Oda Nobunaga (Berserker)



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Oda Nobunaga
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Historical fact/“Dead Heat Summer Race!”
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Summer
  • Height: 152cm
  • Weight: 44kg


  • Character Creator: Keikenchi
  • Character Illustrator: Pako
  • Character Voice: Kugimiya Rie
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmE~EX

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [C]

With the exception of Luck and Mana, one’s parameters are raised by one stage. The ability to communicate is lost and they become incapable of complex thinking; or that’s how it was supposed to be, but she's the same as usual so the change is not too noticeable. According to the person herself, it feels like her mind that preferred quiet tea ceremonies is running wild.

Personal Skills

The Fool’s Way of Using a Sword: [A]

Carrying out battles with inconceivably foolish ideas. Ding-dong dashing Buddhist temples, setting up firecrackers in teakettles and making Nobukatsu cry, she acts as she pleases. Since these sort of things are all she cared about in the first place, her close combat skills are powered up in the worst way possible.

Atsumori Beat: [B]

A way of using the sword that involves dancing and brings certain death, letting the beat of Atsumori resound through the battlefield. While it would be great if she made it clear whether it’s a dance or song, according to Nobu, this is Rock. A superb skill that does not feel like it would bring amazing effects upon use despite seeming like that at first glance, but when used regularly it turns out to be powerful after all.

Demon King of the Sixth Heaven from the Beach: [A] [1]

The monster who distorted her own existence according to her image of Summer. Her abilities and appearance ended up changing. A different version of her original “Demon King” skill. This is how it ended up when the Demon King changed into a swimsuit at the beach. It also feels like her chest became a bit bigger as a side effect.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Demon King of the Sixth Heaven Hajun ~The Height of Summer~ (Nobunaga THE Rock 'n' Roll)

  • Rank: E~EX
  • Classification: Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm
  • Range: -
  • Maximum number of targets: one person

Nobunaga THE Rock 'n' Roll.

The true Noble Phantasm of Demon King Nobunaga who destroys gods and Buddha...well, the slightly altered version of that.

The limited release of her Reality Marble reborn as a being that displays immense might against those that possess divinity or mystery.

Visually, a mysterious giant skeleton manifests behind Nobu's back, displaying the same power as the Demon King.

The severe acts carried out by her during her lifetime, represented by the burning of Mt. Hiei, transformed into a Noble Phantasm.

Due to the misconceptions piled on her by the populace after her death - like mistaken visual representations, wild stories and game knowledge -, she materialized as a Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven-like existence and boasts a considerable advantage against enemies possessing divinity; however, this is a double-edged sword that is difficult to handle since it could burn even her to ashes eventually.

Since her original Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven state is a dangerous mode that would turn not only the gods and Buddha but even her to ashes, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven state is being limited by sealing it into the class known as Berserker.

Although she plays it off with her foolish speech and actions, this form is a fairly dangerous state for Nobunaga to be in, so she has to cool down by periodically releasing (shout) mana (rock).

In the case of a Heroic Spirit with little to no divinity, it would be just a somewhat noisy Noble Phantasm.

"Nobunaga THE Rock 'n' Ro~~~~~~ll!! YAY!!"



  • First person pronoun: washi/waga
  • Second person pronoun: sonata/omae/kisama nado
  • Third person pronoun: oyatsu/are/nado


The Warring States' Hero of the Troubled Times, Oda Nobunaga. Called the "Great Fool of Owari" in her childhood, she destroyed Imagawa Yoshimoto at Okehazama and spread the tenka through the realms.

Afterwards, she defeated formidable enemies one after another, the unification of Japan in her grasp, however, due to Akechi Mitsuhide's betrayal, she passed away at Honnouji. So was she recorded.

My body clad in the burning passion welling up inside me, "Nobunaga THE Rockstar" makes her striking debut in the Summer of 2017!

Her fighting style closely resembles her mischievous antics during the Sengoku period when she was the Fool of Owari; and there's also Rock 'n' Roll. Bonus points for her super cool Buster T-shirt too.

As a result of putting on a swimsuit and letting loose, she turned into a Berserker and because of this, her Demon Lord aspect is more pronounced.

Manipulating a mysterious giant skeleton, she displays close combat skills that are not shown when she is an Archer. The fuse (long-distance attack) has been thrown away.

By the way, what the heck is this skeleton?

Attitude Towards Master

It was Nobunaga who worked vigorously towards her aim of unifying the whole country, but that came to an end due to her vassal's rebellion.

She does not regret this saying "It couldn't be helped". She has no particular wish for the Holy Grail, however, with that inconceivable way of thinking that she is known for, there is a high chance that she will make some kind of mess using the Holy Grail itself. It's also highly likely that she'll hold a pillow fight tournament at night while on a journey.

Going through this and that during their long collaboration, she grew quite fond of the Master.

Since she is awfully indifferent towards people she has no interest in by nature, she doesn't really put it into words much, but she seems to have a fairly high opinion of them.

Uhhahha! For me to take such a liking to you, you're truly a lucky fellow, aren't you!

Leaving that aside, are you not interested in things like musical instruments and bands? By the way, I am the vocalist and guitarist. It's fine for you to be just the Producer who's in charge of me if you'd like?

