Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)



  • True Name: Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara-no-Harunobu
  • Class: Berserker
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: A different Lostbelt
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 46.5kg


  • Character Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: Hirokazu Koyama
  • Character Voice: Ayane Sakura
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Her sharp skill to slash down all that's mystic has dropped in rank now that she became a Berserker.

Mad Enhancement: [EX]

She got real weird for "reasons". (Got turned into a Celestial Demon in the Grail Rice Incident).

Riding: [D]

Gets to Ganryuujima by jet ski. Musashi thought that was a valid way to be Musashi.

Divinity: [D]

"Musashi, are you eating Buddha's rice?"

"Ehehehe (Nervous laughter exposing 100% of her stupidity)

Personal Skills

Accel Turn: [B]

She watched Summer Ishtar's Skill once and copied it.

Our plagiarism victim Ishtar only made one short, loathing comment. "That damned genius...!"

Fifth Sakari: [B]

A skill like Fifth Seihou but different. Upon close observation, you can notice the word Sei (force) was replaced by the word Sakari (height of summer heat).

Her pair of shapeshifting swords can change into a single blade. The hit count doesn't change, but it gains Sure Hit, and better NP generation and star drop.

Celestial Demon's Glare: [EX]

The Heavenly Eyes gone haywire.

She lets her own Saint Graph rampage until the verge of collapse, gaining an explosion in attack power. When she does, her Heavenly Eyes sharpened to extreme levels see through all of the enemies' defensive actions and demolishes them.

Since she detects all defensive actions in her line of sight, this affects the entire enemy line-up, not just an individual.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Ganryuujima - I Was Told There Would Be Magic Sword-Busting!

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 100
  • Max. Targets: 1 person

A fantastic sword move said to be used only once during Musashi’s long life as a swordsman.

Since no one who has ever seen it survived, only Musashi knows what the technique is like.

A special Saint Graph that mercilessly insults, disparages and crushes swordsmen who degrade themselves to sorcery, dark arts, or heresy.

Its other name is Anti-Swordsman/Anti-Swordsmaster Greater Bounded Field: Ganryuujima.

Since she became a Berserker, this is no longer her intelligent but dishonorable killing method where she remodeled one island into an Anti-Swordsman Fortress, lured the opponent to the center of it, activated its traps, and ultimately crushed the entire island to crush her opponent in it.

It's now a Celestial Phenomenon where she uses her five magnificent swordsmanship forms (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Void) to launch a large amount of seawater upward, forming cascades surrounding the enemies, and bisects the enemies along with the cascades.

"Here I go! Anti-Swordsman, Anti-Swordsmaster Greater Bounded Field! This is my! GANRYUUJIMA!"



First-person pronoun: Watashi

Second-person pronoun: Anata/Name-san

Third-person pronoun: Kare/kanojo/ano hito

Master: Name with or without kun/Master with or without kun


The usual Musashi.

A cheerful and openhearted, cool yet vibrant swordswoman.

The prince charming in white armor who appears from nowhere, defeats evil, saves the weak, and leaves… swordsman edition. Or The Unfettered Shogun edition.

She actually falls in love very easily.

And she loves to be relied on. She also loves to be praised. She is weak to flattery.

And she likes to fight as much as a delinquent boss.

She has a sense of justice, but she would never preach justice.

Nonetheless, seeing people preach justice with all their courage makes her heart flutter. (This is one of the many causes for her falling in love with everyone.)

Her heart also skips a beat out of enjoyment when she sees a non-human persevering to act like “a proper human”, making her act as their bodyguard and try to take the burden of their justice.

Musashi’s good disposition is her selling point, but when she gets angry, she is like a Niou.

There are three ways to anger her:

“One-sided slaughter (war is fine; this is about when soldiers kill civilians)”

“Trampling on people’s pride and beliefs for fun.”

“Stealing her food when she is hungry.”

Attitude Towards Master

That said, the summer magic permeated through Musashi, making her a bit more hedonistic than usual.

She loves fun. She loves jet skis. She loves fighting strong opponents!

"Now I'm leaving the dream of rocking this Wild West swordswoman look and enjoying the easy bodyguard life!", she says, with a flowery smile... (In order to defeat the Celestial Demon Musashi born from the Grail rice (without anyone noticing, if possible), she became an ally to Hokusai and Chaldea).

Dialogue Examples

She defaults to being polite in her conversations.

Since she's an outsider, she can get modest when it comes to the affairs of other worlds.

But sometimes her dialogues betray her true colors as a thuggish girl. "It's on now, darn it!"

However, she would never use modern slang.

In duels, her speech patterns get manlier than most men, and when she wants to insult or refute her opponent, her prose gets as purple as a kabuki script.

Historical Character and Figure

Omitted for length. See Miyamoto Musashi's page for more details.

Character in FGO

"Miyamoto Musashiii? She starved to death, you dolt! The one you see here a woman loves the blue skies. Unquestionably an American! YAY! I'm the bodyguard living summer to the fullest! These hands are to pick and choose the spoils they'll grasp! The name is Miyamoto Iori. Fancy meeting you!"

The master of Berserker Niten Ichiryuu makes an unexpected visit! Her style replaces the katanas for chambara swords, and later for other weapons.

This is how even the most famed swordmaster can be corrupted by the evil temptation of swimsuits. That's summer for you.

Her usual Drifting took Musashi to North America.

In the west part of the Grand Canyon, she happened across a Holy Grail, and she ate food cooked in it just to see if she could. When she did, problems with Grail compatibility caused the Buddha-nature she fostered in her years of training to be separated from her Saint Graph and wreak havoc as an independent Celestial Demon.

