• True Name: Medea
  • Class: Caster
  • Source: Greek Mythology
  • Region: Greece, Corinth
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 51kg


  • Character Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi
  • Character Illustrator: Nekotawawa
  • Character Voice: Atsuko Tanaka
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/stay Night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, others


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

As a magician, she can construct a territory beneficial to her.

Being a witch from the Age of the Gods, she can build a Temple, which is superior to a Workshop.

Item Construction: [A]

Can create magical tools.

She can even create pseudo-immortality potions.

Personal Skills

High-Speed Divine Words: [A]

Activates magecraft without needing chants or connecting with her Magic Circuits.

Can use Greater Magecraft as if they were Single Action spells. She says words in the Age of the God’s language, so people of this era can’t hear them.

Argon Coin (Golden Fleece): [-]

Very expensive.

Jason lead the Argonauts in search of this treasure, but the legitimate owners are her family.

It supposedly can summon a dragon, but since Caster has no Phantasmal Beast summoning skills, this function is unavailable. She can heal by admiring the fleece. It’s so fluffy. Mental healing has surpassed physical-!

Circe’s Teachings: [-]

Princess Medea learned magecraft at the Moon Goddess Hecate’s temple and at the time, a fellow disciple, the witch Circe, was like an older sister to her.

Circe was a true genius of magecraft but also a witch with several personality problems.

Medea learned magic as a princess, so she can’t be called a genuine witch. She probably could never act like the witch she became after being dumped by Jason if it weren’t from the intensive training she took from her great big sis.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Rule Breaker - All Charms Must Be Undone

  • Rank: C+
  • Type: Anti-Magecraft Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Max. Targets: 1 person

A dagger that undoes any and all magecraft.

An ultimate anti-magecraft Noble Phantasm that turns objects strengthened by magic, relationships formed by contracts and lifeforms created with magic back to how they were before they were made.

The Witch of Betrayal Medea’s Divinity given physical form as a magical weapon.

It’s as weak as a weapon as it looks like, just as lethal as any normal knife.



  • First person pronoun: watashi
  • Second person pronoun: anata/ name with no honorifics
  • Third person pronoun: anatatachi/ anatagata/ name with no honorifics


Cold-hearted and cruel, willing to pull any trick to win, an authentic evil lady who specializes in trickery.

…or at least that’s how she presents herself to people. That’s nothing but a mask she puts on to impress the ones around her.

This personality is partly a reaction to the fate imposed upon her. After being faced with betrayal over and over, this time the tragic woman fell into the role betraying others.

When she was alive, after she suffered a severe betrayal, was branded as the Witch of Betrayal after a long journey and was driven away from her hometown, she made a decision. “If I can only live as a witch, then I shall live as a witch”.

Caster is considered the weakest Class in a Holy Grail War since many Servants have Magic Resistance.

As she can use lost magecraft from the Age of the Gods, she is knowledgeable enough to even hack the Holy Grail’s system to summon a Servant as her own familiar. Her favorite tactic is hide herself behind a solid barrier, set layers upon layers of traps and corner her enemies into dooming themselves.

She is fundamentally an innocent and compassionate woman and will be wholeheartedly devoted to any man who sees her as such.

While she has her own twisted ways of showing affection, she is very actively helpful.

Also, due to her past experiences, she is unable to trust good-looking men and seems to like cute girls.

In the 5th Fuyuki Holy Grail War, when she was testing her binding over the Saber (Arthuria) she was going to use against Berserker, she shows her sadistic desire to degrade the knight into a witch like her, but you can also infer she took a liking to her looks.

Her hobby is making dolls, and after she was manifested as a Heroic Spirit she started trying her hand at dioramas.

Building small worlds is the most basic and most advanced principle of magecraft.

Her being able to build detailed and elaborate small worlds is proof she is a magus who learned directly from the Goddess Hecate.

Attitude Towards Master

She is a troublesome Servant with a considerable risk of betraying anyone she doesn’t like, even her Master.

She has a special grudge against good-looking men who remind her of Jason and men who try to take advantage of her. In the 5th Grail War in Fuyuki, she made her plan, deceived her Master (Atram Galiasta in the Fate/stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] anime), made him waste his Command Spells and killed him.

On the other hand, she will actively try to show off for someone she likes and will even put herself in danger to help them.

However, as she still has her trauma from being ditched by the man she loved, she will almost always interact with them from a safe distance. She is not very aware of it herself, but she has a subconscious wish to go back to her happy life in her hometown.

Dialogue Examples

“But, what a shame. Just when I found out what I wish.”

Kuzuki: “No need to be sad about. I’ll just fulfill your wish in your stead.”

“I don’t think you can. Because my wish…
has already been fulfilled for a while now.”

“Hellooo everyone! I am called: Medea Kuzuki! M-E-D-E-A K-U-Z-U-K-…”

Historical Character and Figure

The daughter of Aeëtes, the king of Colchis from the Greek mythology, owner of the golden fleece.

She is a bona fide princess, but she is also a witch from the Age of the Gods, taught by the Moon Goddess Hecate.

The Goddess Aphrodite’s curse awakened her love for Jason and she not only gave him the golden fleece, but also stalled his pursuer by slicing her younger brother Apsyrtus into pieces and eloping from Colchis.

Even after that, Medea served Jason time and time again with her magecraft, but Jason was disconcerted with Medea’s intense personality and planned to dump her and remarry the queen of Corinth. When Medea learned of the circumstances, she killed both the queen and the king of Corinth, along with the two children she had with Jason.

Character in FGO

The tragedy Medea faced was already told enough times in the Fate series, but in the third chapter “Oceanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the End”, Jason finally becomes a character and Medea was arguably expanded upon.

In her Interlude, she fully shows off her twisted hatred for Jason and ruins the protagonist and their friend’s day for it.

Role in previous works:

Appears in Fate/stay Night. She is somewhat of a mid-boss in the 5th Fuyuki Holy Grail War and also the originator of the Heroic Spirit named “Koujirou Sasaki”.

After killing her first Master, she makes a passerby high school teacher her second Master and that was her most fateful encounter. You can see her in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia as a happy young wife and in the Carnival Phantasm anime, we can even see her donning a tennis uniform.


Liked from the start because she would be a good model for dolls, but then turned out to like her personality and life choices too. Is she a god?

Most likely would die a slow and painful death if she ever saw Saber Lilly.


A truly heroic Heroic Spirit, with very well-defined strengths and weaknesses. If his only role were “hero”, not also “king”, this tragedy could maybe have been avoided.


Legends says he is her fourth husband, but we don’t know for sure in the FateGO world.

We can all hope Achilles gets added to the game as soon as possible. (We just want to watch the world burn)


Although they are unrelated as magi, that’s a Servant she can’t ignore, since she has “the strongest guardian” as her familiar.


He is always chill, but there was one madam who ticked him off.

Comment from the Illustrator

Her dress is slender to the knees, vertically long and has few lines, making it hard to draw, so I leaned her body a lot, giving her a livelier vibe. I had to adjust the pose a lot to make her long staff fit into the frame and think about how that change would affect her cape, but then came the third ascension and she loses the cape that defined most of her movement and cover most of most of the area, so I went back and forth a lot when adjusting the balance between the second and third ascensions. Since she is a character who showed a lot of deep expressions in the previous games, I had no idea what mood I should show her. It was difficult to decide. As she exposes her face upon ascension, I decided to draw Medea looking less evil when her face is exposed. (Nekotawawa)

Material Images