Mecha Eli-chan



  • Class: Alter Ego
  • True Name: Magus Aegis Elizabeth Channel
  • Gender: Female model
  • Source: Fate/GO Halloween Strike!
  • Region: Prison Castle Čachtice
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 156cm
  • Weight: 4t


  • Scenario writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character designer: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Ōkubo Rumi
  • Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [B]

Nullifies magic with an incantation of three verses or less.

Even with the use of greater magic and greater rituals it is difficult to hurt her.

Rather, it is difficult to physically hurt her. Because she's pure steel.

Item Construction: [B]

She possesses surprisingly high creation skills.

Functioning as a mother base, she seems to have the ability to produce armaments.

She appears to have a special income from making special gifts for special occasions.

Personal Skills

Innocent Kaiju: [EX]

An id_es skill that mutated from "Innocent Monster".

The dragon-girl of iron, Mecha Eli-chan, flies through the sky with the power of special cinematography, breathing fire, leaking electric shocks, and firing missiles. That is truly how a guardian deity of steel should be. She secretly wishes for a theme song to play whenever she uses this skill.

Overload (Revised): [C]

A variation of the skill that Frankenstein and Babbage possess. Although it does not increase the power of Noble Phantasms, it increases NP at the cost of HP.

According to the Eliza-resercher, Mr. R: "No matter how you look at it, this is the prelude to self-destruction!"

Final Eli-chan: [C]

A defensive field which protects both the world and oneself---

By releasing the Eliza particles covering her body, it reveals her true form and final form.

She looks the same, but her tail is probably super hot.

Magus 100-Hit Combo: [EX]

A demonic banquet that summons Mecha Eli-chans as she rides on the mass-production line and has them charge at the enemy target. In the end, over 100 Mecha Eli-chans combine into a giant spear and do something awful against the enemy. In another world view, this is also called "Superhuman Sisters Alliance". (It is not employed in "FGO".)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Soaring Metallic Witch

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Individual
  • Range: 40 → 1
  • Maximum Targets: 1 person

Breast Zero Erzsébet.

The Ultimate Private Live Show in which Mecha Eli-chan throws all her armaments against a single individual.

A reckless action of taking something originally meant to be used against an army, and using it against a single individual. There is no Face Open.[1]

The Blast Voice at the end looks like a beam weapon, but is actually just noise. It is an after-effect of releasing the maximum output of her internal dragon lung.

By means of spatial compression, said lung possess a spatial reverberation comparable to the Tokyo Dome and can produce a destructive sound wave on the same level as Elizabeth Bathory even without an amplifier such as the Čachtice Castle.



  • First person pronouns: watashi
  • Second person pronouns: omae/human/○○ (without honorific) / (once you've gotten close) anata
  • Third person pronouns: omae-tachi/○○ (without honorific)
  • Master designation: (initially) ○○ (without honorific) / (with a contract) master/pilot


An (inflexible) Servant of justice.

Having the exact opposite alignment of Elizabeth, lawful good, isn't just for show.

She is fundamentally cool and prudent.

She's a noble woman with a composed demeanor, rather than an impulsive one. Despite being a robot, she exhibits more grace than Elizabeth (she does not have Elizabeth's goofy temperament of going along with jokes). She rarely ever raises her voice, but when confronted with evil, she enters self-righteous/leader-mode to dish out sharp reprimands.

Perhaps it is because of her former status as the castle's guardian deity that she will absolutely attack anyone who violates her personal rules of "evil".

(She seriously worries about how she may be punishing those who did "something bad" in a textbook-manner due the fact that her electronic brain takes time to process "human inconsistency", but she doesn't talk about it.)

Both rebels and criminals have their own circumstances. Mecha Eli-chan, who intellectually believes that she should take those extenuating circumstances into consideration, is unhappy about such a self-righteous train of thought and is troubled about how to improve it.

She was in simple terms a good girl.

Through her steel expression, it is difficult to tell, but she is extremely tenacious.

As a noble (one who defends their land), she has crushed her own "personality as a young girl", but on very rare occasions, and only to a master she trusts, she may display a girly smile/embarrassed face.

(If Elizabeth is a mix of "a cruel girl and a brutal lord", then Mecha Eli-chan is "a strict girl, cool-headedly serving a lord".)

She is properly aware that she is a golem (mecha).

Just like Passionlip and Meltryllis, she dislikes the basis of her character that is Elizabeth Bathory - despite respecting her as the original. She found faults with Elizabeth - saying things like “I’m better suited as a lord” - and planned to driver her away (but it’s not like she wants to kill her). She would have no reasons to reject her if Elizabeth would only become an ideal lord, but she understand that such a time will never come - for Elizabeth is a Servant who can only come into existence as an innocent monster. For similar reasons, Carmilla is also no good. Although Carmilla’s personality is that of an ideal lord, she is out due to her being a vampire.

If Elizabeth Bathory had never gotten caught up in her delusion of blood... No, if there had been someone to protect her from the pressuring notion that "a woman holds no worth without beauty," then the history of Čachtice would surely have been different. This Alter Ego might be such a "what if" given shape.