Celestial Demon Musashi stole Musashi's strength as a swordswoman, leaving her as just Musashi... Berserker.

Musashi left the place pretending she never saw the Celestial Demon until she felt responsible... If she leaves Celestial Demon Musashi be, she'll cause a great calamity. And so she asked a shady mage she once met (Merlin) for advice.

"Why don't we put a seal on the place this Celestial Demon girl is in? Didn't you say you sealed an entire island to death once? That's a rational solution. I know a king who can do the same thing. Let's go with that."

Merlin's deceitful words lead Arthuria Ruler to build a city in the middle of the Grand Canyon. She created a second Las Vegas identical to the original, sealed the Celestial Demon, and ultimately established a system to select Swordbeauties who could defeat Celestial Demon Musashi. (Musashi is an annoying Heroic Spirit who never admits defeat unless she's defeated by a Saber!)

Berserker Musashi defeating Celestial Demon Musashi would mean nothing. On the contrary, it would only cause her to be absorbed, transform into the Celestial Demon Maouson, and become just a wild troublemaker.

So, she decided to search for a Swordbeauty who could surpass her with the sword as a Saber in her stead, support the girl, and have her defeat Celestial Demon Musashi.

Musashi didn't tell these circumstances to anyone.

She hoped that she could pull strings in the background well enough that no one would know that the mysterious Celestial Demon causing the collapse of the West was her.

Why no one can know about her failure? Simple. "Master would get angry, teehee".

It wasn't about her recognizing she did a bad thing or her trying to preserve her dignity.

She appeared in Las Vegas as one out of many Swordbeauties.

After fighting Hokusai, she introduced herself as Miyamoto Iori.

That is her feigning innocence by pretending she's not Musashi, but this choice actually carries a nuance of "I can't call myself Musashi right now. I'm just half a Musashi, so Iori, the Musashi apprentice, is a decent fit."

About Celestial Demon Musashi

Musashi's side as a pure Sword Oni, separated from her by eating riced fried in the Holy Grail.

A dark-skinned Musashi who generally doesn't speak.

Calling her "Musashi's evil side" wouldn't be the most tactful or accurate way to put it.

She's portrayed more like a natural phenomenon. A manslayer knife that would only slaughter everyone around her if left alone.

Musashi behaves as a weapon, but that doesn't mean she's crazy or irrational.

She just doesn't do anything wasteful. She can speak, but she talks gallantly all the time, with the cold manners of someone who rejects (or more accurately, cuts off) everything.

Standard Weapons

She uses chambara toy swords, but they hurt a lot for some reason.

In her Third Ascension, she brings out a greatsword. It's called Jungyaku Hazontou - Musashi-koshirae (Maybe Correctly Damaged Katana - Musashi Imitation).

She designed it after the Oar Sword used by the Panhuman Musashi in the tales she heard of, but unsurprisingly, she's not good at this, resulting in a completely inferior damaged sword. However, there are still some other ways to use it, or at least she claimed as she started using the damaged blade as a multi-size katana.

Arthuria (Ruler)

The good Heroic Spirit ruling Las Vegas to seal the Celestial Demon.

Musashi feels a bit guilty because she knows Merlin is deceiving her.

Despite this, she's itching to fight her...

Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)

A dashing and free-spirited tennyo-like young swordswoman. At first glance, Musashi already knew she was the one.

Musashi acknowledged her talent, charmed to the point she'd be okay with this girl defeating her, but since Musashi'd never admit defeat against a traditional swordsman, she's keeping this a secret.

Shita-kiri Suzume no Beni-Enma

During her Drifting, she got lost and spent some nights in a mayoiga called The Sparrow Inn.

After Musashi learned what end waited her, she lost a bit of her will and spent her days in The Sparrow Inn absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures. "No matter what I do, I'm going to get drifted somewhere else anyways! Then I'll just get all the fun I want while I can! I don't wanna go back to the whole self-seeking thing!"

The proprietress figured out the gist of what was going on with Musashi but still scolded her for getting into fights with other guests in the hot springs. "Next time it happens, you'll be fowbidden fwom entering the hot spwings, chirp!"

Miss Crane

Some funny lady she met during their stay at The Sparrow Inn.

They had a great time discussing how to wear a kimono well.

Miyamoto Iori

Miyamoto Musashi's disciple.

A boy talented but born in the wrong era, according to Musashi.

He never had any success as a swordsman because he couldn't become as inhumanly indifferent as Musashi. He valued the reason and the good sense of his era.

Comment from the Illustrator

The first two Ascensions were easy choices. The competitive swimming swimsuit was just out of personal preference, and the chambara swords just came along with its sporty imagery; and the America bikini with a pair of Gunblades was because the summer event was set in Las Vegas. The Third Ascension was difficult to deliver, but I could get something done with the keywords "Japanese-style" and "Celestial Demon". It might be difficult to see with how fast the animation is, but she can switch the sides of the greatsword's blade and attack with the bigger part. I changed her hairstyle to make it easier to distinguish her from Saber Musashi and changed the color in every Ascension in an attempt to make it easier to visualize in the icon. (Koyama Hirokazu)

TL Notes

The term Celestial Demon refers to the beings in Buddhism who obstruct the path to enlightenment with distraction and temptation. It's generally about Mara and those who work under him, but the term was applied to many other things throughout the eras, and since Maouson is being brought up here, it's relevant to note that tengus were considered Celestial Demons in the Kamakura Period.

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