Souji Okita



  • True Name: Souji Okita
  • Class: Saber
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 51kg


  • Character Creator: Keikenchi
  • Character Illustrator: Takashi Takeuchi
  • Character Voice: Aoi Yuuki
  • Appearance in Main Works: Koha-Ace EX, Fate/Grand Order.


Magical PowerE
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [E]

As she is a Heroic Spirit from an era with lower Mystery, don’t expect anything good from her Magic Resistance. Just a token addition to identify her Class. Did people even use magecraft during the Bakumatsu to begin with…? Maybe Feng Shui they did use…

Riding: [E]

Just a token addition, she has no historical registers of horse-riding.

Personal Skills

Eye of the Mind (False): [A]

Avoiding danger through instinct or a sixth sense. Danger foretelling through natural talent, also known as foreboding. Comes also with a resistance to visual obstruction.

Weak Constitution: [A]

Natural weakness, frail constitution. In Okita’s case, as result of being modified by the impression she left for posteriority in addition to the disease she had when she was alive, she received a curse similar to Innocent Monster. All of her actions come with the risk of a sudden status drop. Looking at the probabilities, it’s activation rate is actually not that high, but if it does activate during combat, the risks are immensurable.

Shukuchi: [B]

A technique to instantly reduce the distance between herself and the opponent. The ultimate walking tecnique many martial arts try to achieve.

It’s not pure quickness, it’s a perfect combination of multiple phenomena, like walking techniques, defensive body movement, breathing and blind spots.

If it reached it’s max ranking (A), it would no longer be a simple technique, it would become dimension hopping, something on the realm of Xianshu (Senjutsu).

Noble Phantasm(s)

Mumyou Sandan-zuki (Avidya Three-Step Thrust)

  • Rank: -
  • Type: Anti-Unit Magic Sword
  • Range: 1
  • Max. Targets: 1 person

The extraordinary genius swordsman Souji Okita’s deadly “magic sword”. It composed of the First Thrust, followed be the Second Thrust and Third Thrust.

A secret technique born from transcendental finesse and speed. She starts on the Hiraseigan stance and unleashes the hira-zukis not “almost at the same time”, but “exactly at the same time”.

Due to the contradiction of the equally positioned Second and Third Thrust piercing through even if the First Thrust is blocked, a localized event stagnation occurs on the tip of the sword. For that reason, the Three-Step Thrust becomes a physically unblockable stab.

A practical use for that is that the event saturation is excellent for destroying objects.

Chikai no Haori (Coat of Oaths)

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Max. Targets: 1 person

A light-blue haori. The excessively famous costume of the Shinsengumi, the man-slayer squad who shook the capital during the Bakumatsu, sublimated to a Noble Phantasm. By wearing it, Saber’s stats and weapons are ranked up. Saber’s usual weapon is the Kojiki Kiyomitsu, but with this effect, she upgrades to the sword that came to be considered her favorite by future generations, the Kiku Ichimonji Norimune.

(Not used in FateGO)

Makoto no Hata (Flag of Honesty)

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-50
  • Max. Targets: 1-200 people

The Shinsengumi flag, with the single word “honesty”(makoto) printed on it. She can summon Shinsengumi soldiers in the space within a limited range from where the flag was hoisted. Each soldier is an independent Servant, but they have no Noble Phantasms and their power levels are all over the place. That aside, since all of them have the Independent Action Skill on a rank equivalent to E, they can operate even without a Master for a short while.

By the way, all Shinsengumi commanding officers have this flag and the faces and personalities of the soldiers may vary a little depending on the impression they left on who is activating it.

For example, Hijikata-san would be summoned as a bad Shinsengumi member, Kondou-san would be summoned as a stern Shinsengumi member and the guys the summoners were in bad terms with wouldn’t even show up. The Shinsegumi members Okita summons are the relatively popular ones.

(Not used in FateGO)



  • First person pronoun: watashi
  • Second person pronoun: anata/ kisama/ others
  • Third person pronoun: ano hito/ are/ others


A cute girl in her mid-teens, wearing westernized Japanese clothes. She is dressed like this in order to hide her absurdly conspicuous real outfit. She has her traits as cool-headed man-slayer as wells as her cheerful traits and fondness of children.

