Nero Claudius (Caster)



  • True Name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
  • Class: Caster
  • Source: Historical Fact/Dead Heat Summer Race!
  • Region: Rome
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Chaotic Summer
  • Height: 150cm
  • Weight: 42kg


  • Character Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Sakura Tange
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Surprisingly enough, they are the same stats from when she is in the Saber class (Noble Phantasm aside).

Class Skills

Riding: B

Talent for riding. She can ride most mounts better than the average person, but can’t mount Demon Beasts, Holy Beasts or other beasts of the same rank.

Her specialty are chariots, but they make her butt hurt, so she avoids it as she can.

Territory Creation: A+

As a magician, she can construct a territory beneficial to her.

This time, she got it on an extraordinary rank due to the stories of making the theater and her good administration of the Colosseum.

Item Creation (Unconventional): EX

Talent to make a variety of tools. There is nothing the self-proclaimed, almighty genius Emperor Nero can’t make.

Since her aesthetic sense doesn’t match the ordinary people’s tastes, all tools she creates can only be qualified as EX (non-standard/unquantifiable).

Personal Skills

Reckless Driver Privilege: EX

A Skill modified from Imperial Privilege.

Comes from the stories of her once running her chariot out of control in Olympia. You could say it’s learned from personal experience.

It’s a Skill that promises her first place no matter what happens. Even if she falls from her horse in the middle of the race, some Deus Ex Machina will make her first place in the end.

Dreams to the Summer: A

Beach Flower: Nero edition.

While she shows off her beauty, this beauty is for all of those who smile at the beach.


(However, this Skill was lost)

Seven Crowns: C

Her fragrance thickens her sword and sharpens her armor.

Her state becomes ambiguous and the disadvantages brought by her class lose their meanings.

The ???? comes out of the sea.

Behold, the seven necks smoldering in the roaring sea.

Earth’s amassers of fortune, it is time to pour your desire into the golden goblet.

The Undying Magus: A

Magecraft taught to her by her once magus mentor, Simon Magus.

Simon sentenced himself to decapitation, then revived.

It’s said that, due to her special mana, Nero as a magician can grant one-time immortality to a person and grant them physical strength like that of a beast.

Noble Phantasm(s)

NPTitle: Laudarentum Domus Illustrius (Ovated Golden Theater)

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~60
  • Max. Targets: 500 people

You think she just added wind instruments to the Domus Aurea, but those pipes turn out to be all gun muzzles.

Whether you think this is a deed of unimaginable creativity or you think the designer was insane, we can all agree that the pipe-organs look a bit like gun muzzles. That is the complex origin story of this opera fort.

Having earned her Saint Graph as a "Songstress", Nero displays her maximum talent.

The Domus Aurea has been turned into one large outdoors stage that unfortunately can make her singing voice reach outside the theater, as well as inside.

Nero’s singing voice becomes heat rays and engulfs the crowd, giving them a feverish excitement.



  • First person pronoun: you
  • Second person pronoun: kiden/kisama/name with no honorifics
  • Third person pronoun: kidentachi/kisamara/name with no honorifics
  • Master: name with no honorifics


The open Summer Nero. The same self-centered Emperor as usual.

She calls herself an almighty genius and really believes herself to be one, so, naturally, she thinks she will win this race.

Nero is very “I always win every competition!”, but her desire for victory comes from her passion. Results are important, but what she really puts all her might into is enjoying the whole process.

She doesn’t seek the glories of victory out of pride. Because Nero knows that pride is only born after victory.

As such, Nero is often mistaken for a tyrant because of her haughty attitude and overconfident speeches, but see accepts mostly everyone’s lifestyle, saying “that is good on its own way” and never rejecting anyone.

Her criteria are not to determine whether people are good or evil as parts of society, but whether or not they live beautifully as individuals.

She is knowledgeable of arts like acting, singing, painting or sculpting, and the reason why she immerses herself on them is because she values “beauty” over “strength”.

