• Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Parvati
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: India mythology
  • Region: India
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Illustrator: Aotsuki Takao
  • Character Voice: Shitaya Noriko
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: A

Cancels all A rank magic and below. As a matter of fact, modern magi are incapable of hurting Parvati.

Goddess' Divine Core: B

A Skill representing one's status as a goddess perfected since birth.

Has the effect of preserving the absoluteness of mind and body. Repels most mental interference, halts body growth, and no matter how much calorie she consumed, her figure does not change.

Due to her being a pseudo-Servant, the rank stopped at B.

But who cares about that anyway.

Her figure! Does not! Change!

Personal Skills

Imaginary Around: EX

The magic trait of the vessel girl, developed even more.[1]

Ashes of Kama: EX

Parvati is a calm goddess, weak at fighting.

However, it does not mean that her heart too, is weak.

Her heart that think of the one she loves is stronger and its depth deeper than any manner of god.

If it is for the sake of those she loves, even if she should break her body or burn away her divinity, she will muster the strength to fight.

Even if it is only a blaze for a brief moment, she is comparable to the goddess of destruction Kali, one of Shiva's wife.

Worthy of mention is the fact that it has nothing to do with how what Shiva feels towards her.

Parvati holds the special characteristic of being able to foster her love towards someone, even if said person seems to ignore her.

It is a wholehearted love but, it's a bit... no, legendary level of heavy.

Moreover, Kama holds the meaning of love, but it also is the name of the god of love that Shiva burned to death. During his ascetic practice, Shiva had been ceaselessly ignoring Parvati, who had been sent to become Shiva’s wive.

The exasperated gods then had sent Kama, disturbing Shiva’s meditation using Kama’s arrow, so that he would notice Parvati.[1]

Blessing of the Goddess: A+

A gift from the (good) goddess.

It comes from the episode when she hit her own head and gave her blood to her servant who was unable to bear thirst and starvation.[1][2]

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[1] ok but what does it exactly do tho

[2]literally notice me senpai

i said it b4 but parvati and sakura super fits with each other

doesnt even have to twist the legend to make them similar to each other

Noble Phantasm(s)

Trishula Shakti: To Not See Love is to Be Without Love

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 5~10
  • Maximum target: 30 individual

Trishula Shakti.

The limit release of the trisula, the three-pronged spear that Parvati borrowed from Shiva.

By means of the weapon that Shiva had bestowed unto her, Parvati’s class was determined.

Due to the trisula, Parvati acquired the qualifications as a Lancer.

Naturally, it is not possible to demonstrate the true value of this weapon as much as Shiva; instead, it provides assistance in protecting her framework as a Servant.[1]

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  • First pronoun: watashi
  • Second pronoun: anata
  • Third pronoun: kare/kanojo/anokata


The disposition of the girl who became her vessel; she is the goddess who received the light portion of said disposition.

A calm and broad minded personality. A virtuous, talented woman who does not self-assert herself and supports the Master from the side modestly.

....That being said, even if her ideal heroine power and specs are high, due to preferring the steady and subdued way over gaudiness, she is somewhat dull

She may have a gentle character, but she is by no means timid; her core is that of a strong one.

She will not break no matter what kind of torture she receives. To put it another way, she is a mass of willpower and spirit.

Hence, she is really scary when you anger her.

This Parvati shall never forget any resentment until she is satisfied..

Parvati is a quiet divine spirit; due to that, in contrast with Ishtar she manifest by means of the vessel’s personality.

If in Ishtar’s case, Ishtar is the “core” while the vessel girl is the “side”, then it seems that in Parvati’s case, the vessel girl is the “core” while Parvati is the “side”.

She herself precisely understands that she is “a human who participates in the war with the power of the goddess Parvati purely as an emergency measure.”

Attitude Towards Master

In a mild manner, she never forgot to not overstep the Master. [1]

As a goddess with a duty, she drew a precise line as she accompany the Master.

However, should her bond level increase, as the senpai who protects the Human Order, as the goddess who watches over the future of the brave one, she may gallantly give the Master her assistant.

