Okita J. Souji



  • Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Okita J. Souji (first and second Saint Graph) / Okita Souji (third Saint Graph)
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: History
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Neutral Summer
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 45kg


  • Scenario writer: Keikenchi
  • Character designer: Takeuchi Takashi
  • CV: Yuuki Aoi
  • Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Presence Concealment (J): [B-]

She boasts a high degree of covert ability thanks to the active camouflage unit built into the jetpack. Unfortunately, the jets are so noisy when they start up that this Skill receives a minus rating.
Assassination via jets would only work on the most brainless type of character.

Magic Resistance (J): [C]

With the help of the magical energy field generated by the M-Drive (a type of Ether reactor), she has realized levels of Magic Resistance unimaginable during her time in the Saber Class.
I mean, isn't my Magic Resistance too low for a Saber in the first place? I'm from the end of the Edo period, after all.

Existence Outside the Domain: [E]

Just because of a mysterious jetpack I'm considered a lifeform from outside the domain!?

Personal Skills

Jet Ten'nen Rishin-ryū: [A+]

The lone swordswoman who has mastered the lone backwater galaxy's legendary sword style, Jet Ten'nen Rishin-ryū. It's also to be said that nobody else wanted to master it. That's all just space gossip, though.

The instantaneous velocity is ranked among the top ten...or maybe top twenty within the Milky Way. At least, I want it to be in the upper ranks.

Eye of the Mind (J): [A-]

In addition to her instinctual sixth sense for evading danger and her natural inclination to detect it as well, her jetpack OS, called the MIBURO System, enables her to predict the immediate future, transmitting that information directly to her brain. But since she is an intuitive-type man-slayer, the whole thing can be kind of a hindrance sometimes.

M-Drive: [EX]

A mysterious engine included in the operating system that simulates all types of battles against various outlaw ronin and anti-shogunate space rebels. While it's possible to draw out power that surpasses her body's ability whenever she goes into overdrive, it would cause her body to be dangerously vulnerable to collapse because of the extreme strain.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Jet Sandanzuki

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 1~22
  • Maximum Targets: 15 people

The miraculous single hit emitted by over-boosting the super MAKOTO DRIVE engine installed in the jetpack. Extreme jet acceleration beyond the physical limitations of any person causes the three-stage thrust to execute at sublight speed, which results in its velocity consuming the surrounding air and induces an outrageous power output that swallows up and annihilates the target's surroundings, despite it being a single target attack. Due to the over-the-limit load it puts on the user, it can cause incapacitation at random.

By the way, sometimes when serious, she yells out "Blue Sky Sandanzuki", but she herself isn't really sure what "blue sky" is supposed to mean.

Makoto in Summer Flag

  • Rank: C-
  • Type: Anti-Army
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Targets: 1~200 people

A festive punch-like version of the Noble Phantasm similar to the one Saber Okita Souji has.
For the purpose of exterminating the outlaw ronin rampaging the summer's sea, various misunderstood Shinsengumi soldiers are summoned. Saitou wears diving goggles and speedos, Yamanami looks all gloomy under a parasol, Serizawa sports an aloha shirt, and so on.



First person pronouns: Watashi
Second person pronouns: Anata
Third person pronouns: Anata-tachi


The mysterious style that's been the talk of the town this summer has enabled Okita to wear a swimsuit, where the concept of the jetpack got mixed in there somewhere too.

Her personality is no different than her normal self, but her Class has changed from Saber to Assassin. She originally had high affinity as an Assassin from the get-go, so she is able to demonstrate combat power that is neither supreme nor lacking from her Saber form.

Perhaps because she turned into an Assassin, her aspect as an unfun man-slayer is pronounced in her secondary espionage form. Her life as a man-slayer, with her relentless and indiscriminate method of killing others and her enemies fearing and looking at her with contempt, is prominent.

Attitude Towards Master

Her usual disposition seemingly hasn't changed because of putting on a swimsuit, but she seems to have somewhat approached the age where she's constantly in high spirits and just wants to play with her Master in the water.
That said, she's a manslayer and a Bakumatsoomer, so when it comes to romance she's just like "what the heck is that?", so getting her into this kind of good mood in the first place isn't easy, Hijikata!

Dialogue Examples

"Swimsuit Okita is doing swimmingly~! Right, my body's dynamite, isn't it? Huh? What about the jet? That's—"

"My body...please hold together...! Uohhhhhhhhh!! Makoto Drive Full Burst! Jet Sandanzuki———!!!"

"My Jet Tennen Rishinryu is the invincible, strongest blade that combines jets with Tennen Rishinryu! I'm going to leave out the details, though!"

"Fnnn, fufufuuunnn"

"~~~~~~eh!!!!!" (the typical blushing expression)

Historical Character and Figure

The mysterious woman of the Shinsengumi, Okita J. Souji... It's obviously the Shinsengumi's First Unit Captain, what other Okita Souji could it possibly be?

