Okita Souji (Alter)



True Name: Majin – Okita Souji
Class: Alter Ego
Source: Gudaguda Teito Seihai Kitan
Region: Japan
Gender: Female
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 163cm
Weight: 51kg


Character Creator: Keikenchi
Character Designer: Takashi Takeuchi (character), Shimaudon (sword)
Character Voice: Aoi Yuuki
Appearance in Main Works: Koha-Ace GO, Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Independent Action: [A]

As a Counter Guardian, it’s possible to act independently. The high rank is because she was tailored for the purpose of manifesting under despairing circumstances and annihilating the target solo or disappearing taking them with her.

Magic Resistance: [B]

Since, unlike the real Okita, she’s made under the premise of fighting against the paranormals, she maintains a Magic Resistance fitting for the Saber Class. By the way, she also overcame her disease. Unfair? Yeah, I get what you mean, but still…

Personal Skills

Furthest Earth: [A] (1)

The ultimate way of walking, which allows complete movement in all forms of space.

Constancy: [B]

A constant light shines her way in a battle fought long without pause. Said light proves her memories of that day are real.

Infinity: [A]

An infinite light shines the world as a whole. The golden aurora that destroys Mara.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Zekken – Mukyuu Sandan (Enderblade – Inwelkin Three-Step)

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-69
  • Max. Targets: 690

Incalculable, indisturbable, infinite. These three traits combined form the trait of inwelkin.
The Demon God Okita Souji’s finisher “magic sword”, releasing a radiant dark light.
It’s able to annihilate or remove from the world what was not supposed to exist, or even what cannot be allowed to exist.
It is shot using a special oodachi, the Purgatory Sword.

The oodachi is actually a nameless armament we don’t have a clue what’s supposed to be, and Purgatory is just a random name assigned to it just because. For whatever reason, it seems to have something akin to autonomous thought and its effectiveness varies greatly according to how it’s feeling about the user. When in a good mood, the center of the blade glows red. It’s implied to be relative fond of its name Purgatory.



First person pronoun: watashi/ware/majin-san (among others)
Second person pronoun: omae/kisama
Third person pronoun: omaetachi/kisamatachi


A Decisive Battle Heroic Spirit tailored to shine only one time.
Majin – Okita Souji, aka Demon God – Okita Souji Alternative.

A separate aspect of Okita Souji. She is an extremely special Heroic Spirit with a Saint Graph changed and tailored to exercise the Counter Force’s might.
Since she was tailored under goal of manifesting only once, everything besides the Saint Graph’s essentials was altered to a level where she became so different from her base (Okita’s Saint Graph) that some can’t consider her the same. That’s also why she was summoned as an Alter Ego instead of in Okita’s most suitable Class, Saber.

A potential final state Okita Souji could have attained had her not passed away too young.

Attitude Towards Master

She was not supposed to get a Master, only to manifest as a Counter Guardian once and disappear, so she’s very emotionally attached to the one who basically enabled her connection to the world.
It’s unknown whether or not she understands or not what exactly this means.

Dialogue Examples

“I am the slasher of demons, the piercer of gods, the ensemble of human prayer.”

“Through the light of infinity which pierces the myriad ksetra, I sever your karma. Zekken! Mukyuu Sandan!”

“I love oden. The chikuwabu is the most delicious part. Yummy yummy.”

“Great victory for Majin-san! Was that it?”

“Majin-san Beam!”

“... Thank you.”

Historical Character and Figure

The swordmaster group Shinsengumi became legendary in the Bakumatsu period, and Okita Souji was said to be strongest among them. And she is an alter ego of Okita Souji.

Character in FGO

A being that earned its Saint Graph because during Okita Souji’s childhood, when she was at the verge of death, Okita’s sister prayed to all deities and sealed the agreement to forfeit her to the world, once.
Since she was tailored to the purpose of manifesting only once and either annihilating her target or going down with them, she’s lacking in human emotions unnecessary for combat. That’s most likely why she often reacts to things like a child would.

Her combat style mostly takes Okita's as its base, but she has her own unique additions, including a Magic Resistance rank high enough for someone made under the premise of fighting against the supernatural and an area-of-effect attack for annihilation purposes.
On the heat of battle, she tried throwing her sword once, but she learned not to do that because it angered Purgatory. But she still sometimes forgets and throws it. She’s the Okita Souji that can shoot beams.

“I was supposed to have been born for one single manifestation, but for unexplained reasons, I lived for what could be described as an eternity and, as you can see, I still remain here under the inwilken skies. Now my memories and Saint Graph already worn out to the point where I can’t even recognize their face, but my feelings at that moment and at that place will always remain as a warm light forever in my heart.

This is very dear to me.”

Standard Weapons

Purgatory Sword:
Majin-san Assault

Okita Souji:

She is her original, but they are alter egos so terribly distant that their Saint Graph almost count as different people.

Oda Nobunaga:

Majin is quite grateful to Nobunaga, for often giving her good sweets and for being the one to name Purgatory.

Lady Chacha:

Because Chacha was always taking taking care of Majin, she loves her as a mother. Chacha doesn’t really gets why Majin always makes a point to add the “Lady” to her name, but she doesn’t mind.

Hijikata Toshizou:

She actually doesn’t remember Hijikata all that well, but she sees “Hijimi” as a gentle guy.

Sakamoto Ryouma:

They could be considered coworkers, but their employment status is supposedly quite different.

Okada Izou:

Due to her inability to sense his “Get’off me” aura, she’s occasionally approaching him for conversation. They hit off better than you’d expect.

Nagao Kagetora:

Often seen together in that odd state where you can’t tell if they are having a conversation or not.

Mori Nagayoshi:

They occasionally go catch rhinoceros beetles together before breakfast. They also occasionally go together to farm Hearts.

Comment from the Illustrator

Who would have thought she was such an airhead character…
The concept for the first Ascension is a dark, Gundam MK-2-like Okita. The second Ascension is a what-if scenario for where she fought on the Goryoukaku. And the third Ascension is her final battle mode as a Counter Guardian. Purgatory, her sword taller than herself, was designed by Shimaudon. (Takashi Takeuchi)

TL Notes

  1. In reference to how Okita’s Shukuchi means “Reduced Earth”.

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