Dialogue Examples

「A swimsuit-clad me was inevitable!」



「I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven from the Beach, Oda Nobunaga!」

「I won! Tenka Fubu complete! I am the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven Rockstar from the beach, that's right, me! Please buy a copy of the CD commemorating my overall victory "Atsumori THE Summer Vacation" too!」

Historical Character and Figure

Ya~y! Everyone, you're all here! I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven from the Beach, yeah, it's me, Nobunaga THE Rock Roller!

Thank you, thank you for gathering here today to see me, Honnouji! Let's enjoy the burning Summer heat together, everyone! There might be some wardrobe malfunctions too!

Man, thinking back, it was quite a long journey to get here... The period of obscurity as the straightforward Owari Fool, the desperate situation of the Okehazama Live Contest where I managed to achieve the impossible and triumph over the Imagawa Ojaru band that was said to be the most likely to win the contest, the Nobbu songs encircled by the idols Kenshin-chan and Shingen-chan (their relationship as a duo is the worst) from the rival production, Kawanakajima, and then my dream of marching to the capital for the Kyouto singing competition performance, and then lastly, the shocking interview about my retirement following the unexpected Honnouji scandal... As expected, it was an unforeseen development even for me.

However..., HOWEVER! Overcoming the trials and tribulations, I have returned! That's right, I am the immortal rock 'n' roller, Oda Nobunaga! Everyone, go ahead and enjoy the sight of Nobu in a swimsuit! Enjoy it! Enjoy it!

And now, I'll pour these flood of emotions into my singing... The legendary melody heating up Owari's Summer of 2017, "Tenka Fubu ~2017 summer.ver~", listen to my so~ng!!

Eh? "Nobunaga's not playing the guitar"? No, even if you say that, I'm the people's Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven.

Actually, is this even a guitar?

Standard Weapons

Heshi Kill Hasebe. An enigmatic guitar-type weapon carried on Swimsuit Nobbu's shoulder. Eh? It's got a weird name? Nah, this one's pretty badass. There is a skull on it and the pointy bits will hurt a lot when I hit things with it.

And look, when I hold it sideways, I can do DJ Nobbu-like stuff with it too. Eh? "That's why I'm asking what the heck is it", you say? Isn't it obvious that... yeah, what the heck is this thing!?

Okita Souji

Ma~n, sorry, sorry, I ended up getting a swimsuit version earlier than you. Since I am a popular character, it couldn't be helped. Okita should keep persevering without giving up too so you'll get a swimsuit. Well, naturally, the next one will be my ☆5 version, you see! Uhhahhahhaha! ......Eh? Okita Alter? ......Huh? From ☆5 to ☆5?


Hm? Chacha wants a swimsuit too? Mm~, I think a sexy swimsuit like mine would be a bit early for Chacha... Mn? "In Yodogimi[1] Mode, Auntie wouldn't even hold a candle to my curves"? Hold it! I've got splendid curves as well! Don't I?

Oda Nobunaga

Ha!? Who is this transcendently beautiful Sengoku bishoujo daimyo!? ...Ah, what, aren't you my Archer version, you startled me. Nevertheless, such an overly beautiful Sengoku daimyo could only be me, after all! Uhhahhahhahha! By the way, my breasts are a bit larger, aren't they.

Swimsuit Raikou

As expected of the boobs of the Minamoto Clan's chief! I am from the Tairas and it's not like I am lacking in the chest department, but it's my loss when it comes to those boobs. Eh? Could it be that's how the Tairas lost too? (Wrong)

Swimsuit Nero

That Nanban's[3] armor... Are they shoulder pads? It's really cool biz! Speaking of which, isn't your Noble Phantasm too lovely!? That impossible frontal cut-in[4] is at a level that even Ranmaru[5] would be paralyzed with fear.

Swimsuit Nitocris

Eh? What's with that cover. Eh? Medjed deity? I, I see... I won't inquire any deeper. By the way, that tuft of hair jutting out from her rear is super cute!

Mysterious Racer X

Oh! You're the one who lent me a hand in the race! Eh? "My name is Mysterious Heroine X"? Eeeh? Really? Aren't you that mysterious Assassin said to be a shooting star glittering in the night sky that will appear again when there is a Saber to be defeated?

Comment from the Illustrator

An "I wish she'd calm down a little"-type Servant. However, she can not calm down. That is fine. She'll burn everything while laughing. Her skills being plain and simple are really helpful so once you get used to using her, she is a Servant you simply can't replace... Ah... The NP gauge is not enough for the third wave... (pako)

Translation Notes:

[1] The literal translation is “Demon King of the Sixth Heaven of the Beach” or “The Beach’s Demon King of the Sixth Heaven”, but these sounded weird to me so I went with the above version.

[2] Yodogimi (淀君) or Yodo-dono (淀殿) is Chacha's adult name. ...So Chacha would grow up to be a busty beauty? Adult Chacha when DW?

[3] Barbarian (南蛮). That's how Japanese people referred to Westerners back then.

[4] Not sure about this part. Original is "まさかの正面カットイン".

[5] Nobunaga is referring to Mori Ranmaru (森蘭丸) here, one of her most loyal attendants. He (or maybe she in Nasuverse, who the hell knows at this point) was known for his (her?) talent, loyalty, and unusual beauty and remembered throughout history for his (her?) bravery and devotion for his (her?) decision to commit seppuku and follow Nobunaga in death. Ah, yes, there's also the thing where most of the literature from the Edo period claims that they had a sexual relationship. Nobunaga and Ranmaru, I mean.

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