Artemis and Orion



  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Orion (However, the linchpin is Artemis.)
  • Sex: Male / Female
  • Source: Greek Mythology
  • Region: Greece
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 44kg

(Height and weight belong to Artemis, while Orion’s height and weight are unknown.)


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: I-IV
  • Character Voice: Canna Nobutoshi & Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [D]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were done in one step (a Single Action). A Magical Resistance of the same degree as an amulet that rejects Magical Energy.

Independent Action: [A+]

The ability to be able to act even with the absence of one’s Master.

However, Orion absolutely cannot do any action without Artemis.

Personal Skills

Affection of the Goddess: [EX]

From the way it seems, because she likes Orion so much, Artemis allowed her status as a Divine Spirit to decline to the Heroic Spirit rank so that she could be summoned with the former. As Orion’s proxy, Artemis is using his Skills to fight. As compensation however, Artemis can only exercise power as a normal Servant.

Bond to the Whimsical: [A+]

Originally, it is a Skill to shackle Orion with Artemis’ excessive love, but it acquired an increased level of offensive power towards males as a side-effect. According to the claims of a red bowman————“She claims that the effect is more powerful if they’re prone to adultery, but that’s probably her assumption.”

Mind’s Eye (Fake): [B-]

Danger avoidance according to one’s intuition/sixth sense.

Since this is originally Orion’s own Skill, it is Ranked-Down, albeit slightly. Because Orion was a hunter blessed with the utmost talent, he would yawn carefreely, no matter what kind of predicament he was in too.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Tri-Star Amore Mio: The Moon Goddess’ Love-Arrow – Romance-Arrow

  • Rank: A++*
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Tri-Star Amore Mio (Tri-Star My Love). “Love-Arrow – Romance-Arrow”; it can be read as ‘Missed Darling’.

An arrow fired with Artemis’ power of love towards Orion. Because it is shot together with her overflowing love, it causes tremendous damage along with maximum confusion on the target.

  • The Noble Phantasm is A+ rank in the game profile

Mikotto: Shooting Method – Piercing Sky Bullet

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

A peculiar attack that echoes out a sound that can be heard from somewhere. Mikotto[1].

An attack Noble Phantasm and a severe punishment executed on Orion. Instead of an arrow, the mascot Orion is nocked to the bow, and Artemis aims and shoots him at a man’s crotch. Based on this Noble Phantasm’s special characteristic, it is a technique restricted only for males that shall certainly kill the unfaithful.



  • First Person Pronoun: watashi (Artemis) / ore (Orion)
  • Second Person Pronouns: anata, anata [only to females] (Artemis) / omae (Orion → Artemis) / anta (Orion)
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo (shared by both)



A virgin goddess at an age approximately similar to when one falls in love with romance. Given that this goddess is a happy-go-lucky person, Artemis has almost no regard for human life. Fundamentally, Orion has a role to keep her in check, and Artemis personally hates more than anything the words called “patience” and “perseverance”. A faddist because of sweets, she also uses all her energy for every fad she follows————She especially uses all her energy wholeheartedly towards her Darling, aka Orion.


A notorious playboy in the olden days and even now in the present time. After being shot to death by Artemis, due to her actions, Orion was transformed into a mascot character and became adorable… adorable? Characteristically, he is quite lazy, yet he is shrewd, occasionally evading even Artemis’ accusations of unfaithfulness splendidly. In relation to Artemis, if there is an opportunity for him, one can assume that Orion is nearby having an affair, and it gives the impression to others that they are a married couple who are constantly in a crisis of one being unfaithful to the other, seeing that they are like lovers who can, yet cannot, avoid each other or that situation. However, in the case where Artemis falls into an emergency, Orion has the resourcefulness to a degree to come to her aid to the point of being truly reckless in doing so.

Attitude Towards Master

Artemis basically takes up a neutral position towards the Master. However, because she is a “Goddess”, in spite of how great the Master is, she always takes up the higher position in their relationship standing. Orion’s role is to pacify the relationship between Artemis and the Master. Since Orion fundamentally has no power, he tries to curry favour with the Master.

Dialogue Examples

Artemis: “Heeere! I’m Artem-… no, I’m Orion!”

Orion: “I’m Oribe, something like a pet or a stuffed animal. Please—take—care—of—me—”

Artemis: “I became an existence exceedingly close to a deity, yet exceedingly far from one, huh?”

Orion: “Hey, you’re fine the way you are, just fine as you are.”

Artemis: “Ahahahaha, Master, you’re also amusing, aren’t you? I love Orion, but hey, I like you a tiny bit too, ok?”