Character in FGO

Allow me to explain! With her long-awaited swimsuit dreams finally coming true, Okita was excitedly running through the hallways when she accidentally collides galaxies with Heroine XX. Poor Ms. Okita then died...(but not really).

Oh no! An accident with an indigenous local...and even death!? This is definitely going to affect my approval for a bonus!!! In a panic, Ms. XX hastily built a life support device (really a jetpack) using parts she had on-hand, and as a result, a mysterious Shinsengumi girl was born. But in actuality, Okita was just unconscious, and inadvertently had the Servant Universe's mysterious technology installed to be reborn as a futuristic Shinsengumi warrior, all because XX goofed up.

Thanks to the life support device, her Weak Constitution skill was removed for a limited time, and as the device theoretically runs for over eight hundred years it enables her to have a super healthy body. However, Okita erroneously believed she had only three days left to live.

The sight of her running freely under the bright blue sky is, to a girl who was welcomed by the soft warm sun to disappear within the tumultuous age in which she lived, but a precious summer dream.

Of course, the turmoil and rift in space and time XX caused is only an enchantment that lasts but the duration of summer, and everything goes back to normal as soon as summer ends. Hey, that's good news, Okita.

(Narrated by Ms. R, making a cameo appearance)

Standard Weapons

"Jetpack User's Manual: Normal Form" A miraculous gadget that uses Mysterious Universe technology. Super acceleration and super braking using Ether Jet propulsion enables dimensional control on a galactic level. A Kiku-ichimonji Blade, a Photon Vulcan, and Photon Missiles are its standard loadout.

"Jetpack User's Manual: Secondary Form" A special espionage device that fully extracts her potential and performance. Various functions fit for assassination such as a stealth mode and Wolf of Mibu-style instant assassination techniques are equipped.

This is a new type of jersey-style haori costume that combines the loose-fitting wear of a jersey and the stealthy zigzag pattered black haori. The Kiku-ichimonji Blade version β is included as an interchangeable part.

Still confused after reading all that? Don't sweat it. I don't know what's going on with this either.

Oh, also, there is supposedly a wonderful and invincible summer swimsuit Okita mode that completely conceals all her equipment. This is the recommended mode when going out to play.

Swimsuit Nobu:

Huge victory for Swimsuit Okita~! Hey Nobu, come look at this swimsuit! Isn't it just the kind of adorable and unmatched special jet swimsuit that's just right for me? It's on a totally different level from your scrappy t-shirt! Huh? Jets and this kind of flair isn't appropriate for the Showa era? No, see, it's a new style appropriate for the Reiwa era! Reiwa Jet!

Hijikata Toshizo:

Well, Hijikata, what do you think of my wonderful jet swimsuit look? Huh? You wanna go buy some pickled daikon radishes? Sigh... Is that all you have to say faced with an otherworldy beautiful Bakumatsu beauty such as the famed swordswoman Okita in a swimsuit? Really, nothing else? Huh? The jet's too noisy? This is why nobody likes you! You're well-liked without needing people to tell you? Well, that's great for you!

Okita Alter:

Well, I did at one point wonder what it would be like with the appearance of my Alter, but as expected, I remain the actual Okita, so I have way more important matters to care about than my Alter. Hey, what do you think about my swimsuit? Since you're my Alter, you'll get it, right? How magnificent my swimsuit is! Huh? You'll wear one next time too? No, no, no, you're kidding...right?

Mysterious Heroine XX:

The one who provided the jetpack! No matter what, having corn and yakisoba on the beach is just the best! Oh, and curry too! What, jetpack maintenance? Weeell, I'm not really all that familiar with jetpacks either... Just wash it and keep it dry for now, and it should be fine! Probably!

Saito Hajime:

Huh? Jet? What are you talking about? Hold on a minute, never mind whether it looks good, is that really fitting for the First Unit Captain of the Shinsengumi?

Yamanami Keisuke:

There's guaranteed to be a strange atmosphere when he comes in and makes serious comments like "Okita, what the hell are you wearing..."!

Serizawa Kamo:

You seem relatively pleased. In other news, you're really pulling off that aloha shirt-look, aren't you, Kamo? You just need tropical drink or something in your hand.

Comment from the Illustrator

Designing a swimsuit usually puts big pressure on me, but when I was told Keikenchi-san was implementing a swimsuit Okita it hit me super hard. The pressure was unlike anything before when it came to this design. As such, I was extremely nervous about living up to expectations, but I couldn't believe me FRICKIN' mind, and was overjoyed, when I received a compliment from pako-san after the implementation. The first and second ascensions are jets, and the third is a cute swimsuit. That's how it was laid out, but the design of the third ascension was actually the one I was most worried about. There were some changes made at the very last minute, which caused some trouble for the battle character team... But, thanks to all that, the third ascension turned out really well. The jets and blades were designed by Hirai Yukio-san. I would like to thank them very much for helping out with all our unreasonable requests. (Takeuchi Takashi)

TL Notes

Most of this is literally just taken from her profile.

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