Demon King Nobunaga



  • Class: Avenger
  • True Name: Oda Nobunaga/Oda Kippōshi/Demon King Nobunaga
  • Gender: ?
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 154 cm (Ascension 1)/165 cm (Ascension 2)/180 cm (Ascension 3)
  • Weight: 43kg (Ascension 1)/50kg (Ascension 2)/?kg (Ascension 3)

Her mass does not remain stable.


  • Scenario Writer: Keikenchi
  • Character Design: pako
  • CV: Kugimiya Rie
  • Main Appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Avenger: [B-]

A state of being that gathers the grudges and hatred of men turned into a skill.
Her body continues to be subjected to the grudges and hatred of the masses even now.

Oblivion Correction: [E]

Humans forget things with the passage of time, but the Demon King created by them never forgets.

Self-Replenishment (Mana): [C]

Until the world and the enemy of gods, Buddha and all living beings perish, her mana will keep surging forth endlessly.
Mana is generated by a minuscule amount every turn.

Personal Skills

Can't Be Helped: [A-]

A double-edged sword that will proceed to burn Nobunaga in exchange for letting her release powerful magical energy. Is this the verdict passed down on her body that disappeared among the flames, or mayhaps...

Like a Fleeting Dream: [B]

Due to being under a constant assault from the World's correction force because of her great might and the unusual nature of her being, Demon King Nobunaga's existence is hollow and even her Saint Graph itself is in a hazy state.

The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven: [EX]

A monster whose past state was twisted later on by her image during her lifetime. The abilities and appearance of the skill's possessor transform. A skill that is a counterfeit of "Innocent Monster".
A skill demonstrating her way of being as the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven・Oda Nobunaga who's already been established as a different existence from the so-called Demon King of the Sixth Heaven appearing in Buddhist teachings.

Noble Phantasm(s)

The Hajun Reborn・Demon King of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Heavens[1]

  • Rank: A-
  • Classification: Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum number of targets: 1~1000

Hajun Henjou・Sanzen Daisen Ten Maou.
A grotesque form that surpasses even the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven that houses within its body the fear and awe of all living things that the past, present and future Nobunagas have been infused with. It metamorphoses into the True Demon King, the "Demon King of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Heavens" that will destroy every god and the Buddha. The end goal of Oda Nobunaga, the crimson anti-hero who reduces mystery to ashes.

Since this form does not exist in history, its existence itself is unstable and can only remain manifested for a limited time.



First person pronoun: washi (basic self)/ore (Kippōshi)/ ware (Demon King)
Second person pronoun: sonokata/sonata/kisama
Third person pronoun: ayatsu/ayatsura


Concerning the fact that her existence is one that contains the possibilities of every Nobunaga within, the personalities that mainly appear on the surface will be described below.
Oda Nobunaga. The Nobunaga closest to the normal state. Overall, I am the usual me. Though to a certain extent, I have a fiercer temperament than usual.
Oda Kippōshi. A state that strongly reflects the Nobunaga who was called a fool in her younger days. Call me a Nobunaga, nay, a Kippōshi who's a literal soldier of fortune and who gives off a good vibe!
Demon King Nobunaga, the conclusion that one could call Nobunaga's destination. Since I contain the natures of every Nobunaga, at times I am a coldhearted and peerless demon king, sometimes I become like a transcendental and there might be also times when I speak like an absolute beauty of a supreme king type heroine daimyō, no?

Attitude Towards Master

Fundamentally, her nature of liking those with talent remains unchanged. As long as the Master holds the intention to progress forward, she will get angry at them for this state of theirs yet also enjoy it.
However, as soon as the Master loses this intent of theirs, all will become worthless to the Demon King and everything will surely end up in ashes.

Dialogue Examples

"I am Demon King Nobunaga────The enemy of gods, Buddha and all living beings who's been reborn through surpassing the Heaven of Pleasure."

"I am the Fool of Owari, Oda Kippōshi!"

"I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven Hajun, Oda Nobunaga!" "Burn the gods and Buddha of the three realms to ashes...『The Hajun Reborn・Demon King of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Heavens』!!"

"Burn yourself out, my blood, my bones, my life! OOOOOOOH!! 『The Hajun Reborn・Demon King of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Heavens』!!"

"The path of my conquest is paved by the innumerable corpses of the gods, Buddha and all living beings. None can thwart this Nobunaga, whomever they may be. 『The Hajun Reborn・Demon King of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Heavens』!!" "...Aah, that's it. It was called "win-win". A win-win situation."

Historical Character and Figure

Oda Nobunaga. The Nobunaga with the form closest to the original Nobunaga's Saint Graph. Putting it this way isn't strictly correct either, but as a matter of convenience, that's how it's been commented on.

While she has been summoned in the class of an Avenger, her state is akin to when she is summoned as an Archer. However, the body that houses the karma of the fear and resentment felt towards her by the masses can not be contained within the Saint Graph of a Heroic Spirit who was "originally just a human" and with each successive ascension, even more possible Nobunagas are edified.
A multitude of possibilities sounds good on paper, but the end result that awaits is her meaning vanishing due to diffusion which Nobunaga is fully aware of yet doesn't mention.

She gained a mysterious arquebus, the Demon King Gatling Gun as a new armament. Isn't this quite the superior, delightful and cool matchlock what with being able to perform a rotating rapid-fire?

"Well, there's all sorts of me, but even among them I am the most charming and cute, don't you agree? Actually, isn't the biggest me pretty frightening?"

