Nagayoshi Mori



  • True Name: Nagayoshi Mori
  • Class: Berserker
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Chaotic Insane
  • Height: 194cm
  • Weight: 93 kg


  • Character Creator: Keikenti
  • Character Illustrator: Dd
  • Character Voice: Kishou Taniyama
  • Appearance in Main Works: Koha-Ace GO, Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [D]

A Berserker Class skill that grants its user astounding violent force in exchange for their reasoning. Physical strength is enhanced, while their language faculties become limited and complex thinking unable to be maintained for a long time.

Personal Skills

Blood-Soaked Brute: [A]

A skill that stems from the bloody anecdotes of Mori’s hakamas being dyed bright red from his victims’ blood. The more he attacks, the stronger he gets. Though, his durability is reduced in exchange.

Mental Corruption (Wicked): [B]

An abnormal mentality displayed onto the battlefield. Common mutual understanding with all manner of targets, even with his own Master, becomes unlikely through this rampage. As his frenzy intensifies, he will keep charging head on, willing to give his own life to kill the enemy.

Oni Musashi’s Will and Testament: [C]

The last will and testament left behind by Nagayoshi; two different effects are activated, based on whether the skill is deployed in the middle of battle or when he becomes incapacitated respectively. It is the crystallisation of the dubious anecdote in which his death was gloated by both friends and foe.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Ningen Mokotsu - Boneless Man

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum number of targets: 1

Boneless Man.
A Noble Phantasm named after the spear that is said to be able to cleave humans so easily they seemed boneless. A powerful, but simple, Noble Phantasm with low magical energy cost, that, as the tale goes, has the ability to render all the target’s defensive abilities null. Usually takes the shape of a straight-spear, but it also has a second form as a jumonji-yari, that can be deployed as long as his offensive capacity has increased.



First-person pronoun: ore
Second-person pronoun: omae / teme / ◯◯ (without honorifics)
Third-person pronoun: aitsu / aitsura


Usually giving off a big brother-like aura, but he can easily switch into temperamental, unpredictable rampage behaviour out of blue. Always having thrilling conversations with his Master, who never knows what will come next. Due to his nature that can be both communicative and uncommunicative at the same time, the Master's only way out is to believe not that they can reach Nagayoshi, but that Nagayoshi can reach them. The always enraged persona, or the highbrow one; it’s hard to tell which one was the original, but at this point, you just have to get the gist of them and take a guess which one it’ll be. You will never know anyway.

Attitude Towards Master

He is usually easy going towards his Master, like a big brother from next door. Even with his abnormal mentality there is no need for the Master to worry about treason, since for Nagayoshi his Master is his Lord and so his loyalty towards them is deep enough that something like that would never happen. Still, it’s unclear if mutual communication will be possible one day. Just believe in the Nagayoshi that believes in you.

Dialogue Examples

“Just kick back, Master. I’m never gonna kill my Lord or anything terrible like that”

“Alright, so how ‘bout that, Master?! Ten points for the soldiers, three for the kids and one hundred for the servants?”

“Kh!! All this crap with fancy moves and ranks is just bullshit!! On the battlefield, the strongest always sweeps the floor with the rest!”

“Uhahahahahaha! I don’t get it, but are you sayin’ I’m outdated?! No wonder you’re the top dog ‘round here, Master!”
“Ridicule ーBoneless Man!

Historical Character and Figure

Nagayoshi Mori is a military commander from the Warring States Period.
The son of the Oda Clan’s meritorious retainer, Yoshinari Moshi, and the elder brother of Nobunaga’s notorious attendant, Naritoshi (Ranmaru) Mori. A brave warrior that earned the alias “Demon Musashi” upon achieving many military exploits under the employ of the mighty spearmanship inherited from his father—once famed as the “Sanza the Attacker”.

On his first campaign, he breached into the enemy lines by himself and single handedly beheaded 27 soldiers. During the short period during the Siege of Takato in the Koushu Conquest campaign, he slashed up so many enemies that his allies misunderstood him for being wounded due to his lower body being wholly dyed in crimson from the spurted blood. He may have boasted deep prowess and worth but was still overly violent. On the other hand, his skills were flawless in territory management, of the highest level. He also displayed a highbrow side, enjoying his free time with tea ceremonies and calligraphy. What’s up with this guy?

