• True Name: Meltryllis
  • Class: Alter Ego
  • Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
  • Region: SE.RA.PH.
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 33 kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Illustrator: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Hayami Saori
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/EXTRA CCC


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

High Servant A

Artificial Servant created by combining multiple mythological essences.

She possesses the components of Artemis, Leviathan and Saraswati.

Riding B

The ability to ride mounts.

As long as it is an animal that exists in reality, she can ride it, even if it is a wild one.

Goddess's Divine Core B

A Skill representing one as a perfect goddess from birth.

It has the effect of preserving the absolute nature of one's mind and body. Repels all forms of mental interference, prevents the body's growth and maintains one's figure no matter how much calories are ingested.

Magic Resistance B

Invalidates spells with a chant below three verses.

Even if one is targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be wounded.

Independent Action A

The ability to act independently for a while even if the supply of mana from the Master is rejected.

An Alter Ego which exists as 『another aspect of an existence』 can act alone even without a Master. Meltryllis is more geared towards Independent Action, but this seems to be due to her heart which finds "an étoile (star) shining on the stage all by herself" beautiful.

Personal Skills

Crime Ballet A

Merely a battle style.

A number of combat skills created as a result of Meltryllis, who adores classic ballet, retuning herself.

She came to possess diverse abilities by converting already perfected stories and settings into skills.

『The Name on the Heel is the Cursed Sword Giselle』『Unforgivable Hilarion』『Farewell Albrecht』『The Siren Who Burns Entrails』and so on.

Originally, Meltryllis is an Alter Ego created from BB's "Altruism Desire" and "Pleasure", its true nature being the figure of an abnormally lovely maiden who can't help but stir up the desire in men to protect her―――――is how it used to be.

Although it appears her adoration for ballet is due to that image, perhaps due to the influence of the skill that continues to steal the opponent's abilities, currently, her personality is quite belligerent.

Sadistic Constitution A

A Skill that provides a bonus correction to one's aggression during battle.

It seems like a positive Skill, but the longer its possessor stays in combat, the more their abusive disposition will grow, causing them to lose their usual composure.

It could be called a skill that causes one to rampage just one step short of becoming a Berserker.

One becomes stronger the more they attack, but on the other hand, their defensive power drops.

Since it also has the negative aspect of unconsciously lowering the possibility that the possessor would withdraw, you could say that it has a bad compatibility with the usually composed Meltryllis.

Melt Virus EX

The special powers possessed by the Alter Egos since birth called id_es.

The cheat skill evolved from 『Absorption』.

The highest grade of energy drain.

It makes draining, copying and scaling down possible.

The process of draining is:

  1. The virus produced inside Meltryllis' body is injected into the target in the form of nectar (poison), melting the parameters stolen at that time, such as "experience points", "skills" and "capacity".

  2. After that, she absorbs, converts and turns the parameters liquefied by her virus into a part of herself.

Something like that.

If it possesses a shape, organic matter, inorganic substance, no matter what it might be, she can drain it, but if it's something shapeless...such things as a spiritual nature or skills, although they can be liquefied, converting them into "something of her own" is difficult so it seems like she can only use them as simple nutrients.

Due to this, "experience points" and "capacity" are the main things she can make "her own".

In 『CCC』, she managed to pull off a drastic move where she scaled down humans and Servants, shrinking them to minimum size and she sent them into the enemy's body as a virus.

In 『FateGO』, making no distinction between friend or foe, it has the effect of reducing (draining) the power of Noble Phantasms while increasing the power of her own.

Saint Graph Expansion B

A skill similar but dissimilar to "Shapeshift".

Meltryllis' essence is water, and if she felt like it, she could behave like a fluid.

The mythological essences who became her foundation...the god of rivers and civilization, Saraswati; the great tidal wave swallowing cities, Leviathan; these two grant her a perfectly slipstream-like constitution.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Saraswati・Meltout (Benzaiten's Five-Stringed Biwa)[1]

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Mind Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 20~500
  • Maximum number of target: 1000 people


Originally, it's not an Anti-Mind, but an Anti-Populace, Anti-World Noble Phantasm.

Not meant for battle or against combatants, instead, it's to be used against a civilization that has established a standardized culture.

Not just the body, Meltryllis' nectar sweetly dissolves one's mind too.

This Noble Phantasm melts the good sense and morals of the community, fusing them into a sort of colony.

Its original power is to trample and absorb the body, mind, and society that has been reduced to a slime-like state.

It displays an immense effect against non-combatants, revealing the malicious nature of Meltryllis and the others.

The one this Noble Phantasm's made up of is the goddess Benzaiten, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, one regarded as the same as the three Munakata goddesses and Ugajin.[2]

It takes the form of Benzaiten's biwa, controlling "things that flow" like natural phenomena, water, and wind, in particular, music and words, language and poetry.

