Mysterious Alterego Λ



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Meltryllis Lambda
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
  • Region: SE.RA.PH
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 33kg (Due to taking off her heel blades)


  • Scenario Writer: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Design: Wada Arco
  • CV: Hayami Saori
  • Main Appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmB+

Class Skills

High Servant: [A]
A man-made Servant created through combining several mythology essences.
She possesses the components of Artemis, Leviathan and Saraswati.

Riding: [C]

A talent/ability for riding. Having become a Lancer, the rank dropped.

Divine Core of the Goddess: [C]

A skill symbolizing that one has been a perfect goddess since their birth.
Its rank has dropped after Lambda switched her main essence from Saraswati to Leviathan.

Magic Resistance: [B]

Invalidates magic invoked through arias with less than three verses.
Even High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals will have a hard time wounding Lambda.

Independent Action: [EX]

The ability to be self-reliant for a while even if the magic supply from her Master is cut.
As an Alter Ego that is "a different aspect of a certain being", she is capable of acting independently even without a Master.
Having awakened to not only ballet but also figure skating, her "Star Upon a Stage" has been further refined.
Before her charisma, the contractor would surely rather be the Servant who supports her. Perhaps.

Personal Skills

Swan Lake: [A]

By suppressing her "Sadistic Constitution" skill, "Crime Ballet" has transformed into this. In exchange for diluting its offensive and evasive aspects, she has become a dancer who can mesmerize the audience for even longer and in a more beautiful manner.
Her Arts performance is raised for 5 turns.
At max rank, the cooldown is reduced to 4 turns, and by stacking it, the chance for "the greatest triple axel" will arrive as well.

Perfect Fluid: [B]

The authority of Leviathan. She fills the world with seawater by turning herself into a fluid state.
Invincibility + buff removal resistance + the field is changed to "waterside" for 3 turns. The only way to defeat a Melt who has used this skill would be with invincibility pierce.

Melt Envy: [EX]

Tainted by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Envy.
Due to the influence of Leviathan, the Melt Virus has transformed.
She steals 20~30% of the NP gauges of the party's Servants, concentrates the critical stars on herself, and raises the might of her Noble Phantasm.
It charges her gauge by 60% at maximum. It might appear to be powerful at first glance, but it is a devilish skill that can throw the party off-kilter in a critical moment.

Noble Phantasm(s)

That Summer Dew Is Akin To Glass

  • Rank: B+
  • Classification: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 10~50
  • Maximum number of targets: One

Blue Summer Palladion.
According to Lambda: "Summer Dew" is read as "natsu" while "Glass" is read as "hoshi". [1]
The targets are enclosed in a sphere of water and restrained. Lambda herself dives into the giant tidal wave she summoned and starts to swim through the water at high speeds along with the leviathans who serve as her followers. With the acceleration she gained, she launches herself like a missile and pierces through her targets along with the water sphere.
They say Lambda's appearance as she flies out of the water is like that of a graceful flying fish or that of a mythological spear that could level cities.
If the field is in a "waterside" state, the sphere of water will have an evasion removing effect while her spear attack will ignore defense.

Elegy of the Great Tidal Bore's Seven Sins

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 50~500
  • Maximum number of targets: Five hundred

Leviathan Melt Purge.
According to Lambda: The "Elegy of the Seven Sins" part is read as "natsumi hika". [2] Could she be trying to make a wordplay with "the sin of Summer"...?
The sea fills the heavens and the earth, and a massive tidal wave​ is brought forth.
Those swallowed by the tidal wave are gathered in one place by the vortex and, after being locked up in a ball of water (prison), they are sent into a watery grave by the fangs of Meltryllis imitating a dragon in her perfect fluid state. The sea surrounding Las Vegas was the continuous deployment of this Noble Phantasm.



First person pronoun: watashi
Second person pronoun: anata
Third person pronoun: kare (for males)/kanojo (for females)
Master: Fundamentally, she calls them by name without using any honorifics. When serious, she uses "Master". When she's making a fool of them: "(insert teasing adjective here) Master-san?"


Belligerent and ruthless. Also a queen-type character with a penchant for sadism.
She has a fondness for structural beauty and an obsession with cleanliness that won't permit anything unsightly.
Her pride is great, thinking highly of herself as the sole perfect existence capable of achieving anything. how the usual Melt is, but this time she has (somewhat) sealed away her sadistic tendencies in order to take pleasure in driving her audience wild as a professional figure skater.
Nevertheless, her core part where "by her own standards, her beauty is absolute" remains the same.
No matter how pretty and popular the other swimsuit master fencers are, she'll brush it off with a "Hmm. Is that so. Still, the top beauty here has to be me, no?" and a leisurely smile.

She claims to have "become jealous" due to Leviathan's influence, but since Melt was originally a person whose attachment and affection towards "her sole beloved" was so heavy that it would put black holes to shame, she was definitely a "deeply jealous" person from the very beginning.

Attitude Towards Master

Although her looking down on humans remains unchanged, her dislike for humans is being repressed compared to the usual Melt.
"I am the Mysterious Alterego, Lambda. The greatest entertainer who has awakened to the awareness of a professional.
My job is to charm the audience. I won't spout something like 'I will remain a human-hater forever'.
Those who understand my beauty should receive a deserving reward, no?"
Hmm~. Well, she is the usual Melt (rest omitted).