He is quite a volatile and temperamental individual. Once when a guard from a checkpoint station requested him to dismount and state his family name, he answered by yelling: “Lord Nobunaga askin' me is one thing. Now you? Askin' me, Katsuzou (Nagayoshi Mori), to dismount?!” and snapped, cutting the guard and threatening to set fire to the city if anyone tried to stop him, while forcing his way through. When he was also requested to dismount when crossing a newly built bridge, he snapped and slashed the guard (you can see where this is going). He has histories like that in piles. By the way, the one who enforced the order for always requesting the dismounting and identification was none other than Lord Nobunaga himself. Still, for some reason, Nagayoshi was always pardoned.
According to Nobunaga:

“It’s the Demon Musashi, what can you do.”

The shocking part is that most of the events listed above were all historical facts. Seriously, what’s up with this guy?

Nagayoshi soared through the Warring States with boundless brashness but was shot dead at a young age during the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. It’s said that be they foe or ally, all of them gloated over Nagayoshi's death at that moment. It's unknown how much truth this holds.

Character in FGO

While Nagayoshi boasts of episodes of irrationality and unreasonable barbarity in droves, he never pointed his spear toward his liege. Even as a servant this has not changed. He will bear lopsided loyalty towards the Master he recognizes as his own Lord, so there are no concerns about treason on his part.

However, whether the way he sees loyalty is the same as his Master's is a different matter altogether…

Aside from Berserker, he also has aptitude for the Lancer and Rider classes, but would still somehow be under the Mad Enhancement’s effect in all of them. To put it plainly, even his gaze and manner of speaking just screams problems. He’s the type of person one should totally avoid eye contact with if they ever saw him on the street.

He addresses Nobunaga as Ootono, Hideyoshi as Your Highness, and his Master as My Lord, but the exact hierarchy within his head is pretty unclear.

Standard Weapons

Boneless Man/Tachi
In addition to the above, please see his nonsensically brutal fights.

One Hundred Steps (Hyakudan)
A Riding Noble Phantasm that would normally accompany him in his Lancer or Rider versions. It was Nagayoshi’s favourite steed according to historical records. Famed for scrambling even the hundred stone steps at Mori’s residence at Kanayama Castle without once stopping for a breath. (Not usable when summoned in the Berserker Class.)

Nobunaga Oda:

The #1 Lord during his lifetime. Haha! He can’t thank his Ootono enough for looking after Naritoshi (Ranmaru). But, he surprisingly still doesn’t behave that well around her. Perhaps Nobbu still has a soft spot for the Mori Clan, letting them do whatever they want. Maybe it’s because of their unique qualities.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi:

The #2 Lord during his lifetime. Even he isn't a match for His Highness that has risen atop even the very person who ruled the entire country! But he also wouldn’t listen to a single word from him. The Hideyoshi Clan also had the same soft spot as the Oda’s, so they would never close the net. He really was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

Lady Chacha:

Hey, if it isn't Lady Chacha, how’s she goin’? Ah, she died? Hahaha, I went ahead hahahah but I heard she cracked up after my death. Still, to make that Lady Chacha laugh, I’m pretty good, ain’t I?!

Mitsuhide Akechi:

Treason is always crap but hahaha, I can’t believe he got killed that easily hahaha. Guess tea ceremony preparation is all that bastard is good for hahahah!

Uesugi Kenshin:

Well, if it isn't the Warfool of Echigo hahaha. Listen, battles are to be won hahaha ー Huh? She was practically undefeatable in battle? Heh…not too shabby.

Mori Ranmaru:

Oh, that’s the little brother I brag ‘bout! He was a hunky just like me, and Ootono was pretty fond of him somehow. But hey, he died along our Ootono, so I think he had a good life.

Musashi Miyamoto:

What are the odds, Udon lady, I’m also called Musashi. Well, I’ve got the demon tacked on there. Sounds like there's plenty of Musashis aside from me around, that’s no good.

Comment from the Illustrator

I love all three ascensions equally, because all of them were made under my esteemed Takeuchi-sensei and Keiichi-sensei’s supervision. The mad warrior feeling of the first and third one is pretty good, isn’t it? I liked the ideas so much, that just thinking about them again with this memo makes my heart burst. Battle-types are always the best, and as a fan, I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you so much! (Dd)

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