Benzaiten's origin is the river goddess from Hindu mythology, Saraswati.

She's a cowardly goddess when it comes to love; she was born from the creator god Brahma, however, she had to run for her life when she was unable to endure Brahma's passionate looks who, due to her overwhelming beauty, wished for her to become his spouse.

Saraswati is a goddess who governs arts and learning, and since being worshipped as Benzaiten, she gained the authority of increasing wealth too.

This Love(Grief)[3] is Like a Meteor(Star)

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 10~1000
  • Max. Targets: a single individual

Virgin Laser・Palladion.

The combined Noble Phantasm of Passionlip and Meltryllis, modeled after the goddess Athena's spear.

A super long-distance Noble Phantasm where Meltryllis - whose whole body's been turned into a Noble Phantasm by transforming into a liquid state - is fired as a projectile, using the space compressing ability of Passionlip's Trash & Crash as a shooting device (catapult).

Palladion is the statue of the goddess Athena who protected the fortress city, Troy, in Greek mythology.

As long as this statue was there, Troy was impregnable, however, due to the schemes of the enemy army, the statue was stolen and Troy fell.

Palladion, mighty without equal as "something that protects the city", was, in fact, something that served to indicate the city's fated destruction if it was to be lost.



  • First person pronoun: watashi
  • Second person pronoun: anata
  • Third person pronoun: him/her

Generally, she refers to the Master by name without using an honorific. When serious: "Master". When making fun of them: "〇〇 Master-san?"


Belligerent and ruthless. Moreover, a queen-like personality with sadistic tastes.

A fondness for structural beauty, and a fastidiousness that won't forgive unsightly things.

Since she is a flawless existence, her pride is high, self-confident that she can do everything by herself.

An ego created from BB's "Altruism Desire" and "Pleasure".

Scorning humans, pessimistic about things, finding everything boring, she possesses a glum outlook like this, however, that is the opposite of her wish of "wanting to see beautiful things".

Since Meltryllis is an Alter Ego born from the "wish of a maiden", her foundation is the same as Passionlip's, wishing for a Prince Charming to come for her.

She is cold-hearted, but this is due to a thoughtful rationality,

She is merciless, but this is due to her ascertaining everything fairly,

She has sadistic tastes, but this is because she possesses the virtue of taking care of those she likes by earnestly meddling with them.

Since she is fully aware of being a monster, she does not believe she can come to a mutual understanding with humans.

She does not believe in that and behaves like a monster, but if she were to fall in love with somebody, with no concern for the fact that she is a monster, she will offer her services to them; a primadonna who lives for love.

Despite absorbing others, she does not wish for understanding and sympathy, after all, to Meltryllis, the feelings of others is something she does not understand.

To her, other people are unneeded. Loves and dreams can not coexist. In case such a girl were to possess love, she would offer everything up along with her services to the object of her love for sure.

To the self-sufficient Meltryllis, there is no merit in taking the feelings of the other party into consideration.

She declares her love as just with a high-handed attitude.

She has no intention to discuss,

(she loves you so much that she no longer feels the need for something like that)  

She has no desire to touch each other,

	(she is no longer satisfied with pleasure of such magnitude)  

She does not feel like informing you of her wish to be loved.

		(Such mutual understanding is no longer necessary)  

Truly a domineering ego with all sorts of no's.

Behind that always condescending, high-handed attitude, there's a resolute, unclouded and overly pure love.

After the events of 『CCC』, Meltryllis realized it.

The incarnation of "self pleasure" that does not need others; the true foundation of such a self.

What lied at Meltryllis' core was none other than the "devotion to her loved one".

...Raising her levels with repeated drains, trying to control the Moon Cell, these are all offerings for her lover's supreme pleasure.

Protect lover -> Absorb him -> The absorbed him (even if he will change so much that he can't even comprehend) will live on forever.

She decided that this is the most supreme love that she can offer to her lover.

Seen from such a Meltryllis point of view, even BB and Lip are no more than "Impurities who think they want to be saved too".

...However, that thought is way too dismissive.

For her, who only finds her own heart trustworthy and has a weak connection to the outside world, the act of "falling in love with another person" itself was a fatal defect (bug).

This became the cause of Meltryllis' defeat, but the current her acknowledges this defect.

Her perfect self degraded to something imperfect.

Meltryllis is already aware that's a "dream" she, herself, has given birth to.

Attitude Towards Master

Although she revised her way of thinking, after the events of 『CCC』, Meltryllis' misanthropy remained the same as ever.

She'll lend her power to the Master that made a contract with her, but - "To think I would serve something like a human!" - she'll complain incessantly like so.

Nonetheless, after deepening their bonds, - "...Well, you're better than other humans, you know." - she'll open her heart...maybe.

