Minamoto no Raikou (Swimsuit)



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Minamoto no Raikou
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Historical Fact, “Otogizoushi (Fairy-Tale Books)”, “The True Form of Ushi-Gozen”, etc. / Dead Heat Summer Race!
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: ??kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Honjou Raita
  • Character Voice: Tomatsu Haruka
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: C

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were done with a chant of two verses or below. Cannot defend against large-scale Magecraft such as Great Magecrafts and Ritual Spells.

Riding: A+

One can freely handle all beasts and vehicles except Dragon Kins.

Raikou being able to ride is because of the Deity Gozu Tennou.

Madness Enhancement: C

A Skill that strengthens one’s physical abilities in exchange for their sense of reason.

Although that mentality is still broken to some extent even though Raikou got into the Lancer Class, there is a big difference when compared to the time she was a Berserker. That is to say, the presence of a sense of morals. With her moral sense, Lancer Minamoto no Raikou looks out for disorders in the public morals of the summer holidays. But as she is relatively indifferent to her very own appearance for instance, the signs of a broken mind still cannot be completely erased from her…

Divinity: C

Raikou was born as the heaven-sent child of Gozu Tennou, so she possesses the Divinity Skill.

Personal Skills

Mental Pollution: B

The person in question has personally stated that she does not have this Skill, but it in fact remains with her.

The Shadow Public Morals Committee’s Chairwoman: A

An altered Skill of Eternal Martial Arts Mastery.

No matter what kind of situation it is, Raikou will not overlook a disorder of the public morals. Even if she lost her sailor uniform…

Wrought Iron Wheelbarrow: C

“When one speaks of sailor uniforms, it has to be this” – such is Kintoki’s subjective impression which ended up infecting Raikou. Raikou, who embodies every single martial art, perfectly handles a wrought iron yo-yo, using it to drive away every single summer temptation that tries to corrupt Chaldea’s public morals.

Summer Catastrophe: EX

It is already amazing even without taking them off————but it becomes even more amazing when she takes them off.

A Skill falsely similar to Summer Crisis[1], demonstrating how many looks one ends up gathering from other people at the beach. Unlike Beach Flower, it even focuses the gazes that deviate from the sphere of affectionate yearning onto oneself.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Shakudai Kan’in – Kongousho (Śakra Devānāṃ Indra’s Diamond Pounder)

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm / Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~100
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person / 220 people

The Diamond Pounder of Gozu Tennou – also known as the Oriental Deity Taishakuten (Indra) – namely, a Vajra – the ultimate weapon of the gods that was made from sacred sacral bones – comes down from the skies and annihilates all the enemies————Because of this Noble Phantasm, Raikou’s Class ultimately gets to be established as Lancer at this occasion. Its shape is that of a tokkosho[2], which is said to represent the single Tathātā, the substance of all things in creation as taught in the Vajrayana.

Arjuna: “That Noble Phantasm is father’s…”

Rama: “That Noble Phantasm is…”



  • First Person Pronoun: watashi
  • Second Person Pronouns: anata / anata [only to females]
  • Third Person Pronoun: ano kata


In order to enforce the public morals, Raikou changed into the Shadow Public Morals Committee’s Chairwoman. Her catchphrase is “Prohibited, prohibited, absolutely prohibited!” She has become much more serious than usual. She has no interest in the outcome of the race that Ishtar is holding, and she is purely intending to monitor the participants whom appear to be waiting for an opportunity provided by the summer event to act without too much restraint.

Eventually, Raikou’s spirits will rise and she will end up throwing her sailor uniform off, causing a situation where she will be the one who is completely corrupting the public morals the most without meaning to… and yet to the person herself, she really has no self-awareness. Or, does she…?

Attitude Towards Master

Towards the Master, Raikou persistently comes into contact with them with committee chairwoman moves such as “Listen, you must not be too immersed in liberal thoughts just because it is summer, am I clear?”

“But, um, President, it’s in sight… That, er… That slit in your skirt is very bold of you… More than anything, that’s quite the terrific swimsuit underneath your sailor uniform…”

“? What happened?”

“As expected, she really is unaware!”