Dialogue Examples

"That's right. I have no memories of it. Don't be so over-familiar when you address me. I am a star here, after all."

"Haah? It looks like a penguin hoodie to you? Are your eyes melting like ice blocks? No matter how you look at it, it's a Leviathan hoodie."

"Among the many 'bests', you are the one who tried to reach the absolute pinnacle.
I pride myself on being the one and only 'best' there is.
As expected, we won't get along.
In the Palace of the Dragon King, no one will take notice of the likes of a flower from the surface.
There is only one goddess in this world.
It is the great tidal bore, the giant tidal wave that closes off the world.
The elegy of the blue waters' seven sins, Lambdaryllis────Now! Let us have a fair contest!"
("She acted all cool as she named herself, but her narration during the fight included stuff like 'Ruthless! Swim tutu!', didn't it" - comment from a fan having fun with a wry smile on their face)

"Well then, I'd like some amaryllis. Vibrant purple flowers in so great an amount that I could barely hold them in both arms."

Historical Character and Figure

Leviathan is a legendary beast living in the ocean as described in the Old Testament's Book of Job.
After the Last Judgment, God has created massive demonic beasts to feed mankind.
These were Behemoth who roamed the land and Leviathan (Livyatan) who called the sea it home.
Behemoth and Leviathan were mates, but it is said that while the former was a mild herbivore, the latter was a ferocious beast.

Leviathan is said to be indubitably female and was later depicted in the image of a gigantic snake.
Before the Middle Ages, when the sea was equivalent to death for the people, it was regarded as a demon due to its ferocity and before long it became a great demon symbolizing "envy" of the "Seven Deadly Sins".
Leviathan ranks just below Satan and Beelzebub in Demonology and also holds the authority of the navy of Hell's Great Admiral.
According to the Bible's Book of Job, it is so massive that the sea begins to swirl and raging waves will surge forth just from it simply swimming through the waters.

"No matter how savage, if you are a girl with divinity, you are a goddess☆"
With such words, BB-chan's super-interpretation bursts forth.

Character in FGO

The aquatic primadonna cum charismatic figure skater.
She claims to be the Queen of the Sea who unleashes all kinds of waves.

She is the usual Melt, but she is hiding her identity.
(She keeps insisting to be the Mysterious Alterego and not Meltryllis)
Normally, she doesn't appear that charismatic to her sisters ("Is that so?"), but in any case, with this Saint Graph that's claiming to be the artist Lambda, her professionalism is quite intense.

The Mysterious Altereego who appeared in Vegas.
A Servant of water and penguins whose true identity is quite unclear, but she is a first-class ballet dancer and a goddess governing over fine arts flaunting the fact that she is also talented as a figure skater.
The owner of the Suiten-gū (Palace of Water and Sky) Casino.
The casino's main attractions are the roulettes and slot machines, but, in any case, the wind speed is quite fast...the rotation is quite rapid.
A hundred million QP can melt away in seconds.
It is rumored that the customers (Servants) who became penniless and were rendered homeless with their whereabouts being completely unknown, were captured by Melt and turned into experience points.
(In truth, they were made to create figurines endlessly in an underground factory)

Swimsuit Artoria (Ruler)

"In terms of beauty, hers almost rivals mine...if her being royalty was to be added to the evaluation criteria, she might surpass me"...the only Servant Lambda perceives to be her equal. Covering Las Vegas in the sea was due to her preferences, but also in part for the sake of defeating Artoria (keeping her in check).

Swimsuit BB

As the disgrace of the Sakura Series, she is an object that must be purged.
On the eve of gaining control of Las Vegas and turning it into a second SE.RA.PH (urban-type engine), she thinks she will be able to take down BB for sure this time.

Swimsuit Martha hair...beautiful voice...I wonder if it is a coincidence we overlap this much...?


Melt's natural enemy.
At any rate, she is good at swimming and no matter how much Melt drains her, Kingprotea will simply grow again immediately so there will be no end to it.
...So she turned her into an ally this time.
She invited her as a flourish for the "Suiten-gū Invidia Serpents" Casino's attraction show and entrusted her with the protection of the casino in return for allowing her to put on a kaiju show.


She is reflecting on being too considerate of her.
That said, "She improved her common sense and objectivity and became a full-fledged what I thought, but her aspects where she is extremely prejudiced and shows no mercy when doing something remains the same. Isn't the girl who served as our base a bit super last boss-like?"

Comment from the Illustrator

She was assigned the image of a figure skater. She is a fairy of the waters in her third ascension, she wears a school swimsuit in the style of a high-leg leotard in her second ascension, and finally, she is a penguin in her first ascension!!! Yay~!!! I could come up with her design and draw her in a standing pose without being unsure about pretty much any parts, and I could pull off the colouring just as I pictured it in my head for her final ascension so she is a rare character of mine I have almost no regrets about as a whole. I like everything about her. She makes me go "Nice" no matter how many times I look at her...!!! I'm so happy!!! Please, let all my characters turn out like this every time!!!! (Wada Arco)

TL Notes

[1] "Natsu" means "Summer" while "hoshi" can mean "star" or "planet".

[2] Like the sentence right after this says, Lambda is making a wordplay with "Summer" (natsu) and "sin" (tsumi).

Material Images

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