Dialogue Examples

  • 「I only saved you on a whim. I see. You, you don't have a Servant, do you. Perfect. Wonderful. I too was searching for a convenient doll (master).」

  • 「I'll save you from that woman. In exchange, form a contract with me. No, you must form one with me. After all, if you don't, you'll be dying here. ――――Look. There is no time. I won't say it again so listen close. I am the Alter Ego of Pleasure, Meltryllis. Since I feel like it, I'll become your sword. Therefore――――」

  • 「Nod (answer) like the slave you are, would you? You are my Master, after all.」

  • 「Alter Egos were created in order to deny humanity. We are supposed to be your natural enemies, you see. The hunters, us, and the hunted, you. It's just a one-sided relationship like that.」

  • 「You are also an obstinate human, aren't you. Are you not afraid of me? Spiked feet with heels made of blades and poison that melts all that it touches. Other than my suppressive power as a weapon, there is nothing else you want from me, no?」

  • 「I am just an Alter Ego for him/her. That's fine. That is fine. After all, originally, we were beings who have never met.」

  • 「I did not fight because I wanted to love. ――――I flew away from the lake so I could fall in love.」

Character in FGO

The Alter Ego of Pleasure.

The familiars created by BB by removing her personality (emotions).

Since they are not "copies of her personality", but were "created from the foundation of her personality", instead of avatars they became alter egos (different personalities). With her drain function, a top class synthesizing ability even among the Alter Egos BB produced, Melt surpassed even her creator (BB).

Possessing the nature of a liquid, she's the perfect fluid concealing the possibility to become the very ocean itself as she develops within herself.

...However, somehow she ended up adoring classical ballet, and started fussing about having human limbs. Because she is aware of being a perfected individual, she has an enormous amount of pride, and she's also aggressive to boot.

"My constitution is as sadistic as I thought.

Being able to thoroughly kick the hated enemies to death is honestly out of this world."

Meltryllis is exactly like a Queen of Water, however, her body can not deviate from the figure of a young girl which is more delicate and pitiful than any other Ego's.

Neurological Disorder

The outside world is perceived with the five senses――――the five sensors of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, and with these echoes, one can also perceive their own self.

In general, humans come in contact with the world via their passive sensitivity.

Using the outstanding sensors called the five senses subconsciously, they receive things every day.

However, if any of the five senses' ability deteriorates, the consciousness must aggressively face the world. What was passive becomes active.

For example, those who lost the light of their eyes specialize the remaining four and use them as even greater sensors. Ironically, they will function several times sharper than the senses of the human who still have all five.

Among Meltryllis' five senses, her sense of touch has deteriorated.

Especially the sensation of her hands――――of her fingertips is almost completely lost. Due to this, her connection to the outside world has turned aggressive.

It seems like even her sadistic constitution, when you get right down to it is, is the result of "because she alone can not sense others' existence".

Incidentally, this is the reason she has clumsy fingers and why she can't immerse herself in her hobby of making dolls, assembling them out of garage kits. Now hiring skilled builders!


It's not like I have a hard time dealing with her, but I don't like her either, the Original. She displays an unbelievably disgraceful behavior from time to time, giving even me a headache during those times.

Since it's obvious that she'll become a hindrance eventually, if I have an opportunity and a motive, I'd like to stab her in the back, you see?


Didn't she become better than before?

She was the most childish one among us, but that part of her also left her ample room to mature.

However, even if it's me, I can't cover for her when it comes to those hands.

Sesshouin Kiara

Greed and vitiation, in this manner, she is the personification of a pure "woman".

My love was for my own satisfaction too, but it's my loss when it comes to that woman.

Actually, I don't want to be put in the same category as her!


The perfect example for a man who can be considered attractive if he just keeps quiet and we're only talking about his appearance.

...Well, the contents are relatively attractive too, but...why is it that he becomes so deplorable when he starts talking, I wonder...


It's strange... Cold like ice and an efficiently stream-lined body shape; that's the feeling one should get when speaking of Artemis...

Is that, by any chance, an Avatar?


I sympathize with her. As a collector who does not create.

Should I steal a glance at her net purchase history next time, I wonder...


When I see that face, I get irritated for some reason. Awfully irritated!

Comment from the Illustrator

I gave her a head and body. Then she was given a metal bikini that's no good in various ways to cover her private parts. Putting a doll-like pure white dress on Melt who loves dolls was satisfying~! I am glad I could draw my dearest wish, Melt's butt, in her final ascension since I thought there would be no opportunity to draw it again. (Wada Arco)

Translation Notes:

[1] Benzaiten is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati (one of the goddesses making up Melt). The biwa is a Japanese short-necked fretted lute, often used in narrative storytelling.

[2] A god of harvests and wealth (syncretized with Saraswati, and often taking the form of a heavenly woman, a white snake or a fox).

[3] The word used here is "愛楽" which is a Buddhist term "seeking after (Buddhist teachings, etc.), wanting, desiring" or an archaic way to say "loving"

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