Tl notes:

[1]This is based on the proverb of 三歩さがって師の影を踏まず , liberally meaning [a student must never forget to honor their teacher]. I change the wording a bit to give a better impression.

Dialogue Examples

“Good day, Master of Chaldea. I am known as the Goddess Parvati.

In this occasion, I manifest by borrowing the body of this young maiden.

Indeed, I am that which is known as a pseudo-Servant.

This is a situation which I myself am not familiar either; why don’t we learn of it together, then?”

“Does this suit me? This time, I aim for an appearance where my hem will not get disarrayed, even during battle. Truthfully, I would have preferred a pink garment, but it wouldn’t suit me as I am now….”

“That goddess from the Middle East…. Ishtar, yes? She’s so lovely. I’m very interested, karmically. However, isn’t she just a bit too gaudy…..? Sometimes too much freedom brings problem still. Ufufu….”

Historical Character and Figure

In Indian mythology, Parvati is the wife of the god of destruction and creation, Shiva.

Parvati herself has no influence as a god, mostly treated only purely as Shiva's wife.

However, there are times where Shiva's wife has been spoken of as goddess of war. Durga and Kali.

These goddesses and Parvati are of different spiritual foundation, yet their divine core is considered to be the same.

It is possible for her to manifest as a Rider, but on that situation she would be borrowing Nandi, the divine ox belonging to Shiva. Due to normally governing over crop and harvests, it boasts low offensive power unbefitting of a divine beast.

Character in FGO

A pseudo-Servant who was composed with nothing but the innate goodness of the "vessel girl".

Deeply related with the Holy Grail War, as well as resembling Parvati in terms of mentality; such were the reasons that this girl had been chosen.

Fundamentally speaking, other than outward appearance she is for the most part Parvati; but in the matters of Skills as well as a part of her mentality and action, the influence of the vessel girl is displayed quite strongly.

Put to words, this here is the heroine of light.

However, even if she is of light, it does not mean that she has no evil nature.

Just as there is murkiness in justice, the "vessel girl" have a yandere kind of feeling... There's this one leftover part that becomes truly dangerous if you make a mistake in handling her. That being said, she will just get angry a little bit, and will definitely not fall to the dark side. Even when she is distressed, she will not go out of order; it is precisely due to that that she is of a "light attribute."

Since Parvati herself is a divine being that has "no fault within herself", the introverted and shy parts are gone, and her sociability arises in place. She may get angry and sulk over little things, but she is the kind of beauty who would consider everything, whether or not there is a misunderstanding or a discrepancy on the subject, and either forgive the other side or apologize herself. Basically the ideal, beautiful, cute wife.

Standard Weapons

She made use as a weapon the three-pronged spear known as the trishula.

So that the design fits her preference, Parvati remodelled it into a tuning fork.


Their vessels are mutually and deeply tied with each other.

Because Parvati herself is not really related to Ishtar, she felt that that arrogant nature of her is one that must be propounded, yet she also feels envy towards such a freedom.

“I can feel the karma…. I can feel the destiny… Perhaps I should describe it as so close, yet so far… beloved, yet hated….”

Indian Servants

Each and everyone is a cute child.

Sengo Muramasa

….He’s quite similar to someone I know…. No, actually, I do not know even of this “someone I know”... However, I feel calm simply by looking at him. Might he perhaps the honored ancestor?[1]


Hmm? There’s such a Servant?

It’s just…. It’s as if I am unable to see him….


She’s such a nice person! Beautiful, gentle, with a great figure as well! Supposing I am able to grow, I too wish to become just like her!


O Arjuna. You should not randomly unleash the Pashupata all pop-pop like that… carelessly doing that would boom so many things, you know? Boom. Well, you do have your act together, so I feel that all is fine, but still...

Tl notes:

[1]WAIT WHAT. WHAT. It uses 先祖様 btw

Comment from the Illustrator

I have nothing but gratitude towards those who makes use of her. Thank you very much. (Aotsuki Takao)[1]

[1] Poor Takao. Also, damn, look at all those patterns

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