• Class: Grand Caster
  • True Name: Merlin
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Legend of King Arthur, and others
  • Region: Western Europe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg


  • Setting creation: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: Taiki
  • CV: Sakurai Takahiro
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [C]

Creation of a "Workshop" territory that is advantageous to himself as a magus.
But since he tends to gets tired of it usually he just toss it away halfway.

High Speed Incantation: [C]

The ability to hasten magic incantation speed.
All Caster has beautiful pronounciation, though there are one or two exceptions. If he talks fast sometimes he bite his own tongue so the rank is low.

Tool Creation: [C]

Creation of tools tinged with magic energy.
The man himself is full of confidence but it's hard to say that he is superiorly talented for it.

Mixed Blood: [EX]

The blood of something inhuman is mixed in.
Merlin is a mixed blood of incubus and have perfectly inherited the incubus trait.

Independent Manifestation: [A]

A skill to appear in the present world independently.
Normally, Merlin cannot be summoned as a Heroic Spirit.
That is due to him not dying in any version of future. Him serving the Master as a Servant is just him venting out his personal desire. Frankly, it's just a hobby.
For the sake of actualizing this hobby, he aqcquires this skill that only a special class (Beast) can have and pretend to be summoned as a Servant.

Personal Skills

Hero Creation: [EX]

The technique and art for artificially creating and rearing a "king".
Merlin, who can be said to be King Arthur's true father, is already known as the best and foremost kingmaker in the world.

Charisma: [B]

The ability of personal charm.
A skill indispensable for kings and leaders, but for some reason Merlin naturally possesses it.

Illusion: [A]

Magic that bewilder others. An interference of the mind, indicating false image projection and the likes to the real world.
With A rank, he can lightly produce a false image on the level of 1 village in the real world and fool everybody with it, much less a nightmare within the mind.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Garden of Avalon - Eternally Sealed Utopia

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-5
  • Maximum target: 7 person

Garden of Avalon.
Reproducing in the surroundings the tower where Merlin is, even now, being confined.
Flowers bloom all around above the ground, and no matter what kind of darkness or hell it is, the daylight shall shine upon it.
Even if the area that he is allowed to be is but the gaol of mere 10 meters in four direction, and the view that was granted to him is but a the cut off sky in the faraway horizon, that place will eternally be a utopia.

A place where Merlin the Magus of Flower exist is not hell, but none other than a land filled with hope.



First pronoun: watashi/(only for the most of personal occasion, within a dream, during the occassion of saying his true aim within true aim) boku
Second pronoun: **-kun/kimi (katakana)/Master/(only those he have deep affection for)my lord
Third pronoun: kare/anoko (young female characters)/anojousei (female characters 20 and more)/minna
Roman: (normally) Roman-kun/(in serious times)Romani Archiman


A youth akin to a breeze blowing through the plains.
Facing him, anyone would end up releasing the tension their shoulder, a refreshing man of justice.
Although, one can see the lack of tension and such together with the lack of responsibility, and due to that one ended up seeing him as a dubious swindler too.
He grasps everything objectively, and while accepting that things of the human world are harsh ones he narrates that "if it's only that, than wouldn't you thinks will get too boring?"
He loves the human world, he loves pranks, and he loves girls.
Generally, he is the magus of flower, returning a fresh and complacent smiling face.
He can be seen as an untroubled, perfectly happy guy. But Merlin himself is aware that he is a foreign substance within human society, and he does not take the last step.... over the wall of close friend.
Lastly, so that mankind can fall to happiness, (just like a child who enjoys tasty food) he always watches over and protects the world.

....So, if you're looking only at the end result Merlin is a good man, and a wise one. But inside he is an incubus, a being very far apart from humans. He, a being that consume dreams, can essentially understand human emotions, but cannot truly symphatize with it.

He is an alien-like inhuman, only rationally excuse himself inside a dream (=human mind activity) and consume it, and then leave just like an insect.

Due to the macroscopic evaluation criteria, perhaps he just cannot understand human heart, unable to even knowing the action of a person or to symphatize with it.

Normally he would be an identical being with the Beasts, an adolescent life form of higher order certified as an enemy of humanity.

Attitude Towards Master

It's a given that he could see through the identity of the ringleader behind this incident.
It's also a given that he stays silent about it. The human protagonist must struggle with his own power; it is only fate, for otherwise they would only perceives their enemy as one they cannot defeat.
Not even Merlin can surpass the last boss (Magic King) this time.
Actually, at the basis, no Heroic Spirit can surpass him. The one who is destined to be able to surpass him is not Heroic Spirit, but only a human who lives in the present.

Therefore, he shall watch over the Master, just as he had once watched over many kings in the past.

He shall believe in the Master, the hope of human history; he shall lend his power to the utmost; and then he shall entertain himself relaxedly.
Merlin's desire is to carve open a path for the protagonist's own destiny, to watch him off as he walks towards the future, to gaze at that kind of beautiful view.

"After that I'll just do as I always do; disappearing completely from everybody's memory. Most other things, I can do without much fuss. But this alone, I can never get used to."

Dialogue Examples

"Are you sure? The moment you pull out that sword is the moment you stop being human."

"Quite a harsh battle. Then again, a tame battle is no battle at all, merely a simple task. One can think of harshness and suffering as something necessary."

"Am I good or evil, you ask? Well, that is the sort of thing you must decide yourself. I'm just a fairy who wishes to see human to continue their future, basically."