Dialogue Examples

“Lancer, Minamoto no Raikou. I am the Shadow Public Morals Committee’s Chairwoman who protects Chaldea’s public morals. There is already relief here now that I came, Master. I will by no means overlook any wicked deed!”

“The Public Morals Committee is power. Power itself is the Public Morals Committee. You comprehend, right?”

“Do you understand? You understand, right? You must not corrupt the public morals!”

“To those who corrupt the public morals! You will be purged!”

“Prohibited, prohibited, absolutely prohibited!”

Character in FGO

Raikou began to pay an undue amount of attention to the public morals. The very same person as Berserker Raikou.

Raikou heard of a considerable amount of disorders in the public morals that happened last time during summer on the Southern Island. “This year’s event must not become a situation of that sort again” – she personally gave such a prayer to Gozu Tennou and forced a Class Change on herself. Even if they were not to the degree seen when she is a Saber – which is her rightful Class – she at least achieved a transformation into Lancer Minamoto no Raikou in which her maternal power was moderated and her disposition in protecting the capital was strengthened.

“Yo, Raikou-san will become unbelievably serious as a Saber when it consists of her main job. A Public Morals Committee’s Super Chairwoman.”

“If it’s Lancer… I know, I can describe the position as a ‘Shadow Public Morals Committee’s Chairwoman’, yeah? You might say, in other words————”

In other words, a leader of a female gang.

While her maternal power is still moderated, Raikou, as the gallant warrior who protects the capital, cuts through the summer!

Xuanzang Sanzang

Raikou, who concluded with “They are making the summer event festive”, “That is proof” and “They already changed into swimsuits in Chaldea”, declares to Xuanzang Sanzang, “If you want to be rehabilitated, come along with me, and that will undoubtedly conform to the great intentions of the Honourable Buddha as well, do you not agree?”

Xuanzang Sanzang, who cannot help but feel the divine protection of the gods from Raikou, turned out to be in very high spirits, saying “This isn’t particularly a swimsuit, but interesting! I wanna see what you’ll do!”, and entered into the race together with Raikou.

Swimsuit Servants / Kiara / Medb

“Prohibited, because those are too shameless!”


“Your provocative attire is very much prohibited. I had been thinking of such since long ago.”


“Needless to say, prohibited, prohibited, absolutely prohibited!”

Nitocris (Swimsuit)

“It is OK if it is only your Saint Graph’s First Stage.”

Fran (Swimsuit)

“It is OK during the race.” (Because Fran shows little exposure at the time of running the race, it is OK to Raikou.)

But given that it is a swimsuit attire if Fran is outside of the race, Raikou’s response becomes “Not good. Leaving too many gaps is not good of you, so properly cover up the spots that should be hidden!”


An oni who is the same as the source that corrupts the public morals. “Hey, your existence is prohibited!”

Oni Servants

“Oni and the like are the embodiment of the disorders in the public morals.”


“A gentleman suitable for the Shadow Public Morals Committee.”

Sakata Kintoki (Berserker)

“I am worried. Given that I am now the Shadow Public Morals Committee’s Chairwoman, the number of times I conduct myself as a mother just like usual has decreased. Please, I hope you do not do things such as turning yourself to delinquency.”

Sakata Kintoki (Rider)

“That hairstyle… did you become a delinquent by some chance!?”

Comment from the Illustrator

When I received a request for Ms. Swimsuit Raikou, I wondered if it was okay? “Okay, I’m worried, because even notwithstanding that BODY under normal circumstances, it’ll become a serious matter if I undress her!! I don’t know if I should continue anymore!” Then, when I was having fun drawing her freely, it resulted in a finish like this. The highlight of her design is Sukeban Raikou from her Second Stage since I wanted to do a costume that has impact, but I wonder if I somewhat overdid it by having decided on a considerably aggressive choice? And, when I was nervously trying to propose her character sheet, I unexpectedly received the OK, and I was elated; I got them to grant all sorts of selfish requests of mine such as the yo-yo attacks and the submarine pitch for her Noble Phantasm direction, and there was nothing but gratitude from me! Thank you very much, truly!! (Honjou Raita)

TL Notes:

[1] – Should have been Beach Crisis instead of Summer Crisis.

[2] – A tokkosho is a type of Vajra, a pestle with a single sharp blade at each end.

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