She is a genuine sword genius, with both innate talent and transcendental finesse, but she stands out in the Saber Class for her low Endurance stat and Magic Resistance.

That’s because she was modified by the impression she left for posteriority, in addition to the disease she had when she was alive. You could say she received a curse similar to Innocent Monster.

Attitude Towards Master

Although she is essentially a cold-headed man-slayer, she treats the ones she trusts like family, interacting casual and friendly with them.

Since she had barely romantic affairs when she was live, she is terrible at this type of conversation.

Her wish to the Grail is to “fight to the bitter end”. That’s her dearest wish, as it’s what she wanted to do when she was alive and ended never being able to.

Now that she has become a Heroic Spirit, she still regrets that she wasn’t able to fight with her friends until the end and strongly believes she doesn’t deserve to be called a Shinsengumi soldier.

Dialogue Examples

“Shinsengumi First Troop Captain, Souji Okita. Sorry for coming unannounced!”

“Crossing swords is life or death, right?”

“First step, supersonic. Second step, distanceless. … Third step, absolute blade!”

“Great victory for Okita-san~! Yes, my body is fine, I still can go on and on! … -cough-!?”

Historical Character and Figure

Souji Okita, First Troop Captain of the Shinsengumi, a security organization that operated mainly in Kyouto during the Bakumatsu.

Shinsengumi itself was already feared as a swordsman group, but he was praised as the strongest sword genius even among them.

During his childhood, he became an apprentice at the Shienkan, the Ten’nen Rishin-ryu dojo in Ichigaya, Edo, and there he met the people who would later become the core members of the Shinsengumi: Isami Kondou and Toshizou Hijikata.

He was skilled enough to serve as the Shienkan’s head instructor at a young age, and was unsurpassed in his sword talent.

In 1863, he moves to the capital and joins the Roushigumi (a group formed to defend the shogun) along with Kondou and Hijikata. After the Roushigumi was disbanded, he, Kondou, Hijikata and many others formed the Shinsengumi, where he was entrusted the position of First Troop Captain.

He displayed his sword talent in numerous battles, like the Ikedaya incident, and made the Shinsengumi’s name famous in the Bakumatsu era Kyouto. But at that time, Okita’s body started being consumed by his disease, and his condition was gradually getting worse. Eventually, he retreats from the frontlines to get treatment.

After that, he parts ways with companions and continues his treatment, but in 1868, he died before recovering in Sendagaya, Edo. It’s said he passed away without ever finding out that Kondou died beheaded 2 months before.

“We pledged our swords together, crossed the eras together, fought together.

Even if this journey leads only to a pointless death at its end, that is how I wanted to live. I didn’t want to stay staring at the sky under the warm light of the eaves.

All I needed was to stay with the word “honesty” by my side until the very end.


Now is my time to do so”.

Usual Weapons

Katana (Kojiki Kiyomitsu, Kiku Ichimonji Norimune)

Nobunaga Oda

We fought against each other in one Holy Grail War. A very advantageous match up for me, since I can bust Archer’s shooting advantage with Shukuchi and her better anti-Mystery abilities are not strong against me.

… Wait, no, due to FateGO’s class advantage system, the advantage was turned against me!? This suck!!

Li Shuwen

We fought against each other in one Holy Grail War. The way he goes around murdering enemies barehand in Lancer form obviously fills our Okita of Mibu with question marks.

Kojirou Sasaki

Whaaaat... By “swallows”, you mean actual swallows?

Comment from the Illustrator

A character created half-jokingly to shake up the routine in Koha-Ace. Despite her origins, she is also a character managed to grow a lot beyond her story.

I really like her design in the man-slayer form. (Takashi Takeuchi)

TL Notes

Some kenjutsu notes for the Mumyou Sandanzuki part: Hiraseigan is a main kamae (starting stance) in the Ten’nen Rishin-ryu. It’s the stance you normally see in Okita’s sprite.

Hira-zuki is a stab where the katana’s blade on a horizontal position, perfectly parallel to the ground.

Material Images