Orion: “This one becomes emotionally attached to no one except me… but, will snow suddenly start to fall too because of this?”

Historical Character and Figure

Artemis is one of the deities of the Twelve Olympians, and she was born as a child of Zeus and as the younger sister of Apollo[2]. She is the virgin goddess who governs over hunting and chastity, and her eyes towards the opposite sex were unusually relentless, such as when she killed a hunter who was thoughtlessly peeking at her bathing.

Artemis is like that, of all things, for some reason. She fell in love with the hunter Orion, a child of Poseidon who won fame as a playboy in those days. Usually if circumstances allow it, no matter if she was a goddess or someone other than a goddess, and if he was charmed by a woman, Orion would take her on a one-night stand at once, but when it was regarding Artemis, for some reason or another, why does his defensive instincts come into play? He refrained from taking her hand immediately.

Nonetheless, even the rumours of Orion and Artemis’ rendezvous ascended to the heavens, and the talk of whether these two were getting married or not was being spread around too.

The one who did not permit their marriage back then was Apollo, the Sun God and Artemis’ elder brother. Apollo was aware. Of the nature of, ‘It can’t be helped’, belonging to the man named Orion. And yet, Artemis did not even lend her ear to Apollo’s warning. So Apollo drafted a plan, perceiving from afar a swimming Orion, and he provoked Artemis by saying “Over there is a scoundrel named Candaon. Aim and bring down that person.” It is natural that Artemis merely aimed at Orion’s head————and magnificently shot through him. The next day, Artemis became aware of Orion’s death and grieved, for Artemis had attempted to restore him back to life, but that wish was not granted, so with no other option left, Orion was raised to the heavens and became a celestial body there.

And yet, Orion really did not learn his lesson, quarrelling with his companion Artemis, who came to visit him occasionally, and being exposed by Artemis for being unfaithful to her, before he would be beaten half to death.

This time, sensing an uncommon crisis where the Holy Grail Wars would be held for the sake of the Human Order Restoration, Artemis accomplished the materialization of her form by forcing herself into Orion’s summoning… Although that is just half the reason, for this other remaining half is to express the feelings of her as a girl bravely, said to be her wanting to make out with Orion to her heart’s content when the opportunity arises.

… Wait, bravely?


A heroine who believes in Artemis.

“It’s okay, because I’ll give you full of blessings, alright?! Though nowadays, I feel like you’re doing something far away out of my sight, or something like that.”


“Altera you said, is it that Altera? If that’s so, then she’s our natural enemyyyy————!… Eh, she’s different? She’s different from that Altera at the time? Excavated from ruins? What, hold on then, I don’t understand at allll————!”

Comment from the Illustrator

Orion was not somebody to worry about. Sure, he is a stuffed (male) bear who is not cute enough to be liked by everybody, but nonetheless, one cannot conclude that he is not cute enough to the point that he would be dumped away all the time. Because of Orion’s overblown individuality at the occasion of him being a stuffed animal, everybody is saying that those clothes on the stuffed animal are his, and they are probably imagining that his original appearance is viewed as being right in the center of ‘that’ archetype. Although it is justified, he does not wear lower-body clothing.

And then, at first for Artemis, I thought of making her a flat-chested girl because of the occasion where she was named the virgin goddess who made up one element of Meltryllis, but in the first place, since there would be no reason for the current Artemis to materialize in a body that would not be liked by Orion, I did her design over again for a voluptuous body, saying “You’re kidding, someone like that is a virgin in this body?” So one can conclude that, ’If by some chance, there may be a loli goddess Artemis also existing in some dimension.’ Although, unless there is a change in the settings I heard about, her original form is planned to be in a boring figure that is not that of a loli’s, nor does it have huge breasts. (I-IV)

TL Notes

[1] – Mikotto is a Japanese pun. To explain the context behind the pun, the root word of Mikotto is Mikon (the one Tamamo says), which can mean ‘unmarried’ in English. One can say Mikon if they’re doing something in a style befitting the unmarried, or one can say Mikon in response to something that happened to them that will cause them to become/stay unmarried. In the case of Artemis’ Second Noble Phantasm being used on a male successfully, the victim saying ‘Mikotto’ after getting hit in the balls is natural since I don’t think any woman will marry a man who can’t help them produce kids (if that’s part of their marriage goals).

[2] – Most stories depict Artemis being born first, therefore being Apollo’s older sister, but there are some stories where Artemis was born after Apollo, therefore making her the younger sister instead.

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