• Class: Rider
  • True Name: Medusa
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Greek mythology
  • Region: Greece, Shapeless Isle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 57 kg


  • Setting creation: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: Takeuchi Takashi
  • CV: Asakawa Yuu
  • Main works appearance: Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, others


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [B]

Invalidate magic with chant 3 verses or less.

It is hard to damage her even with great thaumaturgy or ritual spells.

Riding: [A+]

The ability for riding. Capable of managing even beast with the rank of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast. However, this doesn't apply to dragon kin.

Independent Action: [C]

The ability to act independently for a period even if magic energy supply from the Master is severed.

At C rank, even if she loses his Master she is able to stay materialized for a period of 1 day.

Divinity: [E-]

Possession of divine spirit aptitude, but it's mostly degraded.

This Skill's rank decrease as a Heroic Spirit's rank as a monster or Mystical Beast increase.

Personal Skills

Mystic Eyes: [A+]

The possession of Mystic Eyes of the highest level, "Cybele".

Those whose MGI is C rank and below will be unconditionally petrified, while those of B rank will be petrified depending on the result of saving throw. Those of A rank will not be petrified, but suffer a rank down on all of their abilities and receive a "heavy pressure".

Monstrous Strength: [B]

Temporarily magnifies STR. An offensive special characteristic possessed only by monsters and Mystical Beasts.

Increase STR by 1 rank upon usage. Duration depends on the rank of Monstrous Strength.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Bellerophon - Bridle of Chivalry

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2~50
  • Maximum target: 300 person


Increases all ability values by 1 rank upon usage, and increases armor class by 100.

It is utilized on a beast from the age of the gods; a physical attack that pulverizes the enemies by means of a super charge.

While originally Pegasus was a gift given by the sea god to Medusa, it is also said that Pegasus was born of the blood dripping from Medusa's severed neck as she was exterminated by Perseus.

By means of Pegasus' divine protection, upon riding defense power is also raised; the highest level of Noble Phantasm in terms of combination of offense and defense.

In addition, Bellerophon was also the name of a youth who is known to have ridden Pegasus in Greek mythology.

Bloodfort Andromeda: Outer Seal - Blood Temple

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 10-40
  • Maximum target: 500 person

Bloodfort Andromeda.

A mystical temple that had been constructed in the "Shapeless Isle" where the three Gorgon Sisters had been exiled to.

The temple, known to petrify those who embark on the island and devour them, was a boundary field constructed by the Mystic Eyes Medusa possessed.

By magnification of the Mystic Eyes' projection, a fixed field is substituted into "the inside of her eyes", and the life force of those inside it is plundered.

An absorption power that literally "dissolves the body" of ordinary persons without any Magic Resistance. Even Heroic Spirits will have their life force plundered as long as they are inside the barrier.

In FateGO it is utilized as her third skill, but because its true name is not released, its output value falls.



  • First pronoun: watashi
  • Second pronoun: anata/** (no honorifics)
  • Third pronoun: anatatachi/anatagata/** (no honorifics)


Taciturn and blunt.

Concealing her eyes with a mask, she is a hard one to understand. However, it is not that she doesn't have much in the ways of emotion; rather, she is the type that thinks too much and ended up stuffed with emotion inside.

Furthermore, her mask is not simply for hiding her eyes, but also for sealing her "Mystic Eyes Cybele" that petrifies anything they gaze at; the Mystic Eyes slaying Noble Phantasm "Dark Temple (Breaker Gorgon)".

In battle, she is ruthless and without mercy, willing to prey on unrelated innocents without hesitation if it's by her Master order in the Holy Grail War.

On the other hand, she displays a degree of kindness to those who is not antagonistic towards her Master.

Her appearing indifferent and coldblooded is simply due to her feeling it to be bothersome otherwise, said Artoria.

She likes alcohol, and her hobby is reading.

Being summoned as Rider, it seemed like she had grown a fondness towards bicycle.

Due to being pushed around by her cruel and willful sisters, Stheno and Euryale, she ended up ingrained with a pessimistic nature. It seemed that this sort of power relationship doesn't change even after they became Heroic Spirit, with her being abused with those two's unreasonable demands even in Chaldea.

Although she is a tall and beautiful woman with outstanding build, her standard for beauty is "small and cute"; due to that, she holds a complex towards her own height and grown-up build. As she materialize, that complex of her ended up stirred towards girls with petite build such as Artoria.

Attitude Towards Master

She is, at the very least, display loyalty towards the Master. One that borders desperation.

Even if she thinks that there is something wrong with her Master's standpoint or orders, she is capable of serving them while killing her own personal feelings.

Ferocious and terrifying, yet beautiful. Perhaps similar to that of a Doberman.

She is fundamentally indifferent towards humans other than her Master, but she opens her heart to those she deemed would not injure her Master.

Dialogue Examples

"As aggravating it may be, soldiers do not get to choose their superior. Facing forwards means not of voicing one's displeasure, but of seeking virtue, no? ...Although, it is only in the case that someone like that actually exists."

"Even something like nonchalant gesture hinders my leg."

"Fufu. Now now, don't slouch your back."

Historical Character and Figure

The youngest daughter of the three Gorgon sisters that appears in the Greek mythology, Medusa.

An unorthodox Heroic Spirit; rather, she is an opponent of mankind, one known as anti-hero.

Previously she had been a native earth mother goddess, but due to the scheme of the Olympians and the fanaticism of the people, she made a getaway to the Shapeless Isle together with her two sisters.

For the sake of protecting her elder sisters, who have no fighting ability, she had continued on the endeavour of becoming stronger, until finally. Medusa was reduced to a snake monster that turns everything she gazes at into stone. She then was cornered by the hero Perseus by means of his many Noble Phantasms, and ended up having her neck severed.

Both of her sisters had been "perfect" goddess from birth, and so they did not grow; however, Medusa herself did grow due to being an "imperfect" goddess. That is the cause of her looking older than her elder sisters.

Character in FGO

She did not make any standing out appearance up to 5th chapter, but each of her sisters did appear; Stheno as an Assassin during the 2nd chapter of "Empire of Eternal Madness, Septem" and Euryale as an Archer during the 3rd chapter of "Sealed Ends of the Four Seas, Okeanos", and etc. The sisters' heartwarming (?) episodes are depicted in interlude stories and others.

Role in past works

In "Fate/stay night", she appears as the Servant of the Matou clan's magus. Although there are route where she immediately leave the stage, there is also a route where she joins the protagonist. In "Fate/hollow ataraxia", she freeloads in the protagonist's house together with her Master while working part-time in an antique store, completely adapting into a livelihood in Fuyuki City. The same work's "Gorgon's Storage" episode also depicts the bullied younger sister from when she was still living together with her elder sisters.


Althought she had no direct connection with her, because she knows of her sly methods she finds her disagreeble. The sort of thing where one hate someone similar to her.

Stheno, Euryale

Even though every day they still pushed her around, those are days filled with happiness.


If he comes he's dead.

Comment from the Illustrator

While Medusa's third phase follows her original design, the concept is even more exposure. Even though I did not want to make it look like a female prowrestler's costume, the result is pretty much that. (Takeuchi Takashi)

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