Mysterious Heroine X Alter



  • True Name: Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)
  • Class: Berserker (the person herself claims to be Saber)
  • Source: Servant Universe/2017 Valentine
  • Region: Servant World
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 154 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg


  • Scenario Writer: Hoshizora Meteo
  • Character Illustrator: BUNBUN
  • Character Voice: Kawasumi Ayako
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Altereactor: [A]

By means of the rare element Alternium, energy of various things is transformed into mana. Mainly sugar.

Mad Enhancement: [C]

Apart from the imposed mission, her “Berserkerness” is now fading away.

Personal Skills

∞ Black Bean Paste: [EX]

A mysterious item in which the six primitive powers 『Desire (soul), Sugar content (power), Sales location (space), Cost price (reality), Production (time), Demand (mind)』 have been kneaded.

It grants infinity power to the one who has it, as to turn half of the universe into a confectionery factory with one fingertip, but it seems she doesn’t know it well.

Old name: 『∞ Chocolate』.

(“Tohsaka, I don’t feel so good”).

Instinct C → Instantaneous Shadowless Sword: [C+]

Although it seems she idles her time away every day, in truth she was quietly getting deeper in the thoughts that lead to the meaning of enlightenment.

……It’d be nice if that was like that, her insatiable and lazy mind that vaguely seeks a wish, has further refined and pushed her sword technique to the extreme.

(So she can sword good because she’s too lazy? I guess it’s something like “let’s finish quick so I can go home”).

Invisible Hand of the King: [C]

Dark teachings about how to be an emperor taught by the teacher Master Agravain.

While reading the flow of battle, controlling equals from the shadows, the essence is in various wiles trying to bring out their capabilities to the utmost.

(If I understand it correctly, it’s something like Charisma but a la “mysterious super-villain whose face is shadowed until he decides to fight the main characters personally”).

Noble Phantasm(s)

Cross-Calibur: Black Dragon Twin Sword of Victory

  • Rank: A++ (but it's A+ in FGO??)
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Max. Targets: 1 person


Through a spontaneous explosion of the mana converter Altereactor, a torrent of mana overflowing and breaking through the critical point annihilates the enemy Saber.

Although it’s an internalization of Heroin X’s 『Unsigned Sword of Victory』, there doesn’t exist a sword it belongs to. In that case, a guu-pan (this) would do as a Noble Phantasm as well.

However, as her nemesis Heroin X isn’t covered by the special feature of Sabers, it’s a sadly different Noble Phantasm.



  • First person: 私 (watashi)
  • Second person: あなた (anata) / マスターさん (Master-san) / Xさん (X-san)
  • Third person: 彼 (kare) / 彼女 (kanojo)


The ambition from Artoria extracted, a temperament specialized in looseness.

A tension as low as an iguana in winter. Shy and docile.

Although it’s not as if she was misanthropic, she tries to do with minimal communication. Anyways, it’s troublesome. Unexpectedly, she will obey any received advice (but, her execution is performed in an extremely abridged way).

On the other hand, while the reaction when she decided this and started the activity was largely thorough, something like letting her enemy run away from arrogance is absurd, she’ll follow them anywhere and give them the finishing blow (it’d be troublesome later so no thanks).

With the mana converter Altereactor using the Alternium in the body as a catalyst, ingredients similar to luxury Japanese confectionery are converted with maximum efficiency. For that reason, three parts of yōkan, and if it’s red bean soup 18 cups of bean paste and Wazanbon sugar are required for one day, such a sweet-type big eater.

As she feels more cold and slobbing, she spends her day off not taking one step from the black Round Table-like kotatsu, reading and listening to music.

Tolerant to everyone, with the tension high like the Heroine X of her same age, the opponent she’s tired of looking at, she originally is the weakest.

She used to respect her once-called teacher (Master), the Servant World knight Agravain who was involved with X Alter herself since her birth. That teacher’s words, still dominate her to the point of madness.

『Rage, sadness, joy…… Emotions are limited resources. You who were created as an artificial Servant “Vessel of the King”, those resources are decisively scarce, it could be said they were unnecessary to begin with. If you really don’t want to let go of them, keep them deep within the prison of your heart so that they don’t escape. Because you’re going to become the king of this galaxy――』

Attitude Towards Master

She wants to take X-san back to the Servant World.

Otherwise, X, better to kill ―― How ambivalent.

Having spent the same time with her Master, while establishing a bond, her emotions have been gradually pulled and enriched. Vaguely hidden under silence, a name and contour was born for each vague emotion. While that is strangely bitter, there are also nights in which it’s preferable to realize it.