Oda Kippōshi. Kippōshi was Oda Nobunaga's name during her childhood.
She's done many odd things as a child and was called a fool by her surroundings.

"Actually, at that time, I wasn't called Kippoushi. Nevertheless, since other than me, amusingly enough, Nobunaga is around as well, it will be easier to understand it this way, no? Wahahahahaha!"

Demon King Nobunaga. The Nobunaga who's the furthest from every possible Nobunaga and the one closest to the abyss.
Calling herself the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, her body that has the fear and reverence felt towards Nobunaga throughout the ages seared into it is hollow yet powerful, and she is reborn into an existence that should be called a true Demon King.

However, fundamentally, her form is not one that denies the gods and Buddha, but something that demonstrates Nobunaga's belief that "The possibilities of mankind belong to men, while the gods and Buddha should be respected and not relied upon; actually, do you guys just plan to depend on the honorable Buddha for everything?".
That is what's "Innocent Monster"-like about her, however, her existence as the Demon King Nobunaga that became the enemy of gods and Buddha and who imposes a severe life on all living beings is akin to that of the Heavenly Demon, even if she could be called a supporter of Buddhist teachings.

"I am Demon King Nobunaga────The enemy of gods, Buddha and all living beings who's been reborn through surpassing the Heaven of Pleasure."

Still, a point to make note of​ is that it's not like this "Demon King Nobunaga" is the pinnacle of Nobunagas. While it may be true that she's one of the most powerful forms born from the story known as "Nobunaga", that doesn't make her the "pinnacle", but the embodiment of the one furthest from the "truth"────the human-shaped blaze that burns brightly in the beyond.

Standard Weapons

Demon King Gatling Gun/Heshikiri Hasabe/Souza Samonji[2] /Demon King Sword
A mysterious style called the Demon King fighting style where she forcefully pushes herself to the very limit in an extraordinary manner.

Okita Sōji

Good grief, we might have an undesirable yet inseparable relationship, but we sure have kept each other company for a long time. By the way, I got my long-sought 5☆ version; do you have anything to say about that? How heart-breaking; different from the puny manslayer circle princess, to think Ver3 Nobbu would be added; truly heart-breaking indeed.

Okita Alter

Aah, Okita's Alter or what have you. You've gone through quite a difficult job hunting process to get yourself appointed as a legitimate company employee instead of being a part-timer Counter Guardian, haven't you. Well, if there's anything troubling you, come and tell me.

Hijikata Toshizō

Being unable to get through to them with words is a no thank you for me...that god of war (Kagetora) and Nagayoshi are more than enough of that type.


By the way, what is your husband, that Monkey[3] doing?

Sakamoto Ryōma

Having little to no desires is completely worthless, but I find that Meji Restoration thing he was focusing on quite excellent.

Okada Izō

Daaoka? Well, he'd be fit to be a common foot soldier, no? If he can take the head of someone like Bamboo Grass Saizō[4] then it wouldn't be unimaginable for him to be even put in charge of a troop of foot soldiers.

Mori Nagayoshi

Aah...yeah...I'm indebted to his father so I can't really scold him too harshly. It would also be a pain if Ranmaru[5] started sulking!

Oda Nobukatsu

Did you go and materialize again, you idiot... Well, so be it...if this becomes like a fleeting dream as well, that would be fine too...

Nagao Kagetora

Since her way of being is the exact opposite of mine, I have a hard time dealing with her. Is she being serious with that whole incarnation of Bishamonten business? Eh? I'm claiming to be the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven as well? Well, it can't be helped.

Shibata Katsuie

There is no road for those standing before Charging Shibata, but a road will open for those behind Charging Shibata; that's how it goes. Speaking of which, as expected, even I didn't know that Gonroku and Oichi were married for life.

Akechi Mitsuhide

The guy who was done in by Monkey right after taking me down. Even so, starting from me, it was Kumquat[6] then Monkey and finally Takechiyo,[7] huh. It was way too much of a dramatic age full of ups and downs. Well, it was the Warring States Period so it couldn't be helped.

Comment from the Illustrator

I kinda drew a bunch───────! I love Nobbu a lot so it was blessing for me to be able to draw a bunch of her───────! I feel like drawing the genuine Nobunaga too~! Everyone's cool and cute──────────────it can't be helped! (pako)

TL Notes

[1] Hajun is the Japanese name for Papiyas/Mara, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven who tried to tempt Buddha and stop him from reaching enlightenment. Three Thousand Great Thousand Heavens (三千大千天) is probably a reference to Buddhist cosmology where the universe is made up of Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds (三千大千世界). Basically, Nobu is calling herself the Demon King of the Heavenly Universe or something.
[2] Both Heshikiri Hasabe and Souza Samonji are swords that belonged to Nobunaga in real life though the latter was also owned by the other two unifiers of Japan: Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.
[3] Nobunaga's nickname for Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
[4] A Japanese samurai of the late Sengoku era who was originally a junior retainer under the Saitō clan, then switched to the Oda clan and finally served under the Tokugawas. His moniker "Bamboo Grass" came from the fact that he took many heads in battles, but due to their great numbers he couldn't hang them all on his waist so, in order to identify them after the battles as his, he stuck bamboo grass into their mouths or their necks.
[5] A samurai famous for his strength and loyalty to Nobunaga and Nagayoshi's younger brother.
[6] Nobunaga's nickname for Akechi Mitsuhide.
[7] Tokugawa Ieyasu's childhood name.

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