• Class: Caster
  • True Name: Nitocris
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Egypt
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 51kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Shimaudon
  • Character Voice: Tanaka Minami
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmB+

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A]

One can create a “Workshop”, which is an advantageous position for themselves as a mage.
Because Nitocris possesses Rank A in this, it is possible to create a “Temple”, which is superior to a “Workshop”.

Tool Creation: [B+]

One can create devices tinged with Magical Energy.
Nitocris is restricted in that she can only produce things related to Egyptian Magecraft. Many of the devices and tools manufactured with Modern Magecraft, such as golems, homunculi and miracle drugs, are objects that even resemble the ones in Egyptian Magecraft, but the ones in Egyptian Magecraft are also by far more specialized in its versatility, and the colour of its magic is darker. Because of this Skill, the devices and tools created by Nitocris always have holy inscriptions engraved on them.

Divinity: [B]

A Skill where one has Divine Spirit aptitude.
The Pharaoh is the ruler who reigns over the people of ancient Egypt on the land they govern, while simultaneously, it is a person who attains godhood. That being the case, they exist as a god more than as a ruler.

Personal Skills

Egyptian Magecraft: [A]

Denotes one’s ownership of the Magic Crest of ancient Egypt. The owner of this Skill is given a plus modifier towards checks related to Necromancy Magecraft.

High-Speed Divine Words: [B]

The ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed. By using a language from the Age of Gods, Great Magecrafts can be cast in one step (at the speed of a Single-Action).

Affection of the Sky God: [B]*

A pharaoh’s divinity changes in accordance with things like the era, but Nitocris is regarded as a child of the Sky God Horus, as well as his incarnation.

*The description for the Affection of the Sky God Skill was originally part of the description for the Divinity Skill in her game profile

Noble Phantasm(s)

Anpu Neb-Ta-Djeser: The Nether Mirror Thesaurus

  • Rank: B+
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~40
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 100 people

Anpu Neb-Ta-Djeser (Anubis – Lord of the Sacred Land). A mirror that projects things that do not exist in reality. It does not function as an optical mirror. What is reflected is nothing but a grotesque and dreadful darkness that is constantly repulsive. Nitocris describes this as a mirror that reflects the netherworld, or perhaps, the image of a spiritual world of darkness, but the details are unknown. Whether it is indeed the extension of the dark abyss of the Underworld, a demonic prison manufactured by the ancient Egyptian gods, or nothing more than something forming due to the Magical Energy welling up inside of her, what spectacle really exists on the opposite side of the mirror?————



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / omae
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ○○ (occasionally one’s full name) / ○○-dono / ○○-sama


Fundamentally, Nitocris is a wise and graceful woman, always being calm towards crises and dangers, and she possesses the emotional strength and intelligence to make it possible for her to deduce the very best move… or that is what is expected of her, but there is a reason why she repeatedly jumps to the wrong conclusion and why she is often short-tempered. It is because she has a fierce will burning brightly inside of her heart.

Even if she was a queen who was pushed up to the throne as a puppet, Nitocris is still a child of god, and she properly possesses the self-awareness of being a Pharaoh – a ruler who reaches for godhood. Therefore, she massacred the influential people who tried to turn the Pharaoh into an influential tool. The reason why she killed them was not only because she wanted vengeance for her brothers, but because the splendour that is the Pharaoh should not be defiled by the lower classes, and that is surely no doubt for the sake of further continuing the existence of the Pharaoh for a millennia and beyond————

Attitude Towards Master

Nitocris comes into contact with the Protagonist as an “allied partner”.

The wish Nitocris wants to make on the Holy Grail is “For my brothers to live peacefully in the Eternal Paradise.” For Nitocris, who became a Heroic Spirit, she does not know if her assassinated brothers had made their entry onto the road that leads into the “Eternal Paradise” located in the afterlife of ancient Egypt without any problems and as they should have as expected; therefore, she has no choice but to wish.

Dialogue Examples

“Lower your head. You are being disrespectful!”

“I am Horus, for I am the Pharaoh.”

“I sentence you to death, for high treason.”

“Heroic Spirit, Servant. Before all of that, I am… yes, a pharaoh.” (Puffs out her chest)

“Perish, you unsightly people…! Your screams, your groans, your requests! There is no need to grant them to somebody like you lot!”

Historical Character and Figure

A magic queen who held the throne in the Sixth Dynasty of ancient Egypt, even if only for a short time. A figure who lived around the 22nd Century BC. Strangely, Nitocris has the same name with an ancient Queen of Babylon.

Her throne, which became the seat for puppet pharaohs due to the hands of influential people who made light of the gods, was smeared with blood more often than it being something that give praise to the splendour of the gods. However, Nitocris, who became the Pharaoh, cannot stop forgetting the regrets of the preceding young kings – of whom they were her brothers – that were altogether murdered by the hands of the influential people, and the throne of the Pharaoh, worthy of splendour, was played with by the lower classes; she could not forgive that.