Dialogue Examples

  • 『Hear the voice of my Alternium ―― X, better to kill!!』

  • 『Altereactor critical breakthrough! With my light beam of darkness, return to particles! 「Black Dragon Twin Sword of Victory (Cross-Calibur)」!』

  • 『It’s sugar supply time. Master-san, hurry』

  • 『I'm sort of a heroine, of course』

  • 『Hm』『I see』『Acknowledged』『Then, fine』

  • 『No』『Rejected』『Impossible』

  • 『It’s incredibly incredible』『Bwoom, bwoom bwoom』(Imitating lightsaber sounds)

  • 『May the Alternium be with you』

Character in FGO

The dark heroine of the mysterious world Servant Universe.

The self-proclaimed nemesis of “Mysterious Heroine X”, her sharing room housemate “Ecchan (naming person Heroine X)”.

Besides her sword technique, she freely uses the psychic power “Alter Choke”, mana released from the end of her arms “Alter Lightning”, and various techniques that look as if you’ve seen them somewhere else.

The glasses are a necessary item to rest the boosted optical nerve. Vision rather decreases while running.

The last survivor of the already destroyed and lost dark knights “Dark Rounds”.

Granted title is Sir Pendragon.

An “Anti-Anti-Saber Ultimate Weapon” trained by the “Dark Rounds”.

Making the Alternium crystals the dark knights went through thick and thin to collect react with the extracted X factors from X, and bumping X into a new Servant, she was a girl who became the center of conspiracies trying to extinguish confrontation.

But X’s own work blocked those conspiracies, the Rounds faced too the road to collapse, and the remaining girl “X Alter” disappeared.

After that, she became her housemate for a little, while not revealing her identity, developing this into a comical yet heartful school hero drama of about two seasons.

And then the disappearance of X――.

The very fulfillment of overthrowing Heroine X, was supposed to help the unspeakable thirst of her soul.

The X Alter who lost her worthy opponent, discouraged enough for the dessert after her meal not going through her throat, the turbulent Servant World was ―― and the ikeojis (handsome old men?) of the Rounds turned into Wraiths won’t forgive it.

Alter herself is supreme. Alter herself is the precious royal road. Leggings rather than bloomers themselves are fit for a noble throne.

Honestly, with the troublesome darkness of her heart, the words of the ikeojis have become like a curse and made a sport of.

The contact with the messenger of the Villain Alliance that will appear soon will change her fate greatly once more.

Standard Weapons

Wicked Holy Sword Necrocalibur. Bought through a suspicious mail order.

It can be freely changed into a twinblade or a chainsaw, but it often breaks and explodes.

Of course, a longsword with nothing unusual itself is supreme.

Mysterious Heroine X

X-san is my great friend. I’ve learned a lot of her who pushes forward without reflecting about danger.

…… In front of her as a nemesis, I cannot keep calm. My instincts shout to defeat her.

Artoria Lily

A difficult to deal with opponent. Just looking at her crushes tightly the stomach of my heart but, why do I yearn bean daifuku so much?


A fellow from the Servant World, I’m relieved that the atmosphere around Admiral Fraulein Fran hasn’t changed. Because of our mutual consciousness of energy saving and that we communicate with breaths like “Ah” “Uh” we immediately felt sympathy for each other. Sweet like konpeitō, she feels a bit stinging.

Nikola Tesla

The Captain☆Nikola in the Servant World, my superior officer so to speak. In terms of villainy, he’s not a bad boss. How to say it? It’s like his head is full of lightning.

Amazoness CEO

Amazoness dot com is God. Even if you’re 100 light years away, they’ll cut down the life of the employee and deliver it the same day. Same as sandwiching chocolate and grilled marshmallow between crackers, it can be said it’s the deed of a genius that doesn’t know about health.

Tamamo no Mae

She is involved in something, the strict yet gentle owner of the kotatsu room. When I told her that if I had a mother she’d definitely be like her, she was blown away. Refreshing like June, she wraps fluffily like monaka.

Voroid “K6-X4”

The exclusive voroid I named “Black Knight-kun”. For some reason it’s been around me ― since I can remember. Its personality is mean, quite fierce. If it has the chance, it’ll try to rebel against its master. Well, you can make it surrender by force, though.

Comment from the Illustrator

As a Berserker version of Mysterious Heroine X, initially I thought she’d be a Berserker version of a woman that will absolutely kill Sabers from another side but after several exchanges, a Berserker from an unusual literature was born. What do I mean? There aren’t many tsukkomis but when angered please take something sweet, have a cup of tea and calm down. (BUNBUN)

Material Images