• Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Osakabehime
  • Sex: Female
  • Origin: Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki​, ETC.
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 158cm
  • Weight: 51kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuiichiro
  • Character Illustrator: Moriyama Daisuke
  • Character Voice: Fukuen Misato
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Presence Concealment (Shade): [B]

The fact she locked herself up for years on end is not for show.

Territory Creation: [A+]

She's not really a magus, but she's capable of creating a territory that's advantageous to her.

She is the true owner of Himeji Castle.

Personal Skills

Chiyogami Manipulation: [EX]

She is able to control her origami at will. She can use it to attack, defend herself, and she can even combine it with her Shapeshifting skill to make decoys.

This is her own personal arrangement of the shikigami utilized by practitioners of Onmyoudou.

Shapeshifting: [A+]

She possesses the power to shapeshift. In front of other people she appears as a young girl of about 17~18 years of age wearing a ceremonial kimono, but can also turn into a three meter-tall fierce god.

Moreover, despite being so reserved, she possesses a top-class growth aspect within Japanese Servants which even managed to fool Miyamoto Musashi.

Four Gods Divination (Hakuro): [A]

A skill based on the story of how the location for Himeji Castle (also called Hakuro Castle) was divinated by four gods.

For a few turns, the surrounding area is treated as her own territory, and thus she gains a stat boost from fame.

Moreover, she can control the boost to her stats to a certain extent by prioritizing certain directions in her territory.

If she concentrates in the north, her END will be prioritized. If east, her STR. If west, her AGI. If south, her MANA.

Both Servants and Masters within the area can benefit from this blessing, but the limit is four people.

Castle Ghost: [A++]

The general term used for monsters who migrated from places like shrines to castles. It is even said that Osakabehime was the real master of Himeji Castle.

Rumors say that merely seeing Osakabehime would curse you, and could even kill you instantly.

Sadly her power grows weaker the farther she gets from the castle, but within it she's extremely powerful.

Animal Control (Bats): [EX]

She can control bats, which are neither beasts nor birds, as her familiars.

She's become highly specialized in bats, and thus she uses them to attack and move, and she never fights by herself. She's pretty lazy.

Since she's currently using her origami as main means of attack, her bats are currently taking a break.

Divinity: [C]

She was worshiped as the indigenous god of the land of Himeji.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Hakuro-jou no Hyakki Hachitendou-sama - Hachitendou-sama of the Hundred Demons of Hakuro Castle.

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Fortress (Self)
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: The total possible number of inhabitants in Himeji castle divided by 7.

Hachitendou-sama of the Hundred Demons of Hakuro Castle.

A grand-scale magecraft that is similar but different to a Reality Marble that manifests a miniature recreation of Himeji castle.

With its majestic beauty, the castle provides mental support to allies.

If Osakabehime herself was more fierce, the castle could unleash fierce attacks upon enemies by itself, but due to her nature as a shut-in it has become a purely defensive Noble Phantasm.

It has a side-effect of inflicting charm upon Japanese Servants, especially those from up to the Edo period, but...This effect isn't utilized in FGO.



It all sounds fine when you call her gloomy, or shy or quiet. But in reality she's simply a hardcore shut-in who can't be bothered to talk or even breath.

And yet, she still carries some self-hatred due to how lonely she tends to make herself.

She's lazy and undisciplined. The kind that won't even clean her room.

But she's pretty passionate about working on doujinshi and is devoted to always look for new material (wickedly).

Attitude Towards Master

It depends.

If her Master likes flirty girls, she acts spoiled.

If her Master is arrogant, she acts cruelly.

As their bond deepens, she'll eventually show her true self to them.

Still, she's aware of how she can be a bit troublesome or tiresome to deal with sometimes.

Dialogue Examples

"Ahh...Ah? Right, I'm the Assassin-class Servant, Osakabehime! Say, can I go home now? I can't? Oh, I see."

"Gyahh! Why do I have to give you items even though we're enemies!? Go away!"

(This is such a drag, I hate this. I have to say it but it's such a drag that I'm getting dizzy.)

Historical Character and Figure

Osakabehime (刑部姫) (called Osakabedono (於佐賀部殿) in the 'Saikaku Shokaku Banashi' and Osakabe (長壁) in the 'Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki​') is a god who came to be deified as the indigenous god of Himeji.

She had lived at Himeji castle for a very long time, but she was then kicked out of the castle by Hideyoshi, then after the battle of Sekigahara, when Ikeda Terumasa became the lord of Himeji Castle, he built a five-story castle tower in 1609 that Osakabehime used to get inside the castle again. Through this course of events, it seems Osakabehime had taken pride in being the true lord of the castle, and despite there supposedly not being anyone up in the tower, you could sometimes see a light in there at night. People in the castle grew afraid of her and called her 'Hachitendou-sama'. It was also said that whoever laid eyes upon her would die instantly.