"Alright, to battle! I may suck at this, but you can be sure I will give it my all!"

"Caster among Casters. Magus among magus. I am confident I am the most excelling magus in the world. And yet, the kings I've served all unanimously said this: "Indeed, in this world there's no magus more disappointing than you!" Man, I wonder why. I mean, they do say all is well that ends well, don't they?"

Historical Character and Figure

A prophet and adviser who made his entry in the legend of King Arthur as the court magus.
Arthur as a king have struggled and overcome many enemies and suffering; in times, Merlin guided him, and in other times he provided him assistance.
With illusion as his forte, he can transform to various shapes--there was a case where he had changed into the shape of a beast whose inside is not human--and his true form is not certain.

Merlin's life is walked with mystery.
It is said that his mother was a Welsh queen, but it is also said that his father is a supernatural incubus who lives in the gap between the moon and the earth. When Merlin was young, he had performed many prophecy.
Among the many prophecies that tells of Merlin's name, one of them told of the existence of two dragon of red and white sleeping beneath the Mountain of Eril, who will awaken and fight each other.

The words of Merlin's prophecy followed the course through posterity; the red dragon indicated Britain, the white dragon indicated the Saxons, under the great king would Britain finally assemble power, reining back both Gallia and Roma.
He left behind many other prophecies, and amongst them were ones connected with war and the king's death.

After he rised up as a magus, he helped Arthur's father Uther Pendragon's marriage with a princess, watched over King Arthur since his birth, taught many things to the young Arthur according to anecdotes; an existence akin to that of a father who assures his child's growth.
The one who declared Arthur, who pulled out the Sword of Selection Caliburn, as the "mark of the king of Britain" and later on guided him to the lake and gave Excalibur as a substitute for the lost Caliburn is none other than Merlin.
He guided, helped, and numerously prophesied for Arthur, who started on walking the path of the king who dreamt of ideals-----
However, merlin himself cannot continue on walking side by side with his beloved king.
Due to the dreadful magic of Vivian, the fairy of the lake--some said that it was he himself who had taught Vivian--he was caught within the "tower".
And so, even Merlin, who possesses the powerful ability of foresight, can do naught but watched the collapse of the Round Table and danger within Britain.

It is said that Merlin, just like that, lost his live as he was trapped within the "tower".
A life born in mystery, and died in mystery.
However, there is an anecdote that says he is still alive even now, watching over the people....
Accordingly, it is said that as Merlin stepped down from the era of King Arthur, he then helped the twelve heroes of the era of King Charlemagne, known as the Paladins.

Character in FGO

A hunk of a magus, no matter how you put it.
Just by being there, he exudes a fresh aura, as if flowers fills the surroundings.
He was not a really major character in the legend, but all the Round Table Knights agrees on this: "Good grief. He is truly beyond help." That kind of character.

Even Saber (Artoria) ended up behaving just like a girl her own age. A girl at lost facing his mischievous father.
He's a Caster, but he fights using a sword too. Or rather, he thoughtlessly put up a Caliburn-like sword.
Protagonist: "Wait, you're not using magic?!"
Merlin: "Depends on the time and place! I mean, you know. I tend to bite my tongue if I panic at the incantation. If you just need to beat up the enemy, a sword is enough, no?"

His role is the same as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, no matter how you cut it. Add with a feeling of a fresh young prince. Now we have the gallant entry of pretty boy of Middle Earth!


There are various theories of why Merlin did not inform King Arthur of the fate that awaits him. However, Merlin did not back the person himself, because fate was the one thing that he love, or so story goes.

Thereafter, Merlin crossed over the to utopia Avalon, then imprisoned himself within the "tower". Even death, he cannot do, and he shall ascertain the world of mankind until his end .

Artoria Pendragon

He boast of her, his prided girl (king), Artoria, to everybody.
However, since he essentially brought misfortune upon her he is feeling a sense of responsibility now.
To Artoria: "Until the very end, you did nothing but endure and persevere. I should think that it's fine for you to be rewarded now, no?" he said in an obvious tone.

Knights of the Round Table

To the group of troublesome oddballs: "Ha ha ha ha. Really, you guys just never changes! Until when are you all planning to keep on troubling Artoria? Well, I don't really stop it either because it's so amusing to watch, so I guess I'm not one to talk either!" (im a bit liberal here)


Antagonistic to him, a "magus of crown position who gazed at both past and future" on the same level as him.
(not sure if this is solomon being antagonistic to merlin or otherwise, somebody should double check)
If Solomon is the Magic King who regards in high importance of the past, then Merlin is a magus who dreams of the future.


A net idol who, even as the Human Order Incineration proceed and the Earth's network system gone, for some reason is still active.
She support from above the internet Solomon who had turned into a human.
Solomon was like "Hey, is Merlin in the backstage or something? I don't feel like helping but I do feel a lot of complaining. Get a ride over here tooo" as he started a lonesome conversation with Magi☆Mari. Although, this had become a daily therapy for him.
Solomon had never thought that perhaps it was Merlin himself who played as Magi☆Mari.

Comment from the Illustrator

The feeling of a completely unknown age, and the impression of someone inhuman. For the sake of expressing that, I have him wear a white kimono. There is a sword set all hidden weapon-like in his cane, but the man himself doesn't really use it as a weapon, but more like playing it around as a toy-like gadget. Is what the image I'm going for. (Taiki)

Material Images

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