Attitude Towards Master

“You, rare Master assisting my victory, are a lucky master, for your emperor will be riding this deep crimson racing car to let you see how cool I am.”, as she puts it.

The reason why Nero is trying to win the race could be to indirectly let people know “a Master who managed to contract a Servant this awesome is even more awesome”… perhaps.

Dialogue Examples

“Were you surprised for me being suddenly in my swimsuit? I am sure you were, weren’t you? Aye, my heart is, too, pounding with joy!

Caster, Nero Claudius, responds to your summons! Let us make our summer an unforgettable one!”

“All I need to do is to take the first place in the race, correct? Undoubtedly, you can commend it to me!

I, Nero Claudius, have yet to understand the circumstances, but I shall never fail my contractor’s expectations!”

“I shall leave it to yooooooooooooooou, you convenient, almighty genius Da Vinci! It’s me, your emperor!”

“Here are the blueprints for the machine I desire. The concept keywords are: Red. Goddess. Speed. And Rome. I want you to follow these concepts to make the fastest and most powerful machine you can. More specifically, you have until tomorrow to do it.”

“(mumble mumble)… Finally, my eyelids have enraptured you.

Vacations are marvelous… Under the hot sunrays, I can cover my skin in oil, enjoy the fruits at their savoriest, get my finger pinched by the coconut crabs… No, wait, the last one is not a good thing…”

Character in FGO

A self-proclaimed almighty genius. When in the Saber class, she is a beautiful woman dressed in male attire (or so she thinks), but this time, she is unreservedly enjoying the summer without concealing her womanly beauty. The Fifth Roman Emperor possessed magnificent values: a combination of narcissism and philanthropy, loving herself, but also loving everyone around her.

Making the best use of her knowledge learned from Simon the Magician, Emperor Nero completed a personal pseudo-Magecraft Mystic Code, the Theater Mystic Code.

The pipe-organs floating over both sides of her body convert her beautiful voice into attack power and extravagantly fire laser-slash-firework-slash-flame-bullet things in all directions at random.

By the way, why would her singing voice produce damage?

Nero herself has yet to realize the cruel answer to this mystery.

Nero was secretly displeased from not being invited to the southern island the previous time (2016’s summer).

Feeling now was her time, she got a brand-new bikini and was pumped to start a new adventure in the Summer Event.

That was when the Ishtar Cup was announced, and she signed up for it in high spirits.

However, she needed a teammate, which means she called Arthuria Alter, the first person to pass by.

They are a disharmonious pair, but they joined each other to participate in the race. Nero because she wanted to perform well in the race and because it would be fun, and Arthuria because she wanted to relieve her violent impulses (stress) and get the prize.

Their racing tactic was very aggressive.

They would forcibly drive into anyone standing in their way, until both machines crashed enough times for them to be able to overspeed the enemy.

Due to Nero considering all teams "superb rivals", she rejoices in her opponents’ merits while desiring to surpass them.

Alter doesn’t care about any of that, she just wants to rise to the top.

Since the final result is the same, they don’t fight over it. What a miraculously balanced team.

Arthuria Alter (Rider):

My deceitful and treacherous teammate. She commits acts unacceptable for a waitress like her, like kicking away her patrons.

However, in spite of it, I must acknowledge her educational abilities and her conviction.

Elizabeth Bathory (Brave):

The charming, old-fashioned red bikini is refreshing and lovely, but why in the world are you carrying a sword…?

Tamamo no Mae (Lancer):

Can you see this, Caskou? This is what a true Roman bath looks like! Or rather, we should call it a pool!

But I appreciate your wet T-shirt. You were undoubtedly a fierce opponent…

Comment from the Illustrator

It’s your emperor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her mystic weaponry is huge, putting an awesome pressure on the screen. YES!!!!! I wanted to make the character fill as much space as possible------!!! I feel like doing things this way leaves me a little happier when I ascend them------!!! I like the final ascension, because the colors compliment the composition quite well and it was very fun to draw. (Wada Arco)

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