If we were to make an estimate, her true form was that of a female fox who had lived for about 300 years. With her shapeshifting powers, she could change into a young girl wearing a ceremonial kimono, a three meter-tall fierce god, or many other forms. She was an important member of the fox family as she commanded 808 familiars, within which there were a few of them who were noted to be especially strong such as her four heavenly kings: Nikaido no Sususuke, Toriikoshi no Chuusaburou, Kakurekasa no Kinmaru, Niwatorikui no Yamitarou. As well as her lonely warrior: Noarashi no Hananaga.

Osakabehime's parents were ancient foxes who lived in the Yamato province for a millennium, and during the era of Emperor Kanmu her parents were hunted down to be used as materials for the magical rainmaking tool 'Hatsune no Tsuzumi'. Genkurougitsune, who loved his parents and saved Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the then wielder of the 'Hatsune no Tsuzumi', from danger is Osakabehime's younger brother. (from the joruri play 'Yoshitsune Senbonzakura')

Youkai who lock themselves up in a castle like her are usually referred to as castle ghosts. Another example would be Kamehime of Inawashiro Castle (aka Kamega Castle). By the way Kamehime's true form is a badger, and in his play 'Tenshu Monogatari' the famous author Izumi Kyoka wrote Kamehime and Osakabehime as having a sisterly relationship.

Just like how Kamehime coerced the castle keepers of Inawashiro into always greeting her, Osakabehime who wasn't very fond of humans also forced the lords of Himeji Castle to greet her once a year. (from the Kasshawa)

Character in FGO

Anyway, her real form may be that of a fox, but after a fierce argument with Tamamo it was decided she would do a job change into a bat.

She uses them as familiars to fight the enemy.

However, she's still just a shut-in. After all, she had for a very long time enjoyed a shut-in life where she merely left the tasks of castle lord to warriors and she only met with the (temporary) lord of the castle once a year to say hi and give him some random instructions before going back to her room.

After many battles, and many eras, she eventually came to realize she had been left behind alone.

The lords of the castle disappeared; the people who listened to her also disappeared.

At first it was all fun and games for her, but she eventually started thinking that nobody knowing about her anymore would be the same as being dead, and she was spurred on by those thoughts.

She protected Himeji/Hakuro castle from many fierce battles. Even though she knew there was no longer any point to it.

There was nobody left to praise her. There was nobody left to fear her.

Even if there were those who knew she existed, nobody could actually be sure that she was indeed still there.

"......What, so this is the same as being dead, huh."

At some point, Osakabehime simply disappeared.

And now, after tasting the forbidden fruit known as the internet and doujinshi she has been completely immersing herself in them day and night.

Standard Weapons

Origami: Her origami attacks, protects, and moves her.

Miyamoto Musashi:

...Back when she was having trouble with other youkai who lived in Himeji castle, they all suddenly ran away once Miyamoto Musashi decided to stay in the castle for a while.

Osakabehime "T-Thanks for that...Huh? Wait were they a man, or a woman? Aaaah at any rate they're scary! The force of their smile is too much!"

Minamoto no Yoshitsune:

Yoshitsune was the wielder of the rainmaking relic Hatsune no Tsuzumi that was made using her parents. Genkurougitsune followed Yoshitsune out of love for his parents and eventually received the relic from Yoshitsune.

It is said that Genkurougitsune was so moved by this that later on he saved Yoshitsune from danger many times.

And Genkurougitsune is indeed Osakabehime's little brother.

Osakabehime "Ahhh but having seen Ushiwakamaru in Chaldea I can't help but feel she did it while thinking something like...'Well the Minamoto house didn't need some rainmaking relic, so I gave it to this random fox'..."

(from the joruri 'Yoshitsune Senbonzakura')


She met her through Tamamo.

'She may be older than me but I have the upper hand as a princess, there's nothing to fear!' or so she thought, but she eventually came to know of Kiyohime's Kiyohime-ness and started going 'Kiyohime, so scary...'.

She formed her own doujin group 'Princess x2' with her, and they work on doujinshi in many different genres.

Tamamo no Mae:

They once had this huge argument about how one of them had already called dibs on being the fox character, or whether one of them was the original, etc. and they ended up causing huge trouble and dragging an entire online forum into it. This incident is still the stuff of legend.

After having lost the argument, Osakabehime ended up dropping her fox element and adopted a bat element when being summoned!

Osakabehime "Just looking at her she seems to exude this incredible normie aura, but I also feel like there's something oddly off about her, like she carries a very unfortunate air around her due to carrying some huge weight on her shoulders~♪ I guess being strong and famous isn't all that great after all..."

Murasaki Shikibu:

She feels like she doesn't stand a chance when faced with a true genius.

Also she feels like their characters overlap!


-They're both gloomy



Pricess check, done!

But still, she does respect her as a fellow author.

Comment from the Illustrator

I was told to draw Osakabehime as a shut-in so I tried to draw her different expressions in a way to make her easy to like; her fragile mentality makes her so cute...I thought too much about her fellow e-mail buddies when deciding on her colors so she ended up naturally looking Halloween-ish. If you ask me, her second stage is her default form, while her third one is basically her best clothes for going out. So if she were to be suddenly called while she was lazying around in her room she'd go to her first stage to hide her appearance since she had no time to prep herself. (Moriyama Daisuke)

Material Images