————“Punishment, for disrespectfully playing with even the seat of the Pharaoh, who serves as a ruler and is worthy to be god.”
————“Punishment, for committing treason in vain by putting your hands on my beloved brothers.”

Although she obediently abided with the enthronement for a short while, Nitocris advanced a “plan” in secret to kill the influential people altogether. She opened a banquet in order to gather them – the treasonous people who showed irreverence – into an enormous basement that was constructed by her, and in the middle of their intoxication, she filled the basement with a massive amount of water drawn in from the Nile River, killing every single person through drowning, thus having accomplished her revenge.

Afterwards, it is said that Nitocris chose to promptly commit suicide without making arrangements for her rebirth that is to come after her death as the Pharaoh.

Although she was said to be the last pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty, there is no discovery of a positive proof that Nitocris clearly existed, even up to the present day, so she is also viewed as “a queen in legends”. However, the Greek historian Herodotus in the 5th Century BC wrote down her existence in the “Histories”, written as the world’s first history book.

Character in FGO

A magic queen who held the throne in an ancient Egyptian dynasty, even if only for a short time. Beyond her gentle smile, Nitocris possesses absolute confidence as a pharaoh. The “Was” sceptre held in her hand is a symbol of Royal Authority, while simultaneously, it is the same sceptre held by the ancient Egyptian gods; it is also a Magecraft Mystic Code that possesses a powerful Mystery. The gods blessed her to have a strong will and pride. Gifted the power of the sky, and gifted the power of the Underworld, she was bestowed enough power to conduct her revenge. Was it a section of the Nile River, as written down by Herodotus, that she really used to kill her bitter enemies whom she invited to the basement, or was it a torrent of evil spirits overflowing from her bronze mirror of darkness, given to her by the gods, that killed them? After her death, Nitocris did not proceed towards the “Eternal Paradise” that is in the afterlife of ancient Egypt. Consequently, she committed suicide without even making arrangements for her rebirth.

Was it the blessings of the gods, or was it because of the people’s thoughts?————For later on, Nitocris would be engraved onto the Throne of Heroes.

Nitocris materialized as a Servant, or so she thinks. The previous pharaohs whom died some time ago before herself – her beloved brothers, did they really make their entry onto the road that leads into the “Eternal Paradise”? She at least does not know since she herself did not arrive there. If it is the case that they are at least Pharaohs, let that thought be true. Like the Pharaoh Ozymandias, the dazzlingly beautiful Pharaoh; wherever his brilliance is that reaches the gods————

If they live on as eternal existences, then undoubtedly, the souls of her brothers will be rescued by that power.

Standard Weapons

Nitocris can carry out summonings by means of Egyptian Magecraft. Scarabs, mummies, some small beings that have the appearance of the god Medjed, and so forth, are summoned one after another to do battle.

Darius III

“It was not me. I am a different person from Queen Nitocris of Assyria who left the key to the treasure storehouse of Babylon in her tomb. Therefore, please do not look over here while roaring like that.” (Whispering)


“It was not me. I am a different person from Queen Nitocris of Assyria who left the key to the treasure storehouse of Babylon in her tomb. Therefore, please do not stare at me like you are keeping an eye on a thief with that sort of manner. Also, being overly familiar with Pharaoh Ozymandias is disrespectful!” (Whispering)


“King of Kings, the true Pharaoh. It is my utmost honour if you allow yourself to receive me, Nitocris, into a relationship with you as your retainer. I want to tell you… how much I am thankful… There is no way an opportunity for this will happen. I cannot tell this. Mmmmmm.”

Cleopatra / Iskandar

“Gentle Pharaohs.”

Xuanzang Sanzang

“It is especially not because I want to brawl. But violence is violence. That was disrespectful.”

Elizabeth Báthory

“Although it is booming, her singing voice is quite…”

Caster of the Nightless City

“Ah. Let me see… I have some excellent tea leaves on hand… so if it is fine with you, how about you hang out with me together?”

Comment from the Illustrator

There was a beautiful tanned Egyptian pharaoh girl in the design plot, so I accepted in designing Nitocris as soon as I knew this and crammed a bunch of Egyptian-ish symbols on her. Hey, I personally thought I completed her design in a simple and well-coherent manner. As a matter of fact, in the middle of this work, there was a revision to the design of her Third Stage Ascension as her rarity was changed from 3☆ to 4☆, and at that time, I received a draft plan of her design from the Director, so between you and me, it resulted in her Third Stage design as you see now. (Her original design has little skin exposure.) However, she was blessed with a role in Chapter 6 of the FGO Story, and there was also the influence coming from “Chaldea Radio” that Ms. Tanaka Minami – the voice actress in charge of Nitocris – is responsible for, so she grew into a character who is loved by everyone, which was much more than what I had thought; every time it gets to this topic, I believe that “it is nice to be able to receive a design that you can do.” (Shimaudon)

Material Images

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