• Gender: Unknown --> Male
  • Region: Europe, India
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 150cm
  • Weight: 40kg


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmB

Personal Skills

Voyager of the Storm: [C++]

A Captain specific skill. While not really applying to Triton, Nemo possesses a renowned ship and has some experience "Sailing through storms at Zero-sail", so the skill is ranked lower than other Captain Servants.
However, it's parameters greatly increase if Nemo is in the Field: Waterfront, with it's rank being "++" specialized as such.

Indomitable: [B+]

The Heroic Spirit Nemo's spirituality, his beliefs, are given form through this Skill.
It's both Battle Continuation and NP Gain, and grants additional gain upon the Guts aspect proccing. Any captain worth their salt gets fired up with passion when the tides turn on them.

Journey's Guidance: [C++]

The property to guide Heroes, from Triton formerly guiding the Argo.

Triton safeguards the hopes and dreams of those who aim towards unseen lands and impossible worlds. "Cross these borders, and set sights towards grander worlds". This skill has a great affinity with Ms. Da Vinci.

Additionally, in the Field: Waterfront, the efficiency of this Skill increases.

Noble Phantasm(s)

"I Shall Conquer This, Great Ram Nautilus"

  • Rank: A
  • Classification: Anti-Sea Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2-70
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 Enemy

Great Ram - Nautilus.

The Submarine Nautilus changes its main form and shape, utilizing the great ram it's furnished with to charge the enemy. No matter how colossal the enemy may be (Be it a great squid, or huge battleship) the ram will not falter. As such, by being embellished with this unique faith, it will pierce/break through all. Although possible to be used somewhere without water (on land, in the air), it's accuracy, as well as it's power, considerably improve while sailing above water, or being submerged.

A rare Noble Phantasm that raises parameters in the Field: Waterfront.



Upfront and kind, Triton was beloved by all.
Acting on their beliefs, Prince Dakkar was an embodiment of taking initiative.
While these Heroes combined as a "Phantom", Nemo slightly deviates from both, taking qualities from each to have their own unique character.

Nemo has acquired one belief from the Hero Triton: "To oppose those who manipulate or trample upon others". Even if the enemy happens to be a God, he cannot allow the weak to be tyrannized. Ironically, this has lead to an opposition towards modern society (consumption based culture). That said, seeing the current culture of Europe saddens him a bit. Greece wasn't an exception, but of course, "The World of the Seas has no borders".

Attitude Towards Master

When they first met, Nemo had no particular feelings towards the Protagonist or Mash after seeing them. With the memories of Prince Dakkar, he harbored an instinctive wariness against the tragedies brought forth by "People". Because of that, his manner of speaking tended to be fiercely blunt. However...

Since he's in charge of the ship, Nemo themselves is strict towards others, and doesn't tolerate being sweet talked, nor self-centered actions.

...But, with the presence of Triton, he has blessings towards adventurous journeys. Upon reintroducing himself when summoned as a Servant to Chaldea, and viewing the Protagonist as both an Adventurer and Traveler alike, his great blessings now likely point them down the path they tread.

At the start, he persisted in doing his duties himself, going so far to say that "This is my Submarine", to his Master. Once understanding them as worthy to entrust humanity to, he loosened up to them, and became willing to take them closer to their destination, no matter the distance.


Operating a submarine, much less a battleship, would be impossible for Nemo alone. As Sion undoubtedly surmised that Nemo couldn't take care of a ship by themselves, she utilized some of the Atlus Institution's fundamentals upon summoning him, thereupon incorporating the hidden skill "Memory Partition" into him.

It's effects granted Nemo the skill to scatter himself, making clones that are "Similar to myself, and more specialized towards various posts.". And so, the working Nemo Series docked:

Nemo Marine

They take take up most of the Nemo Series, tallying in at least 12 (12 are standard, with a max of 24 at once). All of them look about the same.
They are a taskforce inside the ship, in charge of cleaning, handling, maintenance, and all sorts of other jobs. Personality wise, they're single-minded and cheery, don't hate anyone (can dislike them), and are resolute to scream and give it all they've got in emergencies.
The elements of Triton appear the most in this Series.

Nemo Professor

Adds "Mr" to men's names when calling for them. Blackbeard's grown a bit attached to them because of it.
The onboard professor. In charge of analysis, measuring, devising strategies, and similar tasks.

Nemo Engine

The stubborn chief engineer who takes great pride in the engine room they manage.
They're strict to those in the engine room, the most dangerous place on the ship. Since this a gesture akin to, "I have to protect others", this mindset resembles a mother's love for their children.
Due to also having the rank of Captain since "The Captain is Me", they seriously think they could replace the Captain themselves if they make a mistake.
Not only the Nemo who loves people the strongest, but the one who loves the Nautilus the strongest.

Nemo Nurse

In charge of the sickbay.
"The Adult Nemo", the most mature Nemo, is specialized in broad-mindedness and reasoning. In emergencies, they carry out their duties with a calm, cool-mindset and professional skill.

Material Images

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