"The things she likes" is a system of government without any surrounding issues; beautiful iron = namely herself; a pilot she can trust.

"The things she hates" is an irresponsible lord; non-working nobles; herself acting recklessly; an octopus-type robot which doesn't appear to exist in this world.

Attitude Towards Master

To begin with, she identified the Master as a criminal who took the side of her enemy (Elizabeth), intent on destroying Himeji Castle, but this misunderstanding was cleared up by a joint effort.

To Mecha Eli-chan, the Master who tried to protect Čachtice Castle, even though they had no affiliation with it, became an immediate candidate as "a trustworthy and righteous pilot of the people".

Dialogue Examples

  • "Good day, invaders. I am the lord and guardian deity of this Csejte Castle. Call me the demoness of justice, Mecha Eli-chan."

  • "My justice is solid. It's made of iron just like me."

  • "The law must be strict and cool-headed, just like me."

  • "If they advance past that point, prepare a press machine. Enemies are to be executed. They deserve no consideration or compassion."

  • "...Do you like pumpkins?"

  • "Nice response, Master. I prefer this rational self of yours."

  • "I'll reward you with the iron hammer of justice. It is made of iron so receive it and be smashed to smithereens."

  • "We are Servants of steel, Mecha Eli-chan. We'll protect you with gunfire and thunder."

  • "Thank you. However, no need to worry about me, Master. Nothing can wound me. As you can see, I am made of iron." (From the last episode of 'Crimson Parting, Mecha Eli-chan's Kamikaze Attack')

Character in FGO

"In astounding technicolor, the robot dragon descends on the demonic castle.

The guardian diety of Čachtice Castle, prepare for lift off!"

Has human science finally reached this point...!?

No, that's not it, science has nothing to do with it.

After repeated unusual events befalling Čachtice Castle, it has finally unleashed its ultimate weapon.

It is a legacy left behind by a wise man without name.

A treasure locked away in the basement, acting as a foundation for Čachtice Castle.

This supposedly inconspicuous guardian statue has finally awakened as a guardian diety after the Fresh Blood Demoness' repeated failures to acquire the Holy Grail.

Her name is Alter Ego Mecha Eli-chan.

A demoness of exaggerated justice having awakened to the heart of her lord.

She appeared in "Devil's Building Climber: Great Decisive Battle at Himeji Castle."

Because Elizabeth was repeatedly transformed, split, and combined by the Holy Grail at Čachtice Castle, Eliza partcles leaked out in the process and fused with the guardian statue of the castle, creating a miraculous synthetic Heroic Spirit.

She deemed Osakabehime unfit to be lord due to her selfish desire of "being shut in for eternity", and deemed Elizabeth a foreign enemy unqualified to be lord from the very start. As such, she reigns as the ruling boss of the Čachtice Pyramid Himeji Castle singularity. The Player engages in a life or death struggle with her.

After being beaten, she graciously admitted her defeat and ceased to function. However, she accepted the Master's wish to "become an ally" and rebooted as protector of the true Čachtice.

By the way, at the end of the Valentine event, the Master's first order was: "Now then, shall we go to Čachtice Castle to play after this?". Sisters should get along. At this, even Mecha Eli would smile sweetly.

Wish for the Holy Grail:

To become a lord herself... One might think it would be something like that, but actually, her wish is for "the ideal lord to appear" and for her to be able to watch over that land as guardian diety forever more.

As such, it would be nice if the Master, or even if Elizabeth by some miracle, became an ideal lord.


The greatest of precursors. The journal "Periodical - Golem Correspondence, issue 11 - Entrust Everything to Golems" is one of Mecha Eli-chan's prized possessions.

Elizabeth Bathory:

She's forever disqualified as a lord, but even so, she won't stop her from trying to become a kindhearted ruler, even if just for a while. As owner of the castle, there's a sense of embarrasment when this idol performs live, but her heart jumps with excitement for the lights that illuminate the stage.


Come to think of it, she's neither lord of the castle or a ruler, so in retrospect she might have gone a bit too far with the punishment. Having confirmed she was one of the few Heroic Spirits who understood the beauty of firearm designs, a process of re-evaluation occured. If possible, Mecha Eli-chan wants her to order decals and such for her equipment.

Mysterious Heroine XX:

They have sympathy for each other as special effects types, but they realized they can't be friends because they're of different genres.

Comment from the Illustrator

Mecha Eli-chans!!!!???? For reals!!!!?????? Since I had no experience with drawing mechas or knowledge about them to begin with, I fumbled around, but it was fresh and fun~! At first I drew their faces with a "THE ROBOT" feel, but I got a request to redraw it so they are more charming so I made them cute ♡ (hopefully). I'm satisfied with the letters I added to the drawings of their standing pose like in a monster movie...! (Wada Arco)

Translation notes:

[1] This is a reference to the mecha anime "Daiku Maryu Gaiking".

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