged robot-ish design in order to emphasize an unrefined characteristic, but I was uneasy in having the design be too distant from Mash’s image, so concerning the result, I agreed on a silhouette similar to one with a head protector + armour with heavy armouring attached to it. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Lev Lainur

I drew a rough sketch of Lev and said “Hey, I want this sort of impression from him”, but after I received the OK from Nasu, I adjusted his lines over again, and a charm similar to the rough sketch’s did not come out… That also happens now and then, but Lev is also a character of that sort of type. Although in the first rough sketch, he had a bit more showiness to him. How troublesome. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Romani Archaman

A character of the type that seems simple but gets one running into trouble with their design. The fact is, this person has no great feature, isn’t that right? I was worried up to the end about the colour of Romani’s hair. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Olgamarie Aminusphere

Because it is a character setting that was easy to understand, Olgamarie is a character who was formed without practically anything to be worried about. It was pleasant since I can draw this sort of character without straining too much of myself, don’t you think? The colour of her tights has a pleasant feeling to them. (Takeuchi Takashi)

The Protagonist

Rather than creating completely new things, I took from things that have been piling up till now, connecting them to future works. Nasu requested that he wants to get a protagonist who can support the weight of his works; the Fate that he aimed for, summed up till now. (Takeuchi Takashi)

Material Images