Medusa Lancer



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Medusa
  • Gender: FeMale
  • Source: Greek legends
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 134 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg? "identical with my elder sisters" body weight is self-reported


  • Setting creation: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character design: BLACK
  • CV: Asakawa Yuu
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [B+]

Invalidate magic with chant 3 verses or less.
Receives mostly no damage even against Great Thaumaturgy or Ritual Spells.
Depending on the situation, even Great Thaumaturgy would be completely invalidated.

Goddess' Divine Core: [A]

A skill representing one's status as a goddess.
A composite skill that also comprises Divinity skill.
Has the effect of preserving the absoluteness of mind and body. Repels all sorts of mental interference, halts body growth, and change nothing of the body no matter how much calorie is consumed...or it should have, but her original self grows normally like a living being.
Manifesting as a Servant, she had acquired her original skill in a temporary nature.
(TLnote: original skill is 本スキル. im not sure i got this one right)

Personal Skills

Alluring Melody: [B]

She holds the same skill that her sisters possesses.
Against male, it works an effect similar to that of a fascination magic; evasion is possible with Magic Resistance skill.
Effect reduction is also possible even if the target does not possess Magic Resistance skill as long as the target has the will to resist it.

(TLnote: Somebody plx give me alternative to translate 美声, Nightingale just doesnt cut it for me and Melody barely does)

Monstrous Strength: [E]

Temporarily magnifies STR. An offensive special characteristic possessed only by monsters and Monstrous Beasts.
Increase STR by 1 rank upon usage. Duration depends on the rank of "Monstrous Strength".
...Since her monstrous nature is thin, the rank is low.

Feeling Towards the Distance: [A+]

The distance that might have been one day-----the feelings towards those precious days, they all shall support her struggle until the very end.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Caress of the Medusa - Embrace of the Goddess

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~20
  • Maximum target: 1 person

Caress of the Medusa.
The abilities that up to now Medusa (Rider) possesses as skills----in other words, the things that the current Medusa shall acquire in the future, obtained as a Noble Phantasm.
After inquiring with the immortal slaying spear she holds, she instantly petrifies the enemy within her field of sight by means of the highest level of Mystic Eyes "Cybele".
She performs a fierce attack with it as the focal point.

(inquiring: 見舞, far as i know this means get well visit, i dont know whats the proper usage of the verb here)



First pronoun: watashi (kanji)/watashi (hiragana)
Second pronoun: anata (kanji)/anata (hiragana)/**(without honorifics)/ -san
Third pronoun: kare/kanojo/
(without honorifics)/ **-san


A moderate and quiet Servant.
DUring the 7th chapter she concealed a grim determination and was active in the land of Babylonia, but as Chaldea's summoned Servant indications regarding to those are thin.

She is wary towards humans, and does not really tie any relationship with others.
Although she is Servant of the divine spirit variety, she does not particularly hold much divinity within her. (TLnote 神々しさ, not 神性aka Divinity as a skill) Her presence is close to that of a normal Servant. However, as expected her disposition is no different from that of a human little girl. But even as her humane appearance is that of a very young one, generally there is a composure surrounding her.

During life, her grown up self had transformed into the monster Gorgon and had taken in both of her sisters. Due to memories of those, she instinctively fear growing up.
Her being negative in regards of leveling up and ascension is due to this.
Should she know that leveling up and ascension is not something that would lead her transforming herself into a monster, she would show a look of relief towards the Master.

Attitude Towards Master

The Master is just another human, yet she does not show much vigilance. She understands in the depth of his heart that the Master is her ally.

Dialogue Examples

"Manifesting under the Lancer class; true name, Medusa. Please treat me well."

"I love being at waterside. I also love swimming. Master, can you swim?"

"The accumulation of experience, the transformation of the body. So that is growth."

"I too.... wish to tell those important to me. To tell them this feeling of mine."

"Let us! Search for my elder sisters together!"


The third of the three Gorgon Sisters in Greek legend.
Embodying the yearning of men, one of the goddess that was born and fell as a perfect idol.
By means of an uncertain factor, the anti-hero Medusa has manifested as a Servant with a figure close to that of both of her sisters as a "goddess".
Her appearance is similar to her elder sisters, that of a sweet young girl. Her character has also changed from her as a Rider.
However, she is different from her sisters, who are "immortal maidens who can only live by accepting help from others". Already she is endowed with the strength to fight and the indications of a demon that would plunder away many lives.
Normally she cannot be summoned, a Servant of the divine spirit variety.
She manifested during the crisis of human history's demise, but...
Beyond being summoned at Chaldea, she seems to have at the very least 2 people she wants to meet. In the beginning she would barely approach them, unable to do much beyond staring from the distance in tears; let us carefully watch over her without rushing.

Standard Weapons

Thrusting attack by means of a two handed weapon. Close range.
Whether her weapon, endowed with the power of "immortal slaying", is the Noble Phantasm Herpe that in Greek legend had slaughtered the monster Gorgon or not, is something Medusa keeps quite a tight lip about.
Even if the Master takes a look on it, and even Chaldea's personnel put on an analysis to it, it stays as of unknown authenticity.
Da Vinci-chan may know something about it, but she too is not saying anything about it.

Euryale / Stheno

Older elder sister. Younger elder sister. My beloved sisters.
To be a Servant summoned to fight is such a terrifying thought, but if I could once again see your figure, then it's a different story.
I am so happy. Thank you, Master.
But-----I, I still cannot talk properly to them.
I did send them some chocolate during Valentine, but as expected, properly meeting them is...


The me of the future. The me who had grown up. The real me.


The me as a nonstandard (extra class) Heroic Spirit.
Please be calmer. Rather than completely falling into a "monster", you need to remember the spirit of cooperation while inside Chaldea.
Also, please stop projecting actual killing intent towards the staffs.

Chaldea staff members

The humans. They're a bit scary.


(bows) That face is...


In the olden days spoken of in the legends, this man had brought an end to me (the monster). He had given to me, who had taken in both of my elder sisters and had become an existence that can only rampage around, a sleep and quiet moment.
But still, I wonder why.
I, absolutely think that I will not say thank you to him. I simply, don't want to.

Comment from the Illustrator

To tell you the truth, her birth is quite a difficult one. She is a Lancer now but in the beginning she was ****, is the cause. Her weapon was designed to be more lance-like, but a large scythe is like, much more cooler! Is the reason of why it's arranged like that. (As long as you don't touch stuffs that is obviously no good, there are lots of case where the self modded design got a pass) The staffs at battle sprite production always ended up going through hardship each time, but I have to say I really like the gimmick where they change her hairstyle on ascension. Braid, loosen, ponytail; making those small differences was quite an ordeal, but I'm really glad I drew it in the end. Her sickle and chain action was so greaaaat.... It was not really Lancer-like (LOL) but now it reminds me, is swimsuit Kiyohime's hidden class strengthening not here yet...? (BLACK)

TL Notes

It's 4 letters, so judging from the classes katakana maybe she is Assassin initially?

Also, here's what it said in japanese in regards of the self modded design and kiyohime stuffs in case someone wants to double check the meaning:

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